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The Bryant SistersGreat Mothers, Aunts & Grandmas

ASH, Mable Anna Howell
Little is known about Mable's childhood except that the family lived on a farm and her father owned a slaughterhouse. She quit school in the 10th grade because she simply had no clothes to wear and she went to work instead. She later met her future husband at a fireman's ball.

BAKER, Sally Nolan
Sally was a registered nurse who worked in the mountain area of Eastern Kentucky early this century. Her patients had to be brought to the hospital by horseback, boat and sled. At least once, Sally carried a patient on her back! She also operated a ham radio during WWII and kept local families informed of the whereabouts of their sons who were in military service overseas. For her humanitarian work, Sally was voted "Queen of America" over 23 million other club women in the United States.

BEHLING, Dorothy Chloe Williams
NWA webmaster's mother. Dorothy spent her early years living on a homestead on the Great Divide of Colorado. She served in the Marine Corps during WWII as an air control tower operator, then went on to work for the United Nations in Shanghai, China where she met and married her husband.

BERG, Irene McFee
An early settler of Oregon as a child, this is an autobiography filled with wonderful descriptions of her childhood, farm life and tragic death of her father.

DAVIS, Bessie Layton
Without Bessie, Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same. Because of her dedication, turkey is still the traditional Thanksgiving treat. But just a few decades ago, due to a deadly disease called "blackhead" that wiped out entire flocks, turkey almost disappeared from the table.

HAHESY, Kathyrn May Robinson
A wonderfully detailed biography of a hard-working woman written by her daughter. Kathryn did not have an easy life, especially after her husband died, but her selflessness and generosity are very evident in this piece.

HAASE, Barbara Siefert Bieger Fennan Haase
This is more of a research report than a biography of how the author discovered his ancestor was married four times, twice to the same man.

HAVENS, Eva Myrtle
This native of Topeka, Kansas, Eva wrote a wonderful autobiography filled with family details, including several vacations and moves to California and to Chicago.

HAWLEY, Caroline "Carrie" Yost Hamilton
Carrie lived for an entire century and the details of her interesting life are given here, from shaking hands with President Lincoln to selling wild honey and helping her husband run a livery stable.

KIRKPATRICK, Clara Elizabeth Troutman
Clara enjoyed fine sewing and crocheting and kept the baby department at Wanamaker's Store, Philadelphia filled with bootees, sacks, etc. Within 35 years, she has completed at least 2000 pairs of bootees. Clara also made aprons and many different kinds of novelties by hand.

LOCKE/LOXTON, Emily Nutter & NELSON, Emily Loxton
Emily Loxton/Locke was the wife of two missionaries who were posted in the South Seas. Her daughter, Emily was believed to have been the first European child born there.

MAPEL, Katherine Petty
A descendant talks about her grandmother's life and includes a terrific description of her grandparents' farm!

PRIMM, Marth Emma Riley O'Neall Graham
Martha, a somewhat difficult woman who tried to get everyone to do things her way, including her pastor, has all of her surnames listed on her gravestone.

SQUIER, Margaret Frances Blenkhorn
Fascinating turn-of-the-century autobiography written by Margaret who grew up in pre WWI Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Her reminiscences are exquisitely detailed.

STARK, Rebecca "Becky" Nelma Maizland Sefton
Becky was born on a farm near Saxonburg, PA and grew up during the Roaring 20s. From early days of playing with bells in an abandoned blacksmith's shop near the farm, she had a passion for bells, especially the old farm dinner bell.

TENTER, Fannie Marie Branstetter
This woman's strength, will, and I-can-do-anything attitude is remembered fondly by her grandson in this biography.

WALTON, Elsie Lucretia Race
Her mother died when Elsie was less than two years old and Elsie, born in 1894, was raised by her paternal grandmother in Galesburg, Michigan. She married Jack Walton and they lived their entire married life in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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