Index - Odebolt Centennial Biographies

Pioneer Families listed in the 1977 Odebolt Centennial Book, 

“As Time Goes By”, Odebolt, Iowa 1877-1977
printed by The Odebolt Chronicle May, 1977

[A tremendous amount of work has been put into typing these biographies
 and scanning the related photos.
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*C=listed under Century Farms        *P=photograph (not all photos are scanned but we will scan by request)
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18  Anderson, Swan (wife Anna Hokanson)
83  Babcock, Charles Henry (wife Florence Kegley) *C *P 
18  Ballard, Henry (wife Margaret Barry) *P
19  Ballard, George (wife Adaline Belles)  *P

20  Barkley, Lowe (wife Annie Smith)
20  Bartlett, Philo E.  (letter- early days of Odebolt)
21  Berg, Charles F. ( wife Katerina Ekstrom) *P
78  Berhnhardt, Adam (wife maiden name not given) *P
22  Bettin, August (wife Kate Glein) *P
23  Bonnichson, Hans (Anna L. Andresen) *P

24  Bruce, J.S.
24  Bryntesen, Peter (wife Christian Olson) *P 
84  Buehler, Jacob (wife Eliza Einspahr) *C
24  Buehler, Sebastian (wife Mary Obrecht)  *P
25  Buehler, William (wife Sadie Blass)
25  Carstensen, Nick Sr. (wife Mary Katherina Hansen) *P
26  Chandler, Abner L. (wife Henrietta Dunn)*P
75  Collenbaugh, Christopher C. (wife Rosanna Maxwell) *P

27  Correll, David (wife Laura Davenport)
28  Cowlham, George Sr.(wife Anna Wulf) *P
28  Coy, B. A. (wife Delette Crandall)
28  Cranston, James A. (wife Sarah Alice McCreight) *P
84  Crook, Swan Olaf (wife Louise Larson) *C *P
29  Currie, John (wife Jeanette McGeachy) *P
30  Dannenberg, August (wife Katherine Buehler)  *P
30  Davenport, Charles L. (wife Mary Parnell) *P
85  Dinges, John *C.(wife Katharina Beitz) *P
30  Down, Thomas W. Sr. (wife Eliza Hodge) *P
32  Duncan, Oliver (wife Mary Jane Clark) *P

32  Einspahr, John (wife Annie Elizabeth Zimmerman) *P
33  Ellinger, Eli (wife Susan Ferry) *P
34  Erickson, John (wife Ann Christina Johnson)*P

87  Fertig, Andrew *C (wife Amelia) *P
34  Field, W. C. (wife Mahala Howe)
35  Fleuhr, Jacob (wife Susana Konradi)
88  Fox, Marshall D. (wife Lydia F. Bennet) *C *P
35  Freese, Gustav (wife Eva Elizabeth Luft) *P
89  Frey, Henry (wife Katrina Luft)  *C *P
36  Fuchs, John (wives Katherine Reinhart & Lizzie Pfeiffer)*P
36  Godberson, Hans (wife Margaretta Wunschel)*P
37  Goreham, Joseph P. (wife Charlotte Hill) *P
37  Gosch, John H. (wife Mary M. Fleck) *P
75  Gosch, Juergen P. (wife Mary E. Rhule) *P
38  Groman, August M. D. (wife Gesine E. Beckman)
91  Gunderson, John (wife Anna Mary Peterson) *C *P
38  Halboth, Adam (wife Barbara Haefner) *P
39  Hanson, Henry (wife Augusta Eckblom) *P
39  Hanson, Nels (wife Anna Nelson) *P
40  Hausman, Conrad (wife Katrina Kotzenberg)
41  Henrich, Valentine (wife Caroline Dinges) *P
41  Hix, John (wife Margaret Reitzel)
43  Hoefling, John Sr. (wife Magdalena Engel)
43  Hokansson, August Wilhelm (wife Ellen Sophia Peterson) *P
43  Huldeen, John A. (wife Anna Teaquist) *P
93  Johnson, Andrew E. (wife Augusta Lundberg) *C *P 
44  Kennedy, Adam (wife Katherine Connelly)
44  Kessler, Henry Sr. (wife Elizabeth Reudzel) *P
45  Kistler, Charles W. (wife Nellie H. Teaquist)
45  Kluckhohn, August (wife Wilhelmina Saak) *P
45  Konradi, John (wives Elizabeth Beitz, Mary Schmidt)
     & son Joseph*P

46  Krusenstjerna, Alfred G. (wife Ida Hokanson)
46  Krusenstjerna, Charles (wife Emma Link) *P
47  Landgraf, George (wife Elizabeth Kaiser) *P
47  Larson, John M. (wife Mary Johnston) *P


--    Leget, Henry (not in Centennial Book - submitted by family)
49  Leonard, Charles  (wife Emma Bengston) *P
94  Leonard Century Farm
49  Link, August  (wife Anna Maria Merz) Link) *P
49  Luft, Caspar (wife Anna Barbara Sittner)
50  Lundell, Andrew (wife Anna)
50  Mackey, Oliver (wives Mary Love, Helen Mitchell, Laura Deering)
50  Mandernach, John (wife Albertina Saak)
95 Mandernach Century Farm 
51  Mattes, Joseph (wife Catharine Shelley)
51  Mattes, John (wife Mary Regina Hartman)

