Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date            Newspaper    Link      Name                                      Date            Newspaper
Dahl Thelma Lucretia B                    10/28/1986      SCDP           D       Dickinson Samuel L                        03/08/62        ENT
Dale Melissa                              08/30/1973      ENT            D       Dickinson Mary May                        04/27/1992      SCDP
Daley Jerry                               03/07/1996      SCDP           D       Dickson Harriet (Hattie) Bridges          06/10/71        ENT
Dalrymple William L.                      01/23/1975      SC Ent         D       dickson Hilton A                          12/05/46        ENT
Damer Tena Sylvia                         01/28/1997      SCDP           D       Dickson Hilton alexander                  06/21/1985      SCDP
Damron Ellen Lanchart                     04/28/1999      SCDP           D       Dickson Jr (infant daughter0              08/30/62        ENT
Dancer Clark R                            03/25/65        ENT            D       Dickson Mrs Marcella Cherie               09/13/62        ENT
Dancer Cliff                              01/12/61        ENT            D       Dietschak Frank J                         03/03/1997      SCDP
Dancer Murtel                             01/23/1975      SC Ent         D       Diffenderfer Effie Lee                    09/24/1992      SCDP
Danelley Clay                             12/24/53        ENT            D       Diffin Grant George                       03/15/1984      ENT
Danhauer Violet Evelyn                    04/28/1985      SCDP           D       Diggs Alfrod Scotland                     09/30/1999      S NEWS
Daniel Norman                             12/10/59        ENT            D       Dillard Clay J                            01/31/63        ENT
Daniel Geraldine Harrell                  05/16/1988      SCDP           D       Dillard Robert D.                         06/28/1994      SCDP
Daniels Richard Anthony                   03/11/1993      SCDP           D       Dillenbeck Karl F.                        04/13/1988      SCDP
Dannelley Mrs ethel Locks                 03/30/61        ENT            D       Dillow Alfred F.                          01/18/1989      SCDP
Dannelley Claude Swain                    03/01/1984      ENT            D       Dimmick Sopronia E.                       02/28/1952      ENT
Dannelley Effie Lee C.                    12/04/1991      SCDP           D       DimmickClinton D.                         03/13/1958      ENT
Dansbee Mrs Martha                        10/06/55        ENT            D       Dines Dorthea Mabel                       06/01/1999      SCDP
Darley Rev Frederic                       09/30/71        ENT            D       Dines Harry Ernest                        10/11/1984      ENT
Darnell Helen L                           12/14/1999      SCDP           D       Dines James A.                            08/09/1992      SCDP
Darnell Brad Scott                        08/14/1989      SCDP           D       Dingman Mrs May Moore                     04/26/56        ENT
Darwin Dudley A.                          03/17/55        ENT            D       Dingman Joseph Alvin                      08/15/1987      SCDP
Dashnaw Charles                           12/11/1995      SCDP           D       Dinnwiddie Henery H                       01/07/59        ENT
Daugherty Edith Leftault                  09/03/1985      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie (baby granddaughter)            12/15/66        ENT
Daugherty Minnie Elizabeth                02/09/1999      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie Estella                         03/09/1986      SCDP
Daugherty Kathryn P.                      03/03/1992      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie James Edward                    07/24/47        ENT
Davenport Billy Don                       05/04/1999      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie Morris                          11/30/1998      SCDP
Davenport Teresa Bentford                 07/21/1986      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie Morris Erwin                    12/01/1998      SCDP
Davenport Judith L.                       09/19/1995      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie Mrs Henery H                    01/18/51        ENT
David Sister Teresa                       09/06/1996      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie Nancy P                         08/16/56        ENT
