Obituary Index to the Obituaries for Grant County
By Janet Wasson and C. W. Barnum
This is a Partial Index of 11,641 Names
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                   Name                   Date            Newspaper     Link                        Name                   Date            Newspaper
Mabry Thomas J (Gov.)                     12/27/62        ENT           M        Mead Jean                                 04/06/67        ENT
MacArthur Carmerin Gay                    05/10/2000      SCDP          M        Means John Z                              04/11/63        ENT
MacDonald Edith H.                        08/23/1979      Ent           M        Means M O (Bugs)                          08/17/61        ENT
Macias Clara A                            07/24/1999      SCDP          M        Means Mrs Hester                          02/22/51        ENT
Macias Aurora G.                          07/12/1989      SCDP          M        Means Mrs Sam F                           02/16/56        ENT
Macias Hector Gonzalez                    07/07/1987      SCDP          M        Means Gene T.                             04/01/1996      SCDP
Macias Jesus R.                           03/06/1980      ENT           M        Measday Mrs Maggie                        03/07/63        ENT
Macias Julian A.                          12/04/69        ENT           M        Mecham Edward                             07/04/1957      ENT
Macias Lux Gonzales                       02/20/1975      SC Ent        M        Mechem M C                                05/30/46        ENT
Macias Mrs. Herinda                       02/13/1958      ENT           M        Medal Merejildo A                         02/10/1972      SC ENT
Mackenzie Jessie                          08/19/1965      SCDP          M        Medeiros Walter Roger                     02/23/1995      SCDP
Mackey Dorcas R                           10/28/1998      SCDP          M        Mediano Severiano                         01/10/63        ENT
Mackey James Herbert                      08/06/59        ENT           M        Medigovich Steve                          03/15/56        ENT
Mackey R W                                05/03/68        ENT           M        Medina Aurelio G                          09/09/54        ENT
Madden George Marion                      05/24/1979      SCDP          M        Medina Bertha                             10/14/1985      SCDP
Maddison Hilda Ingram                     04/02/1997      SCDP          M        Medina Fredrico                           no date         ENT
Madero Aurora G.                          01/28/1965      SCDP          M        Medina Fredrico                           11/05/53        ENT
Madrano Jose C                            09/14/1972      SC ENT        M        Medina Gabriel G                          07/14/63        ENT
Madrid Alex A "Sonny Boy"                 09/29/83        ENT           M        Medina Jesus O                            12/03/70        ENT
Madrid Alex L                             06/18/70        ENT           M        Medina Juliana Gonzales                   04/02/53        ENT
Madrid alfredo                            12/29/1997      SCDP          M        Medina Leonard Ray                        02/03/77        ENT
Madrid Alfredo                            12/30/1997      SCDP          M        Medina Margarita                          11/04/1965      SCDP
Madrid Ana Maria                          06/18/1998      SCDP          M        Medina Martin P                           06/22/1972      SC ENT
Madrid Carlos                             01/19/56        ENT           M        Medina Mary M                             03/25/1997      SCDP
Madrid David C                            01/19/2000      SCDP          M        Medina Pedro                              06/11/64        ENT
Madrid Debra Jean                         12/06/56        ENT           M        Medina Sylvia                             10/19/59        ENT
Madrid Esther C                           12/03/1998      SCDP          M        Medina Arnold Marvin                      07/26/1993      SCDP
Madrid Frank B                            12/15/66        ENT           M        Medina Christopher P.                     10/05/1978      ENT
Madrid Gloria Sias                        02/18/1998      SCDP          M        Medina Edward P.                          06/11/1981      ENT
Madrid Jose Omar                          06/09/1986      SCDP          M        Medina Estevan Miguel                     02/23/1990      SCDP
Madrid Joseph D Andezola                  01/17/1998      SCDP          M        Medina Maria M                            03/29/1997      SCDP
Madrid Juan B                             11/03/66        ENT           M        Medina Otilia Gallegos                    02/02/1984      ENT
Madrid Louise S                           10/31/63        ENT           M        Medina Ray Martinez                       01/30/1987      SCDP
Madrid Matilde "Tillie" Aguilar           09/07/1994      SCDP          M        Medina Roberto G.                         06/01/1988      SCDP
Madrid Maxmiliano                         03/08/51        ENT           M        Medina Soledad G.                         10/28/1992      SCDP
Madrid Mrs Josefita Holguin               03/05/59        ENT           M        Medina Arnold "Sonny"                     01/31/1996      SCDP
Madrid Mrs Julia S                        12/14/1972      SC ENT        M        Medina Ernesto Gallego                    01/19/1996      SCDP
Madrid Mrs Petrocenia S                   08/16/56        ENT           M        Medina Ignatio P.                         03/30/1996      SCDP
Madrid Mrs Seneria                        11/10/55        ENT           M        Medran Joe G. Jr.                         06/13/1976      SC Ent
Madrid Richard S                          10/04/56        ENT           M        Medran Joe R.                             11/25/1988      SCDP
Madrid Rosa                               06/13/1997      SCDP          M        Medrano Fernando                          08/02/51        ENT
Madrid Abran S.                           01/08/70        ENT           M        Medrano Gilbert P Sr.                     03/29/1986      SCDP
Madrid Alfred                             10/04/1988      SCDP          M        Medrano Mrs Petra Montoya                 02/26/59        ENT
Madrid Antonio Tafoya                     02/15/1989      SCDP          M        Medrano Angela A.                         01/07/1982      ENT
Madrid Armida Ramirez                     07/06/1989      SCDP          M        Medrano Jose C.                           03/14/1972      SC Ent
Madrid Billy M.                           08/08/1995      SCDP          M        Medrano Manuel A.                         05/10/1984      ENT
Madrid Catalina M.                        04/21/1981      ENT           M        Medrano Santos P.                         12/20/1973      ENT
Madrid Charles Daniel                     09/26/1995      SCDP          M        Meier Mrs Susan G                         08/24/1972      SC ENT
Madrid Charles Daniel Jr                  09/25/1995      SCDP          M        Melbo Irving R Melbo                      05/03/1995      SCDP
Madrid Cruz C.                            03/01/1995      SCDP          M        Melcher Edmond H.                         08/30/1984      ENT
Madrid David T.                           08/12/71        Ent           M        Melendes Mary Geck                        07/10/47        ENT
Madrid Eligio M.                          03/12/70        ENT           M        Melendez alberto M                        08/07/47        ENT
Madrid Enriqueta                          04/28/1981      ENT           M        Melendez Amelia                           06/29/1999      SCDP
Madrid Epifanio S. Pete                   11/04/1986      SCDP          M        Melendrez Cesaria A                       12/08/83        ENT
Madrid Felicita G.                        03/05/1990      SCDP          M        Melendrez Frank                           02/02/61        ENT
Madrid Frances W.                         09/06/1979      Ent           M        Melendrez Miquela R                       09/24/1999      S NEWS
Madrid Jennita N.                         02/22/1995      SCDP          M        Melendrez Ysidro F                        01/24/1986      SCDP
Madrid Jimmy S.                           04/08/1993      SCDP          M        Melendrez Carmen F.                       12/04/1975      SC Ent
Madrid Jose B.                            12/30/1965      SCDP          M        Melendrez David Macias                    09/01/1990      SCDP
Madrid Jose Eduardo                       10/02/1989      SCDP          M        Melendrez Dora                            09/09/1991      SCDP
Madrid Juan                               07/06/1978      ENT           M        Melendrez Emeteria S.                     05/28/1981      ENT
Madrid Juan L.                            02/08/1979      SCDP          M        Melendrez Frankie Jr.                     08/17/1993      SCDP
Madrid Manual L.                          05/20/1982      ENT           M        Melendrez Louisa                          11/23/1978      ENT
Madrid Manuela Lechuga                    08/10/1990      SCDP          M        Melendrez Lucas F.                        08/26/1987      SCDP
Madrid Maria Laura                        12/27/1990      SCDP          M        Melendrez Maria Dolores                   12/18/1980      ENT
Madrid Maria Luna                         08/22/1974      ENT           M        Melendrez Olivia                          11/13/1980      ENT
Madrid Max S.                             09/29/1993      SCDP          M        Melendrez Pablo M                         11/18/1948      ENT
Madrid Michael Anthony                    03/31/1989      SCDP          M        Melendrez Estella M                       09/22/1994      SCDP
Madrid Miguel Mendoza                     04/01/1991      SCDP          M        Melenudo Mike F.                          08/19/1988      SCDP
Madrid Petra Portillo                     03/16/1987      SCDP          M        Mellen Richard Harlow                     08/12/1982      ENT
Madrid Polly Becerra                      06/20/1993      SCDP          M        Mellor Barker (Bun)                       02/09/56        ENT
Madrid Refugia G.                         01/31/1980      ENT           M        Melton Agnes                              08/15/1985      SCDP
Madrid Rosa                               06/12/1997      SCDP          M        Melton Joann                              02/07/2000      SCDP
Madrid Rosa Wilson                        06/14/1997      SCDP          M        Melton Crystal Diane                      10/08/1992      SCDP
Madrid Rosela Horcasitas                  04/25/1974      ENT           M        Mena Josephine M                          04/12/1997      SCDP
Madrid Rudy C.                            01/19/1984      ENT           M        Mena Joe R.                               05/04/1988      SCDP
Madrid Susie Mawson                       12/21/1991      SCDP          M        Mena Josephine M                          04/14/1997      SCDP
Madrid Valeria Trujillo                   11/20/1990      SCDP          M        Menard John A                             09/01/55        ENT
Madrid Victoriana                         02/07/1980      ENT           M        Menard Hugo Louis                         03/11/1982      ENT
Madrid Vidal Serna                        07/27/1978      ENT           M        Menard Agnes C.                           07/29/1976      SC Ent
Madrid Ysidro "Chilo"                     12/06/1994      SCDP          M        Menard Ruth Rhea                          05/08/1993      SCDP
Maes Elena                                06/05/1999      SCDP          M        Mendez Bonifacio M                        08/27/59        ENT
