Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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Name                                      Date            Newspaper     Link Name                                      Date            Newspaper
La Briere Mrs John                        04/15/48        ENT           L    Linn O.M. (Mark)                          03/27/1975      SC Ent
La Fluer Mary Lee                         1994            SCDP          L    Linn Tina Louise                          08/08/1991      SCDP
Laase Hans Karl Georg                     11/10/1989      SCDP          L    Linville Thomas N                         06/14/56        ENT
Lacer Mrs Irene White                     01/06/77        ENT           L    Litsch Edwin Dale                         09/1999         S NEWS
Lacey Mrs Margaret Virginia               10/05/67        ENT           L    Little Leroy                              12/29/55        ENT
Lackey Grace                              08/20/1981      ENT           L    Little Mrs Marjorie                       12/23/54        ENT
Lacy Marvin C                             03/20/1998      SCDP          L    Little Walter Edwin                       05/23/68        ENT
Lacy Dora L.                              04/13/1989      SCDP          L    Little William W                          10/13/1997      SCDP
Lacy Myrtle Mabel                         04/01/1994      SCDP          L    Little Clara E.                           02/15/1989      SCDP
Lacy Victor                               11/02/1988      SCDP          L    Little George E. Edgar                    02/21/1957      ENT
Lacy Willis                               03/03/1960      ENT           L    Little Jesse                              08/19/1988      SCDP
Laczko Steve                              12/19/1998      SCDP          L    Little John D.                            06/13/1995      SCDP
Lafferty Anna Lucille                     07/25/1989      SCDP          L    Little Mildred                            07/11/1988      SCDP
LaFlamme Ray                              12/03/64        ENT           L    Little William Worth                      10/13/1997      SCDP
LaFond Mary Frances                       08/13/1985      SCDP          L    Little Wilma Florence                     11/14/1994      SCDP
LaFond Noble S.                           11/21/1991      SCDP          L    Littlefield Leo W.                        10/28/1986      SCDP
Lafontaine Mrs Josephine                  06/24/71        ENT           L    Littlefield Ruth E.                       05/03/1995      SCDP
LaFontaine Josephine                      06/24/71        Ent           L    Littlefield Katheryn J.                   08/06/1996      SCDP
Lafrenz William W                         08/08/63        ENT           L    Lively Irma Faye                          04/14/1999      S NEWS
Laguna Johnny M.                          04/01/1976      SC Ent        L    Livermore Claude Robert                   10/18/1993      SCDP
Laguna Steven                             04/17/1996      SCDP          L    Livingston Stanley Robert                 06/02/2000      SCDP
Lally Mary Alice                          11/07/1974      ENT           L    Livingston Joan                           02/18/1987      SCDP
Lamb Leland H                             12/13/62        ENT           L    Llamas Mrs Anderia S                      06/11/53        ENT
Lamb Clarence A.                          02/13/1975      SC Ent        L    Llamas Octaviano                          03/08/62        ENT
Lamb Mary Catherine                       06/17/1982      ENT           L    Llanos Miss Petera B                      02/15/68        ENT
Lambeth Timothy                           06/11/1981      ENT           L    Llanos Mrs Maria Luz                      04/23/53        ENT
Lamoreux Calvin Lee                       02/17/1990      SCDP          L    Llewellyn Megan                           01/08/1998      SCDP
Lampert Timothy Andrew "Tim"              08/07/1999      SCDP          L    Lloyd (Jim) Harmon                        08/24/61        ENT
Lanahan John Henry                        01/28/1987      SCDP          L    Lobb Tully V                              04/26/56        ENT
Landavazo George J. Sr.                    08/03/1992     SCDP          L    Lobstein William E                        12/14/1972      SC ENT
Landrum Beulah Jane                       05/19/83        ENT           L    Lock Murry Lynn Furguson "Minnie"         06/06/1998      SCDP
Landrum Ida Ellen                         05/06/1982      ENT           L    Lock Bea E.                               12/19/1989      SCDP
Landrum Joe                               07/06/63        ENT           L    Lock Clyde                                08/11/1988      SCDP