Davidson Samual                           03/11/65        ENT            D       Dinwiddie Ralph Alanzo                    08/12/1977      SCDP
Davidson Grace P.                         12/18/71        Ent            D       Dinwiddie Jacob Alonzo                    01/10/1952      ENT
Davila Belen P.                           05/01/1980      ENT            D       Dinwiddie John R.                         04/28/1995      SCDP
Davila Gabriel                            07/08/1965      SCDP           D       Dinwiddie Loren Love                      03/16/1989      SCDP
Davis Ben E                               12/18/47        ENT            D       Dinwiddie Margery Bright                  09/28/1984      ENT
Davis Colonel D                           08/22/46        ENT            D       Dinwiddie Rufus Ervin                     03/10/1960      ENT
Davis Dorothy Marie                       12/23/1998      S NEWS         D       Dinwittie John Wm                         12/18/47        ENT
Davis Earl P                              01/01/59        ENT            D       Dixon Mrs Mary Janet                      04/15/54        ENT
Davis Lafayette L                         12/08/55        ENT            D       Dixon Dr. George Lane                     03/17/1960      ENT
Davis Lolabel Godfrey                     02/24/1986      SCDP           D       Dixon Shirly Ann                          06/02/1996      SCDP
Davis Mrs Bertha                          09/11/1974      ENT            D       Dixon; Jack                               06/10/1996      SCDP
Davis Mrs edward Franklin                 11/01/56        ENT            D       Dizmang William L.                        07/11/1974      ENT
Davis Mrs Emma                            07/14/63        ENT            D       Dobbins Callie                            10/08/1990      SCDP
Davis Pauline Naegle                      10/06/1999      SCDP           D       Dobbins Marsh B                           11/03/1994      SCDP
Davis Robert Lawrence                     03/23/1972      SC ENT         D       Dobbs Grace P.                            02/20/1990      SCDP
Davis Lucille Winifred                    03/04/1982      ENT            D       Dobbs Jeannette Beatrice                  07/26/1996      SCDP
Davis Anna Christine                      06/14/1984      ENT            D       Dockstader Gordon Clark                   10/15/1994      SCDP
Davis Carolyn                             12/16/1992      SCDP           D       Dodd Jennie B                             04/05/51        ENT
Davis Clay W.                             10/15/1974      ENT            D       Dodson aurther F                          11/21/63        ENT
Davis Daniel J.                           02/21/1993      SCDP           D       Dodson Carrie I                           01/21/1986      SCDP
Davis Dorothy D.                          12/21/1978      ENT            D       Dodson Mrs Etta                           09/14/61        ENT
Davis Ella B.                              04/13/1994     SCDP           D       Dodson Annie Mary S.                      01/11/1993      SCDP
Davis Etta Lou Whitley                    12/12/1991      SCDP           D       Dodson Ruth Moore                         09/28/1987      SCDP
Davis Frank D.                            01/27/1994      SCDP           D       Doggett Lois Clay                         11/30/1998      SCDP
Davis Jack R.                             11/18/1965      SCDP           D       Doggett Lois Clay                         11/30/1998      S NEWS
Davis John Cooper "Jack"                  07/19/1997      SCDP           D       Doherty Mrs Clark White                   08/18/77        ENT
Davis Louise                              04/18/1957      ENT            D       Doherty Clark W.                          01/14/71        Ent
Davis Mary Emma                           03/01/1984      ENT            D       Doitchinoff Angelo                        07/06/1984      ENT
Davis Maurice Wood                        03/14/1984      ENT            D       Doitchinoff Dolores M.                    12/13/1990      SCDP
Davis Pauline M.                          02/23/1987      SCDP           D       Domingez Crecencio V "Chris"              05/25/1999      SCDP
Davis Richard                             12/06/1973      ENT            D       Dominguez Apolino M                       01/06/66        ENT
Davis Robert C.                           11/01/1984      ENT            D       Dominguez Clara                           11/14/1998      SCDP
Davis Roberta Iona Slade                  11/21/1991      SCDP           D       Dominguez Doroteo A                       04/09/59        ENT
