Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date           Newspaper     Link
Nadjar Monica Farjardo                    08/16/1994     SCDP          N
Nakano Anita                              09/27/1994     SCDP          N
Nalty Dr. Walter Cyril                    03/27/1952     ENT           N
Nalty Mrs. Mary                           01/16/1958     ENT.          N
Nanez Magdalena Costales                  02/26/2000     S NEWS        N
Nanez Manuel M.                           08/08/1989     SCDP          N
Nanez Remundo Montenegro                  10/08/1981     ENT           N
Nanez Ruth Garcia                         10/09/1995     SCDP          N
Nanna Lola E                              06/24/1985     SCDP          N
Nanna Wilian J.                           02/14/1957     ENT           N
Naranjo Edward M.                         11/26/1993     SCDP          N
Nard Claude                               01/10/63       ENT           N
Narvaez Joseph R (Joe)                    03/26/1985     SCDP          N
Narvaiz Alice Saenz                       08/03/1995     SCDP          N
Nash Alvin Erwin                          03/19/1978     ENT           N
Nash George Alfred                        05/08/1989     SCDP          N
Nash Kenneth R.                           04/15/1995     SCDP          N
Naughten Gabriel J.                       11/11/1988     SCDP          N
Nava Petra B                              04/04/68       ENT           N
Navarez Jose G                            05/12/77       ENT           N
Navarrete Juan                            05/25/1999     SCDP          N
Naylor George William                     06/30/1995     SCDP          N
Neal Andrew Jackson                       12/01/50       SCDP          N
Neal Andrew Jackson                       02/25/1986     SCDP          N
Neal Marcellus W                          11/03/66       ENT           N
Neal Mrs Annie R                          02/11/54       ENT           N
Neal Andrew Jackson                       12/07/1950     ENT           N
Neal Mary B.                              12/05/1992     SCDP          N
Neal Meredith L.                          03/31/1994     SCDP          N
Neal-Berglund Norma J.                    06/12/1992     SCDP          N
Neblett Leona Walton                      04/29/1965     SCDP          N
Neeley Donald Terrell                     03/10/1989     SCDP          N
Neely Bryan                               03/21/1957     ENT           N
Neff Charles Edward                       07/10/1980     ENT           N
Neffe Mrs Lillian                         05/26/66       ENT           N
Neffe Lillian                             05/17/1966     SCENT         N
Negual Juan                               03/01/1984     ENT           N
Neils Robert L.                           11/18/1965     SCDP          N
Nelson Dr Lloyd A                         07/30/64       ENT           N
Nelson Erwin E "Sam"                      04/05/1999     SCDP          N
Nelson Margaret H                         04/23/1999     SCDP          N
Nelson Marilyn M                          12/07/1998     SCDP          N
Nelson Mrs Alpha                          02/03/66       ENT           N
Nelson Anna                               10/12/1988     SCDP          N
Nelson Don                                11/01/1988     SCDP          N
Nelson Grant H                            07/29/1997     SCDP          N
Nelson Harry Bennett                      12/08/1989     SCDP          N
Nelson Helen Frances                      07/08/1995     SCDP          N
Neudecker Elvin Wallace                   03/24/77       ENT           N
Neudecker Melba H                         01/29/1998     SCDP          N
Neudecker Carl Ervin                      09/11/1992     SCDP          N
Nevarez Eduviges C.                       03/28/1989     SCDP          N
Neville Teri                              08/09/1990     SCDP          N
Nevins Michael D.                         10/27/1990     SCDP          N
Newbury Oscar Lee                         01/09/1989     SCDP          N
Newby Carolyn May                         06/11/1996     SCDP          N
Newby Darling C.                          12/21/1991     SCDP          N
Newcomb Raymond D.                        05/26/55       ENT           N
Newell Mrs LaVonne R                      06/25/70       ENT           N
Newell Lionor Acosta                      06/19/1993     SCDP          N
Newell Lora                               07/03/1958     ENT.          N
Newell Manual Acosta                      11/14/1995     scdp          N
Newell Officer David V.                   06/22/1995     SCDP          N
Newell Ramon Antonio                      04/17/1996     SCDP          N
Newkirk Paul A                            07/18/46       ENT           N
Newman Barbara J                          02/02/2000     S NEWS        N
Newman Carl L                             07/30/64       ENT           N
Newman Rosella Madge Waggoner             04/20/1985     SCDP          N
Newman Fred                               09/20/1979     ENT           N
Newton Joe                                08/14/1987     SCDP          N
Newton Susie Wilson                       09/06/1984     ENT           N
Nez Christopher D.                        11/30/1988     SCDP          N
Nez Mary                                  05/31/1997     SCDP          N
Nez Mary Francis                          06/03/1997     SCDP          N
