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Notable Women Ancestors - Humorous Ladies
Funny Ladies

BETTS, Harriet
Her father, a judge, fell asleep while Harriet gave him a hair cut. Oops!

DELANEY, Edith Lusetta Waite
Edith, whose legacy included the expression "faster than a fart in a skillet", had hoped to leave the family the "Mosher Millions". But first, SHE had to get it.

DEVANE, Margaret
While Margaret herself was not intentionally funny, this report of her encounter with a staff member of General Cornwallis' Army during the Revolutionary War is.

EASTMAN, Alice Jane
Dave Curtin only knew his Aunt Alice as an old woman in a nursing home. Imagine his shock and surprise when he found the poem she'd written many years before entitled "Deacon Foster's Pew".

JACKSON, Mary Elizabeth
Fortunately, Mary was a baby and couldn't possibly remember the scary cure for hiccups her mother used.

LAWSON, Dora Frances Tompkins
A feisty Vermonter, Dora is remembered here in 3 great stories, "Dora and the Dynamite", "Dora and the Horseradish" and "Dora and the Banty Rooster".

SCOTT, Rose Plaisted
Hilarious letters written to Rose in the 1880's by various beaus and her best friend, Lucy. One miffed suitor writes: "I suppose you are happy that you have got rid of me and got a fellow that has got a fine horse and bugy."

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