Landry Isabel                             04/06/67        ENT           L    Lockett Lisa Marie                        10/22/1993      SCDP
Lane Helen G                              10/07/1997      SCDP          L    Locklar Margaret Sprunk                   05/22/1995      SCDP
Lane Ernest C.                            09/14/1950      ENT           L    Locklar Robert A                          07/29/1948      ENT
Lane Lina                                 09/16/1965      SCDP          L    Lockley Nugent L                          12/23/54        ENT
Lane Mrs. J.O.                            02/11/1960      ENT           L    Lockney Nollie Martin                     10/16/47        ENT
Lane Mason Donald                         03/18/1996      SCDP          L    Lockney Problem A                         12/17/64        ENT
Lanehart Dolly                            05/21/1992      SCDP          L    Lockney Minnie                            03/07/1995      SCDP
Lanehart J. Noel                          03/02/67        ENT           L    Lockney Stella Irene                      05/13/1976      SC Ent
Lanehart John A.                          09/11/1991      SCDP          L    Lockwood Connie                           11/25/1991      SCDP
Laney William Leroy                       09/21/67        ENT           L    Lockwood Quiteria                         08/16/1988      SCDP
Laney Freda H.                            02/27/1975      SC Ent        L    Lockwood Thomas                           01/16/1993      SCDP
Laney Leslie C.                           06/08/1950      ENT           L    Lockwood; Chester L                       10/25/1996      SCDP
Laney Shelby William                      10/06/1990      SCDP          L    Loera Alberto                             10/19/1972      SC ENT
Laney Vernon Jesse                        10/18/1979      ENT           L    Loera Alicia Marquez                      04/08/1999      SCDP
Laney William Laurence                    05/13/1994      SCDP          L    Loera Antonia H "tacha"                   03/16/1999      SCDP
Laney William S.                          01/30/1958      ENT           L    Loera Mrs MariaCampos                     03/07/68        ENT
Langendorf William                        06/27/1957      ENT           L    Loera Antonia                             06/10/1997      SCDP
Langendorf Walter C.                      09/03/1981      ENT           L    Loera Antonia                             06/1997         SCDP
Langford Edna Mae                         07/29/1993      SCDP          L    Loera Guadalupe A.                        10/05/1987      SCDP
Langford Raymond Lee                      11/30/1992      SCDP          L    Loera Pedro A.                            07/12/1973      ENT
Langham Anna                              06/09/1998      SCDP          L    Loera Roberto Acosta                      11/09/1990      SCDP
Langham Glenn Watkins                     08/24/1994      SCDP          L    Loftin Carolyn June                       05/24/1984      ENT
Langstron Alma Irene                      02/28/51        ENT           L    Loftis Charlotte Ann                      03/12/1997      SCDP
Langstron Irene                           02/28/51        ENT           L    Logan Martie                              10/22/1988      SCDP
Langstron Mrs Margaret Conn               09/08/55        ENT           L    Logan Bryce Norman                        04/29/1996      SCDP
Langstroth Charles S                      04/15/48        ENT           L    Logan Eloise A.                           02/07/1996      SCDP
Langstroth James H                        01/19/61        ENT           L    Long Joseph W                             03/17/66        ENT
Laningham Irene Clora                     10/02/1980      ENT           L    Long Junie                                10/21/1985      SCDP
Lankford Faye Alta                        04/15/1997      SCDP          L    Long Mrs Mary                             09/08/55        ENT
Lankford Faye                             04/14/1997      SCDP          L    Long Gladys                               02/11/1982      ENT
Lannen Genevieve                          04/22/1982      ENT           L    Long Pearl Raymond "Buzz                  05/28/1981      ENT
Lannon Charles Howard                     01/06/66        ENT           L    Long Winnie Gilbert                       12/05/1974      ENT
Lannon Doris Rebecca Cousland             12/27/1985      SCDP          L    Longbotham Mrs Sara Leslie                08/15/63        ENT
Lanphere Thomas G.                        12/22/1993      SCDP          L    Longenbaugh William Carl                  01/05/56        ENT
Lanse Ella Mae                            10/21/1993      SCDP          L    Longley Mrs Myrtle B                      09/01/55        ENT
Lanse Frank H.                            12/11/1989      SCDP          L    Longshore Russell V.W.                    03/27/2000      SCDP