Maes Santos                               11/29/1981      ENT           M        Mendez Teresa                             05/02/1957      ENT
Maestas Ruben F                           02/07/1997      SCDP          M        Mendo Rafael M                            10/28/54        ENT
Magdaleno Elena C.                        04/01/71        Ent           M        Mendoza Amalia Q "Molly"                  05/06/1999      S NEWS
Magdaleno Simon G.                        04/08/71        Ent           M        Mendoza Andre O                           01/13/66        ENT
Magers H. Brady                           07/15/1976      SC Ent        M        Mendoza Mrs Ida A                         06/28/56        ENT
Mah Fred                                  11/02/61        ENT           M        Mendoza Mrs Mariana C                     02/05/59        ENT
Mahl LeRoy                                09/04/1990      SCDP          M        Mendoza Reyes                             11/25/48        ENT
Mahler Esther Marie                       05/05/1998      SCDP          M        Mendoza Victor Aguirre                    10/08/1985      SCDP
Mahler Mrs Hulda                          03/17/66        ENT           M        Mendoza Baltazar V                        04/28/1997      SCDP
Mahler Louis                              03/31/55        ENT           M        Mendoza C. Mike                           05/03/1979      ENT
Main Jason                                06/21/1984      ENT           M        Mendoza Gilberto C.                       01/12/1984      ENT
Majalca Alfred L.                         11/28/1992      SCDP          M        Mendoza Henry A.                          04/22/1982      ENT
Majalca Alphred S "Sonny"                 09/09/1995      SCDP          M        Mendoza Jose S.                           11/18/1976      ENT
Majalca; Edward                           10/18/1996      SCDP          M        Mendoza Louisa F.                         08/01/1974      ENT
Malcolm W J "Tex"                         10/09/47        ENT           M        Mendoza Ruperto Ramirez                   06/14/1984      ENT
Maldanado Gonzalo Gutierraz               05/26/83        ENT           M        Mendoza Vicente                           01/24/1951      ENT
Maldanado Leopoldo G                      02/10/83        ENT           M        Mendoza Victor Jr.                        08/11/1986      SCDP
Maldanado Lucia R                         02/24/83        ENT           M        Menefee Clyde A                           07/09/64        ENT
Maldanado Mrs Marcelena                   10/11/56        ENT           M        Menge Stanley                             12/23/1998      S NEWS
Maldonado Angela Marie                    07/06/1999      SCDP          M        Menges Rhinehart A                        10/09/47        ENT
Maldonado Aurelio R                       03/30/1999      SCDP          M        Menges Arment                             08/15/1986      SCDP
Maldonado Fransisco Rivas                 05/05/1998      SCDP          M        Menges John Edward                        03/18/1997      SCDP
Maldonado Hilario                         01/25/51        ENT           M        Menges Julia Light                        05/22/1952      ENT
Maldonado Porfirio G                      06/08/1998      SCDP          M        Menges Trupe Carter                       01/11/1993      SCDP
Maldonado Severo "Zero"                   05/06/2000      SCDP          M        Menges Bernice                            01/19/1996      SCDP
Maldonado Cosme P.                        02/20/1975      SC Ent        M        Menkhoff Duncan W.                        07/12/1995      SCDOP
Maldonado Jonathon D.                     12/24/1988      SCDP          M        Menodoza Andrea M.                        05/31/1979      ENT
Maldonado Manuel C.                       04/14/1981      ENT           M        Mercedes Mrs Maria Del Los                03/23/62        ENT
Maldonado Manuel G.                       07/25/1989      SCDP          M        Mercer Myrtle Irene                       05/13/2000      SCDP
Maldonado Manuela C.                      01/02/1975      SC Ent        M        Mercer Alfred W                           11/30/1995      SCDP
Maldonado Manuela Gomez                   02/09/1984      ENT           M        Mercer Alfred William                     12/07/1995      SCDP
Maldonado Rudy T.                         08/14/1980      ENT           M        Merdian Mary Lou                          04/09/1998      SCDP
Maldonado Soledad R.                      11/17/1994      SCDP          M        Merino Gregorio Q                         11/03/77        ENT
Maldonado Stella Soliz                    07/22/1997      SCDP          M        Merino Juana Rita Trujillo                01/22/1999      SCDP
Maldonado Vicente M.                      09/09/1988      SCDP          M        Merino Frank Q.                           01/11/1991      SCDP
Maldonado Beatrice P                      02/21/1996      SCDP          M        Merino Jesus A.                           02/19/1976      SC Ent
Malin Margaret Manning                    05/13/1993      SCDP          M        Merino Jose A.                            04/02/1981      ENT
Maljaca Celsa                             10/03/1997      SCDP          M        Merino Jose Jr.                           10/07/1989      SCDP
Mallard William L                         02/18/1985      SCDP          M        Merril Col. Gyles                         07/15/54        ENT
Mallard Evelyn                            01/11/1988      SCDP          M        Merritt Gladys Ella                       09/28/1984      ENT
Mallard William Robert                    12/01/1993      SCDP          M        Merritt Jeffrey Byron                     02/15/1990      SCDP
Mallinckrodt Hazel L.                     07/17/1989      SCDP          M        Merriwether J                             09/20/56        ENT
Mallory John                              01/20/1972      SC ENT        M        Merz Sr. Mrs August                       10/08/63        ENT
Malone Rex Lee                            04/18/1986      SCDP          M        Merz Frances Huddleson                    11/16/1950      ENT
Malone Thomas Wayne                       01/27/1972      SC ENT        M        Merz August "Andy"                        01/22/1996      SCDP
Mandell Mrs David                         12/28/61        ENT           M        Merz Ruth Larson                          07/09/1996      SCDP
Mandez Mrs Solodad S                      09/07/67        ENT           M        Mesa Max A                                11/14/54        ENT
Maners Horace Mann                        03/08/1995      SCDP          M        Mesa Melanie Leigh                        04/06/1990      SCDP
Maners Mary E.                            07/17/1990      SCDP          M        Meskill Bob F.                            10/23/1989      SCDP
Mann David Fenton                         11/13/47        ENT           M        Messer Arthur William                     01/31/63        ENT
Mann Eva Gladys                           11/01/1985      SCDP          M        Messer Ora M.                             08/13/1996      SCDP
Mann Gonzales                             03/28/63        ENT           M        Messing Maude                             05/12/1960      ENT
Mann Inocencio J                          06/18/70        ENT           M        Mesz Petra B                              08/18/1998      SCDP
Mann James Packard                        12/15/55        ENT           M        Metcalfe Ina                              01/11/2000      SCDP
Mann Mrs Mary elizabeth                   06/04/59        ENT           M        Metcalfe Pearl Parks                      02/13/1987      SCDP
Mann Dalton D. "Pete"                     02/27/1989      SCDP          M        Metzger Mrs Julia                         04/16/59        ENT
Mann Howard                               05/03/1991      SCDP          M        Metzger Dr. Jerry                         05/29/1958      ENT
Mann Joy Lee                              12/21/1995      SCDP          M        Meyer Arlette Patricia                    10/23/1998      SCDP
Mann Margaret Elizabeth                   08/30/1984      ENT           M        Meyers Mrs George                         08/10/1971      SC ENT
Mann Tomas Carrol                         04/01/1996      SCDP          M        Meyers Concha G.                          05/29/1980      ENT
Manning Vannie Brock                      03/29/56        ENT           M        Meyers Verda M.                           05/16/1974      ENT
Manning Alice                             11/20/1993      SCDP          M        Meyrose Candra                            05/31/1990      SCDP
Manning Anne Melissa Den                  05/13/1982      ENT           M        Meza Esequiel Hernandez                   08/21/1998      SCDP
Manning Carole                            09/06/1988      SCDP          M        Michael Russell G.                        05/15/1975      SC Ent
Manning Kimberly Jill                     03/15/1984      ENT           M        Mickelson Dorothy A.                      06/20/1995      SCDP
Mansfield Bren Dewey                      07/07/1999      SCDP          M        Mickelson Dorothy Althea                  03/19/1995      SCDP
Mantell Kristine Dominquez                07/19/1999      SCDP          M        Mienk Lawrence Frederick                  11/29/1984      ENT
Manthie Maria zapata                      01/05/2000      SCDP          M        Milan Mrs Antonia                         03/31/66        ENT
Manzano Inez Carmona                      04/28/1999      SCDP          M        Milazzo Joseph J.                         12/27/1990      SCDP
Manzano Eligio                            01/24/1996      SCDP          M        Mildes Edward                             06/09/1997      SCDP
Marable Dwight E.                         11/07/1989      SCDP          M        Mildes Edward                             06/10/1997      SCDP
Marchand Walter                           02/08/1990      SCDP          M        Mildes Edward D                           06/11/1997      SCDP
Marcoot Eva Viola                         06/19/1993      SCDP          M        Miles Irl M "Bud"                         04/28/1986      SCDP
Marcum William Edward                     12/02/1998      SCDP          M        Miles Miss Myrtle                         09/02/54        ENT
Mardis Bertha Crosby                      12/29/1992      SCDP          M        Miles Walter                              10/07/1998      SCDP
Marek Le Roy                              01/13/1972      SC ENT        M        Miles Louise R. "Lue"                     11/11/1982      ENT
Marek Mrs Pauline O                       10/13/66        ENT           M        Miles Mary Frances                        03/14/1974      ENT
Marin Salome J.                           02/02/1993      SCDP          M        Miles Maude Adams                         06/19/1987      SCDP
Marinez Anthoney Manuala                  06/11/1996      SCDP          M        Millan Irene Torres                       09/20/1973      ENT
Mariscal Hilario S.                       12/24/1993      SCDP          M        Millan Santiago Martinez                  02/09/1987      SCDP
Markham John D (Jake)                     10/12/1972      SC ENT        M        Millay Margaret M.                        05/08/1993      SCDP
Marksbury Grace                           09/06/1997      SCDP          M        Millay Wilford Floyd                      03/03/1990      SCDP
Marksbury Grace B                         09/07/1997      SCDP          M        Miller Abb David "Pete"                   10/04/1999      SCDP
Markunas Stephen                          07/15/1965      ENT           M        Miller Gilbert Perea                      09/24/1999      S News
