Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date            Newspaper  Link    Name                                      Date            Newspaper
Facio Leopoldo A. "Leo"                   06/28/1991      SCDP        F      Flowers B Imogene                         95/19/1997      SCDP
Fahey D J                                 07/12/56        ENT         F      Floyd Claude Lee "Duke"                   01/23/1995      SCDP
Fahl Emil                                 06/23/55        ENT         F      Floyd Roy                                 01/08/1990      SCDP
Fahrlender Harold F.                      03/19/1987      SCDP        F      Flue John F                               10/01/64        ENT
Fahrlender Mary C.                        12/13/1993      SCDP        F      Flynn Elsie Lilian                        01/07/1999      S NEWS
Fahrlender Richard Bruce                  06/18/1988      SCDP        F      Foley Virgil B                            11/21/68        ENT
Fahrlender Viola                          08/10/1990      SCDP        F      Folk Nellie Jefferson                     09/18/1996      SCDP
Fair Robert                               02/24/1993      SCDP        F      Folkman Don E. Jr.                        07/07/1993      SCDP
Fairchild Anne Rowden                     01/19/1985      SCDP        F      Fong Petra Lopez                          02/25/1999      SCDP
Fairchild Clyde J.                        01/12/67        ENT         F      Foosbee Laura                             08/26/1965      SC Ent
Fairchild Opal                            07/08/1987      SCDP        F      Forbes Wanda M.                           02/23/1994      SCDP
Falcon Joseph Micael                      01/03/1996      SCDP        F      Ford Inez Cosgrove                        04/07/83        ENT
Falls Billie Anderson                     10/30/1990      SCDP        F      Ford J P                                  02/09/1972      SC ENT
Falls George                              05/15/1975      SC Ent      F      Ford Jake                                 12/12/63        ENT
Falls J.B.                                08/10/1972      SC Ent      F      Ford Mrs Mary Ann                         03/09/1986      SCDP
Falls Van D.                              06/09/55        ENT         F      Ford William F                            12/18/1986      SCDP
Fanale Dorothy B.                         06/12/1975      SC Ent      F      Ford Raymond Wesley                       09/16/1982      ENT
Fano Dominick                             04/15/2000      SCDP        F      Ford A. Daymon                            03/25/1976      SC Ent
Fararri Clara                             12/17/53        ENT         F      Ford Blanche Elizabeth                    01/11/1994      SCDP
Fararri Roman                             12/17/53        ENT         F      Ford Clarence Noel                        12/18/1992      SCDP
Farjardo Isidro alvardo                   02/09/1996      SCDP        F      Ford Clarence Noel                        01/27/1993      SCDP
Farley Ricky Keith                        09/03/1981      ENT         F      Ford Clarence Ray                         04/24/1958      ENT
Farmer Alden F                            02/13/64        ENT         F      Ford Elijah                               07/15/1948      ENT
Farmer Mrs Anna May                       10/13/55        ENT         F      Ford Hoyt Franklin                        11/15/1984      ENT
Farmer Otto                               07/29/1965      SCDP        F      Ford James C.                             04/07/55        ENT
Farris Avery T.                           02/15/1973      ENT         F      Ford Kenneth W.                           04/17/1995      SCDP
Farris Wilma L.                           06/16/1993      SCDP        F      Ford Mamie Laura                          05/04/1995      SCDP
Faulkner Charles B                        09/18/50        SCDP        F      Ford Nettie Mae                           11/01/1979      Ent
Faulkner Richard "Dick"                   04/28/1997      SCDP        F      Forerester Mrs Edna O'Niel                05/27/63        SCDP
Faust Mrs Minnie Elliot                   12/08/55        ENT         F      Forester Otto                             10/23/47        ENT
Faust Eva M.                              10/21/1993      SCDP        F      Forester George W.                        03/02/67        ENT
Faust Jerry W.                            07/21/1966      SCENT       F      Forkner Bertha G.                         11/21/1957      ENT
Feather Robert Leslie                     10/31/1994      SCDP        F      Forman Charles                            09/28/67        ENT
