Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date           Newspaper     Link Name                                      Date          Newspaper
Jack Mrs Maude M                          03/04/71       ENT           J    Johns Dr Willis O                         05/14/59      ENT
Jackson D L (Dave)                        04/30/63       SCDP          J    Johns Oscar L                             04/15/65      ENT
Jackson Henery clay                       01/01/48       ENT           J    Johns Anna Jane                           05/27/1982    ENT
Jackson James Lee "Jim"                   10/14/1999     SCDP          J    Johns David Sr.                           03/06/1952    ENT
Jackson John W                            05/27/2000     S NEWS        J    Johns Elda T.                             02/17/1990    SCDP
Jackson Loyal M                           10/28/71       ENT           J    Johns Sylvia H.                           03/09/1988    SCDP
Jackson Miss Helen Hunt                   10/31/63       ENT           J    Johns Sam                                 01/22/1996    SCDP
Jackson Mrs Dora Portwood                 04/02/53       ENT           J    Johnson Asa Albert                        12/08/66      ENT
Jackson Mrs Hazell                        11/29/62       ENT           J    Johnson Carl W                            02/17/1972    SC ENT
Jackson Mrs Robert Sr                     02/05/59       ENT           J    Johnson Carlos G                          03/05/1998    SCDP
Jackson Mrs Robert Sr                     06/15/61       ENT           J    Johnson Charles Ray                       12/02/1998    SCDP
Jackson Mrs Stella                        07/30/53       ENT           J    Johnson Christopher (Chris)               03/11/54      ENT
Jackson Norman A                          08/31/63       ENT           J    Johnson Coline                            02/06/1999    S NEWS
Jackson Robert                            07/13/1972     SC ENT        J    Johnson Consuelo G                        01/27/1999    SCDP
Jackson Stella                            no date        ENT           J    Johnson D R "Red"                         02/20/1999    SCDP
Jackson Thomas Bruce                      11/09/1972     SC ENT        J    Johnson Donald                            11/12/70      ENT
Jackson Walter L                          01/15/1986     SCDP          J    Johnson Edward R                          11/13/1998    SCDP
Jackson Alma May                          01/04/1979     Ent           J    Johnson Fayrene Goodner                   08/17/1999    SCDP
Jackson Archie L.                         04/01/71       Ent           J    Johnson George H                          12/27/56      ENT
Jackson Arthur                            09/30/1991     SCDP          J    Johnson Grace L                           11/18/1985    SCDP
Jackson Charles W.                        02/08/1988     SCDP          J    Johnson Harold E                          02/11/66      ENT
Jackson Christopher L.                    06/26/1980     ENT           J    Johnson Ivan                              08/02/51      ENT
Jackson Doris A.                          11/20/1980     ENT           J    Johnson Jasmine Laine                     12/17/1998    SCDP
Jackson Ethel M.                          03/31/1995     SCDP          J    Johnson Mildred Bell                      08/04/1999    SCDP
Jackson Hazel Mary                        02/20/1975     SC Ent        J    Johnson Mrs Ahee                                        ENT
Jackson Ruth Carter                       03/23/67       ENT           J    Johnson Mrs C E                           03/29/46      ENT
Jacobs Bernard C.                         05/17/1984     ENT           J    Johnson Mrs Cora                          05/01/68      ENT
Jacobs Jay                                12/09/1965     SCDP          J    Johnson Mrs E C                           03/10/66      ENT
Jacobs Madeline Audrey                    03/29/1984     ENT           J    Johnson Mrs E Danna                       11/17/55      ENT
Jacobs William Edgar                      11/11/1948     ENT           J    Johnson Mrs Inez Williams                 05/13/48      ENT
Jacques Susan Adair                       10/14/1948     ENT           J    Johnson Mrs John F                        01/07/59      ENT
Jacquez Antonio B                         05/17/56       ENT           J    Johnson Mrs Kate L                        03/22/51      ENT
Jacquez George D                          10/12/59       ENT           J    Johnson Mrs Lillie                        08/23/62      ENT
Jacquez Santiago D                        08/25/66       ENT           J    Johnson Mrs Martha                        01/06/1972    SC ENT
Jacquez Alejo                             12/25/69       ENT           J    Johnson Mrs Nellie D                      10/14/69      ENT
Jacquez Antonio O.                        09/20/1990     SCDP          J    Johnson Mrs Olivia Gertrude               09/01/55      ENT
Jacquez Edward                            06/07/1984     ENT           J    Johnson Ovid Charles                      09/11/47      ENT
