Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Grant County Obituaries T names

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                   Name                   Date           Newspaper       Link                      Name                   Date            Newspaper
Tackett R.C. (Bob)                        02/04/1960     ENT               T    Tone Gerald (Jerry)                       01/17/2000      S NEWS           T
Taebel Olga Anna                          11/05/1987     SCDP              T    Toney alva C                              10/19/1985      SCDP             T
Tafoya Aurora Udero                       04/06/1986     SCDP              T    Toney Melvin Earl                         04/09/1985      SCDP             T
Tafoya Jose                               07/27/1999     SCDP              T    Toney Ethel C.                            07/24/1996      SCDP             T
Tafoya Jose A "Tuffy"                     07/28/1999     SCDP              T    Tong Horance Coleman                      05/12/1986      SCDP             T
Tafoya Mrs Rose W                         03/23/61       ENT               T    Tong Horace M.                            07/22/1965      SCDP             T
Tafoya Pete C                             08/16/62       ENT               T    Topmiller Victor W. Sr.                   04/04/1988      SCDP             T
Tafoya Anita Garcia                       12/29/1986     SCDP              T    Topper Mrs Camille                        10/04/62        ENT              T
Tafoya Domatilia                          08/08/1957     ENT               T    Topper Camille K.                         03/04/1982      ENT              T
Tafoya Jose                               10/05/1995     SCDP              T    Torrent Mrs James F                       07/28/54        ENT              T
Tafoya Jose "Pepe"                        10/07/1995     SCDP              T    Torres Andreas                            12/30/48        ENT              T
Tafoya Jose Ramon                         02/18/1997     SCDP              T    Torres Augustine D                        05/10/1986      SCDP             T
Tafoya Raymond                            03/18/1993     SCDP              T    Torres Cecilio                            12/16/1999      SCDP             T
Tait Charles B.                           06/12/1958     ENT               T    Torres David Gene                         05/12/1986      SCDP             T
Tait Charles Sidney                       01/29/1981     ENT               T    Torres Davis Saucedo                      04/26/1999      SCDP             T
Tait Tillie F.                            09/09/71       Ent               T    Torres Elvisa Raquell                     03/25/1998      SCDP             T
Tait William                              09/08/1994     SCDP              T    Torres Eric Roy Joseph                    04/18/1986      SCDP             T
Takeshita Meiko                           01/03/1993     SCDP              T    Torres Ernesto D "Butch"                  02/17/1998      SCDP             T
Talamantes Eliza P                        01/11/1985     SCDP              T    Torres Harry Mendez                       10/30/1985      SCDP             T
Talavera Angel V.                         03/07/1994     SCDP              T    Torres Meliton                            09/13/62        ENT              T
Talavera Bartola P.                       03/30/1978     ENT               T    Torres Michael C                          09/19/68        ENT              T
Talavera Delinda Sue                      12/24/1984     ENT               T    Torres Mrs juanita W                      10/01/64        ENT              T
Talley Pearl C.                           04/18/1988     SCDP              T    Torres Mrs Martha S                       04/29/71        ENT              T
Talliferro Mrs Lena                       04/01/48       ENT               T    Torres Robert Joshua                      12/23/1976      SC ENT           T
Tally George A                            11/07/68       ENT               T    Torres pas V.                             04/08/1982      ENT              T
Tannehill Hubert Milo                     12/12/1991     SCDP              T    Torres Agapito D.                         03/14/1957      ENT              T
Tannehill Ruby Belle                      09/01/1995     SCDP              T    Torres Agnes F.                           06/16/1995      SCDP             T
Tanner Dent                               04/06/67       ENT               T    Torres Benito D.                          10/01/1981      ENT              T
Tanori Frank Rico                         07/18/1988     SCDP              T    Torres Camilo                             11/11/1965      SCDP             T
Tanzola James Roger                       09/08/1997     SCDP              T    Torres Carolina Meza                      04/28/1994      SCDP             T
Tanzola James Rogers                      09/10/1997     SCDP              T    Torres David Goethals                     06/07/1997      SCDP             T
Tapia Martin                              06/16/83       ENT               T    Torres Eliseo A.                          06/19/71        Ent              T