Marques Florentino                        10/15/64        ENT           M        Miller Margaret "Maggie"                  10/20/1999      SCDP
Marquez Angelita Woods                    01?10/1986      SCDP          M        Miller Marjorie P                         06/24/1998      SCDP
Marquez Daniel Jarmillo                   09/08/1999      S NEWS        M        Miller Max M                              09/10/50        SCDP
Marquez Guadalupe Montoya                 07/22/1986      SCDP          M        Miller Mildred F                          08/03/1998      SCDP
Marquez Leticia                           11/23/1985      SCDP          M        Miller Robert I                           05/05/1999      S NEWS
Marquez Manual F                          02/17/66        ENT           M        Miller Robert L                           06/18/59        ENT
Marquez Mrs Constanza                     01/19/56        ENT           M        Miller Sydney Morgan                      05/03/56        ENT
Marquez Mrs leonor F                      11/30/61        ENT           M        Miller Vinnia Viola                       01/20/1985      SCDP
Marquez Policarplo L                      08/10/67        ENT           M        Miller William J                          04/30/1985      SCDP
Marquez Ramon B                           05/16/1986      SCDP          M        Miller Attie Ellender J.                  04/16/1988      SCDP
Marquez Ramon Olea                        10/13/1997      SCDP          M        Miller Bessie                             07/23/1990      SCDP
Marquez Roman Gabriel                     08/04/77        ENT           M        Miller Betty Eileen                       08/25/1995      SCDP
Marquez Ronald Joseph                     06/25/1985      SCDP          M        Miller Edith                              11/18/1988      SCDP
Marquez Teresa                            03/02/61        ENT           M        Miller Hazel Theresa                      04/27/1990      SCPD
Marquez Toribio Ray                       07/23/1998      SCDP          M        Miller J. Cloyd                           01/11/1994      SCDP
Marquez Trinidad R "Trinie"               07/14/1998      SCDP          M        Miller James A.                           06/19/1980      ENT
Marquez Lucia                             10/14/1982      ENT           M        Miller John B.                            03/31/1987      SCDP
Marquez Alfonsa H.                        09/11/1992      SCDP          M        Miller Josephine                          12/16/1986      SCDP
Marquez Amparo Sias                       10/27/1986      SCDP          M        Miller Leslie Earl                        10/11/1988      SCDP
Marquez Casimiro R.                       06/16/1993      SCDP          M        Miller Mable                              07/24/1975      SC Ent
Marquez Cecilia Flores                    11/22/1984      ENT           M        Miller Max M.                             09/14/1950      ENT
Marquez Consuelo Garcia                   10/04/1984      ENT           M        Miller Ofelia Grijalva                    01/19/1993      SCDP
Marquez Daniel Lee                        04/18/1988      SCDP          M        Miller Patricia A.                        10/26/1978      ENT
Marquez Demetrio M.                       07/28/1966      SCDP          M        Miller Ray                                03/06/1958      ENT
Marquez Desiderio O.                      05/02/1988      SCDP          M        Miller Richard                            06/07/1995      SCDP
Marquez Edwardo L.                        01/12/1984      ENT           M        Miller Richard W.                         06/08/1995      SCDP
Marquez Fernando Urena                    01/11/1997      SCDP          M        Miller Robert Fount                       03/23/1994      SCDP
Marquez Gloria                            11/01/1984      ENT           M        Miller Thelma Irene                       08/03/1988      SCDP
Marquez Juan L.                           11/29/1979      ENT           M        Miller Thomas L.                          07/07/1987      SCDP
Marquez Juana Aragon                      05/06/1982      ENT           M        Miller Ulric Fount                        02/23/67        ENT
Marquez Julia O.                          02/23/1989      SCDP          M        Miller William                            02/22/1988      SCDP
Marquez Lucio Lucero                      11/25/1986      SCDP          M        Miller William Byron                      03/19/1987      SCDP
Marquez Lumina G.                         08/13/1992      SCDP          M        Miller Howard "HR"                        02/02/1996      SCDP
Marquez Manuel S.                         10/01/1981      ENT           M        Miller James C.                           12/30/1996      SCDP
Marquez Pedro P.                          12/15/1989      SCDP          M        Millican infant                           01/24/1957      ENT
Marquez Pedro U.                          04/13/1992      SCDP          M        Milligan Beulah "Skeeter"                 03/1999         SCDP
Marquez Pete                              12/13/1989      SCDP          M        Milligan Henery Nicholas                  05/08/67        ENT
Marquez Rejino                            07/13/1993      SCDP          M        Milliken Gladys M.                        08/19/71        Ent
Marquez Sable S.                          03/14/1974      ENT           M        Mills George T                            05/14/1985      SCDP
Marquez Simon J.                          11/08/1973      ENT           M        Mills Kenneth W                           07/23/64        ENT
Marquez Tereso Z.                         04/25/1957      ENT           M        Mills Thomas I                            06/16/83        ENT
Marquez Fernando Urena                    11/11/1996      SCDP          M        Mills John Ellis                          12/06/1984      ENT
Marriage Dennis Patrick                   04/09/1998      SCDP          M        Milner Harley                             04/19/62        ENT
Marrs Ruby Z.                             10/27/1992      SCDP          M        Milovich Mark Lee                         01/08/1998      SCDP
Marrufo Juanita H                         2000            SCDP          M        Mims J Avery                              02/08/62        ENT
Marrufo Angela Munoz                      11/02/1950      ENT           M        Mims Opal C.                              11/02/1993      SCDP
Marrufo Leo                               02/10/1989      SCDP          M        Mims William (Billy)                      09/13/1979      ENT
Marrufo Reina                             10/01/1981      ENT           M        Minch Earl Lewis                          12/08/55        ENT
Marrujo Juan J                            09/28/67        ENT           M        Minerd Anne Manquero                      09/20/1985      SCDP
Marrujo Angelita C.                       03/11/1988      SCDP          M        Minerd Paul Wayne                         12/21/1978      ENT
Marrujo Arturo M.                         12/17/1988      SCDP          M        Minkler Roy G                             12/17/83        ENT
Marrujo Beatriz A.                        03/07/1957      ENT           M        Minor Raymond D                           07/06/61        ENT
Marrujo Belen Robles                      08/18/1986      SCDP          M        Minor Forrest W.                          02/22/1979      Ent
Marrujo Evangelisto                       01/24/1957      ENT           M        Minor Forrest W.                          02/22/1990      ENT
Marrujo Javier De Arcos                   03/12/1991      SCDP          M        Mintzer Jack                              09/14/1998      SCDP
Marrujo Louis C.                          06/19/1993      SCDP          M        Miranda Thomas (Tommy)                    08/07/1985      SCDP
Marrujo Manuela A.                        12/05/1992      SCDP          M        Miranda Delores G.                        07/15/1982      ENT
Marsh Ernest Lacey                        08/23/1984      ENT           M        Miranda Felipe D.                         06/07/1991      SCDP
Marshall A.W.                             12/12/1957      ENT           M        Miranda Frank                             12/04/1992      SCDP
Marshall Merle M                          09/21/67        ENT           M        Miranda Higinio G.                        09/07/1993      SCDP
Marshall Mrs J L                          10/02/47        ENT           M        Miranda Jose Sanches                      08/10/1993      SCDP
Marshall Theodore V                       01/06/1986      SCDP          M        Miranda Robert B.                         01/09/1984      ENT
Marshall A.L.                             11/13/1980      ENT           M        Miranda Stella A.                         08/24/1993      SCDP
Marshall Carolyn C.                       04/17/1995      SCDP          M        Miranda John Serna                        07/21/1994      SCDP
Marshall Edwin                            11/22/1988      SCDP          M        Miranda Sally                             1996            SCDP
Marshall John W.                          08/08/1989      SCDP          M        Misenhimer Dan                            02/03/66        ENT
Marshall Miles Noles                      02/10/1987      SCDP          M        Misquez Anastacio                         10/27/83        ENT
Marshall Olive Kathleen                   01/14/1989      SCPD          M        Misquez Magdalena                         10/03/1988      SCDP
Marshall Riley Dixon                      12/06/1984      ENT           M        Misquez Belen R                           02.13.1996      SCDP
Marshall Susan                            07/04/1957      ENT           M        Mitchel Angie                             no date         ENT
Marston Edward J                          01/11/62        ENT           M        Mitchel Dr John C                         09/29/77        ENT
Marteeny Hazel E                          03/13/1986      SCDP          M        Mitchell Edwin Houston                    10/27/66        ENT
Marteeny Juanita Charlene                 07/16/1998      SCDP          M        Mitchell Gary Gordon                      01/10/1998      SCDP
Marteeny Robert L.                        11/22/1979      ENT           M        Mitchell Janet Lynn                       08/24/61        ENT
Martel G. Daniel                          05/03/1995      SCDP          M        Mitchell Lois Estelle                     12/20/1999      SCDP
Martin Calvin                             12/24/64        ENT           M        Mitchell Mrs Angie                        11/19/53        ENT
Martin Cedar                              05/14/1985      SCDP          M        Mitchell Mrs George                       10/15/53        ENT
Martin Clarence H                         08/10/1972      SC ENT        M        Mitchell Pablo "Paul"                     03/12/1998      SCDP
Martin Emily Leann                        01/08/1999      SCDP          M        Mitchell Annie                            09/27/1979      ENT
Martin Etta                                               ENT           M        Mitchell Ena A.                           12/04/1992      SCDP
Martin francis                            10/13/1997      SCDP          M        Mitchell Flora                            08/18/1988      SCDP
Martin Mary Escal                         02/07/1986      SCDP          M        Mitchell Gertrude Brown                   04/08/1991      SCDP
Martin Mr John R                          02/17/1972      SC ENT        M        Mitchell James A. Jr.                     02/14/1992      SCDP
