Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date            Newspaper    Link      Name                                      Date            Newspaper
Caballero Lucinda P.                      05/15/1992      SCDP           C       Clardy Mrs Edythe L                       11/01/62        ENT
Caballero Refugio "Cuco"                  12/16/1995      SCDP           C       Clardy Herbert L.                         12/17/1981      ENT
Caballio Manuel                           03/20/1952      ENT            C       Clardy Mrs. Ann                           02/13/1958      ENT
Cabazos Bussie John                       04/07/1992      SCDP           C       Clark (infant)                            05/10/56        ENT
Cabazos Paul                              06/13/1974      ENT            C       Clark Ann Grimes                          05/10/1999      SCDP
Cabiness Elmer Lee                        11/12/1990      SCDP           C       Clark Dorothy J                           01/04/1999      SCDP
Cabrera Adela P.                          06/16/1960      ENT            C       Clark floyd M "Bud"                       02/10/1972      SC ENT
Cabrera Anita "Ozeta"                     03/27/1980      ENT            C       Clark Frank                               01/18/68        ENT
Cabrera Lorennzo C.                       12/13/1979      ENT            C       Clark George W                            11/22/62        ENT
Cachran Gilbert (Cliff) O                 07/15/1986      SCDP           C       Clark Harold T                            04/07/83        ENT
Caddel Thomas C.                          10/08/1992      SCDP           C       Clark Harry H.                            11/14/1957      ENT
Cade John Thomas                          04/01/1991      SCDP           C       Clark James Ray                           08/11/1998      SCDP
Cade Wanda Wysong                         04/21/1997      SCDP           C       Clark Joe                                 03/27/47        ENT
Cadena Cruz G                             03/02/1950      ENT            C       Clark Lois Reese                          07/15/1986      SCDP
Cadman Jean B.                            01/18/1979      Ent            C       Clark Mrs Deila S                         01/26/56        ENT
Cailloux John F.                          05/19/1960      ENT            C       Clark Mrs George                          01/19/56        ENT
Cain R Wolford                            11/24/77        ENT            C       Clark Mrs Lizzie                          05/27/54        ENT
Cain Marleth Abigail                      09/02/1948      ENT            C       Clark Mrs Mary Mcray                      07/30/53        ENT
Calderon Fransisco V                      07/13/67        ENT            C       Clark Mrs Phoebe E                        03/01/51        ENT
Calderon Higinio Trujillo                 12/12/1985      SCDP           C       Clark Richard E                           04/20/2000      SCDP
Calderon Jesus T                          11/04/54        ENT            C       Clark Robert Dean                         06/1997         SCDP
Calderon Mrs Maria M                      12/07/61        ENT            C       Clark Shelby L                            09/15/66        ENT
Calderon Marian Amy                       07/17/1958      ENT            C       Clark walter A (Tubby)                    11/03/77        ENT
Calderon Eugene R.                        12/08/1992      SCDP           C       Clark William Elgin                       09/06/62        ENT
Calderon Francisco                        01/31/1957      ENT            C       Clark Bertha Lee                          04/20/1989      SCDP
Calderon Pedro U.                         02/07/1990      SCDP           C       Clark Ely                                 08/26/1948      ENT
Caldron Santiago                          08/07/47        ENT            C       Clark Evelyn Pennington                   06/08/1994      SCDP
Calhoun Hall N                            06/14/56        ENT            C       Clark Evelyn Ruth Johns                   04/22/1992      SCDP
Calhoun Mrs June                          02/28/63        ENT            C       Clark Francis Vernel                      12/11/1990      SCDP
Calkins Jane G                            12/04/1996      SCDP           C       Clark G. H.                               02/28/1957      ENT
Calloway Frank E                          11/08/62        ENT            C       Clark George William Jr.                  03/19/70        ENT
Calloway Mrs alice                        10/17/63        ENT            C       Clark June E.                             05/11/1994      SCDP
Calloway Elva Mae                         02/26/1991      SCDP           C       Clark Linnie Muriel                       05/18/1995      SCDP
Calloway I.E.                             11/29/1973      ENT            C       Clark Ralph                               04/08/1991      SCDP
Calloway James A.                         05/19/1960      ENT            C       Clark Roy                                 09/28/1984      ENT
Calloway Leonard W.                       02/26/1992      SCDP           C       Clark Ruth Ida                            04/26/1984      ENT
Calloway Tiny Louise                      11/18/1993      SCDP           C       Clark Thomas (Jiggs)                      09/28/1984      ENT
Callowy Helen                             10/08/1985      SCDP           C       Clark Violet J.                           03/21/1957      ENT
Calvin Mrs Grace                          01/28/61        ENT            C       Clark William ELton                       06/25/1981      ENT
Calvin Dr. Ross R.                        02/05/70        ENT            C       Clark Zoie Lavina H.                      04/07/1993      SCDP
Camacho RobertoM.                         10/17/1995      SCDP           C       Clark Herman Hugh                         11/01/1994      SCDP
Camancho Ramona G                         08/06/1994      SCDP           C       Clark Sara G                              11/03/1994      SCDP
Cambell Dawson Allen                      05/13/1998      SCDP           C       Clarke Nigel                              09/12/1991      SCDP
Cambell Floyd B                           02/02/61        ENT            C       Clawson David L                           02/03/1999      SCDP
Cambell Helen Elizabeth                   01/07/1998      SCDP           C       Clawson Sallie M                          09/22/77        ENT
Cambell Paulette P                        06/01/1999      SCDP           C       Clay James                                08/29/1988      SCDP
Campbell Dawson Allen "Doc"               06/04/1998      SCDP           C       Claypool Evelyn                           01/27/1999      SCDP
Campbell Elmer                            04/25/68        ENT            C       Clayton Travis Cole                       08/06/1996      SCDP
Campbell Ross Herbert                     12/16/1999      SCDP           C       Cleaveland Earl C                         02/17/66        ENT
Campbell Alberta B.                       05/11/1989      SCDP           C       Cleavenger Johnny O'Lee                   08/30/1999      S NEWS
Campbell Holly Lee                        12/07/1995      SCDP           C       Clemensen Manoah E.                       03/13/1975      SC Ent
Campbell Martha Frances                   06/25/1991      SCDP           C       Clements Charles R                        08/08/1998      SCDP
Campbell Mildred Jensen                   05/03/1984      ENT            C       Clendennen Roy E                          02/29/68        ENT
Campbell Robert F.                        08/10/1991      SCDP           C       Clendennen Verlan M.                      08/02/1979      Ent
Campbell Holly&Salas Zack                 12/08/1995      SCDP           C       Click Miss Tana                           07/06/67        ENT
Campos Merced B                           09/15/66        ENT            C       Click Norman W.                           11/28/1957      ENT
Campos Mrs Evangelina                     07/13/67        ENT            C       Clifton Mrs Winifred B                    02/24/66        ENT