Feeley Edward                             12/11/1980      ENT         F      Forman Purvi C.                           11/09/1982      ENT
Feeley Margaret M.                        09/23/1992      SCDP        F      Formby Donald Exton                       01/30/1985      SCDP
Feeney Eva Elizabeth                      05/10/1989      SCDP        F      Formwalt John B.                          09/16/71        Ent
Fehrenbach Maida H.                       02/26/1988      SCDP        F      Forster Mrs celeste                       08/30/56        ENT
Fekete Rudolph W.                         09/18/69        ENT         F      Forsyth Harvey A                          08/10/197       SC ENT
Felix Carlos                              07/30/70        ENT         F      Forsyth J. Lillian                        05/10/1979      ENT
Felix Mrs Sarah Lillian                   04/09/53        ENT         F      Fortenberry Christopher B                 01/08/53        ENT
Felix Genoveva E.                         05/06/1995      SCDP        F      Fortenberry infant son                    08/05/54        ENT
Felix Genoveva Escudero                   05/08/1995      SCDP        F      Fortenberry Mrs Laura                     03/01/62        ENT
Fell Marvin John                          01/28/1987      SCDP        F      Fortenberry Thomas E                      02/22/68        ENT
Fellabaun Capt. John                      06/22/61        ENT         F      Fortenberry Weldon Wylie                  01/20/1999      SCDP
Fellows Dorothy Louise                    07/19/1995      SCDP        F      Fortenberry Wiley J                       02/15/68        ENT
Fenlon John J.                            02/22/1993      SCDP        F      Fortenberry Emily Bell                    08/05/1982      ENT
Ferdelman Robert F                        12/18/1998      SCDP        F      Fortenberry Jennie E.                     07/13/1987      SCDP
Ferel Gloria                              05/07/59        ENT         F      Fortenberry Louis E.                      03/31/1987      SCDP
Ferguson Mrs Paul                         03/15/62        ENT         F      Fortier Mrs evelyn P                      08/16/56        ENT
Ferguson Paul                             07/17/69        ENT         F      Fortier Mrs Laura                         06/07/1973      ENT
Ferguson Pauline Elizabeth                05/13/1986      SCDP        F      Fortier Charles                           02/27/1989      SCDP
Fernald Margaret T                        02/03/1998      SCDP        F      Fortman Kordell Wyatt                     09/19/1998      SCDP
Fernald Fred E.                           12/16/1991      SCDP        F      Forward Lennie M                          03/17/1999      SCDP
Fernande Mrs Margarita Ochoa              02/14/63        ENT         F      Forward Lennie Merle Walker Besse         04/1999         SCDP
Fernandez Antonio M - State Rep           11/08/56        ENT         F      Foshee John J.                            07/03/1958      ENT
Fernandez Josephine Burnett               10/10/1998      SCDP        F      Foster Dovie Mae Cain                     07/12/1986      SCDP
Fernandez Gaspar R.                       07/10/1989      SCDP        F      Foster dr Lyoyd Galloway                  04/08/1999      SCDP
Fernandez Jory Patrick                    01/13/1997      SCDP        F      Foster George                             12/22/66        ENT
Fernandez Louis Morales                   03/23/1991      SCDP        F      Foster Hubert Pierce                      08/08/1985      SCDP
Fernandez Maria D.                        07/15/1991      SCDP        F      Foster James E                            08/16/56        ENT
Fernandez Peter                           07/07/1966      SCENT       F      Foster John E                             09/02/54        ENT
Fernandez Falipe Chacon                   04/23/1996      SCDP        F      Foster Lawrence Leroy                     08/28/1985      SCDP
Ferrel Jose                               03/21/1974      ENT         F      Foster Mrs Mary                           08/19/54        ENT
Ferrel Margaret M                         09/30/1999      S NEWS      F      Foster Norma J                                            SCDP
Ferrel Beatrice M                         03/07/1989      SCDP        F      Foster Paul L                             11/24/66        ENT
Ferrell Esther R.                         07/05/1991      SCDP        F      Foster Rev. Billy Jason                   10/1999         SCDP
Ferris Ralph B.                           07/31/1958      ENT         F      Foster Arlene                             03/23/1995      SCDP
Fetterman Mrs Vern (Beulah)               12/19/68        ENT         F      Foster Dorothy Funk                       10/16/1991      SCDP