Nicholas Kenneth James                    08/06/1999     SCDP          N
Nicholes B W                              02/23/1985     SCDP          N
Nicholes Minniebelle                      02/03/77       ENT           N
Nicholes Mrs. John                        07/06/63       ENT           N
Nicholls Walter Scott                     11/28/46       ENT           N
Nichols Walter B                          06/15/1998     SCDP          N
Nichols Walter B                          06/04/1998     SCDP          N
Nichols Luke E.                           04/08/71       Ent           N
Nicholson Wilma D                         01/07/1999     SCDP          N
Nicholson Malcolm K.                      09/28/1984     ENT           N
Nickel Dade R.                            11/24/1990     SCDP          N
Nickel Grace                              01/28/1992     SCDP          N
Nicks Arthur A                            03/05/59       ENT           N
Nicolai Charles                           10/10/46       ENT           N
Nicolas Robert                            05/06/1982     ENT           N
Nieto Andrea L.                           04/16/1988     SCDP          N
Nims Rev. Fred Arthur                     01/09/1998     SCDP          N
Nippa Cameron C.                          02/28/1952     ENT           N
Nix John F                                05/21/64       ENT           N
Nix Mrs Etta A                            01/17/63       ENT           N
Nix Whitney Erin                          05/20/1986     SCDP          N
Nix Loyd A                                04/25/1996     SCDP          N
Nixon Loice Henderson                     03/31/1989     SCDP          N
Noble Janet Coleen                        06/05/1975     SC Ent        N
Noble Winifred                            03/21/1974     ENT           N
Noce Fausto                               04/20/2000     SCDP          N
Nolan Dr Blaine                           11/29/62       ENT           N
Nolinar Elisa                             03/11/1993     SCDP          N
Noling Clara Etta S.                      10/01/1993     SCDP          N
Norberto Lee                              01/12/61       ENT           N
Nordloh George                            12/08/66       ENT           N
Nordloh Ida F.                            01/04/1992     SCDP          N
Norero Charles V                          08/23/62       ENT           N
Norero Steven Paul                        10/15/1985     SCDP          N
Norero William G                          02/11/1986     SCDP          N
Norero Belen C.                           08/02/1973     ENT           N
Norero Charlie P.                         06/19/1958     ENT.          N
Norero Eloy J.                            09/13/1979     ENT           N
Norero Miguel B.                          05/15/1975     SC Ent        N
Norero Max P                              10/21/1994     SCDP          N
Norine Kathleen E                         04/28/2000     S NEWS        N
Norine Louise Andrew                      08/02/1985     SCDP          N
Norris Kelly R                            05/06/65       ENT           N
Norris Mrs Melissa                        06/22/67       ENT           N
Norris Mrs Thelma (Dolly)                 03/10/66       ENT           N
Norris Don                                08/23/1988     SCDP          N
Norris Fannie                             08/08/1988     SCDP          N
Norris James M.                           01/17/1957     ENT           N
Norris Jean                               07/13/1978     ENT           N
Norris Leola M.                           12/17/1990     SCDP          N
Norris Michael                            09/09/1988     SCDP          N
Norris Ray                                07/02/1990     SCDP          N
Norrris James J.                          11/04/1976     SCENT         N
North Eugene Benson                       51             ENT           N
North Merle S                             06/04/1986     SCDP          N
North Mrs Maude C                         10/25/62       ENT           N
North Evelyn A.                           09/27/1973     ENT           N
Norton Olden Issac                        01/07/65       ENT           N
Norvell Lydia Dean                        10/27/83       ENT           N
Nowack Mrs Anna M                         11/08/62       ENT           N
Nugent Mrs Mary                           10/29/64       ENT           N
Nunez Joveta R                            03/24/83       ENT           N
Nunez Maria                               01/19/1999     S NEWS        N
Nunez Willie M                            05/21/59       ENT           N
Nunez Angelita                            06/07/1997     SCDP          N
Nunez Esther Lara                         08/11/1987     SCDP          N
Nunez Felix Lara                          02/25/1988     SCDP          N
Nunez Venserla Lara                       12/23/1986     SCDP          N
Nunez Celia L.                            05/18/1996     SCDP          N
Nunn Emmett Milton                        05/07/59       ENT           N
Nunn Hiram Jonathan "Curley"              01/26/1985     SCDP          N
Nunn Mrs Patty Beats                      12/15/64       ENT           N
Nunn Nancy Ann                            02/27/1999     SCDP          N
Nunn Emily McLean                         05/02/1957     ENT           N
Nunn Glenna                               04/28/1992     SCDP          N
Nunn Greely Milton                        11/12/1987     SCDP          N