Martin Mrs Caroline B                     06/18/64        ENT           M        Mitchell John M. "Moose"                  03/12/1992      SCDP
Martin Mrs Gage Lovett                    11/03/83        ENT           M        Mitchell Leonard Ervin                    05/10/1984      ENT
Martin Mrs Harriet Eula                   11/10/66        ENT           M        Mitchell Mary Jackson                     01/23/1975      SC Ent
Martin Mrs Iva Janie                      04/25/68        ENT           M        Mitchell Reyes M.                         12/16/1965      SCDP
Martin Mrs Willie Mae                     11/19/64        ENT           M        Mitchell Thomas                           02/20/1958      ENT
Martin Mrs Wilma                          09/05/46        ENT           M        Mitchell Walter Edwin                     07/28/1997      SCDP
Martin Robert W                           05/16/1998      SCDP          M        Mitchewll Faye Bell                       05/14/1998      SCDP
Martin Wesley C                           06/19/69        ENT           M        Mixon Jamie Lyn McArthur                  03/08/1989      SCDP
Martin Ada R.                             05/29/1958      ENT           M        Mize Edith Viola                          06/26/1986      SCDP
Martin Albert E.                          04/07/1960      ENT           M        Mize Howard Leighton                      06/22/1999      SCDP
Martin Alice Edna                         05/05/1997      SCDP          M        Mobley Charles B                          10/09/1999      SCDP
Martin Austin                             11/15/1988      SCDP          M        Mobley Ruth Irene                         08/17/1993      SCDP
Martin Bess                               03/17/1960      ENT           M        Mobley John Edwin                         04/01/1996      SCDP
Martin Flossie V.                         09/11/1980      ENT           M        Modero Frank S                            11/30/1972      SC ENT
Martin Henry Alexander                    11/06/1991      SCDP          M        Mohr Cleo J                               11/20/69        ENT
Martin Henry Edward                       05/29/1990      SCDP          M        Mohr Haley May                            07/27/1999      SCDP
Martin John L.                            06/24/1992      SCDP          M        Mohr Mary G                               03/20/47        ENT
Martin Lydia E.                           11/17/1992      SCDP          M        Mohr Karolyn S.                           06/17/1976      SC Ent
Martin Mark Gault (Slim)                  07/08/1976      SC Ent        M        Mohr Margaret Fern                        07/08/1976      SC Ent
Martin Paul Joseph A.                     12/06/1984      ENT           M        Moles Italyne H.                          09/01/1987      SCDP
Martin Richard Lee                        06/02/1960      ENT           M        Molina Ernest "Ernie"                     12/28/02        SCDP
Martin Robert E.                          04/28/1960      ENT           M        Molina Lewis E                            06/24/1998      SCDP
Martin Sterlin G.                         06/08/1990      SCDP          M        Molina Ralph Medina                       07/30/1999      SCDP
Martin Veltie Alene                       04/20/1989      SCDP          M        Molina Canuto G.                          06/02/1960      ENT
Martin Wade H.                            09/09/71        Ent           M        Molina Elodia M.                          10/06/1986      SCDP
Martin Wade Webb                          07/16/1981      ENT           M        Molina Manuel                             05/29/1975      SC Ent
Martin William M.                         01/15/70        ENT           M        Molina Soledad H.                         07/06/1992      SCDP
Martin William S.                         08/07/1986      SCDP          M        Molina Trinidad                           03/02/67        ENT
Martinewz Antonia Pene                    10/22/1997      SCDP          M        Molinar Rita H                            02/12/1999      SCDP
Martinez (twins)                          06/10/1996      SCDP          M        Molinar Miguel                            06/09/1988      SCDP
Martinez Alphredo Vasquez                 10/31/1985      SCDP          M        Molinar Ysidro S.                         12/26/1986      SCDP
Martinez Angelita Lujan                   01/12/1999      SCDP          M        Monday Lola Garcia                        06/10/1999      SCDP
Martinez Antonio C                        11/07/68        ENT           M        Mondragon Cloringa D                      08/21/1998      SCDP
Martinez Apolonio                         10/22/53        ENT           M        Mondragon Diego Josue                     05/31/1986      SCDP
Martinez Arthur J                         10/1999         SCDP          M        Mondragon Remigo                          06/1997         SCDP
Martinez Delfina                          05/13/1998      SCDP          M        Monge Mrs RosaOliyas                      04/30/59        ENT
Martinez Delfinia Barragan                05/15/1998      SCDP          M        Monge Louis C.                            08/21/1990      SCDP
Martinez Edwardo B "Lalo"                 10/22/1997      SCDP          M        Monge Maria Ana                           01/10/1989      SCDP
Martinez Elmo E                           06/02/77        ENT           M        Monge Ygnacio                             03/14/1974      ENT
Martinez Emily Lucero                     08/19/1998      SCDP          M        Monger Dorthy V                           03/03/83        ENT
Martinez Felix V "Flate"                  12/23/1999      SCDP          M        Monger William Stacey                     02/03/83        ENT
Martinez Gloria Floyd                     01/15/1998      SCDP          M        Monger Golda Edith                        07/19/1984      ENT
Martinez Guadalupe L "Lupe"               12/08/1997      SCDP          M        Monger Viere S.                           08/03/1978      ENT
Martinez Joe                              06/02/77        ENT           M        Moninger Phillip                          04/24/47        ENT
Martinez Jose A                           03/08/56        ENT           M        Monje Damiana H                           08/07/1999      SCDP
Martinez Margarito Castillo               05/14/1999      SCDP          M        Monje Jose                                02/22/62        ENT
Martinez Maria De La Luz                  08/19/1985      SCDP          M        Monje Manuel                              08/1997         SCDP
Martinez Mrs Domillia                     03/14/46        ENT           M        Monje Ramon Catalino                      06/25/1997      SCDP
Martinez Mrs Elvira P                     01/11/62        ENT           M        Monje Antonia R.                          02/16/1984      ENT
Martinez Mrs Maria E                      09/13/50        SCDP          M        Monje Francisco C.                        06/04/70        ENT
Martinez Petra Sanchez                    12/22/1998      S NEWS        M        Monje Juanita Pacheco                     03/18/1996      SCDP
Martinez Ray                              08/15/1997      SCDP          M        Monroe Calvin B                           no date         ENT
Martinez Renaldo M                        08/30/56        ENT           M        Monroe Calvin B                           06/25/53        ENT
Martinez Seferino G                       05/27/1986      SCDP          M        Montano Maria A                           04/21/1997      SCDP
Martinez                                  07/11/1957      ENT           M        Montano Harry E.                          05/18/1994      SCDP
Martinez Ramon Perez                      04/11/1982      ENT           M        Montano Joe                               08/11/1988      SCDP
Martinez Adela E.                         03/25/1995      SCDP          M        Montano Larry G.                          10/20/1993      SCDP
Martinez Alice Bail                       05/19/55        ENT           M        Monte Mrs Antonia V                       04/25/68        ENT
Martinez Amado O.                         07/20/1993      SCDP          M        Montenegro Juan P.                        07/29/1996      SCDP
Martinez Amalia                           07/08/1988      SCDP          M        Montes Manual                             01/12/56        ENT
Martinez Andres                           12/23/1965      SCDP          M        Montes Vincent                            05/20/1999      SCDP
Martinez Angelita R.                      07/22/1992      SCDP          M        Montes Albina Guerra                      05/22/1992      SCDP
Martinez Anna N.                          10/09/1989      SCDP          M        Montes Benigno "Benny" M                  09/06/1984      ENT
Martinez Antonio V.                       03/19/1978      ENT           M        Montes Luciano "Chano" Flores             05/24/1997      SCDP
Martinez Apolonia R.                      06/02/55        ENT           M        Montes Marcelo J.                         07/12/1990      SCDP
Martinez Aresto C.                        06/13/1974      ENT           M        Montes Mrs. Raquel                        02/06/1958      ENT
Martinez Arthur L.                        12/03/1994      SCDP          M        Montes Petra G.                           05/29/1993      SCDP
Martinez Cecelia Lucero                   09/03/1985      SCDP          M        Montes Rachel J.                          04/25/1989      SCDP
Martinez Concepcion                       10/09/1991      SCDP          M        Montes Ray H.                             09/13/1951      ENT
Martinez Conrado Delgado                  11/08/1997      SCDP          M        Montes Joe V                              06/27/1994      SCDP
Martinez Daniel P.                        06/05/1995      SCDP          M        Montgomery Thomas F.                      01/04/1979      SCDP
Martinez Denise Montes                    06/05/1995      SCDP          M        Montoya Anita V                           01/20/1999      SCDP
Martinez Dora M                           01/19/1995      SCDP          M        Montoya Jose Antonio                      12/17/53        ENT
Martinez E.P.                             07/08/1988      SCDP          M        Montoya Leopoldo E (Polo)                 02/04/1986      SCDP
Martinez Emilio G.                        10/30/1989      SCDP          M        Montoya Margaret Salaiz                   12/16/1999      SCDP
Martinez Emma Villines                    03/19/1978      ENT           M        Montoya Maria Del Los Angeles             03/06/1999      SCDP
Martinez Epolito                          09/02/1997      SCDP          M        Montoya Max                               02/08/68        ENT
Martinez Epolito Filipe                   09/03/1997      SCDP          M        Montoya Rosalio                           10/09/50        SCDP
Martinez Estella Millan                   10/07/1992      SCDP          M        Montoya Russell C "Rusty"                 12/17/1997      SCDP
Martinez Evangelisto G.                   04/12/1991      SCDP          M        Montoya Sabino                            02/16/67        ENT
Martinez Federico R.                      07/19/1993      SCDP          M        Montoya Genevieve Luna                    01/13/1995      SCDP
Martinez Guadalupe L                      12/06/1997      SCDP          M        Montoya Nick J.                           03/25/1982      ENT
Martinez Guillermo R.                     02/20/1990      SCDP          M        Montoya Amelia Grijalva                   09/27/1973      ENT
Martinez Isaias G.                        06/28/1991      SCDP          M        Montoya Annie Mawson                      11/18/1982      ENT