Lansway Charles E.                        06/03/1994      SCDP          L    Longshore Maurice Wells                   05/24/1997      SCDP
Lant Fred S                               08/25/55        ENT           L    Longshore Polly Suzette                   03/22/1979      Ent
Lantzer Charles F                         12/21/67        ENT           L    Longwell Mrs Pearl                        11/05/64        ENT
Laposki Stephan                           01/12/1998      SCDP          L    Longwell Fisher                           09/17/1992      SCDP
Lara Felix B                              09/13/56        ENT           L    Lopes Fransisco S                         03/03/64        ENT
Lara Maria M                              08/27/70        ENT           L    Lopez Anita V                             03/17/83        ENT
Lara Mrs Estefana T                       04/09/63        SCDP          L    Lopez Armando C                           05/1998         SCDP
Lara Mrs Estefana T                       04/04/68        ENT           L    Lopez Barney A                            02/27/1985      SCDP
Lara Cleotilde                            07/15/1988      SCDP          L    Lopez Candida S                           09/05/68        ENT
Lara Henry J.                             01/12/1994      SCDP          L    Lopez Catarina P                          05/27/1986      SCDP
Lara Jose M.                              01/24/1989      SCDP          L    Lopez David "Spanky" Joseph               05/02/2000      SCDP
Lara Samuel P.                            08/10/1978      ENT           L    Lopez Dolores Barela                      01/25/1999      SCDP
Lara Carlos G                             07/06/1994      SCDP          L    Lopez Eloy C                              06/03/65        ENT
Lardizabal Manual Telles                  02/19/1986      SCDP          L    Lopez Fernando Rosales                    08/24/61        ENT
Lardizabal Alberto                        02/25/1994      SCDP          L    Lopez Frank "Pancho"                      03/22/2000      SCDP
Lardizabal Jose                           03/04/1987      SCDP          L    Lopez Ignacio V                           10/19/1972      SC ENT
Lardizabal Pedro B.                       07/06/1978      ENT           L    Lopez Inez B                              12/06/1997      SCDP
Lare Sam H                                09/17/64        ENT           L    Lopez Jesusita Cabello                    02/26/1986      SCDP
Larkin Raymond Eugene                     03/19/1992      SCDP          L    Lopez Joe D                               01/21/1986      SCDP
Larremore George O                        05/05/1986      SCDP          L    Lopez Joe Willie                          12/29/1985      SCDP
Larremore Mrs Tomas W                     no date         ENT           L    Lopez Juan V                              04/09/1999      SCDP
Larremore William                         02/20/47        ENT           L    Lopez Juanita Carraza                     07/16/1998      SCDP
Larremore Edna Florence                   07/01/1982      ENT           L    Lopez Lauriano M                          07/08/1986      SCDP
Larsen Percy                              08/03/1972      SC ENT        L    Lopez Manual Chavez                       09/29/83        ENT
Larson Charles A                          08/10/61        ENT           L    Lopez Mariano M                           05/11/54        ENT
Larson Seth                               02/08/1979      Ent           L    Lopez Mrs Helen Y                         06/30/77        ENT
Larson Thaddeus A.                        02/07/1996      SCDP          L    Lopez Mrs Marcelina M                     09/19/68        ENT
Lascano Dolores L.                        10/23/69        ENT           L    Lopez Mrs Nora                            05/10/62        ENT
Lascano Ramon                             11/06/1986      SCDP          L    Lopez Mrs Norana                          05/10/63        ENT
Lash Irvin B                              10/06/55        ENT           L    Lopez Nacario B                           03/21/68        ENT
Lasiter Thomas Otto                       06/28/1993      SCDP          L    Lopez RolmuloH.                           09/05/1957      ENT
Lasiter William R.                        09/25/1980      ENT           L    Lopez Rumalda Silva                       02/27/1986      SCDP
Lassiter R C                              10/03/46        ENT           L    Lopez Albert D.                           09/30/1965      SCDP
Lastro Mrs Aurelia                        08/05/54        ENT           L    Lopez Antonio D.                          06/08/1978      ENT
Lastro Jesusita                           06/27/1957      ENT           L    Lopez Atanacia Moreno                     05/26/55        ENT