Campos Tony S                             04/27/1998      SCDP           C       Clifton Newton Spencer                    05/14/70        ENT
Campos Virginia M                         07/12/1999      SCDP           C       Climenko Dr David E                       10/16/47        ENT
Campos Jose A.                            09/27/1979      ENT            C       Cline Robert L.                           09/24/1987      SCDP
Campos Pirilia "Antonia"                  07/21/1994      SCDP           C       Cliver James L                            02/07/63        ENT
Canady Polly Ann                          03/13/1975      SC Ent         C       Cloudt Joseph David                       02/16/56        ENT
Candaleria Juan L                         10/13/66        ENT            C       Cloudt Mrs M A                            11/11/54        ENT
Candelaria Larry                          02/28/1995      SCDP           C       Cloudt Alta B.                            02/11/1993      SCDP
Candelaria Alex                           08/23/1988      SCDP           C       Cloudt Dovie Baldwin                      10/03/1992      SCDP
Candelaria Maria Louisa                   04/01/71        Ent            C       Cloudt Joe C.                             05/08/1975      SC Ent
Candelaries Mrs Victoria D                12/03/59        ENT            C       Cobabe Mrs Gladys                         12/19/46        ENT
Candiello Mr M S                          06/16/53        ENT            C       Cobb Emit Milton                          11/10/83        ENT
Candiello Michael S.                      06/07/1984      ENT            C       Cobb Joe                                  05/16/1986      SCDP
Candiello Henry "Hank"                    01/16/1996      SCDP           C       Cobb Lottie Zell                          03/08/1985      SCDP
Canmar Charlie                            08/11/77        ENT            C       Cobb Mrs Mary Emma                        11/21/68        ENT
Cann Caroline T.                          01/01/1986      SCDP           C       Cobb Mrs W H                              01/04/51        ENT
Cann William H.                           03/02/67        ENT            C       Cobb Richard G "Dick"                     06/22/1972      SC ENT
Cannor Calvin                             09/10/59        ENT            C       Cobb Abbie Corelia                        09/24/1981      ENT
Cano Julio Jaime                          09/23/1998      SCDP           C       Cobb Mary                                 03/15/1984      ENT
Cansler David M.                          09/23/1948      ENT            C       Cobb Opal Irene                           01/22/1990      SCDP
Cansler Elma Scott                        12/31/1991      SCDP           C       Cobb Tyrus Raymond                        07/19/1984      ENT
Canstales Portirio                        05/24/56        ENT            C       Cobb William Henry Sr.                    10/25/1951      ENT
Canter Mrs W G                            08/27/59        ENT            C       Cobo Jose O.                              04/08/1982      ENT
Cantrell Erdine                           12/31/1988      SCDP           C       Cobos Annamarie                           05/13/2000      SCDP
Capshaw Dorman                            01/02/1998      SCDP           C       Coburn Don R                              12/17/64        ENT
Capshaw Shirlene                          03/23/1992      SCDP           C       Cochran Billie J.                         01/15/03        SCDP
Carbajal Joe T                            05/12/77        ENT            C       Cochran Mrs Carrie                        11/22/62        ENT
Carbajal Leandro E                        01/13/1972      SC ENT         C       Codero Marcellina                         06/27/46        ENT
Carbajal Mrs Luz T                        08/16/62        ENT            C       Cody Byreon Vernon                        06/30/1997      SCDP
Carbajal Mrs Mary F                       01/13/77        ENT            C       Cody Ernestine L.                         05/15/1980      ENT
Carbajal Rufino M                         07/14/77        ENT            C       Coe Edythe P                              09/30/1998      SCDP
Carbajal Alberto G                        05/05/1997      SCDP           C       Coe Joe W                                 09/14/1998      SCDP
Carbajal alberto G                        05/02/1997      SCDP           C       Coe Joe W.                                09/13/1995      SCDP
Carbajal Altagracia M.                    10/20/1995      SCDP           C       Coen Dorthy Marina                        03/25/1997      SCDP
Carbajal Francisca                        02/13/1958      ENT            C       Coffelt John Allen                        10/30/54        ENT
Carbajal Francisco G.                     04/05/1979      Ent            C       Coffelt Carrie J.                         04/08/1982      ENT
Carbajal Johnny                           12/27/1995      SCDP           C       Coffey Harley A                           03/31/66        ENT
Carbajal Lugarda Montoya                  03/20/1990      SCDP           C       Coffey Mrs Kate                           03/21/1974      ENT
Carbajal Monica G.                        08/05/1948      ENT            C       Cohn Ray L.                               09/09/1976      SC Ent
Carbajal Olga Wray                        03/30/1991      SCDP           C       Coker W H                                 04/20/61        ENT
Carbajal Pedro                            12/18/1980      ENT            C       Colby T.W.                                05/29/1948      ENT
Carbajal Manuel G.                        01/31/1996      SCDP           C       Colby Janet Laura                         09/09/1996      SCDP
Carbajal Rodolfo                          10/04/1996      SCDP           C       Coldwell George F.                        02/20/1989      SCDP
Carbajal; Angela G                        07/02/1996      SCDP           C       Cole Charles DeVant                       10/03/46        ENT
Cardena Mrs Pomposa M                     07/06/61        ENT            C       Cole Clellia Clorene                      11/10/83        ENT
Cardenas Mrs Juliana                      06/29/1972      SC ENT         C       Cole Erma Margarete                       05/02/1998      SCDP
Cardenas Ignacio                          04/08/1988      SCDP           C       Cole Thomas M                             05/01/62        ENT
Cardenas Leandro                          01/15/1991      SCDP           C       Cole Thomas M                             05/02/63        ENT
Cardenas Leonardo "Nayo"                  07/20/1995      SCDP           C       Cole Charles Devant                       05/11/1989      SCDP
Cardenas Manuel S.                        07/28/1989      SCDP           C       Cole Dee Cearley                          11/04/1993      SCDP
Cardon Candelario D                       06/28/56        ENT            C       Cole Florence H.                          10/19/1994      SCDP
Cardona Joseph M                          05/24/1999      SCDP           C       Cole Ola Mae                              10/04/1984      ENT
Cardoza Bernabe                           10/20/66        ENT            C       Coleman Charles A                         06/08/1985      SCDP
Cardoza Manual C                          11/05/59        ENT            C       Coleman Ellen Augusta "Gussie"            02/03/1998      SCDP
Cardoza Jesus H.                          05/22/1991      SCDP           C       Coleman George                            08/30/56        ENT
Carendas Jacinto Rubio                    09/20/1979      ENT            C       Coleman Mrs Ada                           04/21/66        ENT
Cargile Sara Katherine                    01/22/1992      SCDP           C       Coleman Mrs Clara Inez                    11/15/56        ENT
Carillo Emma V                            02/17/83        ENT            C       Coleman Mrs Thomas                        12/22/66        ENT
Carillo Placio                            04/21/66        ENT            C       Coleman Thomas V                          11/30/61        ENT
Carillo Frances P.                        01/22/1976      SC Ent         C       Coleman Buster G.                         02/11/1992      SCDP
