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Religious Women

CUILLERIER, Marie-Anne Veronique
Marie-Anne entered the order of the Nuns Hospitallers of St. Joseph at Montreal in 1694 and from 1725 to 1747 she held the office of secretary. Her Her letters and annals contain furnishes first-hand information on the difficulties of daily life in New France and on the religious mentality of the inhabitants of Canada.

DYER, Mary Barrett
Followers of Anne Hutchinson, Mary and William Dyer were excommunicated and banished from Boston and followed Anne to Rhode Island where they were among the founders of Portsmouth. Mary spent several years in England where she met George Fox, founder of the Quaker religion, and returned to the colonies in time for the new laws which banished Quakers from the MA Bay Colony upon pain of death. Imprisoned several times and nearly hanged once alongside two Quakers Friends who were, Mary returned to Boston one too many times and becamse the first woman hanged for her Quaker convictions.

HOOTON, Elizabeth
A disciple of George Fox, Elizabeth was one of the first female Quaker preachers who was imprisoned several times in England and in colonial Massachusetts. Twice she was jailed in Boston, then carried two days' journey into the forest and left there to starve. Both times she managed to find her way to Rhode Island, even after one time of having been "whipped through three towns."

HUTCHINSON, Anne Marbury
A visionary ahead of her time who believed that women were equally capable of interpreting the Bible without intervention from church elders, Anne Hutchinson advocated religious freedom and toleration and was banished from Boston for her "radical" ideas. Anne and her followers went to Rhode Island where they founded the first civil government in America - the colony of Portsmouth.

SAINT Margaret, Queen of Scotland
Wife of King Malcolm III of Scotland, Margaret helped to civilize and refine both her husband and her adopted country. She devoted time and money to works of charity, assisting the poor, the aged, orphans, and the sick. Margaret re-founded the monastery on the Island of Iona and built a church at Dunfermline. She was the mother of four Scot kings and mother-in-law of England's King Henry I. [See also "Royalty".]

STARBUCK, Mary Coffin
Reverend Mary was one of the first Quaker leaders in Nantucket, MA who held meetings at her house until a proper Meeting House could be built.

Jemima, also known as the "Universal Publik Friend" or "The Friend", was a descendant of Rhode Island Quakers. After a near death experience, she became the founder of a new religious order called "The Universal Friends," a forerunner of the more popular Christian Scientists.

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