Latham Mrs Hattie R                       11/19/70        ENT           L    Lopez Aurelio C.                          12/27/1984      ENT
Latham Grover C.                          06/30/55        ENT           L    Lopez Consuelo "Connie"                   07/29/71        Ent
Latif Mae A.                              02/05/1993      SCDP          L    Lopez Crecencio                           01/28/1965      SCDP
Latta Mrs. John P.                        06/16/1957      ENT           L    Lopez Crecilia                            05/13/1965      SCDP
Latta Leota C.                            12/23/1965      SCDP          L    Lopez Cruza M.                            12/07/1994      SCDP
Laverty Charles G.                        01/13/1987      SCDP          L    Lopez Daniel                              10/20/1986      SCDP
Lawerence Jack                            11/02/1950      ENRT          L    Lopez Ernesto M. (Ernie)                  02/09/1978      ENT
Lawless Larry Dan                         10/14/1965      SCDP          L    Lopez Florenco Montoya                    04/25/1974      ENT
Lawless Roy                               05/25/1993      SCDP          L    Lopez Francisco C.                        03/25/71        Ent
Lawman Melvin Walter                      01/31/1986      SCDP          L    Lopez Frank D.                            07/19/1984      ENT
Lawn Floyd E                              08/29/68        ENT           L    Lopez Guadalupe M.                        12/28/1978      ENT
Lawrence Jack S                           11/02/50        SCDP          L    Lopez Jimmy M.                            11/14/1988      SCDP
Lawrence Mrs Edith                        03/21/63        ENT           L    Lopez Joaquin                             02/14/1994      SCDP
Lawrence Frank King                       01/11/1994      SCDP          L    Lopez Leonor T.                           05/29/1975      SC Ent
Lawrence Ealenor L                        11/04/1994      SCDP          L    Lopez Louisa T.                           10/03/1992      SCDP
Lawson Janie Lee                          05/30/1957      ENT           L    Lopez Lucia Galvez                        11/12/1981      ENT
Lawton John Jr                            07/02/64        ENT           L    Lopez Manuel Sanchez                      12/26/1957      ENT
Lazowsky John                             06/28/1973      ENT           L    Lopez Mrs cantuta Delgado                 03/09/61        ENT
Le Lay Robert                             10/06/66        ENT           L    Lopez Pedro C.                            10/19/1978      ENT
Lea Melvin O                              09/08/83        ENT           L    Lopez Pilar E.                            08/20/1994      SCDP
Lea Mrs Grace                             01/11/62        ENT           L    Lopez Richard T.                          03/19/1981      ENT
Lea Frank F.                              07/19/1990      SCDP          L    Lopez Rodolpho G.                         11/13/1980      ENT
Lea Howard                                03/19/70        ENT           L    Lopez Roman                               05/09/1981      ENT
Leach Harley T                            09/19/1998      SCDP          L    Lopez Sammy M.                            05/02/1989      SCDP
Leach Mrs Francis Ivan                    01/01/59        ENT           L    Lopez Senaida Delgado                     12/13/1990      SCDP
Leach Betty Sue Hyman                     07/20/1993      SCDP          L    Lopez Terry T.                            10/07/1993      SCDP
Leach Roger Irvin                         05/31/1997      SCDP          L    Lopez Tony M.                             08/04/1966      SCDP
Leach Thomas B.                           07/01/1994      SCDP          L    Lopez Veneslada                           01/16/1958      ENT
Leach Vada E.                             05/26/1993      SCDP          L    Lorentzen Agnes Boynton                   11/02/1994      SCDP
Leake Capt. Bruce Jr.                     11/09/50        SCDP          L    Lorier Joe                                05/29/1958      ENT
Leake Blanche Teel                        07/13/1987      SCDP          L    Lorier John Joseph                        07/19/1979      ENT
Leake Daniel Bruce                        05/13/1982      ENT           L    Loshbaugh Maria Elizabeth                 01/05/1999      SCDP
Leamer Margery Irene                      04/29/1985      SCDP          L    Lott James L. Jr.                         03/07/1995      SCDP
Leanard Herbert K                         03/25/54        ENT           L    Lott Trilby Irene                         07/12/1989      SCDP
Leanard Lillian Ann Bilbrey               10/22/1997      SCDP          L    Lottritz Juanita May                      05/19/55        ENT