Carillo Joseph                            09/06/1988      SCDP           C       Coleman Etta May                          02/28/1980      ENT
Carithers Anderson                        07/18/46        ENT            C       Coleman Eulalia                           12/06/1979      Ent
Carlin Virginia O                         01/11/2000      SCDP           C       Coleman Hortense                          01/25/1995      SCDP
Carlisle Richard Donnell                  05/02/1988      SCDP           C       Coleman James Theodore                    12/04/1975      SC Ent
Carlo Milan                               12/08/1995      SCDP           C       Coleman John Hall                         03/20/1952      ENT
Carlson Dr. L. A.                         05/23/46        ENT            C       Coleman Kimble                            02/06/1996      SCDP
Carlson Earnest B                         01/13/77        ENT            C       Coleman Maria R.                          11/03/1987      SCDP
Carlson Jack D                            08/03/1985      SCDP           C       Coley Alphred Thomas                      06/15/67        ENT
Carlson Mrs Ida K                         10/14/69        ENT            C       Collard Audrey                            09/27/1973      ENT
Carlson Eva Marie                         11/07/1974      ENT            C       Collins C B                               04/24/47        ENT
Carlson Harry                             02/03/1988      SCDP           C       Collins Patricia Ann                      05/07/53        ENT
Carlson Kenneth E.                        12/12/1995      SCDP           C       Collins C. Walter                         03/02/1987      SCDP
Carlson Mary Lou                          12/15/1986      SCDP           C       Collins Cecil Eugene                      11/28/1994      SCDP
Carmichael Frances B.                     12/21/1990      SCDP           C       Collins Elda Maude                        10/27/1987      SCDP
Carmichael Michael G.                     08/12/1994      SCDP           C       Collins Madeline F.                       07/26/1976      SC Ent
Carmignani Simona M.                      12/20/1993      SCDP           C       Collins Ray L.                            02/10/55        ENT
Carmona Sara Salcido                      03/21/1988      SCDP           C       Collum Mrs Mary                           09/10/53        ENT
Carney Mary Mahoney                       08/25/1989      SCDP           C       Colson Mrs Will                           03/08/51        ENT
Carns Bernard W                           12/16/64        ENT            C       Colson William M.                         05/15/1952      ENT
Caro Jesus                                04/21/55        ENT            C       Columbus Grace Belle                      01/19/1987      SCDP
Carpenas Ermelinda Salcido                10/13/1998      SCDP           C       Columbus James T.                         08/02/1973      ENT
Carpenter Barbara B.                      12/31/02        SCDP           C       Combs Frank Grant                         12/29/1985      SCDP
Carpenter Clint M.                        09/06/1973      ENT            C       Combs Alice                               12/22/1989      SCDP
Carpenter Doris B.                        01/21/1982      ENT            C       Comerford Violet B.                       12/31/1991      SCDP
Carpenter Jack Bruce                      11/22/1984      ENT            C       Comerford Violet B.                       01/02/1992      SCDP
Carpenter Lt.Col. Gordon                  10/11/1984      ENT            C       Comstock Carl D                           11/07/46        ENT
Carpenter Robert E.                       07/20/1950      ENT            C       Conant Mrs Harry                          05/18/61        ENT
Carpio Juana                              09/04/1980      ENT            C       Conboy John C                             05/30/68        ENT
Carr Ted                                  04/19/1999      SCDP           C       Conboy Mildred                            04/20/1978      ENT
Carr Pauline C.                           12/16/1982      ENT            C       Concord Sister Mary                       10/11/62        ENT
Carrasco Elisa Ontiveros                  03/02/1998      SCDP           C       Conder Dolly                              01/04/2000      SCDP
Carrasco Gabriel Daniel                   09/18/1998      SCDP           C       Conder J.W. "Bill"                        09/27/1989      SCDP
Carrasco Rita                             01/11/2000      SCDP           C       Cone Mrs Lula                             03/03/66        ENT
Carrasco Kenneth Joseph                   02/18/1982      ENT            C       Conley Mary Marie                         06/22/1978      ENT
Carrasco Arcadio                          01/03/1980      ENT            C       Conn Dell                                 02/16/1950      ENT
Carrasco Benita B.                        03/19/1978      ENT            C       Connell Isaac Lorenzo                     04/10/1990      SCDP
Carrasco Gustavo M.                       04/07/1981      ENT            C       Connell Wiley L.                          01/25/1978      ENT
Carrasco Luis                             11/14/1988      SCDP           C       Conner William Edgar                      01/13/1952      ENT
Carrasco Salvador                         09/10/1997      SCDP           C       Conner Jeanne Bacot                       01/06/1997      SCDP
Carrasco Sammy H.                         05/10/1979      ENT            C       Conner Lewis A                            09/14/1995      SCDP
Carrasco Samual R                         07/21/1994      SCDP           C       Conner Maurice H.                         03/30/1994      SCDP
Carreon Agripina E.                       04/12/1993      SCDP           C       Conner Robert W.                          03/22/1994      SCDP
Carreon Francisca R.                      10/03/1974      ENT            C       Conner U.L.                               01/03/1995      SCDP
Carreon Gaspar M. Pycon                   08/09/1993      SCDP           C       Conner Fay Gill                           03/23/1987      SCDP
Carreon Manuel Valles                     02/03/1992      SCDP           C       Conners Mrs Addie                         03/18/54        ENT
Carreon Margarita M.                      07/30/1981      ENT            C       Connors William Edward                    10/08/1986      SCDP
Carreon Roberto V.                        10/30/1980      ENT            C       Conrad Ann M.                             02/07/1952      ENT
Carricco Aartje                           08/20/1996      SCDP           C       Conteno Mrs Leandra M                     10/26/59        ENT
Carrier Dr Frank                          02/12/48        ENT            C       Contraras Daniel R                        07/16/1985      SCDP
Carrillo Filiberto B "Beto"               04/05/1997      SCDP           C       Contreras Arquelina R                     10/27/1998      SCDP
Carrillo Filiberto B "Beto"               04/1997         SCDP           C       Contreras Fransisco L                     07/30/64        ENT
Carrillo Fransisco E                      06/09/1986      SCDP           C       Contreras Manual V                        03/02/1999      SCDP
Carrillo Jose Louis                       03/12/1998      SCDP           C       Contreras Basilio G.                      03/20/1995      SCDP
Carrillo Albert                           07/22/1976      SC Ent         C       Contreras Dorothy V.                      03/04/1991      SCDP
Carrillo Augustine E.                     03/01/1979      SCDP           C       Conway Mrs Jay T                          12/13/50        SCDP
Carrillo Camilo H.                        01/12/67        ENT            C       Conway Jay T.                             03/21/1957      ENT
Carrillo Conrado                          05/31/1979      ENT            C       Conway Mrs. J.T.                          12/21/1950      ENT
Carrillo David Munoz                      11/13/1980      ENT            C       Cook  Mrs. John                           03/14/1957      ENT