Tapia Mrs Clara B                         10/16/59       ENT               T    Torres Gilbert Jesus                      01/07/1997      SCDP             T
Tapia Jesusita Fajardo                    06/03/1982     ENT               T    Torres Guadalupe S.                       03/17/1987      SCDP             T
Tapia; Lorenzo Estrada                    10/25/1996     SCDP              T    Torres Israel Aguirre                     08/15/1992      SCDP             T
Tapscott Chantal Maria J                  10/23/1995     SCDP              T    Torres Leopoldo W.                        04/09/1993      SCDP             T
Tarango Manuel P.                         03/09/67       ENT               T    Torres Maria T.                           10/29/1993      SCDP             T
Tarin Edward C.                           09/20/1990     SCDP              T    Torres Martha M.                          01/01/1979      Ent              T
Tarin Frank (Chico)                       02/11/1960     ENT               T    Torres Nora Gutierrez                     06/17/1982      ENT              T
Tarin Lorenzo O.                          12/14/1992     SCDP              T    Torres Peggy Mary                         04/04/1988      SCDP             T
Tarrance Audie S.                         01/12/1978     ENT               T    Torres Perfecto C.                        07/20/1993      SCDP             T
Tasabia Refugio L.                        03/23/1992     SCDP              T    Torres Regina                             04/21/1981      ENT              T
Tasabia Teofila C                         02/01/1997     SCDP              T    Torres Richard A.                         02/14/1989      SCDP             T
Tasabia Teofila C                         01/31/1997     SCDP              T    Torres Roland J.                          08/30/1979      ENT              T
Tate William Monroe                       03/07/68       ENT               T    Torres Salvador W.                        10/11/1993      SCDP             T
Tate Parry DeeLoy                         04/12/1984     ENT               T    Torres Socorro Telles                     04/05/1984      ENT              T
Tatsch Richard                            05/31/1984     ENT               T    Torres Vilaldo                            12/13/1973      ENT              T
Tatum Billy C.                            11/18/71       Ent               T    Torres Virginia Nicolai                   10/31/1987      SCDP             T
Tavison Ygnacio "Nacho"                   09/28/1996     SCDP              T    Torres Desirre                            1994            SCDP             T
Tavizon Alphredo M                        02/16/1997     SCDP              T    Torres Lawrence "Larry"                   05/22/1996      SCDP             T
Tawson Mrs William                        02/06/47       ENT               T    Torres Procopio "PD"                      03/11/1996      SCDP             T
Taylor Arthur Henry                       07/28/77       ENT               T    Torrez Antonio B                          12/01/66        ENT              T
Taylor Arthur Raymond                     08/11/1998     SCDP              T    Torrez Mrs Delfino Palencio               05/26/77        ENT              T
Taylor Bobby                              02/29/68       ENT               T    Torrez Daniel L.                          03/20/1980      ENT              T
Taylor James A                            01/20/83       ENT               T    Torrez Mary Esther                        03/13/1992      SCPD             T
Taylor Jesse Robert                       10/06/77       ENT               T    Torrez Ramon M.                           03/17/1960      ENT              T
Taylor Joseph H                           02/29/68       ENT               T    Torrez Rosie Therrien                     03/08/1973      ENT              T
Taylor Joseph S                           07/23/59       ENT               T    Totten Lewis Isaac                        10/07/1991      SCDP             T
Taylor Lloyd Otis                         07/05/62       ENT               T    Tovar Manual                              07/17/83        ENT              T
Taylor Mack                               12/05/63       ENT               T    Tovar Edward                              01/04/1973      ENT              T
Taylor Margaret Holman                    02/22/51       ENT               T    Tovar Tomas P.                            10/31/1991      SCDP             T
Taylor Mary Ann Eliza                     11/25/48       ENT               T    Tow Cecil M                               03/03/77        ENT              T
Taylor Mrs Homer                          07/13/61       ENT               T    Tow Norvel Ebert                          07/06/1986      SCDP             T
Taylor Mrs Sarah                          09/28/61       ENT               T    Tow Rhea francis                          04/02/1998      SCDP             T
Taylor Alice C.                           08/07/1995     SCDP              T    Tow Billie E.                             04/10/1975      SC Ent           T
Taylor Darnold Lee                        10/26/1978     ENT               T    Tow Milton Avery                          01/17/1992      SCDP             T