Davis Ruby Jane                           08/19/1993      SCDP           D       Dominguez Fransisco                       07/20/61        ENT
Davis Titus Terry                         06/14/1988      SCDP           D       Dominguez Mrs George Swartz               05/16/1972      SC ENT
Davis Vina                                04/12/1995      SCDP           D       Dominguez Mrs Juana R                     05/01/62        ENT
Davis Bill                                09/10/1996      SCDP           D       Dominguez Mrs Juana R                     05/02/63        ENT
Davis Carl Elayer                         09/25/1996      SCDP           D       Dominguez Padro (Pete)                    05/14/53        ENT
Davis Joe D                               10/31/1994      SCDP           D       Dominguez Paul H                          06/25/70        ENT
Davis Raymond Paul                        05/29/1996      SCDP           D       Dominguez Pedro                           05/21/53        ENT
Davison Paul Gahagan                      01/31/1995      SCDP           D       Dominguez Ramon                           05/10/56        ENT
Davison Paul Gahagan                      01/30/1995      SCDP           D       Dominguez Rufina "Ruth" Garcia            09/08/83        ENT
Dawson Charles Edward                     09/05/46        ENT            D       Dominguez Susano "Papa Chano"             07/07/1998      SCDP
Dawson John                               03/23/62        ENT            D       Dominguez Luis Marquez                    08/12/1982      ENT
Dawson Mrs jennie                         05/30/68        ENT            D       Dominguez Adolfo R.                       10/10/1989      SCDP
Dawson Nelson                             05/28/59        ENT            D       Dominguez Anita                           08/24/1950      ENT
Dawson Amanda Upshaw                      06/22/1995      SCDP           D       Dominguez Arthur B.                       06/29/1978      ENT
Dawson Wilson Martin                      04/08/1982      ENT            D       Dominguez Bill P.                         10/23/1987      SCDP
Day Mrs Annie M                           03/17/77        ENT            D       Dominguez Billy Zapata                    10/19/1994      SCDP
Day Ava                                   01/14/1965      SCDP           D       Dominguez David A.                        05/15/1990      SCDP
Day Geraldine Mae                         12/16/1993      SCDP           D       Dominguez Elgarda                         02/11/1965      SCDP
Dayley Jerry E.                           03/08/1996      SCDP           D       Dominguez Eustolia                        02/07/1990      SCDP
De Chant Linus                            04/19/56        ENT            D       Dominguez Frank                           09/30/1988      SCDP
De Gil Juana Gomez                        12/16/1988      SCDP           D       Dominguez Jesus J.                        11/08/1979      ENT
De La Garza Marvin                        07/24/1996      SCDP           D       Dominguez Josephine A                     03/02/1987      SCDP
De La O Albert                            02/09/1998      SCDP           D       Dominguez Julia                           02/09/1984      ENT
De La O Pantaleon Ortiz                   01/22/1985      SCDP           D       Dominguez Manuel V.                       04/11/1995      SCDP
De La O Atanacio S.                       06/15/1972      SC Ent         D       Dominguez Maria                           12/09/1988      SCDP
De La O Lauriano G.                       05/22/1989      SCDP           D       Dominguez Maria B.                        07/31/69        ENT
De La O Silvestra O.                      04/27/1972      SC Ent         D       Dominguez Pete                            08/22/1989      SCDP
De La Rosa Valente                        01/29/70        ENT            D       Dominguez Prudencio B.                    10/16/1991      SCDP
De La Torre Daniel                        09/21/61        ENT            D       Dominguez Rito V.                         01/30/1993      SCDP
De La Torre Jose Telles                   08/14/1999      SCDP           D       Dominguez Robert (Bobby)                  12/06/1984      ENT
De La Torre Nestor                        06/09/66        ENT            D       Dominguez Rojelio R.                      11/24/1992      SCDP
De La Torre Jose Daniel                   01/24/1995      SCDP           D       Dominguez Salvador G.                     06/05/1995      SCDP
