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    Calder, Doris

  • ~ All Our Born Days Percheron Press, Sackville, NB, 1984.   Pb, 223pp., illus. A lively history of New Brunswick's Kingston Peninsula.
  • Caldwell, Ross W.
  • ~ William Freeze and His Descendants Sackville, NB, n.d. [c1988] Pb, 136pp., illus.  A history and genealogy of the family of William Freeze (1745-1812), who settled in Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, later moving to Penobsquis, New Brunswick.  Ten pages of indices.
  • Calhoon, Robert M.
  • ~ "The Loyalist Perception," in ACADIENSIS, II, 2 (Spring 1973), pp. 3-13. Journal of 107pp. had three other major articles.
  • Calhoun, Sue
    • ~ Ole Boy : Memoirs of a Canadian labour leader JK Bell 1992 Nimbus Publishing Ltd.
    Cameron, Alistair
  • ~ Milestone & Memories New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1992. Pb, 116pp.  A collection of true tales by a veteran story teller who came to Canada from Scotland with his parents in 1929 and made his home in Carleton County, New Brunswick. Author of two successful earlier books: Aberdeen It Was Not (1982) and Her Last Wee Treasure (1985).
  • Camp, Dalton
  • ~ Gentlemen, Players, & Politicians 1st Edition, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1970.  Hb, 346pp., index.  The political memoir of one of New Brunswick’s and Canada’s best-known political figures – and one of the country’s leading political and social commentators.
  • Campbell, Eugene C.
  • ~ French Lake (This French Lake is off the Oromocto River, beyond the town of Oromocto.)
  • Campbell, Eugene C.  & Wright, Ellen
    • ~ Fort Hughes - A Study A brief study of the History of Fort Hughes, on the Oromocto River where it joins the Saint John River.
    Campbell, Eugene C.; Wright, Ellen A. & Bailey, G.S.d Avray
    • ~ From Timber to Brick: Oromocto Heritage Houses - to 1950 1979 H. Randell Press
    Campbell, Steve
  • ~ Come Back With Me [re. St George, New Brunswick].  n.d. [c1990]. Saddle-stitched book, 89pp., photos, autograph.  Mr Campbell's personal recollections of growing up in the town of St George, New Brunswick.  Chapters on a broad selection of topics, from the town livery stable and ice cream parlor of the author's childhood to the frightening Ground Hog Gale of 1976.
  • ~ Come Back With Me Again [re. St George, New Brunswick]  n.d. [1990s]. Saddle-stitched book, 88pp., photos, autograph.  Additonal recollections under 20 headings, including an informative section on "Lumbering in Eastern Charlotte County."  More photographs and names of individuals than the first volume.
  • Canadian Publicity Co.
    • ~ Prominent People of the Maritime Provinces 1922 J.&A. McMillan
    Carson, Alverda (poss. deceased)
  • ~ Hillman - Grant Genealogy (mss / at PANB) Loyalist families in York Co, NB
  • Chapman, J.K.
  • ~ Hair From a Black Stallion's Tail (by Frank Hatheway, published Saint John Globe, ca, 1920 / Published for Chapman, 1982, by Centennial Print & Litho, Ltd)
  • ~ Gagetown: As We Were - A Short History With Illustrations Queens County Historical Society and Museum Inc., 1987.  Pb, 93pp., 8 1/2 x 11, appendices, bibliography.  An account of the historic village of Gagetown, New Brunswick, from its beginnings in the 1760s until recent times.  Compiled by Gagetown native and professional historian Dr. James K. Chapman.  Filled with photographs, maps, and other illustrations, and containing lists of names of person who inhabited the village at different times during its history.
  • ~ River Boy - Life along the St. John Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1980.  6th printing, pb, 98pp., illus.  Dr Chapman's first  volume on growing up at Gagetown, New Brunswick.  Includes an excellent chapter on the history of Gagetown.
  • ~ River Boy Returns Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1983.  Pb, 83pp. illus.  A sequel to Dr Chapman's delightful book entitled River  Boy: Life Along the St. John.