Taylor Ella B.                            12/14/1950     ENT               T    Tow Wilma Erlene                          02/12/1987      SCDP             T
Taylor Jessie Garlant                     09/25/1991     SCDP              T    Towell Ira Leonard                        06/22/1998      SCDP             T
Taylor Lavonne Sparks                     03/15/1997     SCDP              T    Townley Ruth                              01/24/2000      SCDP             T
Taylor Lessie Naomi Aust                  03/18/1988     SCDP              T    Townley Mrs. Mary France                  06/20/1974      ENT              T
Taylor Marie                              01/08/1981     ENT               T    Townsend Porter A                         10/27/83        ENT              T
Taylor Minnie E.                          10/07/1976     ENT               T    Townsend Amy Joan                         09/20/1973      ENT              T
Taylor Ross                               12/06/1984     ENT               T    Townsend Lucille D.                       10/22/1981      ENT              T
Taylor William F.                         08/12/1965     SCDP              T    Toy Y.                                    11/21/1957      ENT              T
Teague Mrs Leonora O                      03/03/77       ENT               T    Toy Woo Shee (Rose)                       09/22/1986      SCDP             T
Teague Adrian L. "Bob"                    03/07/1995     SCDP              T    Toy Yee Do                                05/02/1990      SCDP             T
Teel Hugh A                               10/15/69       ENT               T    Tozer Clair Saltsman                      01/06/1997      SCDP             T
Teffertiller Tom                          03/29/51       ENT               T    Trabue Edward William                     12/22/1989      SCDP             T
Telbert Walter Zel                        09/19/1994     SCDP              T    Trainor 2nd Lt Terry L                    03/28/68        ENT              T
Telles Elvira Misquez                     06/29/1985     SCDP              T    Trammell Arnold Leon                      05/09/1957      ENT              T
Telles Manual T                           01/11/62       ENT               T    Trapp Harold T.                           10/03/1974      ENT              T
Telles Merced Molina                      04/14/1986     SCDP              T    Travis Emma Grace                         08/1999         S NEWS           T
Telles Mrs Teresa                         05/11/54       ENT               T    Traviso Pfc Coaquin                       09/02/48        ENT              T
Telles Anselmo M.                         11/22/1973     ENT               T    Traynor Avery Holiman "Mike"              07/13/1998      SCDP             T
Telles Delfina                            03/09/67       ENT               T    Traynor A.M. "Curley"                     05/02/1974      ENT              T
Telles Katy Manquero                      09/26/1992     SCDP              T    Traynor Annie V.H.                        03/16/1992      SCDP             T
Tellez Arcadio M                          12/27/56       ENT               T    Traynor Helen louis                       04/30/1996      SCDP             T
Tellez Jose Luis                          12/12/1991     SCDP              T    Treadway Grady                            07/01/1948      ENT              T
Tellez Librada O.                         03/21/1994     SCDP              T    Trefz Richard                             07/20/1987      SCDP             T
Tellez Prudencio                          09/18/69       ENT               T    Trehy Jospeh D.                           11/19/1994      SCDP             T
Tellez Tillie Webb                        05/09/1996     SCDP              T    Treighler Herbert                         02/17/66        ENT              T
Tempest Donald                            09/15/66       ENT               T    Trejo Horace                              08/09/62        ENT              T
Temple Jade Marcus                        02/23/1994     SCDP              T    Trejo Juana D                             03/20/1998      SCDP             T
Templer Raymond R.                        01/08/1991     SCDP              T    Trejo Louise A                            03/04/1999      S NEWS           T
Tena Jose M                               03/22/56       ENT               T    Trejo Mrs Nellie                          10/05/63        ENT              T
Tena Mrs Apolonio Borrego                 01/18/68       ENT               T    Trejo Ray G                               09/14/1972      SC ENT           T
Tena Juana                                09/26/1988     SCDP              T    Trejo Efren J.                            03/06/1980      ENT              T
Tenhey Udall Adams (Mike)                 04/00/65       Southwestern      T    Trejo Encarnacion R.                      09/29/1991      SCDP             T
Teral R W                                 10/27/66       ENT               T    Trejo John Xavier                         05/05/1990      SCDP             T
Teran Apolonio C                          04/05/62       ENT               T    Trejo Margaret Anne                       01/27/1995      SCDP             T