Jacquez Luz                               07/15/1965     SCDP          J    Johnson Thomas (Buck)                     07/23/53      ENT
Jahnke Margot M.                          07/16/1994     SCDP          J    Johnson Vennie Louise                     03/03/1998    SCDP
Jaime Jesusita M.                         12/16/1976     ENT           J    Johnson Vivian B                          01/19/1985    SCDP
James Edward                              08/10/50       SCDP          J    Johnson William A                         01/28/61      ENT
James George Washington                   01/28/61       ENT           J    Johnson John                              12/20/1951    ENT
James Joseph T                            07/30/53       ENT           J    Johnson Allan L.                          01/15/1990    SCDP
James O L                                 03/29/56       ENT           J    Johnson Alta Hawkins                      08/12/1986    SCDP
James Ruth Francis                        04/17/1990     SCDP          J    Johnson Carl Ferrell                      03/08/1950    ENT
James Fred A.                             01/02/1996     SCDP          J    Johnson Carroll Eugene                    03/07/1974    ENT
Jameson Ross Dominic                      01/15/03       SCDP          J    Johnson Dorothy                           06/24/1988    SCDP
Jameson Ross Domonic                                     SCDP          J    Johnson Eda                               02/09/1989    SCDP
Jameson George                            01/10/1980     ENT           J    Johnson Enoch M.                          04/25/1974    ENT
Jameson Nola                              04/21/1989     SCDP          J    Johnson Ernes C.                          02/21/1957    ENT
Jameson George W.                         05/07/1987     SCDP          J    Johnson Ernest C. "Jack"                  01/29/1987    SCDP
Jamison Arthur Harris                     10/30/54       ENT           J    Johnson Floyce                            09/09/1993    SCDP
Janes Joseph T                            no date        ENT           J    Johnson Gilda Louise                      10/16/1989    SCDP
Janes Mrs Flora                           01/12/56       ENT           J    Johnson H.A. "Bob"                        05/23/1992    SCDP
Janes June E.                             09/22/1986     SCDP          J    Johnson Ivan L.                           11/04/1948    ENT
Jaquez Frank D.                           11/22/1973     ENT           J    Johnson J.E.                              02/02/67      ENT
Jaramillo Mary A                          03/04/1999     S NEWS        J    Johnson John W.                           09/11/1980    ENT
Jaramillo Mrs Vivianita B                 08/17/63       ENT           J    Johnson Kevin                             04/16/1996    SCDP
Jaramillo Antonio                         05/24/1984     ENT           J    Johnson Lawrence H.                       02/28/1990    SCDP
Jaramillo Beronica                        11/11/1997     SCDP          J    Johnson Lula D.                           12/13/1973    ENT
Jaramillo Catarina                        02/28/1995     SCDP          J    Johnson Maretta "Jane"                    07/29/1988    SCDP
Jaramillo Catarina                        02/27/1995     SCDP          J    Johnson Marjorie M.                       10/26/1993    SCDP
Jaramillo Diane Michelle                  01/25/1988     SCDP          J    Johnson Maude                             03/09/67      ENT
Jaramillo Feleciana M                     03/29/1997     SCDP          J    Johnson Minnie R.                         05/19/1992    SCDP
Jaramillo Felix                           01/11/1979     Ent           J    Johnson Raymond K.                        05/24/1979    SCDP
Jaramillo Jose antonio "Tony"             09/24/1997     SCDP          J    Johnson Robert O.                         06/09/55      ENT
Jaramillo Margarita                       08/16/1990     SCDP          J    Johnson Roy Allen                         06/05/1993    SCDP
Jaramillo Maria Baca                      12/02/1982     ENT           J    Johnson Verna M.                          06/06/1974    ENT
Jaramillo Perfecto                        12/10/1992     SCDP          J    Johnson William Edwin                     07/13/1994    SCDP
Jaramillo Reynaldo C.                     03/13/1975     SC Ent        J    Johnson Woodford Eugene                   07/31/1980    ENT
Jaramillo Susie                           11/23/1992     SCDP          J    Johnson Emma Dora                         12/30/1995    SCDP
Jarboe Earl A.                            02/20/1990     SCDP          J    Johnston Karen Lucille                    10/14/1985    SCDP
Jarmarillo Horacio Garcia                 01/29/59       ENT           J    Johnston Alexander Wilso                  02/04/1982    ENT
Jarmillo Antonio G "Tony"                 06/09/1998     SCDP          J    Johnston Allen W.                         05/19/1992    SCDP
Jarmillo Jr. Perfecto S                   02/19/53       ENT           J    Johnston Hazel M.                         01/24/1995    SCDP