De La Torre Lucy                          03/27/1992      SCDP           D       Dominguez Adela P.                        04/10/1996      SCDP
De La Torre Soledad C.                    02/27/1995      SCDP           D       Dominguez Amelia Zapata                   11/01/1994      SCDP
De Spain George Andrew                    03/03/77        ENT            D       Dominguez Joe B                           08/06/1994      SCDP
De Spain Mrs Cleta                        09/01/66        ENT            D       Dominguez Placido Vera                    09/09/1996      SCDP
De Weerd Louise A                         10/07/1994      SCDP           D       Dominguez Socorro C.                      07/23/1996      SCDP
Deal Jessie Dee                           07/02/64        ENT            D       Domingus Eva MRrs                         09/19/1957      ENT
Dean Mrs Ceyola Ophelia                   04/01/54        ENT            D       Dominques Vincente S                      03/21/63        ENT
Dean Mrs J H                              05/25/61        ENT            D       Dominquez Reina D                         05/05/2000      SCDP
Dean Mrs Tibureita O                      03/11/65        ENT            D       Dominquez Billy Zapata                    10/19/1994      SCDP
Dean Robert O                             10/24/68        ENT            D       Donaghe Bertha J "Bessie"                 02/17/1999      S NEWS
Dean Desta Blanch                         03/30/1990      SCDP           D       Donahue Dr John L                         11/08/59        ENT
Dean Jack Edward                          09/28/1989      SCDP           D       Donahue Dusty                             06/18/1998      SCDP
Dean Manuel                               01/05/1990      SCDP           D       Donahue Richard John "Richie"             03/03/83        ENT
Dean Marie F.                             05/12/1993      SCDP           D       Donahue Tom                               03/16/1950      ENT
Dean Ray                                  09/17/1981      ENT            D       Donaldson C. C.                           02/06/64        ENT
Dearing Ilma G                            09/22/55        ENT            D       Donaldson Samual A                        12/02/54        ENT
Dearing Jerry Bartlett                    05/07/64        ENT            D       Donaldson Clem S.                         10/23/1990      SCDP
Dearing Jesse Lee                         03/29/1986      SCDP           D       Donaldson Kamalee                         03/06/1980      ENT
Deaton Geneva                             04/01/1998      SCDP           D       Donaldson Pauline M                       04/27/1972      SC Ent
DeBraal C J                               04/25/63        ENT            D       Donaldson Ruth                            07/26/1997      SCDP
DeBraal Roberta Ann                       07/06/1978      ENT            D       Donaldson Karl Maeser                     03/21/1996      SCDP
DeBrall Eva D.                            06/25/1996      SCDP           D       Dones Cristobol                           02/03/77        ENT
DeBusk Rev. James A                       11/30/1972      SC ENT         D       Dones Dolores P.                          06/10/71        Ent
DeChene Robert                            06/20/1988      SCDP           D       Donez Isabel Rivera                       02/27/1986      SCDP
Deck Ben Jr                               10/31/63        ENT            D       Donez Juana Maria                         04/04/1986      SCDP
Deck Robert LaBeau                        02/17/1997      SCDP           D       Donez Max P                               05/18/1999      SCDP
DeCosta Jerry Rae                         08/06/1996      SCDP           D       Donley Anne L.                            08/14/1991      SCDP
DeCoste Ernest Joseph                     02/22/1991      SCDP           D       Donnelly Dennis Lewis                     06/24/1982      ENT
DeCoste Hester Kennedy                    01/04/1992      SCDP           D       Donohoe Eugene Hamilton                   10/25/1995      SCDP
Deemer Johnny Robert                      02/19/59        ENT            D       Donohue Audrey A.                         05/01/1991      SCDP
Deemer George                             10/07/1948      ENT            D       Donohue Edwin Joseph                      06/09/1997      SCDP
Dees Ruby Lina                            06/07/1991      SCDP           D       Donohue Franklin L                        10/05/1987      SCDP
DeFausell Melva L.                        07/30/1992      SCDP           D       Donohue John E.                           03/15/1991      SCDP