Martinez Jack O.                          01/25/1995      SCDP          M        Montoya Arthur M.                         12/13/1979      Ent
Martinez Jennie P.                        06/19/1980      ENT           M        Montoya Carrie V.                         10/16/1991      SCDP
Martinez Jesus M.                         10/11/1973      ENT           M        Montoya Dolores R.                        06/30/55        ENT
Martinez Jose I.                          06/21/1989      SCDP          M        Montoya Eustacio "Tacho"                  05/29/1997      SCDP
Martinez Juan                             04/06/1978      ENT           M        Montoya Eustacio Luna                     02/07/1987      SCDP
Martinez Juan R.                          01/10/1974      ENT           M        Montoya Gloria Mary                       01/15/1994      SCDP
Martinez Julie M.                         12/29/1990      SCDP          M        Montoya Inez Castillo                     04/05/1990      SCDP
Martinez Kenneth                          07/11/1989      SCDP          M        Montoya Josefa                            09/12/1989      SCDP
Martinez Kirk Nick                        07/03/1987      SCDP          M        Montoya Louis S.                          11/19/1981      ENT
Martinez Louis R. Sr.                     12/27/1995      SCDP          M        Montoya Marcos Dominguez                  01/27/1992      SCDP
Martinez Maneul E.                        03/14/1974      ENT           M        Montoya Mrs. Hermina                      01/23/1958      ENT
Martinez Manuel P.                        08/06/1994      SCDP          M        Montoya Nicanor D                         09/22/1992      SCDP
Martinez Maria E.                         09/14/1950      ENT           M        Montoya Nick                              09/20/1995      SCDP
Martinez Maria Isabel C.                  09/10/1993      SCDP          M        Montoya Pablo                             04/01/71        Ent
Martinez Martin                           05/22/1995      SCDP          M        Montoya Richard                           05/12/1994      SCDP
Martinez Martin Parra                     11/24/1986      SCDP          M        Montoya Sally Artiaga                     02/25/1997      SCDP
Martinez Mateo Ybarra                     07/01/1997      SCDP          M        Montoya Santiago "Jimmy"                  06/08/1990      SCDP
Martinez Nestora T.                       05/23/1988      SCDP          M        Montoya Stanley R. III                    08/16/1989      SCDP
Martinez Paula H.                         01/04/1994      SCDP          M        Montoya Wanda                             02/16/1996      SCDP
Martinez Pedro                            04/23/70        ENT           M        Montoya; Mychal                           06/25/1996      SCDP
Martinez Phillip Lorenzo                  11/12/1981      ENT           M        Montvill Peter Anthonly                   05/17/1984      ENT
Martinez Pomposa C.                       07/24/1975      SC Ent        M        Monzingo Jesse Leonard                    02/04/1982      ENT
Martinez Raul A.                          11/23/1978      ENT           M        Moode William                             05/30/46        ENT
Martinez Richard S.                       05/18/1995      SCDP          M        Moody J G                                 05/30/46        ENT
Martinez Richard S.                       05/23/1995      SCDP          M        Moog Margaret A.                          04/11/1957      ENT
Martinez Richard T                        07/01/1997      SCDP          M        Moore Andy (Pete)                         01/08/1986      SCDP
Martinez Rosenda Escobar                  08/30/1973      ENT           M        Moore Benny                               06/21/62        ENT
Martinez Rudy A.                          08/04/1989      SCDP          M        Moore Bertha Lee                          05/18/1998      SCDP
Martinez Ruperto R.                       01/22/1992      SCDP          M        Moore Carl Anderson                       09/24/59        ENT
Martinez Sam                              02/16/1989      SCDP          M        Moore Cheryl Ann                          03/11/1986      SCDP
Martinez Sidronio G.                      06/01/1978      ENT           M        Moore Clara L                             04/1999         SCDP
Martinez Simona C.                        08/03/1993      SCDP          M        Moore Essie H                             04/1998         SCDP
Martinez Tecla Teresa                     09/16/1982      ENT           M        Moore Harvey Corwin                       05/13/48        ENT
Martinez Agustin L.                       12/10/1996      SCDP          M        Moore Hazel V                             01/09/1985      SCDP
Martinez Consuelo G.                      02/12/1996      SCDP          M        Moore Hazel V                             01/12/1985      SCDP
Martinez Gilbert Carreon                  05/21/1996      SCDP          M        Moore Herery S                            04/05/56        ENT
Martinez Juaquina                         07/06/1994      SCDP          M        Moore Joe W                               08/03/1972      SC ENT
Martinez Louis Ybarra                     08/03/1996      SCDP          M        Moore Miss Jessie Marie                   01/04/68        ENT
Mascarenas Herminio M.                    11/19/1981      ENT           M        Moore Mrs Anna                            08/16/62        ENT
Mascarenas Mary S.                        08/10/1994      SCDP          M        Moore Mrs Bertha Redding                  10/08/59        ENT
Maskall Gertrude M.                       03/06/1980      ENT           M        Moore Mrs Francis M                       04/13/67        ENT
Maskell Vincent M.                        01/26/1988      SCDP          M        Moore Mrs Mary                            10/14/63        ENT
Mason Helen M "Mo"                        02/10/83        ENT           M        Moore Mrs Zita Mary                       04/09/59        ENT
Mason Dr. Harry M.                        03/18/1965      SCDP          M        Moore Richard "Dick"                      02/27/1998      SCDP
Mason Joseph N.                           01/24/1994      SCDP          M        Moore Robert Neil                         01/21/2000      SCDP
Mason Ray A.                              05/07/1990      SCDP          M        Moore Samual S                            01/19/61        ENT
Mason Royal                               04/27/67        ENT           M        Moore Selma V                             04/24/1985      SCDP
Masoner Narra Sue                         01/11/1973      ENT           M        Moore Valentine                           04/22/1998      SCDP
Massengill J.S.                           07/01/1976      SC Ent        M        Moore Walter                              11/12/46        ENT
Massey Donald Reed                        09/29/1987      SCDP          M        Moore Walter H                            10/23/54        ENT
Mata Adelina Melenudo                     01/23/1985      SCDP          M        Moore William F                           02/28/63        ENT
Mata enrique S "Harry"                    03/16/1998      SCDP          M        Moore Annie W.                            11/21/1974      ENT
Mata Beatrice P.                          02/04/1988      SCDP          M        Moore Bette May Hopkins                   04/15/1982      ENT
Mata Rosa G.                              04/14/1960      ENT           M        Moore Billy Wayne                         10/07/1992      SCDP
Matheny Elmer Robert                      09/13/56        ENT           M        Moore David Neil Moore                    05/13/1994      SCDP
Mather Mrs S D                            11/29/62        ENT           M        Moore Diana                               04/26/1984      ENT
Mather Stephen D.                         10/14/71        Ent           M        Moore Eugene F.                           12/16/1995      SCDP
Mathers June                              08/19/1965      SCDP          M        Moore Floyd D.                            09/04/1980      ENT
Mathers Maurice Alvin                     12/27/1990      SCDP          M        Moore James Franklinn                     11/30/1978      ENT
Mathews Bruce                             09/08/66        ENT           M        Moore Joe Scott                           06/11/1996      SCDP
Mathews James K                           02/09/1998      SCDP          M        Moore Lenna Larson                        11/30/1989      SCDP
Mathews Joe R                             11/01/62        ENT           M        Moore Lonnie Jack                         04/29/1993      SCDP
Mathews John                              05/07/59        ENT           M        Moore Maggie J.                           04/02/1994      SCDP
Mathews Mimie                             08/11/77        ENT           M        Moore Mary Carey                          12/27/1990      SCDP
Mathews Mrs Altom L                       03/24/64        ENT           M        Moore Mrs. Frances M.                     04/20/67        ENT
Mathews Owen C (Slim)                     10/17/68        ENT           M        Moore Myrtle                              1997            SCDP
Mathews Pearl                             no date         ENT           M        Moore Mytle Golden "Granny"               11/11/1997      SCDP
Mathews Samual M                          10/11/50        SCDP          M        Moore Raymond R.                          09/03/71        Ent
Mathews William J                         01/22/70        ENT           M        Moore Perla Mae                           08/20/1996      SCDP
Mathis Chester                            09/09/1948      ENT           M        Moore William Comer                       10/17/1994      SCDP
Mathis Mrs Myra Belle                     07/13/67        ENT           M        Moorehead Jean Ann                        12/12/1997      SCDP
Mathis James H.                           08/14/1990      SCDP          M        Moorehead Helen Isabel                    05/18/1987      SCDP
Mathis Lettie Mae                         01/25/1978      ENT           M        Moorehead Tom H.                          12/12/1994      SCDP
Matnes Santa Rosa A                       07/21/1997      SCDP          M        Moorhead Buck                             03/05/1999      SCDP
Matney Charles                            02/07/1957      ENT           M        Moorhead Mrs Elizabeth                    03/28/53        ENT
Matteson Roy I                            05/20/1999      SCDP          M        Mora Erlinda Trujillo                     01/13/03        SCDP
Matthews Loraine S.                       06/21/1995      SCDP          M        Mora Natividad Barraza                    03/26/1998      SCDP
Matthews Oscar                            03/04/1987      SCDP          M        Mora Terry                                12/31/02        SCDP
Matthews Paul                             10/04/1988      SCDP          M        Mora Terry                                12/28/02        SCDP
Matthews Samuel M.                        10/12/1950      ENT           M        Morales Alcario                           06/04/59        ENT
Matthias Leon W.                          09/14/1987      SCDP          M        Morales Carmen S                          03/01/2000      SCDP
Mattocks claude J                         12/24/59        ENT           M        Morales Clementa                          03/26/1998      SCDP
Mattocks Mason Ralph                      03/31/77        ENT           M        Morales Daniel M                          01/13/1972      SC ENT
Mattocks William                          11/11/54        ENT           M        Morales Demecio S                         03/23/1999      SCDP