Carrillo Epifanio                         11/29/1951      ENT            C       Cook Betty Jean Kelly                     08/20/1997      SCDP
Carrillo Epifanio                         11/29/1951      ENT            C       Cook Charles Hton (Cookie)                06/09/83        ENT
Carrillo Jose G                           01/27/1997      SCDP           C       Cook Dora Lois                            05/15/1998      SCDP
Carrillo Manuel R.                        06/28/1989      SCDP           C       Cook Mrs Cathy                            12/14/1972      SC ENT
Carrillo Minerva T.                       02/12/1988      SCDP           C       Cook Thalis                               06/25/59        ENT
Carrillo Pedro M.                         02/15/1973      ENT            C       Cook Thalis Ray                           12/14/61        ENT
Carrillo Teodula                          04/04/1957      ENT            C       Cook W Ross                               03/21/46        ENT
Carroll Archie                            01/31/1952      ENT            C       Cook Ivo Van                              01/10/1995      SCDP
Carroll Fred C.                           06/02/1990      SCDP           C       Cook Anne M.                              05/10/1991      SCDP
Carson Ellen Harriet                      01/21/1993      SCDP           C       Cook Elizabeth Randolph                   01/31/1952      ENT
Carson Ellen Harriet                      01/20/1993      SCDP           C       Cook Fleeta Irene                         12/14/1990      SCDP
Carter Carol E                            02/03/83        ENT            C       Cook Hazel Pearl                          05/19/1988      SCDP
Carter Donna Fay                          01/21/1998      SCDP           C       Cook Irene E.                             03/14/1988      SCDP
Carter Mrs Lexie                          02/09/61        ENT            C       Cook Ivo D.                               03/03/1992      SCDP
Carter Ray Neil                           08/07/1999      SCDP           C       Cook Mary Rebecca                         06/29/1978      ENT
Carter Rose Elaine                        12/1999         SCDP           C       Cook Minerva B.                           09/14/1989      SCDP
Carter Rose Elaine                        01/01/2000      S NEWS         C       Cook Oma Mitchell                         04/06/1950      ENT
Carter theodore Oberlin (Ted) Sr          10/17/1974      ENT            C       Cook Sydney Lynne                         11/03/1986      SCDP
Carter Zackary Lee                        06/03/1982      ENT            C       Cook Thomas Peyton                        05/17/1989      SCDP
Carter Gerald Ray                         10/12/1992      SCDP           C       Cook Tina Belle                           04/27/1993      SCDP
Carter Gerald S.                          01/10/1989      SCDP           C       Cook Wesley E. Sr.                        06/05/1980      ENT
Carver Alfred B.                          03/21/1957      ENT            C       Cooke John W                              04/30/59        ENT
Carver Jennie Louise                      11/15/1979      Ent            C       Cooke Mrs edith                           11/05/59        ENT
Carvil Bert                               04/16/59        ENT            C       Cooley Harry E                            12/05/68        ENT
Carwile Fred                              05/24/1990      SCDP           C       Cooley Mrs Brett                          10/26/61        ENT
Cary Charles                              08/06/1981      ENT            C       Cooley Blanche Newman                     01/22/1990      SCDP
Cary Charles D.                           08/13/1981      ENT            C       Cooley Harold "Hal"                       06/28/1991      SCDP
Casares Enriquetta B                      04/03/1986      SCDP           C       Cooley Imogene                            10/17/1989      SCDP
Casares Arturo R.                         03/19/1981      ENT            C       Cooley Richard A.                         12/02/1994      SCDP
Casey Stephen James                       04/14/1998      SCDP           C       Coolson Mrs Edna                          02/22/68        ENT
Casillas Joe H.                           07/15/1991      SCDP           C       Coon Randall Scott                        04/27/1985      SCDP
Casillo Julia Marquez                     11/14/1985      SCDP           C       Coon Stanley W                            09/20/1972      SC ENT
Casper William Adolph                     06/06/46        ENT            C       Cooney Charles J.                         05/08/1980      ENT
Casper William A.                         09/19/1974      ENT            C       Cooney Naomi                              10/07/1965      SCDP
Cassel Sara Nicole                        08/04/1992      SCDP           C       Cooper Annette Forkner                    05/26/1986      SCDP
Castaneda Paublita B                      01/30/1985      SCDP           C       Cooper Gladys Mae                         04/27/2000      SCDP
Castaneda Ramon "Chapo"                   01/29/1994      SCDP           C       Cooper Hampton J                          01/06/77        ENT
Castanon Bonifacia                        10/02/1998      SCDP           C       Cooper Hampton J                          12/18/69        ENT
Castillo                                  06/21/1979      ENT            C       Cooper Harry A                            03/14/63        ENT
Castillo Bernable L                       04/16/1999      SCDP           C       Cooper Homer                              01/29/59        ENT
Castillo Carmen                           07/07/1998      SCDP           C       Cooper Lee Roy                            03/04/1998      SCDP
Castillo Carmen Sedillo                   07/08/1998      SCDP           C       Cooper Mrs Etha B                         02/28/63        ENT
Castillo Epitacio                         05/11/61        ENT            C       Cooper Sammy                              06/07/56        ENT
Castillo Jose Zuniga                      02/26/1986      SCDP           C       Cooper Sharon Ruth                        06/16/70        ENT
Castillo Leopold (Pee Wee)                06/27/68        ENT            C       Cooper William G.                         07/04/1957      ENT
Castillo Louis A                          11/30/61        ENT            C       Cooper Arilla D.                          07/23/1981      ENT
Castillo Luz                              09/20/62        ENT            C       Cooper Billy C.                           03/15/1995      SCDP
Castillo Manual                           09/21/67        ENT            C       Cooper Howard M.                          02/27/1989      SCDP
Castillo Marcelino R                      10/27/55        ENT            C       Cooper Jenny June                         09/13/1997      SCDP
Castillo Mrs Delores                      12/01/55        ENT            C       Cooper John E.                            07/26/1973      ENT
Castillo Mrs Mary                         10/06/66        ENT            C       Cooper Lorena D.                          11/21/1974      ENT
Castillo Mrs Miguela P                    05/17/56        ENT            C       Cooper Lucile                             04/21/155       ENT
Castillo Nicolas Lopez                    12/23/1976      SC ENT         C       Cooper Mary Alice                         02/09/1950      ENT
Castillo Sebastion E                      08/20/64        ENT            C       Cooper Robert                             05/28/1997      SCDP
Castillo Socorro                          07/16/1997      SCDP           C       Cooper Theodore Richard                   06/1997         SCDP
Castillo Socorro Rodriquez                07/18/1997      SCDP           C       Cooper Velva Fay                          06/18/1991      SCDP
Castillo Virginia Maria                   04/15/1998      SCDP           C       Cope Helen                                10/12/1991      SCDP
Castillo Nicanor "Nick"                   04/10/1995      SCDP           C       Coplin John Ellis                         10/31/1987      SCDP
Castillo Angel P.                         07/09/1990      SCDP           C       Copp Mrs Essie A                          11/19/64        ENT