Jarmillo Maria de Jesus "Jessie"          02/04/1998     SCDP          J    Johnston Jesse B "Red"                    01/30/1997    SCDP
Jarmillo Juanita Rodriquez                06/1997        SCDP          J    Johnston Robert G.                        07/19/1979    ENT
Jarrell Ida                               11/18/1988     SCDP          J    Johnstone Ruth B                          02/12/1997    SCDP
Jarrell Ida Pennington                    11/08/1988     SCDP          J    Jojola Teofila                            01/26/1985    SCDP
Jarrott Maria Jesus                       08/10/1999     SCDP          J    Jojola Herman P.                          06/11/1981    ENT
Jarvis Elenor (Gusoskey)                  07/06/1999     SCDP          J    Jolly Ina Beth                            06/06/2000    SCDP
Jarvis Stella Montoya                     08/30/1984     ENT           J    Jolly Rohn E                              04/14/1999    SCDP
Jasper Lee                                12/09/1982     ENT           J    Jolly Jack T.                             09/26/1996    SCDP
Jasso Angelo Issiah                       02/19/2000     S NEWS        J    Jone Tammie Marie                         11/20/1989    SCDP
Jasso Candido Avalos                      03/12/1999     S NEWS        J    Jones Aria P                              07/06/1972    SC ENT
Jasso Christina Rene                      04/23/1992     SCDP          J    Jones Cecil P                             03/26/1985    SCDP
Jaure Manuela Flores                      05/31/1994     SCDP          J    Jones Charles H                           11/07/46      ENT
Jaurequi Gavino                           03/14/63       ENT           J    Jones Clarence H                          11/05/59      ENT
Jaurequi Avelina                          11/18/1986     SCDP          J    Jones Clyde Benton                        10/30/47      ENT
Jaurequi Cruz                             01/02/1993     SCDP          J    Jones David L                             07/06/61      ENT
Jaurequi Diane Escobar                    02/23/1989     SCDP          J    Jones Dorothy L                           03/03/1999    SCDP
Jaurequi Gregorio Garcia                  02/10/1992     SCDP          J    Jones Edward Frank                        02/28/63      ENT
Jaurequi Rafael                           03/23/1987     SCDP          J    Jones Fred V.                             10/17/1957    ENT.
Jauriqui Gertrude J.                      08/01/1957     ENT           J    Jones Hugh                                10/11/1999    SCDP
Jauriqui Cresencia R.                     12/25/69       ENT           J    Jones Jane Fleming                        07/29/1997    SCDP
Jauriqui Eloy P.                          02/04/1988     SCDP          J    Jones Jim                                 06/01/61      ENT
Jauriqui Estaban Andres                   05/16/1988     SCDP          J    Jones Kathryn Laugfman                    06/25/1999    SCDP
Jauriqui Ramona P.                        10/16/1989     SCDP          J    Jones LeRoy                               05/08/47      ENT
Jeans Elmer                               01/24/63       ENT           J    Jones Mary Lynn                           12/29/55      ENT
Jefferis Howard L                         07/06/67       ENT           J    Jones Mrs Charles                         01/18/68      ENT
Jeffers Mrs Emma                          03/01/62       ENT           J    Jones Mrs Cora E                          06/04/59      ENT
Jemison Sheryl                            01/19/1989     SCDP          J    Jones Mrs Edith                           11/07/68      ENT
Jenkins William W                         07/28/77       ENT           J    Jones Mrs Florence Morales                09/08/55      ENT
Jenks Mrs Blanch                          09/24/64       ENT           J    Jones Mrs Myrtle Harper                   09/06/56      ENT
Jenks Pamela Potter                       12/19/1995     SCDP          J    Jones Rev. M J                            11/09/61      ENT
Jenness Alice Ruth                        06/27/1957     ENT           J    Jones Robert Edward                       03/05/1985    SCDP
Jenness Joe N.                            11/29/1973     ENT           J    Jones Samuel P                            08/30/56      ENT
Jenness Marion                            10/07/1987     SCDP          J    Jones William Jesse                       03/17/1986    SCDP
Jennings Elizabeth                        07/12/1986     SCDP          J    Jones Alma Earl                           11/27/1980    ENT
Jennings R B                              no date        ENT           J    Jones Barbara Jean                        09/20/1984    ENT
Jennings R B                              12/17/53       ENT           J    Jones Edward D. "Ted"                     10/16/1990    SCDP
Jennings William M                        08/09/62       ENT           J    Jones Ethel Ray                           01/26/1990    SCDP
Jennings Bryon                            10/07/1948     ENT           J    Jones Janet                               03/16/1992    SCDP
Jennings Lydia                            02/27/1975     SC Ent        J    Jones Jerry Don                           07/20/1978    ENT