Mattocks Esther                           11/11/1965      SCDP          M        Morales Eulalla Gomez                     06/13/46        ENT
Mattocks Grace M.                         01/13/55        ENT           M        Morales Francis Villalobos                03/17/1985      SCDP
Mattocks Wiliam H.`                       03/21/1957      ENT           M        Morales Frank                             11/11/54        ENT
Mattox Holmes Gatiff                      12/29/48        ENT           M        Morales Frank R                           12/05/63        ENT
Mattox Aurther "Billy"                    11/03/1997      SCDP          M        Morales Genoveva Flores                   06/09/2000      SCDP
Maudlin Peggy                             06/03/1996      SCDP          M        Morales Isidro Dominguez                  07/08/1985      SCDP
Mauzy Clyde V.                            02/13/1975      SC Ent        M        Morales Jose I                            03/07/1998      SCDP
Mawson Alex D.                            04/29/1965      SCDP          M        Morales Jose T                            03/06/1998      SCDP
Mawson William SR.                        01/16/1958      ENT           M        Morales Juan T                            11/23/61        ENT
Maxwell arthur Woodson                    09/16/1998      SCDP          M        Morales Kathi Ann                         01/05/1986      SCDP
Maxwell Capt. William C                   11/15/62        ENT           M        Morales Mrs Elenor                        02/27/47        ENT
Maxwell Curtis L Sr.                      09/29/55        ENT           M        Morales Mrs Guadlupe D                    09/06/62        ENT
Maxwell Dr Donald E                       12/29/83        ENT           M        Morales Mrs Rita N                        01/19/61        ENT
Maxwell Guadalupe Rodriquez               10/13/1999      SCDP          M        Morales Mrs Rosemary M                    06/01/1972      SC ENT
Maxwell Joan                              05/08/47        ENT           M        Morales Pricilla S                        03/07/1985      SCDP
Maxwell Mrs Gumercinda V                  02/22/62        ENT           M        Morales Rosemary                          01/11/1999      S NEWS
Maxwell Ulma D                            03/21/1998      SCDP          M        Morales Ruben V                           02/25/1998      SCDP
Maxwell Bessie May                        11/11/71        Ent           M        Morales Teresa                            12/31/02        SCDP
May Alice C                               07/14/63        ENT           M        Morales Salvador D.                       02/11/1982      ENT
May Sam                                   08/20/1997      SCDP          M        Morales Angela J.                         10/14/1993      SCDP
May Michel                                03/15/1984      ENT           M        Morales Dora Allison                      10/20/1987      SDCP
May Ray J.                                03/28/1995      SCDP          M        Morales Elena Carranza                    03/29/1984      ENT
May; Edgar                                06/25/1996      SCDP          M        Morales Enrique F.                        07/16/1994      SCDP
Maya Ramona Estrada                       03/07/1995      SCDP          M        Morales Harriet Ruth                      01/04/1973      ENT
Mayer Gerald                              1996            SCDP          M        Morales Jesus                             08/09/1984      ENT
Mayes Brian William                       09/01/77        ENT           M        Morales Jose E.                           11/01/1995      SCDP
Mayes Mrs Julia                           04/23/64        ENT           M        Morales Jose Venancio                     12/20/1990      SCDP
Mayes Ada A.                              10/21/1982      ENT           M        Morales Juanita A.                        09/21/1993      SCDP
Mayes Rutledge Alexander                  06/15/1988      SCDP          M        Morales Lina Madrid                       06/26/1997      SCDP
Maynard Agnes                             06/09/77        ENT           M        Morales Luis L.                           12/06/1979      Ent
Maynes Domingo Llamas                     05/20/1998      SCDP          M        Morales Mary Lou                          06/01/1987      SCDP
Maynes Hope O                             12/30/1998      SCDP          M        Morales Miguel "MiKe"                     01/27/1994      SCDP
Maynes Jimmy M                            08/02/1999      S NEWS        M        Morales Richard S.                        10/05/1978      ENT
Maynes Santa Rosa                         07/18/1997      SCDP          M        Morales Santos Fernandez                  12/23/1989      SCDP
Maynes Manuela Arenibas                   08/18/1987      SCDP          M        Morales Sara Lopez                        11/27/69        ENT
Maynes Robert Llamas                      08/04/1994      SCDP          M        Morales Maria                             05/26/1994      SCDP
Mays Roy                                  03/16/1972      SC ENT        M        moran Edwin Francis                       10/23/54        ENT
Mazanek Tom George                        01/03/1990      SCDP          M        Moran John                                01/05/1998      SCDP
Mazon Albert Faz                          04/03/1991      SCDP          M        Morearty Ione Laura                       03/15/1984      ENT
Mc Collum. Eva                            04/05/1979      ENT           M        Moreno Anita R                            10/20/1998      SCDP
McAlester Dr. H.L.                        10/29/1981      ENT           M        Moreno Helen G                            11/27/1998      SCDP
Mcallister Mildred olivia                 06/25/1985      SCDP          M        Moreno Meliquides                         03/27/47        ENT
McAlpine James W                          07/30/70        ENT           M        Moreno Mrs Felicitas                      10/13/66        ENT
McAlpine Mrs. R.J.                        01/14/1960      SC Ent        M        Moreno Neponucero Tarango "Cheno"         08/07/1998      SCDP
McAnally E.E.                             02/09/1950      ENT           M        Moreno PFC Hilario (Larry)                12/05/68        ENT
McAnnally Robert Earl                     01/13/83        ENT           M        Moreno Ricordo                            04/02/53        ENT
McAnulty Eva E.                           02/28/1974      ENT           M        Moreno Anicasia M.                        05-05/55        ENT
McBride Dr Robert Edwin                   01/23/47        ENT           M        Moreno Antonio O.                         01/09/1992      SCDP
McBride Dessa                             12/16/1993      SCDP          M        Moreno Celestino                          02/02/1993      SCDP
McBride Ernest H.                         01/11/1979      ENT           M        Moreno Edward L.                          07/24/1975      SC Ent
McBride Ruth Ann                          12/29/1986      SCDP          M        Moreno Esther                             06/20/1988      SCDP
McCabe Mrs Ida Wilson                     02/02/61        ENT           M        Moreno Felix M.                           11/29/1973      ENT
McCabe Tom                                10/03/1997      SCDP          M        Moreno Francisca                          06/10/1995      SCDP
McCabe Albert L.                          03/07/1957      ENT           M        Moreno Jesus G.                           02/01/1989      SCDP
McCabe Dorothy Stengele                   06/07/1991      SCDP          M        Moreno Joseph Henry                       08/30/1986      SCDP
McCain J W (Doc)                          10/23/54        ENT           M        Moreno Librada C.                         11/25/1991      SCDP
McCain Mrs Nettie                         09/27/56        ENT           M        Moreno Petra C.                           01/10/1974      ENT
McCains Jerry                             06/19/1958      ENT           M        Moreno Rita G.                            02/04/1993      SCDP
McCann Elra L                             11/02/1972      SC ENT        M        Morgan Dr M J                             01/29/53        ENT
McCants Oma O                             02/15/2000      SCDP          M        Morgan Mary Ann "Polly"                   01/14/2000      SCDP
McCargish Billy                           05/04/1972      SC Ent        M        Morgan Mrs Nettie F                       11/15/56        ENT
McCargish Clyde Erroll                    10/09/1980      ENT           M        Morgan Earl James                         02/02/1987      SCDp
McCargish Enid D.                         07/21/1992      SCDP          M        Morgan Joe                                07/29/1985      SCDP
McCargish Michael B                       01/28/1997      SCDP          M        Morgan Leonard Wayne                      01/18/1993      SCDP
McCarthy James W.                         07/06/1991      SCDP          M        Morgan Mary "Louise"                      10/16/1995      SCDP
McCarthy Orail Frances                    07/03/1993      SCDP          M        Morgan Ozella                             06/01/1990      SCDP
McCarthy; George M.                       10/19/1996      SCDP          M        Morgan Wiley                              03/06/1952      ENT
McCarty Dona D.                           07/20/1989      SCDP          M        Morgan Willie Rebecca                     10/31/1986      SCDP
McCarty Pearl Ward                        11/16/1978      ENT           M        Moriarty Albert M.                        02/11/1960      ENT
McCauley Fredrick D                       03/20/47        ENT           M        Morley Mrs Lucretia (Lou)                 10/10/68        ENT
McCauley Marie                            04/03/2000      S NEWS        M        Morrel Bertha                             07/01/1996      SCDP
McCauley Mrs Pattie Ann                   10/05/61        ENT           M        Morrell Ella Victoria                     04/03/1997      SCDP
McCauley Mrs Povey Ann                    06/27/68        ENT           M        Morrell Charles                           03/30/67        ENT
McCauley Betty Jane                       04/28/1981      ENT           M        Morrill Mary Hester                       02/02/1950      ENT
McCauley Dale A.                          06/24/1995      SCDP          M        Morris Earnest                            09/05/46        ENT
McCauley Frank                            02/20/1975      SC Ent        M        Morris Mrs Ruth                           04/01/54        ENT
McCauley J.L. (Fate)                      05/15/1975      SC Ent        M        Morris Tom W                              03/28/63        ENT
McCauley Julian L.                        12/25/1980      ENT           M        Morris Douglas Dwayne                     05/30/1993      SCDP
McCauley Thomas C.                        06/24/1987      SCDP          M        Morris James Marvin                       05/17/1984      ENT
McCauley Tyler Lafayette                  09/29/1992      SCDP          M        Morris Vance Wallace                      07/15/1982      ENT
McCauley Eula Mae                         1994            SCDP          M        Morrison Clarence L                       02/29/68        ENT
McClain Mark                              10/26/1998      SCDP          M        Morrison Lonnie Earl                      03/01/1986      SCDP
McClain Mark Lester                       10/29/1998      SCDP          M        Morrison Ester Nell                       07/27/1995      SCDP
McClain Bernice                           12/23/1982      ENT           M        Morrison Richard L.                       06/06/1957      ENT