DeGeorge Helen                            08/20/1997      SCDP           D       Donohue Ruth A.                           02/01/1989      SCDP
DeGeorge Helen                            08/18/1997      SCDP           D       Donohue James Royall                      02/01/1996      SCDP
DeGraftendried Rosser P.                  05/16/1974      ENT            D       Dooley June Gray                          08/21/1998      SCDP
DeGraftenreid Hattie Helen                1997            SCDP           D       Dooley Miss Naomi                         08/30/56        ENT
Dehtran Harry LeRoy                       05/26/1994      SCDP           D       Dooley Susan Esther                       06/20/46        ENT
Deisher Richard J                         05/21/64        ENT            D       Dooley Chad Lee                           10/07/1976      SC Ent
Deiter Charles Marion                     12/15/66        ENT            D       Dooley William L.                         12/25/69        ENT
DeJarnett Edward                          11/10/1987      SCDP           D       Doolittle Helen Brock                     02/10/77        ENT
DeJarnett Edward R.                       04/27/1978      ENT            D       Doolittle Herbert                         07/25/46        ENT
Del La O Mrs Juliana H                    03/08/62        ENT            D       Door May S.                               09/20/1993      SCDP
DeLaGraza Josephine                       01/21/2000      SCDP           D       Door Robert                               11/08/1994      SCDP
DeLancey Homer Albert                     04/04/1988      SCDP           D       Dorer Berta                               1997            SCDP
DeLancey Margaret D.                      01/03/1994      SCDP           D       Dorsett Oma Lou                           01/03/2000      SCDP
Delaney George V.                         01/21/1982      ENT            D       Dorsey Richard Milton                     08/14/47        ENT
Delano Franklin                           07/06/1984      ENT            D       Dorsey Bernard F.                         11/27/1993      SCDP
DeLaO Emilo                               01/08/1981      ENT            D       Dorsey Emilia S                           07/02/1996      SCDP
DeLaO Maximiana Portillo                  10/25/1984      ENT            D       Dotson Gladys Elena                       07/23/1986      SCDP
DeLaRosa Margarita                        11/24/1985      SCDP           D       Dotson Mrs Lucille                        12/07/67        ENT
DeLaTorre Vicente S. Jr.                  04/26/1994      SCDP           D       Dotson Edwin R.                           07/07/1960      SCDP
Delgado Beatrice Eloisa                   02/16/1999      SCDP           D       Dotson Hunley Leon                        02/02/1950      ENT
Delgado Esquiel                           08/08/46        ENT            D       Doty Michael A J                          04/12/51        ENT
Delgado Jose                              06/12/47        ENT            D       Doty Robyn B.                             03/09/1987      SCDP
Delgado Luis L                            12/16/1999      SCDP           D       Doubleday Russell R.                      04/16/1981      Ent
Delgado Mrs Guadlupe P                    08/25/55        ENT            D       Dougan Elizabeth L.                       03/14/1974      ENT
Delgado Nicholas L                        01/17/46        ENT            D       Dougherty Howard H                        09/01/83        ENT
Delgado Pablo                             12/26/46        ENT            D       Dougherty Kathryn                         06/1997         SCDP
Delgado Raymond Puentes                   02/06/1999      SCDP           D       Douglas Allen Ray                         11/12/1981      ENT
Delgado Reynaldo M "Junior"               07/27/1998      SCDP           D       Douglas Bonnie Rose                       03/25/1982      ENT
Delgado Reynaldo P                        01/08/2000      SCDP           D       Dovalin Ignacita                          04/28/1981      ENT
Delgado Frances R.                        01/04/1982      ENT            D       Dove Mrs Alice Walker                     09/06/1973      ENT
Delgado Alcaria Fajardo                   01/24/1995      SCDP           D       Dow Mary Elizabeth                        05/28/70        ENT
Delgado Amy Denise Marie                  10/08/1979      ENT            D       Dowding Raymond L.                        10/23/1990      SCDP