LeBeau George                             08/08/46        ENT           L    Lottritz La Vada                          09/23/1976      SC Ent
Lechuga D M                               06/14/62        ENT           L    Loughery Lois N.                          09/22/1987      SCDP
Lechuga Carmen                            06/20/1995      SCDP          L    Loughner Glenn Evens                      05/17/56        ENT
Lechuga Mrs. Crispina                     01/23/1958      ENT           L    Loughner Mrs eleanor D                    12/28/61        ENT
LeDoux Mrs Elizabeth K                    08/13/66        ENT           L    Love Dr John M                            01/29/53        ENT
Lee Bow Yuen                              11/18/54        ENT           L    Love Harriet Christian                    01/31/1952      ENT
Lee Clarence G                            03/17/66        ENT           L    Lovelace Ruby Pearl                       08/23/1984      ENT
Lee Fred                                  10/16/59        ENT           L    Loveless Della A                          11/21/68        ENT
Lee Minerva (Minnie0 J                    01/08/1986      SCDP          L    Loveless Jack I.                          07/01/1991      SCDP
Lee Miss Eula Jane                        11/25/65        ENT           L    Lovette Mrs Lula A                        09/11/69        ENT
Lee Miss Vada                             02/21/63        ENT           L    Lowe Boyd A. (Cookie)                     09/23/1976      SC Ent
Lee Walter L "Spec"                       02/25/77        ENT           L    Lowell Brian Reed                         07/09/1999      SCDP
Lee William Frank                         08/13/46        ENT           L    Lowen Ellen Laure                         06/01/1950      ENT
Lee Zelma Fern                            2000            SCDP          L    Lowery Deborah Kay                        12/02/1998      S NEWS
Lee D.A.                                  06/05/1952      ENT           L    Lowery Mrs Ellen Irene                    09/26/68        ENT
Lee Harold Dean                           02/24/1997      SCDP          L    Lowery Thomas O                           05/12/77        ENT
Lee Howard                                02/05/1993      SCDP          L    Lowry Roy                                 10/10/1989      SCDP
Lee Lt.(jg) H.J. Skipper                  11/27/69        ENT           L    Loy Henery L                              12/23/1995      SCDP
Lee Miiki R. Lee                          05/03/1995      SCDP          L    Loy Henery L.                             12/30/1996      SCDP
Lee Robert L.                             03/31/1960      ENT           L    Loyd Michael C.                           10/21/1976      SC Ent
Lee Susan E.                              10/30/1980      ENT           L    Lozano Raymond F                          02/19/1998      SCDP
Lee Ivan Earl                             10/21/1994      SCDP          L    Lozano Catalina A.                        10/11/1995      SCDP
Leece Cecilia Ybarra                      10/06/1994      SCDP          L    Lozano Donna Marie                        10/31/1994      SCDP
Leeds Harlan                              09/06/1988      SCDP          L    Lozano Guadalupe D.                       12/13/1984      ENT
Leff Leonard                              05/06/2000      SCDP          L    Lozano Ronald Lee                         03/03/1997      SCDP
Leftault Margaret L.                      08/05/1996      SCDP          L    Lozano; Julieta Corral                    10/25/1996      SCDP
Leftwich Therron B Smith                  12/31/59        ENT           L    Lucas Mrs Gertrude                        09/08/66        ENT
Lefwenhagen Mrs Flora May                 09/10/59        ENT           L    Lucas Raymond (Lefty) R.                  10/30/69        ENT
Legarda Leonor Barreras                   03/17/1998      SCDP          L    Lucas Robert                              02/04/1965      SCDP
Legarda Mrs Petra P                       02/10/1972      SC ENT        L    Luce Charlotte P                          06/11/1999      SCDP
Legarda Soledad Tovar                     01/25/1989      SCDP          L    Lucero Bernardo A.                        09/05/1957      ENT
Leibart Carol June                        1996            SCDP          L    Lucero Frank Vallejos                     10/1998         SCDP
Leisering Mrs Margaret Ann                11/21/63        ENT           L    Lucero Fransisco R                        06/04/53        ENT
Lemke Paul August F.                      02/26/1992      SCDP          L    Lucero Isabel                             05/13/1999      S NEWS
Lemke Richard H.                          03/16/67        ENT           L    Lucero Isidro J                           09/02/1998      SCDP