Fetterman Vernon                          02/01/62        ENT         F      Foster Fred Warren                        09/10/1986      SCDP
Few Lilia                                 01/26/67        ENT         F      Foster J.E.                               07/15/1948      ENT
Fieber Richard William                    09/19/1985      SCDP        F      Foster Lewis E.                           02/26/1976      SC Ent
Fieldcamp Dick Henery                     01/27/77        ENT         F      Foster Lewis E.                           08/07/1980      ENT
Fields LeRoy "PeeWee"                     03/01/1984      ENT         F      Foster Madeline Metcalfe                  03/1997         SCDP
Fierro Delia Morales                      01/11/2000      SCDP        F      Foster Patricia E.                        02/25/1988      SCDP
Fierro Mrs Angelita                       06/08/61        ENT         F      Foster Robert Baylor                      03/22/1984      ENT
Fierro Guadalupe Fierro                   01/08/1981      ENT         F      Foster Opal C.                            09/28/1996      SCDP
Fierro Lorenza V.                         07/01/1976      SC Ent      F      Foulenfont Joe M                          03/03/1998      SCDP
Fierro Luisa                              07/31/1992      SCDP        F      Foulenfont Candelaria "Auntie"            09/18/1997      SCDP
Fife Mildred M                            09/20/1999      S News      F      Foust Ruth Bernice                        04/18/1997      SCDP
Fife Carl L.                              05/27/1948      ENT         F      Foust Ruth Bernice                        04/09/1997      SCDP
Fife Sam Oliver                           12/21/1978      ENT         F      Foust Dave A.                             07/16/1996      SCDP
Figart T.L. "Bud" Jr.                     01/14/1992      SCDP        F      Fowler Mrs Rudy T                         09/10/59        ENT
Fight John William                        05/20/1991      SCDP        F      Fowler Ralph                              02/08/62        ENT
Filson Mrs Carrie L                       02/23/61        ENT         F      Fowler David Ray                          09/08/1995      SCDP
Fina Maria A "Memita"                     07/10/1999      SCDP        F      Fowles Maude Jope                         06/02/1960      ENT
Finch Beulah Kemp                         06/17/1976      SC Ent      F      Fox Lloyd                                 01/03/1992      SCDP
Finley Evelyn Gladys                      071999          SCDP        F      Fox Lovicy Lucinda T.                     03/27/1990      SCDP
Fiore Janell R.                           09/06/1988      SCDP        F      Fox Lucy Madrid                           02/21/1997      SCDP
Firey A F                                 09/09/54        ENT         F      Fox Walter                                01/21/1965      ENT
Fischer Lee Ann Barker                    06/07/1994      SCDP        F      Fox Ada D.                                01/10/1996      SCDP
Fisher Dona Carol                         09/21/1999      S NEWS      F      Foxworth Jack Lennie                      12/14/1985      SCDP
Fisher Mrs Isabel V                       01/28/61        ENT         F      Foy John Franey Jr                        09/23/1976      SC ENT
Fisher Mrs Lucille M                      01/01/53        ENT         F      Foy Tom Jr                                05/07/1986      SCDP
Fisher Mrs Mary L                         07/07/77        ENT         F      Foy Thomas                                01/01/70        ENT
Fisher Ralph A                            03/17/2000      SCDP        F      Foy Joan Carney                           06/28/1994      SCDP
Fisher Ralph A                            03/11/2000      SCDP        F      Fraas Matthew G.                          07/28/1984      ENT
Fisher Casimira A.                        03/03/1960      ENT         F      Frame Jack                                05/16/1957      ENT
Fisher John B.                            08/16/1973      ENT         F      Francis Maurice                           09/06/1988      SCDP
Fisher Mary E.                            11/15/1984      ENT         F      Frank David W                             11/04/50        SCDP
Fitch A J                                 08/25/55        ENT         F      Frank Isadore                             10/03/68        ENT
Fitch Leta Fern                           06/06/2000      SCDP        F      Frank David W.                            11/09/1950      ENT
Fitch Theodore "Mannie"                   03/24/1992      SCDP        F      Frank Harry                               01/03/1974      ENT
Fitch Carl Louis                          12/27/1996      SCDP        F      Frank Sigmund                             09/20/1988      SCDP
