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Notable Women Ancestors - Authors

One of the greatest 18th century British fiction writers, Jane Austen had a major impact on the development of the English novel.

BARNEY, Natalie Clifford
Author of twelve published books (others remain in manuscript form), friends and lovers with many famous people, and the women who ran the most important literary salon of the 20th century, American-born Natalie lived a scandalous life in Paris for nearly 100 years.

Anne was America's first poet, daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley and wife of Governor Simon Bradstreet. Despite a restrictive Puritan society, Anne managed to write poems that expressed her feelings about her family and life in 17th century New England.

CARY, Alice and Phoebe
Alice and Phoebe were sisters from Ohio and later New York who wrote poetry in the 1800's. Their first volume, Poems of Alice and Phoebe Cary was published in 1850.

FOTHERINGHAM, Marie Joussaye
A published poet in the Yukon Territory, Marie led an interesting, if not exactly prosperous life. She was an important leader in the formation of the Working Girl's Union and became that Union's president. However, she and her husband had many less-than-legal financial dealings, sometimes resulting in jail time.

LADD, Catherine Stratton
A native of Virginia, Catherine became a well-known writer and educator in South Carolina. After her marriage, she began to write stories, poems, and essays, particularly on art and education. These were published under several different pen names--Minnie Mayflower, Arcturus, Morna, and Alida--in various southern journals. In 1840, after hearing that an unused building that was suitable for a girl's school had become available, she opened the Winnsboro (also spelled Winnsborough) Female Institute at Winnsboro, South Carolina. The Winnsboro Institute was one of the largest and best-known boarding and day schools for young women in South Carolina.

RYLAND, Cally Thomas
At one time a well-known southern author, Cally has is little heard of today. As society editor of the Richmond News Leader, she took a step beyond reporting the usual weddings and engagements by venturing into larger cultural and social issues. She was also the author of several books.

SHERWOOD, Kate Brownlee
Kate was the wife of Congressman Issac R. Sherwood of Ohio and in her own right, was prominent for many years as a leader of patriotic affairs. She was a contributor to magazines and newspapers for more than 25 years, writing political satires and poetry. She was a national organizer of the Women's Relief Corps of the G.A.R., member of the National Council of Women, and a charter member of the New York Sorosis.

SWETT, Margaret Jane Mussey
Margaret is credited with writing the first Sapphic novel in America, Ethel's Love Life, and was also reputed to be one of the first women book reviewers in New England.

WILDER, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls
When Laura was in her 60's in the 1930's, she was persuaded by her daughter, Rose, to write of her childhood experiences in the American West. This was done in a series of 7 children's books. These have become classic children's literature known as the Little House books on which the TV series, Little House on the Prairie was based. This web page contains genealogy and biographical info plus links to other Laura Ingalls Wilder sites.

Victorian Women Writers Project Highly accurate transcriptions of literary works by British women writers of the 19th century including anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, and volumes of poetry and verse drama.

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