Castillo Aurelia G.                       07/08/71        Ent            C       Copper Dorothy Jane                       11/22/1984      ENT
Castillo Carolina Millan                  09/24/1987      SCDP           C       Coppini Carmen Charles                    07/30/53        ENT
Castillo Felicitas                        09/28/1993      SCDP           C       Coquat Mathew                             02/20/47        ENT
Castillo Gregorio                         06/07/1988      SCDP           C       Corbet Bert A                             09/22/66        ENT
Castillo Leonor L.                        03/28/1994      SCDP           C       Corbusier Col. Harold                     08/31/50        SCDP
Castillo Louis T.                         07/22/1992      SCDP           C       Cordero Manual B                          05/05/83        ENT
Castillo Luis G.                          03/31/1992      SCDP           C       Cordero Arturo                            09/24/1994      SCDP
Castillo Manuel E.                        08/02/1973      ENT            C       Cordero Delia Chavez                      09/30/1989      SCDP
Castillo Maria Suniga                     02/28/1974      ENT            C       Cordero Luz Duarte                        09/23/1982      ENT
Castillo Nicolas P.                       10/09/1980      ENT            C       Cordero Manuel                            10/06/1989      SCDP
Castillo Prisciliana                      01/23/1958      ENT            C       Cordona Mrs Joe                           03/21/63        ENT
Castillo Ramon Barela                     05/1994         SCDP           C       Cordova Alfredo (Freddie)                 10/27/77        ENT
Castillo Salvador                         03/03/1960      ENT            C       Cordova Ekatarina "Katia"                 11/04/1998      SCDP
Castillo Serafina "Sarah                  07/12/1995      SCDP           C       Cordova Epifania Maria                    10/27/1998      SCDP
Castillo Soledad                          10/15/1990      SCDP           C       Cordova Franklin P                        02/28/1986      SCDP
Castillo Delfina L.                       01/23/1996      SCDP           C       Cordova Lorenzo                           04/20/61        ENT
Castillo Henery Lujan                     07/07/1994      SCDP           C       Cordova Mariana                           03/18/1998      SCDP
Castillo Jose G.                          11/04/1996      SCDP           C       Cordova Mrs Gregoria                      02/01/62        ENT
Castillo Maria Antonia                    07/08/1996      SCDP           C       Cordova Mrs Ramona Madrid                 06/13/68        ENT
Castle Charles Elmo                       02/15/1989      SCDP           C       Cordova Anastacio H.                      07/07/1989      SCDP
Castleberry Ruby                          01/02/1986      SCDP           C       Cordova Carlota T.                        06/17/1994      SCDP
Castorena Bill Castorena                  11/17/1986      SCDP           C       Cordova Celso Jr                          07/12/1984      ENT
Castro Miss Maria T                       06/29/1972      SC ENT         C       Cordova Erlinda Garza                     07/07/1950      ENT
Catanach Shaina Rose                      07/09/1994      SCDP           C       Cordova Ernest                            05/19/1960      ENT
Catano Enriques                           03/31/55        ENT            C       Cordova Guadalupe C.                      03/07/1991      SCDP
Cates Lotus Shattuck                      11/05/59        ENT            C       Cordova Mabel Sanchez                     10/08/1992      SCDP
Cates Opal Maxine                         06/15/1989      SCDP           C       Cordova Melitona O.                       09/30/1976      SC Ent
Cates Orland                              07/24/1997      SCDP           C       Cordova Pascual                           07/18/1996      SCDP
Cates Elmer D                             08/04/1994      SCDP           C       Cordova; Juan T                           10/08/1996      SCDP
Cathey Walter E                           01/31/63        ENT            C       Corea Juan                                03/19/64        ENT
Cathey Charles Dennis                     1994            SCDP           C       Corea Juan                                06/26/1952      ENT
Caudle Emmett Dale                        -7/11/1986      SCDP           C       Corn R L "Bob"                            01/10/48        SCDP
Causland Philip N.                        08/08/46        ENT            C       Cornali Dr. George Andre                  09/26/1996      SCDP
Cavanaugh Katharine Christy               10/26/1998      SCDP           C       Corneau Gladys Myers                      11/30/1950      ENT
Cazares Amelia S                          01/08/1999      SCDP           C       Cornell Chester P                         04/27/1998      SCDP
Ceballos Calixto G.                       07/05/1991      SCDP           C       Cornell Velma                             03/19/70        ENT
Cecil Reba                                06/01/1999      SCDP           C       Cornette George Franklin                  11/18/1948      ENT
Cefarilli Linda                           12/10/1997      SCDP           C       Corral Carmen                             2000            SCDP
Ceniceros Michael P                       02/03/1998      SCDP           C       Corral Elva Joyce (Stevens)               10/12/1998      SCDP
Ceniseros Pauline G.                      02/12/1990      SCDP           C       Corral Manual                             08/26/54        ENT
Cerny Mollie E.                           06/03/1995      SCDP           C       Corral Carmen V.                          03/21/1990      SCDP
Cerny Mollie E                            06/02/1995      SCDP           C       Corral Maria T.                           04/08/1976      SC Ent
Chacon Alfonso B                          09/23/1985      SCDP           C       Corral Tomasa                             07/06/1978      ENT
Chacon Hilario B                          12/18/1986      SCDP           C       Corral Hortensia Venegas                  07/23/1996      SCDP
Chacon Jesus Pedraza "Tutti"              09/08/1998      SCDP           C       Correa Alfredo C                          02/19/59        ENT
Chacon Juan R                             02/21/1985      SCDP           C       Correa Mrs Mary R                         09/21/63        ENT
Chacon Maria                              08/18/1998      SCDP           C       Correa Ysaura "Chawa"                     06/06/2000      SCDP
Chacon Theodore S                         10/20/77        ENT            C       Correa Pilar C.                           04/20/1978      ENT
Chacon Urbano                             09/22/1998      SCDP           C       Cort Mrs E G                              04/28/66        ENT
Chacon Cathryn Alires                     19/08/1982      ENT            C       Cortez Virginia Roman                     07/26/1994      SCDP
Chacon Abraham M.                         08/23/1993      SCDP           C       Coryell James Samuel Jr.                  05/17/1992      SCDP
Chacon Abran Ruben T.                     07/27/1978      ENT            C       Cosby Lem                                 06/02/66        ENT
Chacon Josefa P.                          04/01/1991      SCDP           C       Cosby Arvol Edward                        11/19/1981      ENT
Chacon Pascuala                           05/12/1989      SCDP           C       Cosby Lemuel V.                           07/03/1980      ENT
Chacon Manual Lujan                       09/16/1994      SCDP           C       Cosby Tama Cosby                          02/12/1987      SCDP
Chaddick Floyd Ezra                       08/08/1985      SCDP           C       Cosper Raleigh Laddie                     09/30/1997      SCDP
Chaires Joe Hernandez                     10/25/1984      ENT            C       Costales Arthur                           07/15/1976      SC Ent
Chamber Grace                             11/11/1982      ENT            C       Costales Epimenio C.                      10/22/1981      ENT