Jennings Marjorie                         07/03/1995     SCDP          J    Jones Jim D.                              07/22/1991    SCDP
Jennings Neal O.                          07/02/1992     SCDP          J    Jones Marcus                              05/08/1958    ENT
Jensen Lily Willeen DeVeny                03/27/2000     SCDP          J    Jones Marcus Norman                       06/14/1984    ENT
Jensen Gertrude                           09/14/1950     ENT           J    Jones Margaret M.                         05/05/1994    SCDP
Jensen Gertrude Hackley                   09/14/1950     ENT           J    Jones Marian                              06/13/1995    SCDP
Jensen Wade Albert                        02/15/1997     SCDP          J    Jones Marion allred                       02/01/1997    SCDP
Jesse Dean Privetts                       01/06/77       ENT           J    Jones Paul C.                             04/23/70      ENT
Jessen G J                                04/29/54       ENT           J    Jones Paul Mc.                            10/02/1990    SCDP
Jessen Mrs Anna B                         01/17/63       ENT           J    Jones Raymond H.                          03/23/1993    SCDP
Jewell Kenneth Earl                       12/20/1984     ENT           J    Jones Raymond H.                          03/22/1993    SCDP
Jewkes Richard R                          07/11/68       ENT           J    Jones Robert L. Sr.                       08/25/1995    SCDP
Jimenez Jesse                             04/03/1997     SCDP          J    Jones Rosalea                             02/06/1995    SCDP
Jimenez Arturo Ramos                      11/09/1991     SCDP          J    Jones Roy H.                              07/27/1972    SC Ent
Jimenez Aurelio D.                        04/28/1960     ENT           J    Jones Gerald J.                           01/16/1996    SCDP
Jimenez Cleofas Vasquez                   07/19/1992     SCDP          J    Jongbloed Hans                            1997          SCDP
Jimenez Felix C. Jr                       08/09/1994     SCDP          J    Jongbloed-Unterhorst Hans                 06/09/1997    SCDP
Jimenez Genaro V.                         01/23/1975     SC Ent        J    Jordan G W                                no date       ENT
Jimenez Isela Gonzalez                    01/24/1995     SCDP          J    Jordan G W (Bill)                         07/23/53      ENT
Jimenez Minnie S.                         07/31/1980     ENT           J    Jordan Mrs Bessie White                   04/21/83      ENT
Jimenez Ramon V.                          04/03/1980     ENT           J    Jorganson Harold J                        10/13/1998    SCDP
Jimenez Pete M.                           03/26/1996     SCDP          J    Joyce Mrs Emma                            12/28/63      ENT
Jiminez Carlota                           08/12/1985     SCDP          J    Juarez Mrs Rita H                         03/16/61      ENT
Jiminez Eduviges Molina                   12/16/1998     SCDP          J    Juarez Paula M                            07/07/77      ENT
Jiminez Juanita                           03/17/1997     SCDP          J    Juarez Paz Estrada                        07/27/1998    SCDP
Jiminez Manual Martinez                   12/08/1998     SCDP          J    Juarez Roberto P.                         12/31/1991    SCDP
Jiminez Micaela                           12/29/1997     SCDP          J    Juarez Roberto P.                         01/03/1992    SCDP
Jiminez Mrs Josefa M                      09/05/68       ENT           J    Juarez Bardomiano C.                      11/15/1979    ENT
Jiminez Pascual B                         05/19/66       ENT           J    Juarigui Sylvester T                      08/26/54      ENT
Jiminez Thomas Ismael                     10/1999        SCDP          J    Judd Elizabeth                            03/23/1992    SCDP
Jiminez Gloria V.                         09/02/1965     SCDP          J    Judge Robert H                            09/28/61      ENT
Jiminez Catalina Alvarad                  04/15/1996     SCDP          J    Judy A.N. "Red"                           01/24/1980    ENT
Jiminez Peter M                           03/02/1996     SCDP          J    Jumper Casa J.                            07/11/1990    SCDP
Jiron Abran                               05/21/1998     SCDP          J    Jurado Maria H.                           09/05/1989    SCDP
Jiron Victor                              04/21/77       ENT           J    Jurado Richard D.                         06/24/1996    SCDP
Jiron Pablita R                           09/03/1995     SCDP          J    Jursch Charles                            12/26/1974    ENT
Jiuriqui Mrs Paula                        04/11/63       ENT           J    Jursch Mary Rita                          08/09/1993    SCDP
John Collins and wife                     06/07/56       ENT           J    Justice Mrs Joan Bartlett                 10/11/62      ENT
Johns Dr Willis O                         05/14/59       ENT           J    Justice Preston                           06/11/53      ENT