  • ~ River Boy at War Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1985.  Pb, 103pp., illus.  Another volume in the diverting reminiscences of the ‘River Boy’, who tells of his service as a navigator with the Royal Canadian Air Force, 415 Squadron, between 1940 and 1946.
  • ~ Frank Hatheway's Highways & Byways 1986 New Ireland Press
  • ~ A Skein of Yarns 1990 New Ireland Press
  • Christie, Edgar (250 Surrey Cres, Fredericton, NB, E3B 4L3)
  • ~ John Christie and Descendants, 1815-1994123 pages, descendants of John Christie, who was born in Scotland and came to New Brunswick in 1827 at age 12, indexed.
  • Christopher, David  (160 Sussex Ave, Riverview, NB,  E1B 3A7)  e-mail:
  • ~ Cemeteries of Albert County, NB297 pp, contains vital from all known tombstones in Albert County, as of 1977.
  • ~ The Descendants of James Martin of County Down, Ireland, and Hopewell, N.B.(first three generations - documented)
  • Clark, M. Alice
    • ~ Domestic Economy and Plain Sewing and Knitting 1889 J.&A. McMillan
    Clark, Ena C. et al
    • ~ A History of the Scotch Colony, Victoria County, New Brunswick 1969
    Clark, Peter D.
  • ~ Woods, Places, Bears' n Faces  Fredericton, 1995.  Pb, 87pp., generously illustrated with sketches.  Nineteen "poignant, humorous, outlandish, and scandalous" tales mostly about hunting and fishing in New Brunswick, including sketches of the fabled "Henry Braithwaite" and "The Yarnin' Barber Johnny Washburn."
  • Clarke, George  Frederick
  • ~The True Story (Documented) Expulsion of the Acadians(Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1955 / 2nd ed. Revised 1965, by Unipress, Fredericton, NB)
  • ~ Someone Before Us Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1968. Hb, 240pp., photos, index.  In this book, Dr. Clarke, as amateur archaeologist and student of the Indian cultures of the Maritime Provinces, presents the findings of a lifetime - in text and photographs.  The author's findings in the St. John River valley in New Brunswick are of particular interest.  A must for students of the Maliseet culture.
  • ~ The Song of the Reel 1963  Brunswick Press
  • ~ Too Small A World: The Story of Acadia1958 Brunswick Press
  • Cohen, Reuben
    • ~ Reuben Cohen: A Time to Tell 1998 Key Porter Books
    Coldrick, Helen
    • ~ New Brunswick s Covered Bridges 1992 Neptune Publishing
    Coldrick, Helen, and Susan A. Webber
  • ~ New Brunswick's Covered Bridges Neptune Publishing Co., Saint John, NB, n.d. (c1992).  Pb, with sketches of 22 covered bridges and a facing page of text plus a section on bridge construction, map, list of covered bridges in New Brunswick in 1992, and bibliography.
  • Condon, Ann Gorman
  • ~ The Envy of the American States: The Loyalist Dream For New Brunswick New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1984.  Pb, 236pp., color illustrations, bibliography, index.  A scholarly analysis of the creation of the province of New Brunswick following the American Revolution - as a British colony which would reflect the political and social ideals of the colonial era and be "the envy of the American States."  An essential volume for those undertaking Loyalist studies.
  • Conrad, Margaret, ed.
  • ~ They Planted Well: New England Planters in Maritime Canada Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, NB, 1988.  Pb, 321pp, illus.  Twenty authoritative articles on the New Englanders who settled in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia prior to the American Revolution.
  • ~ Making Adjustments: Change and Continuity in Planter Nova Scotia Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, NB, 1991.  Pb, 280pp.  The second in a series of publications on the New England Planters in the Maritime Provinces.  Topics include economics, politics, religion, literature, music, material culture, and relations with Micmac and Black populations.
  • ~ Intimate Relations: Family and Community in Planter Nova Scotia, 1759-1800  Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, NB, 1995.  Pb, 310pp.  The third in a series of publications on pre-Loyalist New England immigrants to the Maritime Provinces. Individual chapters examine childhood, widowhood and family relationships, inheritance patterns and economic life, clothing, furniture, religious beliefs and cultural values.
