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Notable Women Ancestors - Survivors

Titanic sinkingJamestown Massacre
Sinking of Titanic
Jamestown Massacre


ANNIS, Ann Vessy Laired Sims
Having survived one previous shipwreck, Anna was a passenger aboard the Sultana which exploded and sank April 27, 1865. This was America's largest marine disaster.

Ruth was 8 years old when Deerfield was attacked by Indians in 1704. She was among the 109 captives marched to Canada.

CHOLET, Annie Marie Heard
Granddaughter of Elizabeth Hull Heard (see below), Annie was brought to New France as an Indian captive, a harrowing experience for a child.

DAVIDSON, Katharine "Kate" May Vadakin
Her mother died in childbirth and Kate's father, unable to support his 5 children, boarded her in an orphange. Her father became ill and unable to make the boarding payments, so Kate was adopted by another family. Many years later she was able to track down her siblings and father.

DUSTIN, Hannah Emerson
Hannah was captured by Indians, but managed to escape after killing them all with the aid of a fellow captive. A monument was erected in her honor at Haverhill, MA, pictures of which are on this page.

GOWANLOCK, Theresa Mary Johnson
Theresa was taken captive into the camp of Big Bear during the Canadian Northwest Rebellion in 1885 and held for two months before being rescued by the Northwest Mounted Police.

HEARD, Elizabeth Hull
Elizabeth's experience on an exposed outpost where for nearly ten years she was surrounded by hostile Indians is legendary. Even Cotton Mather wrote about her.

INGLES, Mary Draper
Mary and her two sons were captured by Indians and taken into uncharted territory. Her two sons were sold (one of them died shortly), but Mary managed to escape and made her way back to Virginia. Fifteen years would pass before she and her husband were able to ransom their surviving son. Because of what she had seen and accomplished on her journey, Mary was able to help the army chart this territory.

Sarah came from a prominent New England family of Deerfield, MA. In 1704, the town was raided by Indians and Sarah, who was twelve, was captured and taken to Quebec.

MEEDS, Elizabeth Jones
During an Indian attack in which her husband was killed, she quickly hid her baby under the bed so the Indians wouldn't find him. She was scalped, but miraculously lived.

MICHAUX, Suzanne Rochet
Suzanne, a French Huguenot, was the youngest of the three daughters of Jean Rochet to be smuggled out of France and into Amsterdam, Holland following the Edict of Nantes in 1685.

PORTER, Yukiko Nishino
An Hawaiian born Japanese, Yukiko survived the WWII bombings of Japan and went on to marry an African American Army office after the war.

RENICK, Elizabeth Archer
She and her children were captured by Shawnees in Virginia and, after witnessing the brutal slaying of her husband and male neighbors, were marched to a Miami Indian town in OH were they remained captive for nearly 7 years.

SLOCUM, Frances
A child of English descent, Frances was carried into captivity from her father's house at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, November 2, 1778, by Delaware Indians when she was five years old. Her brothers gave persistent search but did not find her until September 21, 1837. During her lengthy captivity of nearly 60 years, Frances married She-Po-Con-Ah, a Miami Indian chief and she herself adopted the name "Ma-Con-A-Quah."

SLOCUM, Frances
Here is another biography.

STOUT, Penelope Van Prince
Shipwrecked off the coast of New Jersey, then attacked by Indians and left for dead, Penelope managed to survive her horrible wounds until she was rescued by other Indians who nursed her back to health.

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