Lemme Mardy D                             04/26/1986      SCDP          L    Lucero Jesusita S                         09/13/1999      S NEWS
Lemme Thomas                              08/08/1990      SCDP          L    Lucero Joe D                              07/16/59        ENT
Lemmer Gertrude Violet                    07/19/1984      ENT           L    Lucero Josefa S "Chepa"                   01/31/1998      SCDP
Lemons Brenda                             02/07/1990      SCDP          L    Lucero Joseph                             12/30/1997      SCDP
Lemus Ventura                             01/29/1981      ENT           L    Lucero Joseph                             12/29/1997      SCDP
Lenderman Shari Lishe                     01/31/1989      SCDP          L    Lucero Joseph                             12/30/1997      SCDP
Leon Pedro O                              02/09/1972      SC ENT        L    Lucero Julian                             02/13/64        ENT
Leon Tony O                               01/16/64        ENT           L    Lucero Lucia                              01/29/1998      SCDP
Leon Raymond L.                           10/30/1993      SCDP          L    Lucero Maria C                            05/21/1998      SCDP
Leora Mrs Adelina M                       10/27/77        ENT           L    Lucero Mrs Margarita T                    03/29/56        ENT
LePoidevin Walter William                 11/07/68        ENT           L    Lucero Pedro B                            03/29/1986      SCDP
Leras Lohn G                              12/18/47        ENT           L    Lucero Raul R                             07/1998         SCDP
Lerma Henery P                            1997            SCDP          L    Lucero Steve Tarazone                     07/17/83        ENT
Lerma Agapito "Aggie"                     02/15/1997      SCDP          L    Lucero Theodoro R                         05/11/61        ENT
Lerma Carlos P.                           10/19/1978      ENT           L    Lucero Trinidad Candeleria                11/02/1998      SCDP
Lerma Frank "Frankie"                     02/09/1995      SCDP          L    Lucero Veronica Maria                     03/21/1986      SCDP
Lerma Raymond M.                          10/26/1993      SCDP          L    Lucero William Baca                       05/22/2000      SCDP
Leroy Chesley                             03/15/62        ENT           L    Lucero Amalia N.                          02/23/1990      SCDP
Lesly U.L.                                07/11/1992      SCDP          L    Lucero Armando                            02/19/1981      ENT
Lesperance Bill                           09/16/1997      SCDP          L    Lucero Bernardina F.                      11/29/1993      SCDP
Lesperance W G "Billy"                    04/29/1997      SCDP          L    Lucero Brandy Lynn                        04/16/1991      SCDP
Lessel Leonard R.                         02/18/1960      ENT           L    Lucero Carlos Arzola Jr.                  06/03/1982      ENT
Leth Jeffrey Allen                        12/16/1982      ENT           L    Lucero Fidel C.                           05/10/1990      SCDP
Lett John Earl                            05/24/1979      ENT           L    Lucero Gregorio                           03/30/1992      SCDP
Leupold Marjorie C.                       01/17/1989      SCDP          L    Lucero Helen Lucero                       11/28/1994      SCDP
Levario Alfred G. "Fred"                  04/20/1995      SCDP          L    Lucero Herminia P.                        07/01/1995      SCDP
Levario Albert G.                         07/23/1996      SCDP          L    Lucero James H. "Boy"                     06/15/1994      SCDP
Leveille Richard R.                       01/19/1996      SCDP          L    Lucero Jim S.                             03/09/1993      SCDP
Level John Jacob                          06/16/83        ENT           L    Lucero Josefina                           02/27/1997      SCDP
Level Bonnie S                            11/03/1997      SCDP          L    Lucero Josefina Rodriquez                 03/03/1997      SCDP
LeVezu Della M                            07/20/1999      SCDP          L    Lucero Juliana R.                         01/21/71        Ent
Lewis A. E.                               05/09/46        ENT           L    Lucero Margaret Louise                    06/30/1960      ENT
Lewis Grace LaVern                        07/25/1998      SCDP          L    Lucero Martin D.                          02/15/1979      DP
Lewis Jr John T (Jack)                    05/10/56        ENT           L    Lucero Mrs. Sadie Swartz                  01/26/1984      ENT
Lewis Willy A                             12/28/67        ENT           L    Lucero Narciso C.                         04/22/1994      SCDP
Lewis Ashley Diane                        01/01/1987      SCDP          L    Lucero Porfirio                           05/17/1979      Ent