Delgado Antonio                           08/05/1965      SCDP           D       Downie Emma Harietta Secrist              04/16/1985      SCDP
Delgado Baldmer B.                        05/04/1994      SCDP           D       Downie Emma Henrietta                     04/12/1985      SCDP
Delgado Blas                              01/03/1997      SCDP           D       Downs Erich                               08/08/1988      SCDP
Delgado Blas Rodriquez                    01/06/1997      SCDP           D       Downs James T.                            06/06/1974      ENT
Delgado Ermelinda G.                      02/20/1990      SCDP           D       Dozier Dick                               11/11/1976      SCENT
Delgado Lorenzo Jose                      06/07/1988      SCDP           D       Dozier Elias E.                           09/16/1976      SC Ent
Delgado Marcos P                          02/10/1997      SCDP           D       Draelos Theodore Dr.                      09/14/1987      SCDP
Delgado Maros                             02/07/1997      SCDP           D       Drako Charles V                           11/09/61        ENT
Delgado Martha Ogas                       10/01/1994      SCDP           D       Drangmeister Florence E.                  02/14/1994      SCDP
Delgado Martha Rodriquez                  01/06/1997      SCDP           D       Drangmiester Christine Davis              03/18/1997      SCDP
Delk Mrs. Annie Flury                     01/12/1984      ENT            D       Drapier William                           03/30/67        ENT
Delk Forrest                              04/17/1996      SCDP           D       Drehar Miss Susan Kay                     08/31/67        ENT
Delmarge Nannie Miller                    10/31/46        ENT            D       Driscoll Charles L.                       05/12/1960      ENT
DeLoach Nancy Lou                         09/16/1998      SCDP           D       Droke William                             12/12/1992      SCDP
Delph Mary E.                             04/11/1957      ENT            D       Dromgoole Alex J                          04/07/1985      SCDP
Deltin Emma Elanor                        09/04/1980      ENT            D       Drongoole Arnie P                         01/30/1997      SCDP
Deltin Victorio G.                        10/24/1996      SCDP           D       Droongoole Joshua D                       02/14/54        ENT
DeLuna German Esqueda                     05/1998         SCDP           D       Druley Elizabeth                          04/15/1976      SC Ent
DeLuna Mrs Gracelia Duran                 06/08/67        ENT            D       Druley Frank M.                           07/15/1948      ENT
DeLuna Daniel D.                          02/04/1988      SCDP           D       Drummond Aurther Earl                     08/01/63        ENT
DeLuna Gilbert                            02/16/1984      ENT            D       Drummond Frank                            11/07/63        ENT
Deming Thomas Madrid                      06/19/69        ENT            D       Drummond Raymond Dale                     07/10/47        ENT
Deming Robert E.                          05/03/1990      SCDP           D       Drummond Frank Wesley                     06/28/1997      SCDP
DeMott Mrs Emily                          05/05/66        ENT            D       Duarte Angela Arroyos                     12/20/1999      SCDP
DeMoulin Sadie C                          10/10/68        ENT            D       Duarte Anselma                            01/14/1960      SC Ent
Dempsey Mrs Jean                          02/23/61        ENT            D       Duarte Corina                             01/29/1981      ENT
Dempsey oliver P                          11/19/64        ENT            D       Ducker Mrs Alida F                        12/28/1972      SC ENT
Dempsey Charles N.                        05/11/1990      SCDP           D       Duerst Harvey C                           02/24/1999      S NEWS
Dempsey Freda                             11/25/1965      SCDP           D       Duguid Marian E                           01/08/1999      SCDP
Dempsey Jack Franklin                     05/02/1974      ENT            D       Duitman Allan Roy                         05/14/1991      SCDP
Dempsey John J.                           03/13/1958      ENT            D       Duke Lillie Ida                           09/13/1996      SCDP
Dendy Thomas W                            10/22/64        ENT            D       DuMoulin Walter L.                        07/22/1948      ENT
Denney George H.                          01/14/1995      SCDP           D       Dunagan Stephan Reid                      02/18/1986      SCDP