Fitzhugh Billy Ray                        06/20/68        ENT         F      Franklin Mary Eleanor                     01/11/1999      SCDP
Fitzhugh Mrs Genevive W                   10/29/70        ENT         F      Franklin Mary Eleanor                     01/12/1999      SCDP
Fitzpatrick Emmett E.                     05/13/1976      SC Ent      F      Franklin Rosemary Alice                   07/07/83        ENT
Fitzpatrick Henrietta W.                  01/29/1981      ENT         F      Franklin Art                              01/30/1991      SCDP
Fleming Elizabeth Ann                     05/12/2000      SCDP        F      Franks Mary Bagnall                       08/17/1999      SCDP
Fleming Gordon H                          04/26/1997      SCDP        F      Franks Katherine                          10/01/1987      SCDP
Fleming Mrs Nancy                         04/19/56        ENT         F      Franks Maggie Flury                       11/02/1978      ENT
Fleming Amanda Wilmeth                    06/28/1984      ENT         F      Frantom Joseph                            11/28/46        ENT
Fleming Ellwood                           02/14/1957      ENT         F      Frantom William J                         06/28/56        ENT
Fleming Eva Carter                        07/12/1984      ENT         F      Frantz Dora C.                            07/29/1992      SCDP
Fleming James Upton                       02/19/1981      ENT         F      Fraser John Duncan                        02/14/1985      SCDP
Fleming James W.                          11/11/1965      SCDP        F      Fraser Ola McCarty                        01/10/1986      SCDP
Fleming John William                      01/2d           SCDP        F      Fraser Thomas Mrs.                        03/03/1958      ENT
Fleming Lucy M.                           10/28/1965      SCDP        F      Fraser James A.                           11/18/1965      SCDP
Fleming Mary Elizabeth                    08/12/71        Ent         F      Fraser Sarah Herrick                      03/02/1978      ENT
Flemke Mary E                             01/31/1996      SCDP        F      Frasier Carl W                            04/01/54        ENT
Flemming Wesley M                         09/10/70        ENT         F      Frazier Geraldine                         03/25/1998      SCDP
Fletcher Armando                          11/03/77        ENT         F      Frazier Guy Milton                        02/11/1998      SCDP
Fletcher Armando A                        11/03/77        ENT         F      Frazier I S                               06/28/62        ENT
Fletcher Mrs Emilia D                     05/11/61        ENT         F      Frazin Dr. D. Nathan                      04/17/1958      ENT
Fletcher Mrs Ysidora Y                    07/15/54        ENT         F      Freberg Mrs Leah Brewer                   07/07/77        ENT
Fletcher Dale K.                          02/21/1995      SCDP        F      Freberg Gustav                            12/16/1965      SCDP
Fletcher Gilbert E.                       06/10/1991      SCDP        F      Freberg Robert Channing                   07/27/1995      SCDP
Fletcher James J.                         05/25/1993      SCDP        F      Freeland L E                              09/06/56        ENT
Fletcher Luisa A.                         11/28/1995      SCDP        F      Freeman Carmen V                          12/26/1997      SCDP
Fletcher Roy T.                           11/29/1993      SCDP        F      Freeman Alexander Raymond "Ray"           09/18/1997      SCDP
Fletcher John                             04/22/1996      SCDP        F      Freeman Duncan D.                         03/28/1992      SCDP
Flickinger Bob                            09/13/1995      SCDP        F      French Lois "Lavern"                      02/13/1998      SCDP
Flood Frank                               12/14/67        ENT         F      French Bessie Matilda                     06/05/1987      SCDP
Flook Velma                               08/07/1992      SCDP        F      French Orel D.                            08/17/1972      SC Ent
Flores Alfonso                            11/25/48        ENT         F      Freshour Mildred H                        12/27/1998      S NEWS
Flores Angel T                            02/10/83        ENT         F      Fresques Miguel Mesa Mike"                02/17/1998      SCDP
Flores Benita R                           09/13/1999      S NEWS      F      Frias Lewis S                             05/01/62        ENT
Flores Daniel                             06/15/67        ENT         F      Frie Roy H                                01/06/1997      SCDP