51  McCorkindale, Donald Jr. (wife Mary Bremmer) *P
(also Angus McCorkindale)

52  McFarland, Samuel (wife Amy (Emma) Winegard) *P
52  McGeachy, Alexander (Isabelle McQuistan) *P
55  McGeachy, Donald (wife Jeanette Huie) *P
52  McLean, John(wife Christina McQuistan)  *P
51  Messer, Adam (wife Anna Catherine Gresie) *P
101 Meyer, Conrad (wife Katrina Angel) (Schultz Farm)  *C *P
96  Meyer, William (wife Verena Widmer)  *C *P
97  Miller, Jacob (wife Regina Bauer) *C *P
55  Nelson, A. P
55  Nelson, Alfred (wife Anna Sophia Peterson)
98  Neville, William T. (wife Lucy M. Brown) *C *P
55  Paul, William C. (wife Hannah Biddick)
56  Pearson, B.
58  Petersmeyer, Frederick (wife Caroline Saak)  *P
57  Peterson, Solomon (wife Margaret Peterson)
99  Profit Farm, Sarah (Mummey) Smith, and son Samuel Smith *C *P
100 Quirk, Wm. (wife Margaret Christian) *C *P
59  Raasch, Herman (wife Caroline Mandernach)
100 Rabe, Henry Sr. (wife Louisa Wegener) *C *P
59  Reinhart, Henry (wife Martha Hudzell)
59  Reuber, August H. W. (wife Louisa Katherine Rabe) *P
60  Reynolds, John (wives Lottie Elliot, Teresa Shea)  *P
77  Rhule, William (wife Delilah Cree) *P
61  Robinson, Henry C. (wife Jeanette Spiller) *P
61  Roth, Christian (wife Mary Engel) *P
62  Schmitz, John (wife Mary Anna Weiland)
62  Schramm, Ludwig (wife Katherine Luft) *P
101 Schultz Farm, see Meyer, Conrad
63  Selby, Seymour (wife Sadie Hanna)
63  Shaw, Charles Dexter (wife Harriet Emily Walker) *P
64  Sheldon, Charles F. (wife Janette Coquillette) *P
65  Siebrecht, Carl (wife Carolina Krowas) *P
67  Simon, Henry (wife Christine Ungrue) *P
94  Smith, Hiram B. (wife Jennie Marsh) *C Leonard Farm *P
66  Smith, Asa B. (wife Nancy E. Mummey)  *P 
118 Smith, Cloid H.
67  Smith, Martin W. (wife Deantha Work)
68  Sonksen, Johannes (wife Johanna Fredricksen) *P
68  Stanzel, William (wife Mrs. Lucinda R. (Clark) Kenyon)
69  Starner, Emmett (wife Helen Sprague) + (Oliver P. Sprague Obit.)
69  Story, Francis (wife Caroline Brown)
69  Stueckrath, Adam (wife Elizabeth Moeller) 
70  Stueckrath, Henry (wife Martha Elizabeth Schriebre) *P
73  Taylor, James - letter about the early days near Odebolt
70  Teaquist, Abraham (wife Jane) *P
71  Thies, Nicholas Sr. (wife Mary Schimmer) 
71  Umbarger, Nathaniel (wife Mary Agnes Brown) *P
72  Waggoner, Henry (wife Elizabeth Topley) *P
72  Wagner, John G. (wife Mary Weitzel)
103 Weitzel, Peter Carl (wife Mary) *C *P
73  Wolf, Michael B. (wife Lelia Smith)
84  Youngquist, Everett G.(wife Joyce Crook)*C
73  Youngren, Peter (wife Bessie Larson)
73  Younie, John Wesley (wife Emma Messerole)
74  Ziegmann, John (wife Barbara Heidenreich)

Scanning Photos: As of April 13, 2003 this large project is now complete except for numerous photos that need to be scanned.  I will scan them upon request and add them to the site.  

Errors? Please keep in mind that although we have tried very hard to avoid transcription errors, there may be some. These histories were submitted in 1977 to the Centennial Committee by family members, and their sources are not always correct; for instance, in the names of foreign places of origin.  Some had been taken from old history books, and these also are not always reliable.  As always, when looking for historical data, it is best to go straight to original records and sources.  However, these biographies give a picture of the early people and the early history of our town, and for that, they are invaluable.  

Do you have a biography that was not included in As Time Goes By, or the 2002 update history book Odebolt Forever?  We would be happy to receive and post biographies on your family via email (see email address below).

Thanks to Kim Tholl of Las Vegas, Nevada, for volunteer transcription of some of the biographies, and to a few folks who submitted their family information.  The remainder were typed by Barb Horak.  Again, if you find errors, please notify me, and I will check them against the Centennial Book.


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