Denney Margaret McCoy                     04/28/1994      SCDP           D       Dunagan Beverly B.                        11/06/1991      SCDP
Denney Thomas Lee                         08/27/1981      ENT            D       Dunagan Elbert Richard                    03/30/l989      SCDP
Dennis Mary                               09/22/83        ENT            D       Dunagan John Alan                         12/02/1982      ENT
Dennis Mrs Neomi                          12/24/53        ENT            D       Dunagan Wilma                             10/18/1988      SCDP
Dennis Cora Hickman                       05/08/1958      ENT            D       Duncan Granville                          05/26/77        ENT
Dennis Samuel Lockhart                    02/09/1950      ENT            D       Duncan Jim                                11/29/62        ENT
Dennis William Edward                     02/16/1984      ENT            D       Duncan Lacy Eugene                        03/22/1999      SCDP
Denny George                              01/06/1995      SCDP           D       Duncan Odette                             01/31/1995      SCDP
Dentler James                             02/05/1993      SCDP           D       Duncan Cooley                             12/27/1995      SCDP
Denton Lucy T.                            07/05/1994      SCDP           D       Duncan Hooley Jr.                         07/15/1982      ENT
Derbyshire Mrs Leona H                    12/31/64        ENT            D       Duncan James H. Jr.                       09/24/1993      SCDP
DesJardins Beverly L.                     09/17/1992      SCDP           D       Duncan Nana B.                            03/30/67        ENT
DeSoto Peggy K.                           11/27/1994      SCDP           D       Duncan Hooley                             01/03/1996      SCDP
Detweiler Gary Joseph                     12/16/1988      SCDP           D       Dunckhorst Maximillion                    02/15/62        ENT
Detweiler Kenneth "Lynn"                  04/12/1996      SCDP           D       Dunckhorst Gilbert T.                     07/26/1984      ENT
DetweilerB. L. Mrs.                       12/19/1957      ENT            D       Dunckhorst Margaret                       04/30/1994      SCDP
Dever Benton S                            10/15/53        ENT            D       Dunifon Ida Maude                         12/20/1951      ENT
Dever Mrs Katie C                         09/05/63        ENT            D       Dunifon W.D.                              04/10/1952      ENT
DeVillbiss Martha Nell                    05/21/1996      SCDP           D       Dunivan Guy                               05/27/1995      SCDP
Devonkel Valeria                          02/29/1973      ENT            D       Dunkerson Bearl J.                        09/16/1988      SCDP
Dewald Michael J. Jr.                     02/28/1995      SCDP           D       Dunkerson; Virginia A.                    10/02/1996      SCDP
DeWeerd Jacob Jack                        11/14/1996      SCDP           D       Dunkhorst G.A.                            02/18/1960      ENT
Dezell Kathrine E.                        11/11/1976      SCENT          D       Dunn Dewey N                              06/04/64        ENT
Diaz Aurello H                            05/31/56        ENT            D       Dunn Margaret J                           01/30/1986      SCDP
Diaz Braulio O                            09/15/83        ENT            D       Dunn Mrs Mary B                           03/23/61        ENT
Diaz Calistrisa B                         02/01/51        ENT            D       Dunn Eugene W.                            01/09/1989      SCSP
Diaz Conception                           03/19/59        ENT            D       Dunn Floyd L.                             03/02/67        ENT
Diaz Daniel                               01/11/1999      S NEWS         D       Dunn Gloria Marie                         08/04/1966      SCDP
Diaz Luz P                                11/13/47        ENT            D       Dunn Nathaniel J.                         10/22/1987      SCDP
Diaz Manuel G                             12/07/1985      SCDP           D       Dunn Opal Nan                             02/22/1993      SCDP
Diaz Mrs Delores                          12/27/56        ENT            D       Dunne Joseph Michael                      07/19/1984      ENT
Diaz Mrs Nebora A                         06/04/59        ENT            D       Dunning Bernard                           07/05/56        ENT