McClarty James Erwin                      08/14/1980      ENT           M        Morrison Clella Sue                       12/05/1995      SCDP
McClellan Margaret Joan                   02/24/1995      SCPD          M        Morrison Frank Earl                       03/07/1974      ENT
McClendon Carl T                          10/12/61        ENT           M        Morrison Kenneth                          03/14/1974      ENT
McCloy Jack                               11/30/1978      ENT           M        Morrison Jackson Langley                  02/10/1996      SCDP
McClung Cecil Ross                        09/10/1997      SCDP          M        Morrison John E.                          01/31/1994      SCDP
McConkie Electa M.                        07/03/1980      ENT           M        Morrow Alma M                             02/03/77        ENT
McConkie Sharon Elaine                    02/03/1950      ENT           M        Morrow Robert G                           01/31/46        ENT
McConnaughey Homer                        12/12/46        ENT           M        Morrow Wentford H                         12/17/83        ENT
McCormack James Paul                      04/01/48        ENT           M        Morrow Johnny Calvin                      07/14/1987      SCDP
McCormick Joseph                          10/10/63        ENT           M        Morrow Lynn Ellen                         03/12/1992      SCDP
McCormick Helen                           05/06/1982      ENT           M        Morrow Mildred Frost                      01/17/1974      ENT
McCormick Stanley "Stan"                  02/01/1988      SCDP          M        Morrow Mildred L.                         07/09/1992      SCDP
McCoullough Floyd R                       03/17/83        ENT           M        Morse Naomi                               02/09/67        ENT
McCown Asa                                12/01/66        ENT           M        Mortensen Emma Belle                      12/03/1986      SCDP
McCown Walter Asa                         11/24/66        ENT           M        Mortenson Dorthy                          03/07/1985      SCDP
McCoy Albert L                            12/1759         ENT           M        Mortenson Evert                           09/22/1997      SCDP
McCoy David Randall                       01/03/1985      SCDP          M        Mortenson Evert                           09/12/1997      SCDP
McCoy Martha S                            09/10/1998      SCDP          M        Morton Dr Horace J                        09/24/70        ENT
McCoy E. L.                               04/20/1987      SCDP          M        Morton Mrs Maggie Ann                     11/02/1972      SC ENT
McCoy Jessie Lavinia                      03/07/1989      SCDP          M        Morton Frank Edwin                        07/03/1958      ENT
McCoy Vera                                05/27/1976      SC Ent        M        Morton Gladys R.                          02/14/1992      SCDP
McCracken William M                       01/17/64        ENT           M        Morton Johnnye Lee Sr.                    01/13/1992      SCDP
McCrary N M (Mac)                         01/13/66        ENT           M        Morton Nona Grace                         02/14/1957      ENT
McCray Francis F.                         01/07/1960      SC Ent        M        Morton Orval C.                           10/31/1990      SCDP
McCray Hugh Edgar                         02/02/67        ENT           M        Morton Ruth S.                            07/21/1987      SCDP
McCreary Dr Marcellus                     01/31/63        ENT           M        Morton William Earl                       03/09/1988      SCDP
McCreary George D                         08/31/67        ENT           M        Moseley B B                               10/04/62        ENT
McCreary Marcellus                        07/25/46        ENT           M        Moseley Ursie U.                          03/04/1994      SCDP
McCreary Christine Quinn                  01/10/1990      SCDP          M        Moseley Mary M.                           03/11/1996      SCDP
McCreery Ruth C.                          08/02/1979      Ent           M        Moser Wilhelm J.A. M.D.                   03/22/1984      ENT
McCullough Mrs Lena B                     01/29/70        ENT           M        Moses Bonnie Rae                          03/04/48        ENT
McCullum Eva                              04/05/1979      Ent           M        Moses Harold C                            12/04/47        ENT
McDaniel Thomas Glenn                     03/09/61        ENT           M        Moses John A                              05/10/62        ENT
McDaniel Jerry David                      05/03/1984      ENT           M        Moses John A                              05/10/63        ENT
McDaniel Thomas Newton                    11/22/1995      SCDP          M        Moses Mrs Jennette                        12/03/59        ENT
McDaniels Florence                        07/11/1957      ENT           M        Moses Ben                                 09/13/1951      ENT
McDermett Charles D                       08/10/61        ENT           M        Moses Horace                              06/23/1960      ENT
McDermott John                            04/01/1965      SCDP          M        Moses W. H.                               09/10/1965      SCDP
McDermott T.C.                            05/27/1948      ENT           M        Mosley Fred                               02/23/1950      ENT
McDonal Thomas Taylor                     01/23/1958      ENT           M        Mosley Walter Calvin                      02/26/1996      SCDP
McDonald Barkley B                        06/09/77        ENT           M        Mosqueida Jesus                           08/25/55        ENT
McDonald Darell Woodrow                   05/14/64        ENT           M        Moss Delmar W                             02/05/59        ENT
McDonald Edward P                         09/20/1972      SC ENT        M        Moss Mrs Blossom                          09/05/68        ENT
McDonald Thomas Bureau                    10/13/1999      SCDP          M        Moss Mary Elizabeth                       03/29/1988      SCDP
McDonald Willie T                         03/12/1997      SCDP          M        Moss Wendell Vernon                       11/19/1994      SCDP
McDonald Florence                         02/16/1994      SCDP          M        Mosteller Pauline O.                      08/28/1989      SCDP
McDonald Glennie M.                       11/08/1973      ENT           M        Mote Mrs Betty Ann Hunter                 06/01/61        ENT
McDonald Ira Leah                         10/03/1974      ENT           M        Mounger Dolon                             01/10/63        ENT
McDonald J. Frank                         05/02/1965      SCDP          M        Mounger Denzil M. "Jack"                  09/27/1990      SCDP
McDonald John T.                          01/17/1989      SCDP          M        Mowen Charles                             09/07/1978      ENT
McDonald Kathleen Click                   12/27/1989      SCDP          M        Moyer B. F.                               08/01/1957      ENT
McDonald Sidney "Glenn"                   07/24/1989      SCDP          M        Mr. and Mrs. Martin                       06/17/1965      SCDP
McDonald Willie                           03/11/1997      SCDP          M        Mracek Albert P                           03/28/53        ENT
McDuff Mrs Juanita Irene                  08/18/55        ENT           M        Mracek John                               03/11/48        ENT
McEwen John C                             09/14/63        ENT           M        Mracek Mrs Albert                         02/09/54        ENT
McFadden Dan                              02/07/63        ENT           M        Mrotzek Fred A.                           03/28/1974      ENT
McFadden Jeannie T.                       11/25/1982      ENT           M        Mrotzek William                           02/09/1965      SCDP
McFadden Orville A.                       12/24/1984      ENT           M        Muckelroy Elisha L.                       03/17/55        ENT
McFarland Ralph L                         10/12/1998      SCDP          M        Mueller Roy E                             03/06/1999      S NEWS
McFarland Ralph Leonard                   10/10/1998      SCDP          M        Mueller Roy E                             03/17/1999      SCDP
McFarland Sue                             03/24/1999      S NEWS        M        Mueller Elfriede Morghen                  05/23/1994      SCDP
McFarland Edwin                           08/15/1965      SCDP          M        Muir Ralph L.                             02/26/1992      SCDP
McFarland George L.                       08/31/1989      SCDP          M        Muise Stanley thomas                      03/16/1999      SCDP
McFarlin                                  08/28/1998      SCDP          M        Muise April Jasminne                      04/08/1989      SCDP
McFarlin Charles                          01/09/64        ENT           M        Mulberry Fred                             01/19/61        ENT
McFate Merle J.                           05/13/1984      ENT           M        Mullane Alexis Gibson                     03/31/83        ENT
McGargish Mathew R                        12/05/1996      SCDP          M        Mullane J H                               01/01/53        ENT
McGee Mindon M.                           10/04/1995      SCDP          M        Mullane J.H.                              02/14/1952      ENT
McGee Jeanne E.                           10/19/1991      SCDP          M        Mullane William                           05/01/1958      ENT
McGee Mindon M.                           08/31/1995      SCDP          M        Mullen Hugh F                             11/06/1998      SCDP
McGee Rhonda Jean                         03/15/1979      Ent           M        Mullenax Mrs Ruby                         09/01/55        ENT
McGee Richard Mindon                      01/30/1990      SCDP          M        Muller Evelyn Irene                       04/19/1999      SCDP
McGehee Andrea "Lupe" R.                  12/21/1992      SCDP          M        Muller John                                               SCDP
McGhee Leland F                           04/04/63        ENT           M        Muller John Kenneth Huff                  01/23/03        SCDP
McGhee Donald                             09/16/1997      SCDP          M        Mullikin Michael Ira                      09/16/1988      SCDP
McGINLEY WILLIAM P.                       10/31/1957      ENT           M        Mullins Honor Elizabeth                   11/10/1992      SCDP
McGinn John S                             07/27/64        ENT           M        Mullison Ann                              10/31/1974      ENT
McGinn Marie L                            03/18/1997      SCDP          M        Mulvey Master Sgt Thomas                  07/04/46        ENT
McGinnis Isabel Chip                      11/08/1989      SCDP          M        Muma Dr. Martin H.                        12/04/1989      SCDP
McGinnis Martin J.                        04/21/1960      ENT           M        Munda Bessie V                            01/02/1998      SCDP
McGlothlin Callie McCall                  12/22/1997      SCDP          M        Muniz Mrs Maria M                                         ENT
Mcgoldrick Marshall                       04/1998         SCDP          M        Muniz Theodora C                          10/11/1973      ENT
McGrail Frank A.                          02/02/67        ENT           M        Muniz Epolito E.                          11/09/1978      ENT
McGrath Herbert James                     05/18/1999      SCDP          M        Muniz Mike T.                             12/06/1973      ENT