Lewis Ashley Diane                        03/15/1988      SCDP          L    Lucero Saturnino Dominqu                  06/17/1982      ENT
Lewis Clarence Raymond                    01/18/1991      SCDP          L    Lucero Sebastian C.                       11/06/1993      SCDP
Lewis Corine Patterson                    11/22/1951      ENT           L    Lucero Ysabel Gonzalez                    03/03/1987      SCDP
Lewis Gus O.                              09/20/1979      Ent           L    Lucero Elvira S.                          02/29/1996      SCDP
Lewis Jack                                08/02/1984      ENT           L    Lucero Estafana P.                        02/09/1996      SCDP
Lewis James Russell                       11/08/1984      ENT           L    Lucero Eugenia "Kena"                     12/16/1996      SCDP
Lewis Juanita Bonnell                     04/02/1993      SCDP          L    Lucero Guillermo                          11/04/1994      SCDP
Lewis Lloyd "Buzz"                        04/29/1994      SCDP          L    Lucero Sofia Z                            08/30/1994      SCDP
Lewis Lorena Moss                         04/09/70        ENT           L    Lucero Steven                             03/29/1996      SCDP
Lewis Mattie J.                           06/02/55        ENT           L    Lucero; Manual A. "Mula"                  10/17/1996      SCDP
Lewis Mrs. W.A.                           12/12/1957      ENT           L    Luck Mrs Gertude K                        04/30/1972      SC ENT
Lewis Winnie L.                           11/25/1988      SCDP          L    Luck William A                            06/27/1985      SCDP
Lewis Elzie L.                            01/12/1996      SCDP          L    Luck Alvin A.                             04/22/1987      SCDP
Lewis Sharon Elaine                       05/14/1996      SCDP          L    Luck Betty Jo                             08/22/1989      SCDP
Lewkowitz Sara "Dolly"                    04/22/1991      SCDP          L    Luera David B.                            12/20/1984      ENT
Leyba Andres Hernandez                    07/21/1998      SCDP          L    Luera Ruben V.                            02/22/1994      SCDP
Leyba Cirilo G                            01/17/1986      SCDP          L    Luevano Yvonne                            1997            SCDP
Leyba Crestina Torres                     12/01/1998      SCDP          L    Lugibihl Myron R.                         05/19/55        ENT
Leyba Cristina Torrez                     11/30/1998      SCDP          L    Lujan Andy lou                            03/30/1999      SCDP
Leyba Ermalinda                           03/30/61        ENT           L    Lujan Mrs Elena V                         02/20/64        ENT
Leyba Magdelana L                         10/16/50        SCDP          L    Lujan Barbara Garcia                      02/22/1995      SCDP
Leyba Mrs Elvira                          09/17/59        ENT           L    Lujan Pete Vasquez                        08/09/1993      SCDP
Leyba Mrs Sarah                           07/26/62        ENT           L    Lujan Silverio                            04/03/1992      SCDP
Leyba Ernesto F.                          07/18/1957      ENT           L    Luna Adrian M                             03/25/54        ENT
Leyba Adelina Maldonado                   01/14/1988      SCDP          L    Luna Jose C                               10/02/69        ENT
Leyba Andrea Anaya                        04/23/1992      SCDP          L    Luna Abran                                06/14/1997      SCDP
Leyba Chrestino                           08/19/1976      SC Ent        L    Luna Abran Chavez                         06/17/1997      SCDP
Leyba Concepcion A.                       12/29/1993      SCDP          L    Luna Albert T.                            07/27/1978      ENT
Leyba Cristina L.                         10/25/1979      ENT           L    Luna Daniel Ray                           10/08/1992      SCDP
Leyba Eddie Joe Majalca                   04/11/1989      SCDP          L    Luna Frank "Pee Wee" T.                   01/17/1992      SCDP
Leyba Enrique "Henry"                     03/10/1992      SCDP          L    Luna Max C.                               01/30/1992      SCDP
Leyba Josefa Alirez                       08/22/1987      SCDP          L    Luna Richard Randolf                      06/01/1987      SCDP
Leyba Leonor R.                           10/22/1990      SCDP          L    Luna Rudy G.                              06/06/1974      ENT
Leyba Magdaleno L.                        10/19/1950      ENT           L    Luna Salomon C.                           11/27/69        ENT
Leyba Manuel H.                           09/09/1992      SCDP          L    Luna Victor                               01/07/1997      SCDP
