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Health Care Workers & Humanitarians

BARTON, Clarissa Harlowe
Known better as Clara Barton, she founded the American Red Cross and cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the conflict during the Civil War. After the war, she established a missing soldier's bureau in Washington D.C. which helped gather identification records for the missing and the dead. Her office has recently been discovered in a building that had been scheduled for demolition and efforts are now under way to preserve this historical find.

Dott, a 1907 graduate of the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, practiced medicine in Palestine and later become a leading advocate of women's health issues in Philadelphia. She also established the Dorothy Case-Blechschmidt Cancer Health Clinic of Doctor's Hospital there.

BOWES, Margaret Dand Thomson
Margaret immigrated from Scotland with her family to Canada in the mid 1800's. She later removed to NY where she survived two husbands and became a well-known midwife and surrogate mother of more than 30 homeless or poorly cared for children.

HALES, Matilda
A devout member of the LDS church, Matilda attended Brigham Young Academy and received her teaching certificate. However, she decided to become a midwife and nurse and never married. Despite her rheumatoid arthritis, she delivered many babies, brought food and other necessities to those in need, and advocated legislation prohibiting the sale of tobacco to minors.

LOZIER, Charlotte Irene Denman
Although she lived but a short time, Charlotte, like her more famous mother-in-law, Clemence Lozier, was one of the earliest women physicians. Her education opened the way for her lectures and public addresses concering women's rights. She became Vice President of the National Workingwomen's Association and travelled extensively.

LOZIER, Clemence Sophia Harned
Founder of the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women, Dr. Clemence Sophia Lozier was one of the earliest women who practiced medicine and was thoroughly identified with the cause of medical education for women.

PAYNE, Jessica Charlotte Lozier
Although she was not a physician like her mother and grandmother, Jessica nevertheless was aware of the plight of poor, indigent women and performed a ton of charity work. She was also a correspondent during World War I in England.

SANDS, Sarah Walker
Sarah was an early settler of Block Island and served as the island's "surgeon," ministering to the needs of all on the island. Her home served as a church, hospital, and was a haven for any stranger.

SIMPSON, Cora Eliza
Cora began life as a child of pioneers, traveling by covered wagon to Oregon. After receiving a public health nursing certificate from Simmons College in Boston, she traveled to China in 1907 as a missionary. There she founded and directed the Florence Nightengale School of Nursing.

TROUT, Jennie Kidd Gowanlock
Jennie was the first woman physician licensed to practice in Canada, passing the examinations of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, at the age of 34. on May 13, 1875. Dr. Trout opened the Therapeutic and Electrical Institute, featuring "special facilities for giving treatment to ladies by galvanic baths or electricity". The Toronto medical college opened on October 1, 1883 and the Kingston Women's Medical College opened the next day with Jennie Trout as one of the trustees. The two colleges merged as the Ontario Medical College for Women in Toronto in 1894. Jennie, a strong advocate of temperance, served as Vice President and President of the Women's Temperance Union. Also, for a time, she was Vice President of the Association for the Advancement of Women

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