McGrath Wilford                           12/19/1997      SCDP          M        Munos Marcelina Medina                    04/17/1997      SCDP
McGraw Rena Gibbs                         04/23/1994      SCDP          M        Munoz Antonio V                           01/25/1999      SCDP
McGregor; Carlton H                       03/26/1996      SCDP          M        Munoz Augustina K                         12/01/83        ENT
McGuire James Walter                      03/10/1992      SCDP          M        Munoz Calistro Maldanado "Cal"            01/15/03        SCDP
McGuire Willard Thomas                    07/10/1993      SCDP          M        Munoz Manual V                            06/01/1972      SC ENT
McHalffey Mrs Ruby                        01/24/63        ENT           M        Munoz Mary                                12/08/83        ENT
McHugh John F                             03/10/1999      SCDP          M        Munoz Pablo M.                            02/06/1958      ENT
McIlvenna James Robert                    01/30/1996      SCDP          M        Munoz Pilar F                             06/01/1972      SC ENT
McKain Anna E.                            03/27/1980      ENT           M        Munoz Rita Alvarado                       02/24/1986      SCDP
McKee Dorothy Ellen                       06/09/1999      SCDP          M        Munoz Sabas L                             04/06/61        ENT
McKee Martha Novello                      11/27/1998      SCDP          M        Munoz Acencion L.                         01/09/1958      ENT
McKee Eldon                               02/05/1990      SCDP          M        Munoz Conception Lucero                   01/12/67        ENT
McKee George Robert                       03/11/1988      SCDP          M        Munoz Daniel V.                           10/11/1973      ENT
McKeefrey Mrs Lorenza Kelly               09/10/59        ENT           M        Munoz Inez Nicole                         08/21/1989      SCDP
McKeem Emma jo                            09/08/1999      S News        M        Munoz Juanita D.                          04/09/1981      ENT
McKeen Emory E                            01/17/64        ENT           M        Munoz Julian F. "Julio"                   06/21/1989      SCDP
McKeen H. Brunson                         07/06/1984      ENT           M        Munoz Juventino E.                        01/03/1957      ENT
McKeen Henry Edward                       06/19/1952      ENT           M        Munoz Leonides                            06/17/1976      SC Ent
McKenzie C W                              09/11/47        ENT           M        Munoz Theodora E.                         10/18/1973      ENT
McKinney Mrs Emma                         12/21/61        ENT           M        Munoz Virginia Jimenez                    06/17/1982      ENT
McKinney Ruth                             09/29/83        ENT           M        Munroe Mrs Lela                           05/10/63        ENT
McKinney Edna Virginia                    01/23/1992      SCDP          M        Munroe Sybil Slack                        03/17/1987      SCDP
McKinney Gerald Robert E                  08/30/1993      SCDP          M        Munson Ray                                11/28/68        ENT
McKinney James Clark                      03/12/1981      ENT           M        Munson James Upton                        03/25/71        Ent
McKinney Milam Lee                        08/02/1984      ENT           M        Muntzert James Robert                     01/08/1997      SCDP
McKinney William E.                       09/23/1965      SCDP          M        Murati Helen K                            01/05/2000      S NEWS
McKinney William E.                       01/21/1982      ENT           M        Murati George Thomas                      11/28/1995      SCDP
McKinnie Minnie                           12/11/1980      ENT           M        Murati Syneva C.                          05/04/1988      SCDP
McKnight John Forrest                     10/17/1990      SCDP          M        Murff Bernice Marie                       12/21/1990      SCDP
McLarty Charlotte Ann                     10/19/1985      SCDP          M        Murff Samuel D.                           08/01/1957      ENT
McLarty Max Leroy                         01/03/1997      SCDP          M        Murillo Alexander K                       04/04/68        ENT
McLaughlin Lula May                       05/28/1986      SCDP          M        Murillo Estanislado R                     10/31/68        ENT
McLaughlin Mrs Mittie                     09/11/47        ENT           M        Murillo Hector A                          10/06/1999      SCDP
McLaughlin J. Frank                       08/30/1993      SCDP          M        Murillo Raymond "Gordo" Sierra            05/04/1999      SCDP
McLaughlin James H. Jr.                   12/08/1992      SCDP          M        Murillo Thelma Sierra                     07/1999         SCDP
McLaughlin Mary Agee                      05/14/1991      SCDP          M        Murillo Anita Garcia                      07/21/1997      SCDP
McLehaney James Dewey                     05/23/1986      SCDP          M        Murillo Daniel Cruz                       01/19/1988      SCDP
McMahan Clifford B.                       02/14/1994      SCDP          M        Murillo Evangelina V.                     09/25/1991      SCDP
McMahan Hugh                              06/17/1965      SCDP          M        Murillo Jesus B. III                      07/18/1974      ENT
McMahan Hugh K.                           06/17/1965      SCDP          M        Murillo Jesus H.                          05/08/1975      SC Ent
McMaster Mary D.                          03/22/1988      SCDP          M        Murillo Joe Garcia                        03/29/1984      ENT
McMenomy Charles Taylor                   02/27/1989      SCDP          M        Murillo Patricia H.                       11/27/1992      SCDP
McMenomy Kathryn                          01/25/1995      SCDP          M        Murillo Sismundo L.                       10/13/1990      SCDP
McMillan Mrs John T                       11/07/68        ENT           M        Murillo Adela                             07/15/1996      SCDP
McMillen Charlotte P                      07/10/1999      SCDP          M        Murillo Espiredeon "Espi                  07/18/1996      SCDP
McMillen John D                           08/31`/63       ENT           M        Murphey William Donal                     10/25/1993      SCDP
McMillen Elmo D.                          01/16/1958      ENT           M        Murphey Donal L "Pa"                      08/13/1996      SCDP
McMillen John T.                          06/05/1975      SC Ent        M        Murphy Donald J                           0`/07/71        ENT
McMinn Brenda I.                          01/02/1996      SCDP          M        Murphy Ila Georgia                        03/16/1972      SC ENT
McMullen Outher Dale                      02/09/1987      SCDP          M        Murphy Lilla C                            05/20/54        ENT
McMurdo Juanita Pirilia                   03/18/1982      ENT           M        Murphy Lou E                              02/02/61        ENT
McNair Andrew C                           05/03/68        ENT           M        Murphy James C.                           07/11/1957      ENT
McNair George                             08/07/1987      SCDP          M        Murphy John Ivers "Pat"                   12/03/1994      SCDP
McNatt Mrs Ellen V                        05/12/77        ENT           M        Murphy Samuel                             10/27/1988      SCDP
McNaughton David D.                       04/10/1987      SCDP          M        Murphy Thelma Hazel                       01/07/1991      SCDP
McNeely Mrs. Edwind                       04/25/1957      ENT           M        Murray George S.                          05/23/46        ENT
McNider General Hanford (Jack)            02/22/68        ENT           M        Murray Glynn Pauley                       09/30/1985      SCDP
McNutt Homer B                            04/23/1985      SCDP          M        Murray Mrs Dora                           09/28/67        ENT
McNutt Iris M                             02/03/66        ENT           M        Murray Mrs Mattie A                       12/31/70        ENT
McNutt Mrs Ruth M                         09/19/68        ENT           M        Murray Joseph Richard                     12/08/1994      SCDP
McNutt Pink C                             04/19/62        ENT           M        Murray Leroy D.                           04/31/1972      SC Ent
McNutt Silas Lee                          07/30/64        ENT           M        Murray Leta E.                            07/30/1981      ENT
McNutt Virginia Mae                       03/25/1982      ENT           M        Murrillo Encarnacio M                     04/23/64        ENT
McNutt Clifford                           04/29/1995      SCDP          M        Murrillo Mrs Francisca R                  03/08/56        ENT
McNutt Richard Alan                       01/23/1990      SCDP          M        Murrujo Paz                               10/08/53        ENT
McPherson Cordelia frances                09/09/1999      S News        M        Murry Benjamin                            10/08/59        ENT
McPherson Susan Mary                      01/24/1957      ENT           M        Murry James                               04/11/63        ENT
McPherson William C.                      01/24/1957      ENT           M        Murry Mrs Ann                             02/12/53        ENT
McQuown Mrs Ethel T                       08/31/1972      SC ENT        M        Murry William D                           05/08/52        SCDP
McQuown William I                         05/03/68        ENT           M        Murry Angus Sophia                        01/13/1997      SCDP
McRoberts Henery                          10/26/61        ENT           M        Muse Bobby Derrell                        01/29/1998      SCDP
McSherry Grover C                         12/03/64        ENT           M        Muse; Marion E.                           06/25/1996      SCDP
McSherry Xavier "Rob"                     06/10/1997      SCDP          M        Musgrove Elizabeth C.                     11/16/1990      SCDP
McSherry Xavier "Rob"                     06/12/1997      SCDP          M        Mustol Lorraine louise                    08/14/1998      SCDP
McSpadden Mrs Lottie                      04/18/68        ENT           M        Myers Charley M                           04/14/77        ENT
McTavish John D                           09/05/63        ENT           M        Myers Lilian                              06/16/83        ENT
McVannan Mary Ann                         10/11/1951      ENT           M        Myers Mrs George                          08/10/72        ENT
McVerish Joseph H                         07/29/50        SCDP          M        Myers Mrs Kenneth                         04/27/61        ENT
McVerish Joseph H.                        08/03/1950      ENT           M        Myers Sequoia Crystal                     06/05/2000      SCDP
McWhirt Dr. Elton                         02/23/67        ENT           M        Myers Eugene Harry                        04/21/1989      SCDP
McWhorter Stanley F.                      02/19/1991      SCDP          M        Myers June                                01/06/1994      SCDP
McWilliams Alice E.                       04/22/1989      SCDP          M        Myers Kenneth                             04/20/1992      SCDP
Mead Ila Ray "Betty"                      01/29/1990      SCDP          M        Myers Martha Belle                        03/16/1987      SCDP
Mead Jean                                 04/06/67        ENT           M        Myrick Margaret (Winnie) Wynn             01/12/1986      SCDP