Libby Glendon Howard                      04/26/1993      SCDP          L    Luna Victor Anthony                       05/30/1990      SCDP
Liebert                                   11/11/1996      SCDP          L    Luna Victor Trujillo                      01/13/1997      SCDP
Liebhart Carol June                       01/11/1997      SCDP          L    Luna Victor Trujillo                      01/11/1997      SCDP
Lieder Paul Louis                         03/31/1989      SCDP          L    Luna Victor Trujillo                      11/11/1996      SCDP
Light Clyde L                             09/16/1998      SCDP          L    Lung Carolyn Jean                         10/1999         SCDP
Light David Melvin                        12/08/66        ENT           L    Lunt Pearl Gale                           01/24/1990      SCDP
Light Frank                               11/17/77        ENT           L    Luper James D                             08/01/68        ENT
Light John                                01/27/77        ENT           L    Lupton Nettie D                           03/05/70        ENT
Light Alvin A.                            05/20/1982      ENT           L    Luscomb William L                         12/02/1998      SCDP
Light Dorothy Frances                     05/20/1982      ENT           L    Lusk Sr Harry                             09/13/56        ENT
Light Eva Maxine                          02/09/1978      ENT           L    Lusk Edith B.                             02/26/70        ENT
Light Jesse E.                            10/14/1976      SC Ent        L    Lustig Phillip Russell                    05/13/1965      SCDP
Light Lillie L.                           04/13/1972      SC Ent        L    Luttrell Lucille Frances                  07/19/1993      SCDP
Light Maud Cosgrove                       03/11/71        Ent           L    Luttrell Orville L.                       06/14/1994      SCDP
Light Wilburn C. "Buddy"                  01/19/1984      ENT           L    Lutz Robert                               02/14/2000      SCDP
Light Gary Ray                            01/10/1996      SCDP          L    Lutz Roger Munn                           02/15/2000      SCDP
Lightfoot John                            06/16/55        ENT           L    Lyba Martin Garcia                        09/22/66        ENT
Like lowell C.                            02/22/1996      SCDP          L    Lyba Ricardo C                            08/27/70        ENT
Lime Mah Foon                             07/07/77        ENT           L    Lynch Gertrude Seaman "Trudy"             02/28/2000      SCDP
Linam Grace Alene                         11/15/1984      ENT           L    Lynch Helen C.                            04/21/1994      SCDP
Linbaugh Earl                             02/29/68        ENT           L    Lynch J. C.                               04/29/1965      SCDP
Lincln Wilfred J.                         08/24/1996      SCDP          L    Lynn Henrietta P.                         01/01/1976      SC Ent
Lindell Arnold W.                         11/15/1951      ENT           L    Lynn Mark Francis                         02/18/1993      SCDP
Lindell Hilda C.                          01/05/67        ENT           L    Lyon Arthur F.                            02/29/1988      SCDP
Lindenfeld Mrs Pearl                      08/16/62        ENT           L    Lyon Tolbert J.                           01/08/1991      SCDP
Lindley W.G. "Buster"                     08/29/1995      SCDP          L    Lyon Valois I                             04/27/1972      SC Ent
Lindsay Rita A                            01/07/1986      SCDP          L    Lyon William Joseph                       08/16/1984      ENT
Lines Olive Margaret                      01/15/1985      SCDP          L    Lyons Charles Herbert                     06/12/47        ENT
Lines Herbert L.                          03/09/1978      ENT           L    Lyons Mrs Ida R                           no date         ENT
Linfoot Carrie                            02/28/1952      ENT           L    Lyons Joshua C.                           07/17/1958      ENT
Link Barbara Marie                        11/15/1984      ENT           L    Lyons Charles B.                          04/03/1958      ENT
Link Clarence B.                          03/03/1960      ENT           L    Lytle Alice Patricia "Pat"                04/28/1998      SCDP
Linn Imogene                              02/08/1973      ENT           L    Lytle George A.                           04/23/1981      ENT
Linn O.M. (Mark)                          03/27/1975      SC Ent        L    Lytle George A.                           04/13/1990      SCDP
Linn Tina Louise                          08/08/1991      SCDP          L    Lytle Louise Viola                        11/30/1996      SCDP