Odebolt Area Farms


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franknevillefarm1916.jpg (54399 bytes)
The Frank Neville farm, 1916

(Section 16 Wheeler Township) William T. Neville homesteaded the farm  He would have been my great, great, grandfather. His son Frank Neville lived on the farm, followed by several hired hands. Then Charlotte (Neville) and Wilbur Bengford, then Frank Neville. This is a century farm and is still owned by Neville's. - Paul Druivenga. 

 (Webmaster's note:  My grandparents, Sigurd and Anna Anderson Carlson also lived on this farm after they were married in 1911.  There was a schoolhouse on the corner to the east of the house, SE corner of Section 16, Wheeler Twp)

nilesneville.jpg (35026 bytes)
Niles Neville at Adams Ranch 1897
submitted by Paul Druivenga

1941ad_niles_neville.jpg (51446 bytes)
Ad from farm magazine, Niles Neville - 1941

salmonsonfarm.jpg (62135 bytes)
Salmonson Farm circa 1920

(Section 32 Cook Township) Gus Salmonson bought the farm in 1905 from part of the Cook Ranch. Gus was a foreman for the Cook ranch.  The Cooks sold out in 1905 and went back to Chicago. Following Gus, his son August had the farm. August sold the farm to Messenbrinks who still live there. 

fernpurdyclass1919.jpg (79413 bytes)
1919 Class Picture
Fern Purdy (fourth young lady from the left) married August Salmonson)

johnhuldeenfarm.jpg (53622 bytes)
John Huldeen Farm, circa 1920

(Section 32 Cook township) John Huldeen first lived on the farm. Then his son Alvin, followed by his son John and  wife Lucy. - Paul Druivenga

dcorrellauction.jpg (78320 bytes)
D. Correll Auction, Jan. 30, 1908
Col A.S. Teaquist, auctioneer, Photo by Traver
Public Sale. - See Auction Info

linquist_farm.jpg (46530 bytes)
Written on the back of this photo is
"This was taken 1918 at Mr. S. M Linquist home."

olson_emil_farm.jpg (66610 bytes)
Farm sale at the Emil Olson Farm, early 1900's.
This was later the Luitjens Farm in Wheeler Twp.

 sigurd_carlson_farm.jpg (58848 bytes)
Sigurd and Anna Carlson Farm,circa 1925

The Sigurd & Anna Carlson farm was located in the SW quarter of Section 5, Richland Township on what was once part of the Cook Ranch.  Sigurd and his brothers Albin and Axel built the barn, outbuildings and house starting about 1915.  The house burned down after the family moved to a farm south of Odebolt.  In the late 1920's and 30's, neighbors were Hans Godberson, Joseph and Adam Roeder, Ernest Kies, A.S. Teaquist, John Huldeen and John Wagner.  A schoolhouse, Richland #3, was located on the southwest corner of this farm. Sigurd's daughter, Dorothy (Carlson) Girvan taught there for a time.

sigurd_new_barn.jpg (37258 bytes)
Sigurd's barn under construction about 1915.

sigurd_carlson_barn.jpg (15811 bytes)
All that is left of the buildings Sigurd built -  
June, 2003.


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