Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date           Newspaper     Link
Yacomo Lawrence                           06/05/1958     ENT.          Y
Yamato Shinji                             06/01/1999     SCDP          Y
Yandell Patrick William                   09/09/1982     ENT           Y
Yarborough Quentin R.                     01/26/1990     SCDP          Y
Yarborough Steven Kip                     10/31/1991     SCDP          Y
Yarbough Robert Lee                       09/17/64       ENT           Y
Yarbrough Clayton Astor                   09/1998        SCDP          Y
Yarbrough George                          10/12/1988     SCDP          Y
Yates George Voss                         03/17/1986     SCDP          Y
Yates Mrs Lon                             08/17/61       ENT           Y
Yates Bob G.                              12/13/1973     ENT           Y
Yates Thurman E.                          01/20/1993     SCDP          Y
Yates William Evans                       06/12/1989     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Alicia                             10/11/1986     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Frank P                            04/30/1999     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Henery                             10/24/46       ENT           Y
Ybarra N                                  08/27/64       ENT           Y
Ybarra Paul P                             01/13/1986     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Alfonso V.                         08/25/1991     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Avelina                            01/11/1979     Ent           Y
Ybarra Benjamin Vasquez                   09/04/1992     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Elena                              02/14/1995     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Elisa B.                           03/14/1957     ENT           Y
Ybarra Elvira M.                          03/31/1992     SCPD          Y
Ybarra Ernestina B.                       04/01/1991     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Felicitas                          10/23/1980     ENT           Y
Ybarra Ferman                             11/07/1989     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Frances R.                         03/21/1995     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Inez                               09/29/1988     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Margaret R.                        09/05/1989     SCDP          Y
Ybarra Pedro A. (Pete)                    01/08/1981     ENT           Y
Yduarte Basilio P.                        11/21/1974     ENT           Y
Yeager Etta Craig                         04/10/47       ENT           Y
Yeager Mrs Maude                          11/02/61       ENT           Y
Yeager Gary P.                            11/17/1989     SCDP          Y
Yeats; Jane Luce                          10/04/1996     SCDP          Y
Yetishefski Josephine                     11/17/1989     SCDP          Y
Yniguez Ramona A                          08/25/83       ENT           Y
Yniguez Stormy Christine                  03/10/1992     SCDP          Y
Ynostroza Apolonio Alvarado               10/01/1985     SCDP          Y
Ynostroza Mrs Gabriela                    05/28/64       ENT           Y
Ynostroza Apolinar Heredia                04/30/1997     SCDP          Y
Ynostroza Eligio Alvarad                  06/05/1980     ENT           Y
Ynostroza Felipa A                        10/07/1982     ENT           Y
Yoakum Clyde                              08/07/1997     SCDP          Y
Yoast Ruben H                             12/20/62       ENT           Y
Yoast Ivy Grant                           05/11/50       ENT           Y
Yocky Grace Lucille                       11/23/71       Ent           Y
Yocum Harvey                              08/12/1976     SC ENT        Y
York Helen Patricia                       02/27/47       ENT           Y
York Mrs Clarise M                        02/08/68       ENT           Y
York Mrs Margarita M                      06/23/77       ENT           Y
York James C.                             01/14/1982     ENT           Y
York Elmer D.                             09/07/1972     SC Ent.       Y
York Jim M.                               08/02/1973     ENT           Y
York Lee Andrew                           04/06/67       ENT           Y
York Marion Maxine                        05/05/1990     SCDP          Y
York Ray                                  01/08/1981     ENT           Y
Young Andrea Trujillo (Lita)              09/30/1985     SCDP          Y
Young Delmond B                           10/09/69       ENT           Y
Young Henery Lucero                       02/12/1986     SCDP          Y
Young Howard O                            09/08/55       ENT           Y
Young James                               12/17/70       ENT           Y
Young Major Ralph Powers                  11/116/61      ENT           Y
Young Mrs Margaret                        12/20/56       ENT           Y
Young Robert Eugene                       04/21/1997     SCDP          Y
Young Robert Lucero                       11/01/56       ENT           Y
Young William                             01/12/56       ENT           Y
Young Henry                               09/21/50       ENT           Y
Young Howard I.                           12/14/1965     SCDP          Y
Young Joe B.                              11/23/1994     SCDP          Y
Young Joseph T.                           09/18/1992     SCDP          Y
Young Manuel L.                           08/02/1984     ENT           Y
Young Martha Jane                         04/27/50       ENT           Y
Young Mary                                09/09/1988     SCDP          Y
Young Mrs. H.W.                           09/13/51       ENT           Y
Youngblood Irene                          02/06/1997     SCDP          Y
Youngkin Shane D                          06/01/1981     ENT           Y
Ysarraraz Remedios                        04/06/1999     S NEWS        Y
Yule Norman H                             06/23/1986     SCDP          Y
Yzaguirre Lucy ALvarado                   06/21/1984     ENT           Y