Chambers Mrs Bessie W                     07/11/68        ENT            C       Costales Francisco P.                     02/19/1976      SC Ent
Chambers Mrs Louise N                     10/23/47        ENT            C       Costales Julia Aguirre                    02/23/1984      ENT
Chambers Alma O.                          08/30/1988      SCDP           C       Cothrun Mrs sarah Ann                     11/13/47        ENT
Chambers Virginia Derr                    03/03/1990      SCDP           C       Cothrun Oscar                             12/29/1998      S NEWS
Champlin The Rev N. Harr                  01/12/1996      SCDP           C       Cothrun Ernest D.                         01/10/1957      ENT
Chandler A H "Slim"                       08/06/70        ENT            C       Cothrun Ernest D.                         01/17/1957      ENT
Chandler Sanford D                        06/13/1997      SCDP           C       Cottingham Robert Gene                    03/26/1991      SCDP
Chandler Louie B. "LB"                    09/13/1996      SCDP           C       Cotton Brandon Dirk                       10/07/1999      SCDP
Chandler Mary F. "Granny                  03/16/1996      SCDP           C       Coulter William T                         01/25/62        ENT
Chaney Dorothy Iona H.                    12/02/1992      SCDP           C       Counts George Ellis                       03/02/1999      S NEWS
Chaney Emma                               11/20/1986      SCDP           C       Courington Burlie                         10/18/1988      SCDP
Chaney Harry K                            09/09/1995      SCDP           C       Cousland Carel                            09/09/54        ENT
Chaney Lon W.                             03/12/1981      ENT            C       Covey Cecil                               06/29/61        ENT
Chanez Cristobal A.                       05/02/1974      ENT            C       Covington Oder                            07/09/1981      ENT
Chapin Danny Alvarado                     04/30/64        ENT            C       Cowan Millard                             12/28/63        ENT
Chapin Esron                              06/19/47        ENT            C       Cowan Milton B                            04/25/77        ENT
Chapin Goldie Addis                       05/25/1972      SC ENT         C       Cowan Mrs Margaret A                      01/19/61        ENT
Chapin Rudy Lopez Jr.                     03/31/1999      SCDP           C       Cowan Ruth M. MRrs                        11/14/1957      ENT
Chapin Buena Vista Ross                   01/08/70        ENT            C       Cowan Alberta Stewart                     11/01/1951      ENT
Chapin Burrell N.                         04/20/1989      SCDP           C       Cowan Cecelia E.                          09/13/1988      SCDP
Chapin Effie S.                           02/12/1990      SCDP           C       Cowan Earle Albert                        11/12/1981      ENT
Chapin Floyd D.                           05/22/1958      ENT            C       Cowan Margaret J.                         06/27/1989      SCDP
Chapin Myrtle Fern                        11/18/1991      SCDP           C       Cox Leonard W                             09/28/61        ENT
Chapin Virginia Lopez                     06/23/1960      ENT            C       Cox Mrs Belle Caddie                      05/18/67        ENT
Chapin William T.                         02/03/55        ENT            C       Cox Mrs Marie E                           08/28/69        ENT
Chapman George                            11/26/53        ENT            C       Cox Mrs Martha Francis Knight             04/05/62        ENT
Chapman John Nathan                       10/13/55        ENT            C       Cox Richard                               10/19/1972      SC ENT
Chapman Mary Lee                          09/14/1998      SCDP           C       Cox Thomas Martin                         05/05/66        ENT
Chapman Calvin Eugene                     02/26/1990      SCDP           C       Cox A. C.                                 02/28/1957      ENT
Chapman Calvin Eugene                     02/28/1990      SCDP           C       Cox Alice Augusta                         03/16/1950      ENT
Chapman Mabel                             05/23/63        ENT            C       Cox Claude C.                             03/23/1990      SCDP
Chappell Emma                             08/29/1957      ENT            C       Cox Elmer Lee                             09/10/1997      SCDP
Chappell Oscar B. "Dink"                  05/08/1990      SCDP           C       Cox Elmer Lee "Corky"                     09/12/1997      SCDP
Charette Thomas                           02/11/54        ENT            C       Cox Georgia M.                            11/08/1951      ENT
Chark Lucy Jane                           01/14/1960      SC Ent         C       Cox Joseph S.                             06/17/63        ENT
Chase George                              03/04/1999      SCDP           C       Cox Kristy Lynn                           06/18/1988      SCDP
Chase Julia Ellen                         01/07/1997      SCDP           C       Cox Mrs. Willie                           01/01/1981      ENT
Chase Peter Marshal                       03/27/1996      SCDP           C       Cox Muriel Iola                           02/26/1988      SCDP
Chaudoin Lewis                            07/02/64        ENT            C       Cox Raymond Wesley                        11/29/1951      ENT
Chaudoin Mrs Cleda                        05/02/63        ENT            C       Cox Willa Roberta                         05/30/1990      SCDP
Chaudoin Dillon Page                      05/11/1950      ENT            C       Cox Willie                                01/01/1981      ENT
Chavarria Maggie                          11/07/1974      ENT            C       Cox Fransis                               08/09/1996      SCDP
Chavers Charles Ray                       10/15/1981      ENT            C       Cox; Zetta "Dude"                         10/09/1996      SCDP
Chaves Joe Nick                           06/10/1986      SCDP           C       Crabb Mrs Mabel                           06/01/67        ENT
Chaves Mrs delores M                      07/19/56        ENT            C       Crabtree Mandolyn Ryan                    04/30/1993      SCDP
Chaves Nicolasa M                         01/06/1997      SCDP           C       Craig J I                                 05/19/66        ENT
Chavez Belen Montez                       05/12/2000      SCDP           C       Craig Elizabeth Warner                    11/22/1994      SCDP
Chavez Incarnacion                        07/31/47        ENT            C       Craig James Insley                        01/22/1992      SCDP
Chavez Jovito M                           09/05/63        ENT            C       Craig Ralph                               11/08/1988      SCDP
Chavez Mary Fernandez                     05/15/1985      SCDP           C       Cramer Judge Edward Sheridan              01/27/1998      SCDP
Chavez Mrs Isadora M                      05/20/54        ENT            C       Cramer Mrs Edith Mary                     03/12/53        ENT
Chavez Mrs Lizzie Higgons                 02/26/53        ENT            C       Crandell Larry                            08/04/77        ENT
Chavez Mrs Maria P                        09/03/64        ENT            C       Crane Samuel and Isaac                    12/15/1989      SCDP
Chavez Mrs Pofiria                        11/24/66        ENT            C       Cranmar Jesse B                           09/10/70        ENT
Chavez Mrs Rosita G                       11/04/54        ENT            C       Cravens Mrs Florence                      11/17/66        ENT
Chavez Profirio A                         07/27/61        ENT            C       Cravens Mrs Helen V                       05/17/62        ENT
Chavez Refugia T                          02/23/1986      SCDP           C       Crawford Mrs Eva Johnson                  04/25/68        ENT
Chavez Richard Ray                        08/19/1998      SCDP           C       Crawford Mrs Maude F                      11/10/66        ENT