Flores Edward Vigil "Lalo"                04/28/1999      SCDP        F      Fritz John M                              07/15/1985      SCDP
Flores Feliciano                          12/11/50        SCDP        F      Fritz Elizabeth H.                        03/15/1989      SCDP
Flores Inez                               08/04/77        ENT         F      Fritz Marvin R.                           07/07/1993      SCDP
Flores Jose G                             08/25/55        ENT         F      Fritzmeyer James Henry "Rusty"            06/02/1986      SCDP
Flores Juan Melenudo                      05/22/1985      SCDP        F      Frost albert Lee                          09/01/77        ENT
Flores Macedonio G                        04/30/1972      SC ENT      F      Frost Edith I.                                            SCDP
Flores Magdelana                          03/17/83        ENT         F      Frost Marie                               03/11/1994      SCDP
Flores Mrs Lonnie                         10/12/59        ENT         F      Frutiger Albert L.                        03/12/70        ENT
Flores Mrs Susan P                        03/04/54        ENT         F      Fryar Cornelia "Snooks"                   05/27/1982      ENT
Flores Ramona                             11/17/83        ENT         F      Fryer James T                             04/05/56        ENT
Flores Roberto Estevan                    01/05/2000      SCDP        F      Frymire Dr Carl                           04/05/56        ENT
Flores Oscar Miranda                      02/18/1982      ENT         F      Fuente Justo                              12/15/1997      SCDP
Flores Clara Holguin                      11/22/1984      ENT         F      Fuentes Arch Lee "Archie"                 10/08/1997      SCDP
Flores David H.                           09/20/1995      SCDP        F      Fuentes Maria Lucinda                     03/23/1995      SCDP
Flores Edwardo F.                         09/11/1980      ENT         F      Fuentes Marthaa Madrid                    08/30/1979      ENT
flores Elauterio I                        12/23/1995      SCDP        F      Fuentes Ysidoro T.                        09/19/1992      SCDP
Flores Elfina Trujillo                    08/12/1991      SCDP        F      Fuer Mrs Anna                             07/15/54        ENT
Flores Epigmenio T.                       05/03/1990      SCDP        F      Fulcher Arch                              03/14/68        ENT
Flores Feliciano                          12/14/1950      ENT         F      Fuller Anna Louise                        03/24/77        ENT
Flores Florencio V.                       07/22/1991      SCDP        F      Fuller Frank                              08/30/56        ENT
Flores Francisco                          08/02/1984      ENT         F      Fuller Marvin A                           05/06/1986      SCDP
Flores Jimmy Orlando                      06/09/1997      SCDP        F      Fuller Amelia Garcia                      01/05/1984      ENT
Flores Joe M.                             01/27/1995      SCDP        F      Fuller Belle Owen                         09/06/1984      ENT
Flores Librada Bautista                   08/23/1984      ENT         F      Fuller Lynn H.                            10/11/1984      ENT
Flores Louis                              01/20/1997      SCDP        F      Fuller Margaret "Margo"                   12/22/1995      SCDP
Flores Louis H                            01/21/1997      SCDP        F      Fuller Robert E.                          03/27/1989      SCDP
Flores Maria G.                           02/12/1987      SCDP        F      Fuller T.W.                               02/22/1993      SCDP
Flores Ramon M.                           11/18/1993      SCDP        F      Fuller Margaret                           12/21/1996      SCDP
Flores Robert T. "Bob"                    02/23/1994      SCDP        F      Fullman Stephen                           03/13/1998      SCDP
Flores Susie V.                           02/04/1994      SCDP        F      Fulmer Jacob Walter                       12/12/1998      SCDP
Florres Feliciaon                         04/09/53        ENT         F      Funk Gerald Lynn                          07/13/1950      ENT
Flowers Baker                             12/01/66        ENT         F      Funk Geraldine Irene                      09/06/1997      SCDP
Flowers Grace Rice                        02/17/77        ENT         F      Furr Bessie "Peggy"                       02/18/1989      SCDP
Flowers Luther                            09/08/55        ENT         F      Furr William C.                           05/15/1952      ENT
Flowers Luther                            05/14/59        ENT         F      Fyfe George F                             11/17/55        ENT