Teran Francisco E.                        04/19/1984     ENT               T    Trejo; Enrique J.                         07/26/1996      SCDP             T
Teran Lorenzo                             10/26/1991     SCDP              T    Trembly Dorthy G                          12/09/1997      SCDP             T
Teran Miguel E.                           04/24/1993     SCDP              T    Trembly Dorthy G                          12/08/1997      SCDP             T
Teran Paula Antoinette                    02/13/1990     SCDP              T    Tremper Vetta V.                          09/03/1992      SCDP             T
Teran Stephanie                           06/10/1988     SCDP              T    Trent Chester                             06/15/61        ENT              T
Teran Steven Saenz                        02/13/1990     SCDP              T    Trent JamesW.                             11/21/1957      ENT              T
Terazzas Mrs Virginia G                   11/02/1972     SC ENT            T    Tressler P. Denton                        05/24/1994      SCDP             T
Terrasas Miguel (Mike) M                  04/06/61       ENT               T    Trevarrow Mrs Clara ella                  11/19/53        ENT              T
Terrazas Cruz S                           01/20/1986     SCDP              T    Trevarrow Mrs John                        10/24/46        ENT              T
Terrazas Louis                            04/03/1999     S NEWS            T    Treviso anticeto                          07/28/55        ENT              T
Terrazas Maria Martinez                   no date        ENT               T    Treviso Edward Bermudez "Lalo"            01/11/2000      SCDP             T
Terrazas Mrs Hermina R                    12/21/61       ENT               T    Treviso Mrs Manuela                       10/31/63        ENT              T
Terrazas Mrs Maria Martinez               07/02/53       ENT               T    Treviso Teresa Alvarado                   12/30/1997      SCDP             T
Terrazas Mrs Sophia Diaz                  10/01/59       ENT               T    Treviso Henery Alvarado                   01/04/1997      SCDP             T
Terrazas Mrs Sostense                     12/14/61       ENT               T    Treviso Juan Lopez                        01/18/1995      SCDP             T
Terrazas Rosa Ann                         02/16/2000     SCDP              T    Trevizo Teresa Alvarado                   12/30/1997      SCDP             T
Terrazas Betty G.                         09/23/1993     SCDP              T    Trevizo Victor M.                         02/13/1975      SC Ent           T
Terrazas Conrado                          02/09/1965     SCDP              T    Treweek Mrs Ada                           10/18/56        ENT              T
Terrazas Isabell                          05/29/1952     ENT               T    Trewern Jack Harvey                       08/12/1991      SCDP             T
Terrazas Jesus                            10/19/1991     SCDP              T    Trickett Darrell Leon                     06/05/1999      SCDP             T
Terrazas Joe A.                           12/25/69       ENT               T    Trigg Annie D.                            05/29/1975      SC Ent           T
Terrazas Manuel M.                        06/04/70       ENT               T    Trilli Anthoney                           12/09/1996      SCDP             T
Terrazas Miguel                           10/11/1995     SCDP              T    Trimmer Mrs Emma Mary                     06/24/54        ENT              T
Terrazas Salvador R.                      02/09/1978     ENT               T    Trimmer Trimmer A.                        02/14/1957      ENT              T
Terrazas Sostenes F.                      03/27/1980     ENT               T    Triviso Vincente Garcia                   08/25/1998      SCDP             T
Tester Gordon C                           03/05/1997     SCDP              T    Triviso Ceclilia V.                       08/23/1979      ENT              T
Thacker Billy                             11/03/55       ENT               T    Triviso Joaquin "Jackie"                  07/13/1994      SCDP             T
Thacker Charlie W                         -2/10/77       ENT               T    Triviso Leonardo B.                       02/23/1978      ENT              T
Thacker Isabel Gonzales                   04/03/1993     SCDP              T    Triviso Natalia                           11/19/1981      ENT              T
Thayer Mrs Margaret A                     10/01/64       ENT               T    Triviz Alejandro V.                       05/25/1978      ENT              T
Thayer Frank                              09/12/1988     SCDP              T    Triviz Guadalupe C.                       09/04/1980      ENT              T
Thayer Mary A.                            03/29/1994     SCDP              T    Tronsen Mrs Anna                          04/22/54        ENT              T
Thayer Roberta T.                         10/30/1996     SCDP              T    Trotter Eddie F                           01/22/1999      SCDP             T
Theis Mrs Elmilia T                       08/18/66       ENT               T    Trotter Mrs Emma                          05/17/62        ENT              T