Chavez Rudy F                             01/17/1998      SCDP           C       Crawford Charles L.                       02/24/1995      SCDP
Chavez Sarah                              09/21/1985      SCDP           C       Crawford Harry R.                         11/24/1993      SCDP
Chavez Sofio R                            11/26/64        ENT            C       Crawford Hugh G.                          11/25/1948      ENT
Chavez Ventura                            03/25/65        ENT            C       Crawford Mrs. C.P.                        03/20/1952      ENT
Chavez Ventura Ferell                     01/23/1995      SCDP           C       Crawford Nina O.                          07/01/71        Ent
Chavez Daniel A.                          07/27/1957      ENT            C       Creech Merrill Thomas                     11/06/1990      SCDP
Chavez Edward E.                          01/04/1982      ENT            C       Creek I E                                 07/25/68        ENT
Chavez Ventura Ferrell                    01/21/1995      SCDP           C       Creel Myrl J.                             06/26/1975      SC Ent
Chavez Albert J.                          10/30/1980      ENT            C       Creighton George                          07/08/71        Ent
Chavez Alfonso Jr.                        06/01/1981      ENT            C       Crerar Frances Fowler                     04/13/1989      SCDP
Chavez Angel E.                           06/12/1958      ENT            C       Creveling Margaret E.                     01/18/1979      Ent
Chavez Anita Kay                          12/17/1981      ENT            C       Criswell Mrs Mamie                        08/13/59        ENT
Chavez Augustine                          11/10/1986      SCDP           C       Criswell James Harvey                     04/14/1960      ENT
Chavez Augustine M.                       03/25/1995      SCDP           C       Criswell Jessie S.                        10/25/1973      ENT
Chavez Aurelio M.                         10/03/1974      ENT            C       Criswell Ruben "Ben"                      05/24/1991      SCDP
Chavez Benito T.                          10/03/1995      SCDP           C       Crockett Dixie I                          08/07/1997      SCDP
Chavez Benjamin                           11/16/1992      SCDP           C       Crone M L                                 01/10/1986      SCDP
Chavez Canuto R.                          11/18/1976      SCENT          C       Crooks F Corydon                          05/20/1998      SCDP
Chavez Christopher                        04/12/1993      SCDP           C       Croom Dale cliford                        --/2000         SCDP
Chavez Daniel S "Danny"                   1997            SCDP           C       Croom Robert Edward                       12/16/1999      SCDP
Chavez Daniel S "Danny"                   1997            SCDP           C       Croom Robert E. lll                       10/25/1988      SCDP
Chavez Danny L.                           11/19/1988      SCDP           C       Crosby Martha M.                          11/21/1990      SCDP
Chavez Elie Gilbert "Leo                  10/31/1995      SCDP           C       Cross Phyllis T                           02/04/1998      SCDP
Chavez Encarnacion M.                     06/11/1981      ENT            C       Crow Chyristeen Woody                     12/20/1984      ENT
Chavez Esequiel                           04/28/55        ENT            C       Crow Nell M.                              01/05/1991      SCDP
Chavez Eusebie                            06/04/70        ENT            C       Crow Virgil J.                            05/09/1981      ENT
Chavez Greg C.                            07/27/1993      SCDP           C       Crowder Samuel Warren                     06/23/66        ENT
Chavez Guillermo Ysabal                   11/30/1992      SCDP           C       Crowe Anna Mea                            12/04/47        ENT
Chavez Jessie A                           11/10/1997      SCDP           C       Crowell Mrs Mary Shoemaker                12/18/1975      SC ENT
Chavez Jesus Telles                       04/27/1990      SCDP           C       Crowell Mary Shoemaker                    12/08/1975      SC Ent
Chavez Jesusita                           1997            SCDP           C       Crowley Harland B (Barney)                01/05/1986      SCDP
Chavez Joe Trujillo                       11/04/1993      SCDP           C       Crowley John Richard                      12/20/1999      SCDP
Chavez Juana M.                           11/14/1974      ENT            C       Crownover Alec                            02/16/61        ENT
Chavez Leonor M                           04/05/1997      SCDP           C       Crownover Arthur                          02/25/1986      SCDP
Chavez Manuel P.                          01/07/1994      SCDP           C       Crum Thomas Roy                           02/19/59        ENT
Chavez Manuela M.                         03/15/1988      SCDP           C       Crum Lucinda Mortensen                    12/20/1993      SCDP
Chavez Mary S.                            01/22/1991      SCDP           C       Crumbley Alvin J                          03/02/1999      SCDP
Chavez Nicholas R.                        07/12/1990      SCDP           C       Crumbley Clee                             04/19/62        ENT
Chavez Ray J.                             05/17/1989      SCDP           C       Crumbley D H (Big Boy)                    12/19/64        ENT
Chavez Raymond Jr.                        10/06/1993      SCDP           C       Crumbley Dezia Lena Allen                 09/21/1986      SCDP
Chavez Robert M.                          05/08/1980      ENT            C       Crumbley Hiram T.                         10/17/1957      ENT
Chavez Sigifredo                          06/11/1991      SCDP           C       Crumbley Bessie Pearl                     02/25/1982      ENT
Chavez Sostenes Lopez                     08/24/1950      ENT            C       Crumley Alvin J                           03/02/1999      S NEWS
Chavez Virginia Q.                        11/26/1981      ENT            C       Crumm Joe Marion                          08/24/1985      SCDP
Chavez Alberta C                          09/08/1994      SCDP           C       Crumpler Mae                              05/18/1994      SCDP
Chavez Arturo "Tudy"                      05/29/1996      SCDP           C       Cruse Andrew W                            09/15/77        ENT
Chavez Gomecinda M                        09/22/1994      SCDP           C       Crutchfield Joshua Michael                05/05/1997      SCDP
Chavez Margarita Juarez                   01/11/1996      SCDP           C       Cruthers Travis Eldon                     05/04/1999      SCDP
Chavez Pablo Uzueta                       01/29/1996      SCDP           C       Cruz Cora M                               02/25/1999      SCDP
Chavez; Margarita                         06/10/1996      SCDP           C       Cruz Andrew Henry Jr.                     08/10/1993      SCDP
Chavira Mrs Leandrea J                    11/30/1972      SC ENT         C       Cruz Antonio                              09/02/1976      SC Ent
Chavira Thomas J                          01/28/1986      SCDP           C       Cuaron edward                             08/02/62        ENT
Chavira Wilfredo H                        2000            SCDP           C       Cuaron Felipa R.                          01/21/1995      SCDP
Chavira Angela Jauriqui                   04/27/1994      SCDP           C       Cublerson Miss Ruth                       07/25/68        ENT
Chavira Conrado H.                        07/13/1978      ENT            C       Cudmore Thad D                            06/17/1999      SCDP
Chavira Francisco O.                      07/24/1975      SC Ent         C       Cudney Gaylord E.                         08/13/1992      SCDP
Chavira Jose S.                           11/14/1974      ENT            C       Cuevas Desideria Castillo                 03/17/1986      SCDP
Chavira Luis                              03/07/1957      ENT            C       Cuevas Jose Loreto                        09/21/61        ENT
Chavira Nicolasa H.                       01/26/1950      ENT            C       Cuevas Martin G                           09/1999         S NEWS