Diaz Mrs Ursula Paz                       10/31/63        ENT            D       Dunscomb Dolores C.                       10/05/1993      SCDP
Diaz Ramon                                02/22/68        ENT            D       Duran Benjamin L "Benjie"                 03/02/1998      SCDP
Diaz Samual A                             01/09/1999      SCDP           D       Duran Benjamin L "Benjie"                 03/23/1998      SCDP
Diaz Samual Salcido                       07/17/83        ENT            D       Duran Juan M                              08/23/62        ENT
Diaz Abelardo C.                          06/25/1993      SCDP           D       Duran Lorenzo D                           03/26/1986      SCDP
Diaz Anna Mendoza                         04/12/1984      ENT            D       Duran Mrs Jesusita D                      05/11/1972      SC ENT
Diaz Annie S.                             09/11/1975      SC Ent         D       Duran Alfredo D.                          07/01/1994      SCDP
Diaz Arron Anthony                        09/07/1993      SCDP           D       Duran Clemente B.                         06/20/1988      SCDP
Diaz Candelaria                           03/11/1976      SC Ent         D       Duran Clotilde                            03/10/1992      SCDP
Diaz Eddie Joe                            07/23/1991      SCDP           D       Duran Elizabeth                           08/05/1989      SCDP
Diaz Edward Altuna                        08/12/1992      SCDP           D       Duran Francisco H.                        03/02/1989      SCDP
Diaz Edward Anthony G.                    03/14/1990      SCDP           D       Duran Magdalene H.                        06/02/55        ENT
Diaz Enrique R.                           10/14/1995      SCDP           D       Duran Manuel D.                           05/25/1990      SCDP
Diaz Eulalia                              05/05/55        ENT            D       Duran Rigoberto F.                        11/21/1988      SCDP
Diaz Gertrude Gallegos                    10/03/1974      ENT            D       Duran Rosa A.                             02/02/1984      ENT
Diaz Manuel John                          09/09/ 1995     SCDP           D       Duran Sammy Ray                           10/25/1988      SCDP
Diaz Moise V.                             09/02/1965      SCDP           D       Duran Marcelina M.                        02/03/1996      SCDP
Diaz Pedro H.                             06/12/71        Ent            D       Duran Maria R.                            04/10/1996      SCDP
Diaz Raul A. "Ruco"                       02/10/1990      SCDP           D       Durgan Ragna Louise                       01/13/1998      SCDP
Diaz Raymundo S. "Mookie                  05/19/1992      SCDP           D       Durham Vernon B                           07/30/64        ENT
Diaz Socorro Baeza                        12/24/1984      ENT            D       Durham Mary                               07/22/1965      SCDP
Diaz Ernestina M                          08/01/1994      SCDP           D       Durney Eugene                             02/01/1996      SCDP
Diaz Helen Martinez                       10/22/1996      SCDP           D       Duval Glenn Halbert                       05/20/1989      SCDP
Diaz Julia C.                             08/14/1996      SCDP           D       Duvall Gertrude Wright                    06/20/46        ENT
Dickens Mary Linard                       08/02/1984      ENT            D       Duvall Evan W.                            06/19/1958      ENT
Dickerson John Malon                      07/31/47        ENT            D       Dwyre Burton G.                           01/22/1992      SCDP
Dickerson Timothy Edward                  07/13/67        ENT            D       Dwyre Mamie Lee Russell                   04/10/1980      ENT
Dickerson Essie                           06/26/1958      ENT            D       Dye Dorothy                               03/22/2000      SCDP
Dickerson Clarence L.                     12/26/1957      ENT            D       Dye John A                                09/17/59        ENT
Dickerson Jesse F.                        04/15/1982      ENT            D       Dye Mrs Virginia                          08/17/67        ENT
Dickerson Ruby E. Upton                   08/22/1988      SCDP           D       Dye Ora Belle                             01/24/1994      SCDP
Dickey Margaret Charlene                  02/01/1996      SCDP           D       Dyer Emma Marie                           09/01/83        ENT
Dickinson Jeanne Supple                   02/02/2000      S NEWS         D       Dyer George Fountain                      03/05/1981      ENT