Theis Rose Marie                          04/07/83       ENT               T    Trotter Wilburn D                         04/27/61        ENT              T
Therrien Mrs Guadalupe L                  06/29/67       ENT               T    Troutt Mrs Naomi                          12/10/64        ENT              T
Therrien Arturo L.                        03/13/1989     SCDP              T    Truax Thomas Earl                         02/04/1998      SCDP             T
Thiel Carol Sue                           04/04/1986     SCDP              T    True Juanita J.                           01/03/1980      ENT              T
Thiel Allen L.                            05/22/1993     SCDP              T    True Lee Leroy                            05/18/1978      ENT              T
Thies Edmund S Joseph                     08/09/1996     SCDP              T    Truett William L                          08/18/66        ENT              T
Thomas Crace Odel Stewart                 05/20/1999     SCDP              T    Truett Era "Darling"                      05/24/1995      SCDP             T
Thomas Fred Sr.                           10/03/1957     ENT               T    Trujillo Jesus M                          07/18/46        ENT              T
Thomas Henery Judson                      03/11/48       ENT               T    Trujillo Jose C                           07/06/67        ENT              T
Thomas Henery O                           10/10/68       ENT               T    Trujillo Jose M                           01/19/61        ENT              T
Thomas Hunley J                           11/30/61       ENT               T    Trujillo Jose M                           08/24/67        ENT              T
Thomas Kenneth C                          08/27/70       ENT               T    Trujillo Luciano                          04/14/1998      SCDP             T
Thomas Marvin                             10/26/61       ENT               T    Trujillo Mary Melendrez                   12/26/1997      SCDP             T
Thomas Mrs Anna Lou                       01/20/1972     SC ENT            T    Trujillo Mrs Manuela                      12/31/64        ENT              T
Thomas Mrs H J                            02/19/59       ENT               T    Trujillo Mrs Maria M                      09/14/61        ENT              T
Thomas Mrs Mildred                        02/16/56       ENT               T    Trujillo Paul                             07/07/1997      SCDP             T
Thomas Mrs Rita Wilkerson                 09/09/54       ENT               T    Trujillo Precilla                         08/23/56        ENT              T
Thomas Noble William                      11/28/1986     SCDP              T    Trujillo Rafael C                         08/03/1972      SC ENT           T
Thomas Ruby Plante                        02/02/2000     SCDP              T    Trujillo Ralph Torres                     05/26/1998      SCDP             T
Thomas Cathleen                           03/27/1975     SC Ent            T    Trujillo Ramon                            03/13/64        ENT              T
Thomas Dr. Jon                            10/21/1987     SCDP              T    Trujillo Richard M                        03/26/1999      SCDP             T
Thomas Helen Ann                          11/11/1986     SCDP              T    Trujillo Tomas "Tommy"                    2000            SCDP             T
Thomas Juana                              04/03/1993     SCDP              T    Trujillo Viliano T                        11/22/62        ENT              T
Thomas Pauline E.                         11/12/1991     SCDP              T    Trujillo Aaron H.                         08/17/1989      SCDP             T
Thomas Pearl May                          05/16/1974     ENT               T    Trujillo Alejandro                        01/07/1987      SCDP             T
Thomas Percy                              06/17/1948     ENT               T    Trujillo Anastacio Juan                   01/02/1958      ENT              T
Thomas Rex                                12/05/1957     ENT               T    Trujillo Antonia P.                       03/27/1975      SC Ent           T
Thomas William H.                         05/14/1987     SCDP              T    Trujillo Antonio L.                       12/14/1988      SCDP             T
Thomas Martha                             07/23/1996     SCDP              T    Trujillo Dr. Michael C.                   05/09/1990      SCDP             T
Thomison Raymond                          01/01/1987     SCDP              T    Trujillo Eduvign                          07/08/71        Ent              T
Thompson Bessie Pearl                     01/28/1986     SCDP              T    Trujillo Estanislado                      05/03/1984      ENT              T
Thompson Edward W.                        08/01/1957     ENT               T    Trujillo Estanislado L.                   01/24/1980      ENT              T
Thompson James H                          12/03/59       ENT               T    Trujillo Fidel S.                         07/26/1984      ENT              T
Thompson John Berry                       09/29/77       ENT               T    Trujillo George G.                        11/17/1989      SCDP             T