Chavira Perfecta H.                       05/29/1975      SC Ent         C       Cuevas Mogon                              08/24/67        ENT
Chavira Robert                            11/08/1951      ENT            C       Cuevas Socorro M                          02/01/2000      SCDP
Cherpak Anne                              11/17/1998      SCDP           C       Cuevas Alfredo L.                         03/22/1984      ENT
Cherpak Anne                              08/21/1998      SCDP           C       Cuevas Michael Joseph                     04/09/1993      SCDP
Cherpak Henery M                          11/23/61        ENT            C       Cuevas Patricia Arzaga                    11/29/1981      ENT
Cheshire George Ray                       07/29/50        SCDP           C       Cuevas Rosario L.                         11/09/1978      ENT
Cheshire George Ray                       08/03/1950      ENT            C       Cuhen Albert Echirivel                    04/24/1998      SCDP
Chesley Benjamin M                        12.24.59        ENT            C       Cuhen Miguel A.                           12/22/1988      SCDP
Chesley G Hart                            09/24/50        SCDP           C       Culberson Mrs Mary Agee                   06/25/64        ENT
Chesley Mrs Ben                           07/14/66        ENT            C       Culberson Victor Aggie                    06/04/53        ENT
Chesley Walter Ray                        03/19/53        ENT            C       Culp Mildred R                            10/10/1994      SCDP
Chester Harold Arthur                     02/28/1991      SCDP           C       Culver Willie W.                          02/22/1996      SCDP
Chester Rena Mae                          08/28/1989      SCDP           C       Culwell Eva B.                            07/08/71        Ent
Chestnut Homer Winfred                    12/23/48        ENT            C       Cummings Connie Lynn                      06/03/1986      SCDP
Childers Russell C.                       02/22/1988      SCDP           C       Cummings John Paul                        09/30/50        SCDP
Childress Cora Mae                        10/05/1978      ENT            C       Cummings Edith                            09/06/1988      SCDP
Childress Dennis L.                       01/26/1950      ENT            C       Cummings James E.                         04/06/1990      SCDP
Childress George Riley                    10/09/1980      ENT            C       Cummins Daniel                            06/06/63        ENT
Childress Charles Richard                 10/07/1995      SCDP           C       Cunningham                                03/13/1958      ENT
Chintis Peter                             01/27/66        ENT            C       Cunningham E A                            05/28/59        ENT
Chip Juan                                 07/16/1997      SCDP           C       Cunningham Lloyd                          10/12/1972      SC ENT
Chisamore Dorthy Davis                    06/01/1985      SCDP           C       Cunningham Beth M.                        09/13/1984      ENT
Chitt Howard E.                           01/17/1952      ENT            C       Cunningham Fern E. Myrna                  05/03/1991      SCDP
Chivera Ramon H                           02/24/77        ENT            C       Cureto Mr Richard Gilbert                 11/23/1972      SC ENT
Chociej Mae D.                            01/29/1993      SCDP           C       Cureton George H                          05/11/54        ENT
Chrisamore Alfred John                    04/06/1985      SCDP           C       Cureton Kos B                             11/07/54        ENT
Chrisiansen Dr Bryant E                   10/21/50        SCDP           C       Cureton Mrs Agnes G                       10/30/1975      SC ENT
Chrisman Mrs Lula A                       04/26/63        ENT            C       Cureton Mrs Florence Stockman             10/06/55        ENT
Chrisman Nilma                            10/17/1988      SCDP           C       Cureton Mrs Minnie Gilbert                10/05/67        ENT
Chrisman Thomas O.                        01/23/1975      SC Ent         C       Cureton R W (Dick)                        11/12/70        ENT
Christensen Dr Bryant E                   10/19/50        SCDP           C       Cureton Edith S.                          10/07/1992      SCDP
Christensen Ida Steele                    04/18/1997      SCDP           C       Curless Russ                              03/23/61        ENT
Christensen Bryant E. MD                  10/28/1950      ENT            C       Curran Owen S.                            06/27/1957      ENT
Christensen William A.                    04/09/1993      SCDP           C       Curran Eugene F                           02/24/1997      SCDP
Christenson Donald J                      08/13/70        ENT            C       Currie George Hugh                        01/25/51        ENT
Christiam Roy B                           08/01/63        ENT            C       Currier Laura                             11/17/1989      SCDP
Christian Chester E                       10/10/68        ENT            C       Curry John C                              04/21/77        ENT
Christian Jennie                          10/07/1991      SCDP           C       Curry Mrs Leona Margaret                  03/19/59        ENT
Christiansen Alice                        10/03/1988      SCDP           C       Curry Clarence Virgil                     05/22/1952      ENT
Christiansen Ann                          07/01/71        Ent            C       Curtice Jay S.                            11/09/1989      SCDP
Christiensen Warren Carl                  09/30/1998      SCDP           C       Curtis Grace Jackisch                     03/07/46        ENT
Christmas Benjamin Ace                    07/30/59        ENT            C       Curtis Mrs John W                         07/01/54        ENT
Christmas Mrs Annie Laura                 07/25/63        ENT            C       Curtis Ray                                11/02/61        ENT
Christopherson Mary S.                    02/14/1980      ENT            C       Curtis Carl D.                            06/26/1958      ENT
Church Gertrude E.                        11/01/1973      ENT            C       Curtis Bruce L                            07/16/1997      SCDP
Church; Roland E.                         10/11/1996      SCDP           C       Curtis Donald E.                          08/15/1986      SCDP
Cisnaros Domingo G                        01/24/1985      SCDP           C       Curtis Ettye H.                           05/03/1994      SCDP
Cisnaros Domingo P                        09/10/70        ENT            C       Curtis Ruth M.                            04/01/1995      SCDP
Cisneros Patricio                         08/09/56        ENT            C       Curty Mrs Margaret E                      11/12/53        ENT
Cisneros Alfredo S.                       01/31/1995      SCDP           C       Cusey James Wendel                        02/22/1991      SCDP
Cisneros Gilberto M.                      01/19/1993      SCDP           C       Cusey Mildred A.                          11/09/1993      SCDP
Cisneros Josefina                         11/07/1989      SCDP           C       Cushing Dorthy E                          03/09/1972      SC ENT
Cisneros Luis Alfredo                     01/14/1992      SCDP           C       Cushing William E                         04/08/1999      SCDP
Cisneros Michelle Louise                  06/15/1978      ENT            C       Cutshall Frances                          05/17/1993      SCDP
Cisneros Natalia                          06/26/1980      ENT            C       Cutter Donald E                           08/13/64        ENT
Clanton Gladys E                          01/14/1999      SCDP           C       Cyborn Ken                                06/1999         S NEWS
Clanton Garland W.                        02/04/1989      SCDP           C       Cyboron Kenneth A                         08/07/1999      SCDP
Clapp Williard                            01/10/1957      ENT            C       Czako Mrs Annie                           04/04/63        ENT