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THANKS to our Contributors!

for both The Odebolt History Pages and our town's "home on the web", www.odebolt.net
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Bonnie Ekse, Ankeny, IA    The history site would not have near the scope and depth that it does if it were not for my sister, Bonnie, and her endless typing from books, newspapers and microfilm and hours of research. She sends me documents via email and I put them on the Internet. Bonnie obtains information from old newspapers at the Chronicle, and from microfilm at the State Historical Society in Des Moines and at Odebolt Library. In doing so, she is bringing back to life the events of Odebolt's past, which might not be accessible to most of us otherwise. She deserves many thanks from us all!
Odebolt Historical Museum Association Providing access to the museum holdings, and our sponsors on Rootsweb
The Odebolt Chronicle Access to newspaper articles and old papers
Charles Hanson, Odebolt Volunteer Digital Photographer via email - we make a great team, Chuck! Chuck also identified some people on an old photo from the Mission Covenant Church. Thanks!
The Odebolt Library Thanks to the library, Librarian, Donarae Cleveland and her staff!
Mayor Ron Rex Consultant and facilitator
Marshall Fox, Odebolt Photo of Bethel M.E. Church;  Photo of water tower at train depot
Odebolt City Council Approval for setting up the Odebolt city and history web sites.
Joan Godbersen, City Clerk Facilitator in setting up www.odebolt.net
Elaine Rex, Odebolt Materials on Memorial Walk Park and many other things
Marge Loger and Phyllis Hoefling, Odebolt Presbyterian Church Centennial Anniversary booklet
Becky Reis, Odebolt Materials on Community Center
Curt Wareham, Odebolt Scanning of the Keller postcard and photo collection and sharing!
Harvey Keller, Odebolt Use of his Odebolt postcard and photo collection.
John Ross, Scottsdale, AZ Biography on John A. Reynolds
Mary Jo Weedon, Falls Church, VA John G. Briggle information and photos
Paul Druivenga, North Liberty, IA Scanning and emailing his Odebolt Postcard collection and farm photos
Verna Mae Schwaller, Thelma Schroeder, Carol Auen, Odebolt Tour of the museum - they do a WONDERFUL  job there!  Allowing us to scan items and copying things for us.
Rose Schultz, Odebolt Interview on the Silhouettes on the Mattes Building
Mary Jean (Currie) Hottman, Littleton, CO Identifying the people in the Currie family photo
Daryl Cleveland, Odebolt photography of Odebolt
Kristy Rosemeyer, Odebolt Updates on Quasquicentennial Info
Vicki  Beckman, Odebolt Info and photo on Odebolt Flag; info on the Chamber of Commerce, sports team photos
Russ Sprague, St. Lawrence Co., NY Sprague family information
Buddy Schiller, Muskogee, OK An antique dealer who just could not bring himself to throw away a 1938 "Fifty Years of Progress" edition of the Chronicle in his possession because of all the town history it contained.  He ran a search for Odebolt on the internet, found odebolt.net, contacted me via email and sent it to me for the cost of his postage.  My personal copy is very fragile and I was very glad  to have a duplicate.  Bless you, and thanks, Buddy!
Judith (Messer) Bauer of Omaha, NE and her daughter, Erin Bauer Biographies and photos of Messer, Konradi and Leget families.  In addition, Judy allowed me to scan her collection of old Odebolt Postcards, many of which I had not seen before.  She also sent in Messer family letters from relatives in Germany.  And in 2009, a circa1895 school photo.  Thanks so much, Judy!
Dale Sporleder of Carmel, Indiana Information and family photo of his uncles, The Patton Brothers.  Dale is writing a book about his uncles and grandfather and says he will send us a copy once it is published!
Kim Tholl of Las Vegas, Nevada Volunteered to type up biographies for The Odebolt History Pages. She is a descendant of James S. and Sarah Cranston. - Thanks so much!
Dorothy Ellis Lane, California Permission to use excerpts from her mother's book, "My Family in Iowa, 1878-1949", written by Dorothy Groman Ellis
Paula R. Curcio, Mississippi Submitted Hedberg family obituaries via email - Thanks! Also identified members of the Hedberg and Fredrickson families on an 1917 photo of the Mission Covenant Church.
Anders Samuelsson, Sweden Via email, submitted photos of his relatives, A.P. Nelson/Nilsson and John Nelson.  Thanks very much Anders -  a pleasant surprise!
Eleanor Peterson, Odebolt Provided us with our own copy of the Dorothy Groman Ellis book.  Thanks, Eleanor!
P. Dale Gronemeyer, Odebolt Photos of his grandfather's store in Odebolt - Thanks!
Henry L. Hanson, Arizona Hanson, Henry L., The Family of Henry Hanson and Augusta Mathilda Ekblom, A Genealogical and Biographical Record. Edina, MN: Chiefton Publishing, 1991.
     We found this book in the Odebolt library and wrote to Mr. Hanson asking for permission to use excerpts and photos from the book.  Not only did he give us permission, he sent us a copy of the book.  Thanks very much, indeed!
     Henry grew up in Odebolt and graduated from Odebolt High School before going on to college and working for 40 years with Honeywell in patent litigation.  He is the son of George and Zella Hanson and grandson to the book's Henry & Augusta Hanson. 
Howard Johnson of Ames, Iowa His stories - "Old Fashioned Saturday Nights", and "The Dirty Thirties," first published in Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine.  Thanks so much!
Ben Cooley of Woodburn, OR Sent a biography & many photos of his grandfather, Prof. J. H. Orcutt and family, as well as an 1885 "School card" listing students then in the high school.  Thanks very much, Ben!