Thompson Martin Alan                      12/02/1998     SCDP              T    Trujillo Gilberto N.                      01/25/1990      SCDP             T
Thompson Maxine Mae                       08/20/1997     SCDP              T    Trujillo Isaac Luera                      01/02/1987      SCDP             T
Thompson Mrs catherine Violet             10/31/68       ENT               T    Trujillo Jennie U.                        02/03/1993      SCDP             T
Thompson Mrs Jessie Elizabeth             04/25/63       ENT               T    Trujillo Jesusita V                       05/01/1993      SCDP             T
Thompson Mrs Margaret                     07/13/67       ENT               T    Trujillo John B.                          10/16/1980      ENT              T
Thompson norine Elizabeth                 11/11/1998     SCDP              T    Trujillo Jose Miguel R.                   05/02/1988      SCDP             T
Thompson Robert                           03/13/64       ENT               T    Trujillo Joseph Padilla                   06/26/1980      ENT              T
Thompson Wiley C                          09/24/64       ENT               T    Trujillo Louisa C.                        12/09/1982      ENT              T
Thompson Charles P.                       01/03/1974     ENT               T    Trujillo Margarita                        09/28/1993      SCDP             T
Thompson Edmond Elmo                      01/14/1989     SCDP              T    Trujillo Maria L.                         12/05/1974      ENT              T
Thompson Lynn                             11/14/1988     SCDP              T    Trujillo Mary T.                          04/17/1995      SCDP             T
Thompson Mack Chandler                    11/24/1989     SCDP              T    Trujillo Ray M.                           05/19/1993      SCDP             T
Thompson Martha E(Mattie)                 03/16/67       ENT               T    Trujillo Rene Alex                        09/30/1994      SCDP             T
Thompson Maude                            05/12/1960     ENT               T    Trujillo Steven Carrasco                  04/07/1992      SCDP             T
Thompson Milford D.                       03/01/1990     SCDP              T    Trujillo Telesfora H.                     02/13/1992      SCDP             T
Thompson Mina                             05/26/1987     SCDP              T    Trujillo Teofilo V.                       03/10/1994      SCDP             T
Thompson Mithilda Jane                    02/17/1992     SCDP              T    Trujillo Teresa L.                        08/07/1990      SCDP             T
Thompson Nellis                           07/01/1976     ENT               T    Trusesdell Gerald Ardin                   12/09/1996      SCDP             T
Thompson Ruth Laura                       09/06/1984     ENT               T    Tucker C C                                01/24/63        ENT              T
Thomson Andros Xavier                     08/30/1984     ENT               T    Tucker Ronald K                           11/21/1985      SCDP             T
Thorn Jess                                05/20/1965     SCDP              T    Tucker Violet Marshall                    2000            SCDP             T
Thorn Robert C.                           01/12/1984     ENT               T    Tucker Lorence E.                         12/12/1991      SCDP             T
Thornburg May                             04/04/1985     SCDP              T    Tulloch David V. (Vallie                  09/09/71        Ent              T
Thorne Dan G                              01/12/2000     SCDP              T    Tulloch Ethel Mary                        08/26/1965      SCDP             T
Thorne Daniel C.                          07/06/63       ENT               T    Tulloch Violet                            10/25/1988      SCDP             T
Thorne Elizabeth "Betty"                  01/11/1994     SCDP              T    Tumlinson Preston L                       12/15/1997      SCDP             T
Thornton Mrs Alma Grace                   01/19/61       ENT               T    Tumlinson Dollie Loraine                  08/12/1992      SCDP             T
Thornton R. F.                            11/27/1990     SCDP              T    Turman Lillie Bell                        07/23/1996      SCDP             T
Thorp Millie L.                           06/21/1979     Ent               T    Turner Allyn Henery                       10/27/83        ENT              T
Thorpe Maxine Ruth                        07/23/1996     SCDP              T    Turner Hazel                              02/03/83        ENT              T
Threepersons Mrs Lorene                   08/08/68       ENT               T    Turner James B                            03/24/83        ENT              T
Thurber Amy H.                            02/23/1984     ENT               T    Turner John W                             05/14/53        ENT              T
Thurber Frank Emmet                       07/08/1948     ENT               T    Turner Joseph B                           02/10/1986      SCDP             T
Thurmond Louise May                       06/16/1995     SCDP              T    Turner Joseph B                           02/12/1986      SCDP             T