  • Cooke, Dorothy
  • ~ An Index to Acadiensis, 1901-1908 Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, 1983.   Cerlox bound book, 8 ½ x 11, unpaginated [approx. 110pp.]  Comprehensive index to New Brunswick's most important historical journal.  Debatable whether of greater value to those who own complete sets or to the many who have gaps in their collections.
  • Cooney, Robert
  • ~ A Comprndious History of the Northern Part of the Province of New Brunswick and of the District of Gaspe in Lower Canada Reprinted in 1896 by D. G. Smith at Chatham, Miramichi, New Brunswick, from one of the original copies printed by Joseph Howe at Halifax in 1832.  Hb, 288pp.  Robert Cooney (1800-1870) was a native of Dublin, Ireland, who emigrated to the Miramichi in 1824.  While employed at Newcastle as a clerk with the lumber and merchandising firm of Fiddes & Smiths, he was a witness to the Great Miramichi Fire of 1825.  Later, while engaged as an editorial assistant to James A. Pierce, the proprietor of the Chatham Gleaner, he gathered the data needed to write his "Compendious History."  The book is divided into the following sections: Introduction (pp. 1-13), General Description (pp. 14-24), Northumberland County (pp. 25-126), Kent County (pp. 127-160), Gloucester County (pp. 161-226), Natural History (pp. 227-280), and District of Gaspé (pp. 281-288).  While some have written disparagingly of Cooney's biases and limitations as an interpreter of events, he was a well educated man of exceptional ability, and his history  contains a great deal of information which is unavailable elsewhere.  It is also noteworthy for its literary style, the descriptions of the architecture of the buildings of the time being examples of his writing at its most memorable.  Apart from a copy of the extremely rare first edition of Cooney's work, the 1896 reprint is the most-sought-after item for collections pertaining to the history of the Miramichi and the rest of northern New Brunswick.
  • Cooper, Allan
    • ~ The Pearl Inside The Body 1991 The Tribune Press
    Corey, Judson M.
  • ~ The Story of Knowlesville Saint John, NB, 1985.  Pb, 242pp., photos, maps, charts, notes.  A general, genealogical, and biographical history of Knowlesville, Carleton Co., New Brunswick.  Surnames prominent in the book include Avery, Branscombe, Brewster, Carle, Corey, Doucette, Frazier, Frost, Gayton, Hemphill, Henderson, Hobbs, Kenney, LaPage, Lawson, Manuel, Phillips, Simms, Spinney, and Whitehouse.
  • Cormier, Ronald
  • ~ The Forgotten Soldiers New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1992. Pb, 174pp., maps, photos, biblio., index.  An account of Acadian participation in World War II
  • Coughey, Alice
  • ~ The History of the Saint Andrews United Baptist Church, Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, 1862-1990 Issued 1992.  Saddle-stitched booklet, 23pp., photos.
  • Cox, Philip
    • ~ History and Present State of Ichthyology of New Brunswick 1895 Barnes & Co.
    Craig, C.L. "Cal"  (RR #3 Bonney River, St George, NB, E0G 2Y0)
  • ~The Young Emigrants: Craigs of the Magaguadavic (genealogy of the Craig family in New Brunswick)
  • Craig, Helen C. (104 McFarlane St, Fredericton, NB, E3A 1V4)
  • ~ Willoughby and Harriet: Their Manzer and Hay Descendants1995, 187 pp, index. Desc. of Willoughby and Harriet (Hay) Manzer.
  • ~ New Brunswick Newspaper Directory, 1783-1988 Craig, Helen, comp., Council of Head Librarians of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, 1989.  Pb, 254pp.  A list of all newspapers published in New Brunswick, with notes on the locations of extant issues and of negative and positive microfilm.
  • Cunningham, Robert & Prince, John B.
    • ~ Tamped Clay and Saltmarsh Hay; artificts of New Brunswick 1976 Brunswick Press
    Curtis, Herb
  • ~ The Scholten Story Scholten Foundation, Oromocto, NB, 1996 Hb, 215pp., photos.  The story of one of New Brunswick's most successful immigrant families from Holland - told by the novelist Herb Curtis.