Phyllis Kies, Odebolt Allowed me to view and scan information on the Cook Ranch. Phyllis and her late husband, Arnold, lived on part of what was once the Cook Ranch.
Wesley Berg, Odebolt Photos of his Great-grandfather Ballard's store; Grandparents; and other Odebolt Photos.  Thanks very much for sharing, Wesley!
Lorraine Searight Littlefield's daughter, Fred Frevert, Seattle, WA and Chuck Hanson, Odebolt Fred Frevert received a 1887 graduating class photo from Lorraine's daughter and sent a copy to Chuck Hanson.  Chuck sent a copy for us to use on the site.  Way to go you guys!  A rare addition!
Renae Babcock, Odebolt Provided copies of Chamber of Commerce pamphlets & brochures. Thanks!
Donarae Cleveland, Odebolt Loan of a copy of memoirs by former Odebolt resident, Oscar F. Peterson.
Fred "Bud" Frevert, Seattle, WA Smith Family Obituaries - Thanks, Bud!
Carlton Smith, American Pop Corn Co., Sioux City, Iowa Carlton Smith, great-grandson of Cloid Smith sent in a copy of a booklet, "American Pop Corn Company (Jolly Time pop corn), An American Tradition Since 1914".  This booklet has some history about the early life of Cloid Smith in the Odebolt area, as well as his role in founding the company, and company history.  Thanks, Carlton!
Conley Wolterman, Ida Grove, Iowa, and Linda Ruff of California Photos and a brief biography on Ulysses Hill family, early Odebolt settlers.  Conley had received the photos from Linda Ruff in California, who bought them and searched on the internet to find a family connection.  She found Conley's digital photos of the gravestones of Ulysses and his wife and forwarded the photos to Conley, who sent them to us.  This is just a s mall example of the "genealogy kindnesses" that are prevalent among researchers and family historians on the Internet.  Thanks to Conley and Linda!
Dresselhuis & Heidenreich Law Office, Odebolt, IA Photo of two buildings (110KB) which once stood just south of the corner of Main and 3rd Streets, on the west side of Main.  George Dresselhuis started his Odebolt law practice in the building to the left.
Linda Vallow, Arcadia, CA Postcards of an early 1900's ice skating scene, children in Room 4 in the old school building (circa 1906-7) and a photo of her ancestor, Anders Gustaf Myrell in his carriage at his blacksmith shop in Odebolt about 1917.  Link to photos on "Small Collections" page.
Duane Thayer, Geneva, IL Thanks to Duane for identifying the children in a 1936 photo of country school, Cook #7 and for writing his Memories of Cook #7.
Mike Peterson, Fremont, CA Thanks to Mike for a postcard of an early Odebolt football team , and for a postcard of the H. G. Ballard house, later owned by Dennis & Eleanor Peterson. Photo from Lundquist Bros. - "Grandma Nabel"
Thelma Dresselhuis, Des Moines
Ellen Dresselhuis, Minneapolis
Bonnie Ekse interviewed Thelma in Des Moines and she ended up writing her memories of Odebolt.  Her daughter Ellen wrote an introduction and sent photos of her parents for the story.  Thelma moved to Des Moines after the death of her husband in 2004.  She is over 100 years old!
Dave Gruning and wife Nancy of Laurel, MS Scans of photos and information from a Mummey/Smith family history book.  Thanks very much!
Denise Krueger Photos of the Jacob B. Meyer / Barbara Stadler Meyer family
Jack Krusenstjerna, Odebolt Interview on family history and Odebolt history between Bonnie Ekse and Jack.
Barbara (Peterson) Michael of La Mirada, California. Permission to publish portions of her grandfather's (Oscar F. Peterson) Memoirs.
Warren Hanson, Odebolt Old photos - 1917 Mission Covenant Church congregation; 1914 Mission Covenant members, unknown year; Montana Anderson Gathering
Lanelle Krueger, Longmont, Colorado The Kuhl Letters from World War I
Sharyl (Anderson) Mildenstein Identified family members on a 1917 Mission Covenant Church congregation photo. Circa 1928 & 1930 Mission Covenant Confirmation photosMission Covenant Cradle Roll & Membership Certificates.  Photo of Gustaf & Emma Anderson and children
George Pek, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A postcard collector who kindly sent copies of postcards of Arthur, Iowa that he had in his collection.  Barb gave copies to the Arthur Library.
Mel Lindner, Poplar Bluff, MO
Harold Lindner, Cashton, WI
Information and photo of the Lindner family's Odebolt Dairy & Cheese Factory, a business in Odebolt from 1937 to the late 1940s.
Lee Ashmore, San Diego, CA Biography, Civil War photo and Civil War writing of William Henry Hopkins, member of Odebolt G.A.R.
Allen S. Hoagland, Ohio Photos:  Amelia Fertig home; Henry Fertig, Dan Tews & Wm. Rhule
Betty Raasch, Stephanie Fleenor & Deb Reinhart - Odebolt Betty Raasch donated collection of obituaries she had kept - over 900 pages of them) to the Odebolt Museum.  Stephanie Fleenor scanned them and her mom, Deb Reinhart indexed them.  A HUGE project.  THANK YOU!
Karl Schilling Treadway/ Tredway Family photo and information
Norman Linden Postcards of Odebolt, and Postcards of Fairview Farm (Adams Ranch). Thank you so much for sharing, Norman!
Amy Norton Identity of Rev. E. Fred Hall minister and photo of his family
Christian Aussprung, Vienna, Austria
Photo of the Richard Korneisel family

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