Thwaits Barbara Gill                      01/06/2000     SCDP              T    Turner Mrs allton                         07/20/64        ENT              T
Thwaits Earl                              08/01/68       ENT               T    Turner Mrs Louise Burgess                 12/03/64        ENT              T
Thwaits Mrs Pearl A                       05/11/54       ENT               T    Turner Mrs Pearl                          10/23/54        ENT              T
Thwaits Prior                             06/13/68       ENT               T    Turner Orlean Waddell                     12/29/83        ENT              T
Thwaits Thomas J.                         05/20/1976     SC ENT            T    Turner Allton Franks                      10/08/1981      ENT              T
Tidwell Annette                           08/04/1966     SCDP              T    Turner Betty Pepper                       10/08/1990      SCDP             T
Tidwell Charles L.                        03/21/1974     ENT               T    Turner Ira Selman                         11/12/1987      SCDP             T
Tigner Mrs Fletcher                       05/03/68       ENT               T    Turner Jeff D.                            07/29/71        Ent              T
Tigner Fletcher Cecil                     03/29/1984     ENT               T    Turner Jesse L.                           05/09/1957      ENT              T
Tillis Leroy                              09/30/1988     SCDP              T    Turner Jonah Andrew                       08/22/1990      SCDP             T
Tillman Kenneth W                         03/29/1985     SCDP              T    Turner Lotto                              06/22/63        ENT              T
Tipolt Thomas E.                          12/26/1974     ENT               T    Turner Lotto                              10/07/1992      SCDP             T
Tipton Elsworth J                         04/27/1985     SCDP              T    Turner Luther (Bear)                      09/21/1978      ENT              T
Tipton Helen Leona                        06/30/83       ENT               T    Turner Mamie B.                           03/18/1976      SC ENT           T
Tipton Mrs Sarah                          01/09/64       ENT               T    Turner Margaret O.                        01/03/1995      SCDP             T
Tipton Richard G                          12/12/1985     SCDP              T    Turner Mrs. Joseph A.                     11/08/1951      ENT              T
Tipton Jess                               06/24/1987     SCDP              T    Turner Phoebe Clark                       05/01/1958      ENT              T
Tipton Joseph R.                          03/25/1993     SCDP              T    Turner Samantha Kay                       05/28/1997      SCDP             T
Tipton Mae M.                             11/11/71       Ent               T    Turney Martin John                        09/17/70        ENT              T
Tipton Terry Doris                        11/19/1991     SCDP              T    Turney Assunta "Tina"                     06/28/1995      SCDP             T
Tirey Margaret Ann                        06/18/1985     SCDP              T    Turo Joseph A.                            11/22/1994      SCDP             T
Tirey Roy                                 09/24/1981     ENT               T    Turrey Bruno R                            11/29/62        ENT              T
Tittle Barbara B.                         06/20/1994     SCDP              T    Turrey Concepcion R "Concha"              01/03/1998      SCDP             T
Tittle Clyde A.                           04/13/1990     SCDP              T    Turrey Rafael                             08/22/1974      ENT              T
Titus Daniel O.                           11/30/1993     SCDP              T    Turrieta Mrs Maria G                      10/02/54        ENT              T
Titus Elizabeth P.                        09/05/1974     ENT               T    Turrieta Cecilia G.                       09/20/1984      ENT              T
Tobar Juan B.                             04/01/1965     SCDP              T    Turrieta Manuel                           03/09/67        ENT              T
Todd W Floyd                              02/10/83       ENT               T    Turrieta Pedro                            08/23/1988      SCDP             T
Todd Ada                                  03/16/67       ENT               T    Turrieta Ramon B.                         08/03/1993      SCDP             T
Toepp Miss Alta Mae                       09/03/70       ENT               T    Tviet Anna Marie                          05/29/1948      ENT              T
Toepp Margaret Anne                       03/08/1984     ENT               T    Twiss Mrs Gertrude P                      11/24/77        ENT              T
Toltzien Ida                              06/03/2000     SCDP              T    Twiss Richard M                           04/04/68        ENT              T
Toltzien Fritz J.                         04/19/1973     ENT               T    Twitty Alice L.                           06/27/46        ENT              T
Tomich Joe L                              04/19/56       ENT               T    Tye John William                          05/28/1992      SCDP             T