  • ~ The Silent Partner 1996 Goose Lane Editions
  • ~ Look What The Cat Drug In! 1990 Non-Entity Press
  • ~ Hoofprints on the Sheet 1993 Non-Entity Press
  • ~ Lone Angler1993 Goose Lane Editions
  • ~  The Last Tasmanian 1991 Goose Lane Editions
  • Curtis, Wayne
  • ~ Currents in the Stream: Miramichi People and Places Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1988.  Pb, 214pp., illus.  Popular history in fine literary style. People profiled include Lord Beaverbrook, Louise Manny, Michael Whelan, and the sportsman Ted Williams.  Places include Boiestown, Doaktown, Blackville, Douglastown, and Loggieville.
  • ~ River Guides of the Miramichi 1997 Goose Lane Editions
  • ~ One Indian Summer 1994 Goose Lane Editions
  • ~ Currents in the Stream 1988 Goose Lane Editions
  • Cusack, Ruby M.  (47 Jean Street, Saint John, NB, Canada E2J 1J8) e-mail:
  • ~ Yesteryear "Marriages" Register "C" Saint John County, New Brunswick(ISBN 0-929085-06-x / 1839-1847)
  • ~ Yesteryear "Marriages" Register "D" Saint John County, New Brunswick (ISBN 0-929085-07-8 / 1847-1853)
  • ~ Kings County, New Brunswick MARRIAGES - REGISTERS A  1812-1844
  • ~ Kings County, New Brunswick MARRIAGES - REGISTERS B  1844-1867
  • ~ Yesteryear - Index to Death Roll of the St. John Globe 1897-1926(1987 / alphabetica listing of "Prominent" people of Saint John (or elsewhere) who d. within each year. 1915 is missing, and many "ordinary" Saint John people are not listed / over 16,000 names.
  • ~ Heads of Households of Cities, Towns, Villages and Settlements of New Brunswick 1865-1866 (A reprint of selected portions of Hutchinson's New Brunswick Driectory for the dates given) Pb, plastic comb binding.  A reprint of the names and occupations of the heads of households included in Hutchison's Directory for 1865-66 of the cities, towns, villages, and other settlements in the Province of New Brunswick - this being the earliest such directory.
  • ~ Searching Your Roots in Saint John, NB, a Beginner's Guide
  • Cushing, J. Elizabeth & Casey, Teresa & Robertson, Monica
  • ~A Chronicle of Irish Emigration to Saint John, New Brunswick, 1847 (New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB, 1979)

  • D

    Daigle, L-C A

    • ~ Projected Military Road in New Brunswick: A Story of Adventure Across our Province a Century Ago 1951
    Dalling, W. Harvey, et al.
  • ~ History of Waterford Parish  Kings County Hist. Soc., 1995.  52pp., 8 ½ x 11, glue and tape binding.  Historical notes on the settlements, schools, and pioneer residents of Waterford Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick.
  • ~ History of Springfield Parish  Kings County Hist. Soc., 54pp., 8 ½ x 11, glue and tape binding, map.  Historical notes on the settlements, schools, and pioneer residents of Springfield Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick.
  • Davidson, W. H.
  • ~ William Davidson, 1740-1790  New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, 1947.  Pb, 60 pp., 8 x 10 1/2, photos, map, genealogical chart, appendices.  First edition of William Harold Davidson's biography of his ancestor William Davidson, who in the 1760s, was the founder of the English-speaking settlement along the banks of the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. Described by the late Dr Louise Manny as "the most important piece of historical writing the Miramichi has yet produced." Of equal value to Davidson's many descendants as family history.
  • Davis, H. Gertrude
    • ~ The History of the Brunswick Street United Baptist Church 1964
    Dearborn, Dorothy
    • ~ Unsolved New Brunswick Murders 1993 The Tribune Press
    Deer Island Development Association
    • ~ Deer Island, New Brunswick, Canada1966
    Denham, T.D.
    • ~ The History of the Germain Street Baptist Church (1910 Saint John Globe Publishing)
    Department of History, UNB
    • ~ Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region 1971-1983
    Dewitt, Katherine and Alexander, Norma
    • ~ Days of Old: A History of Fredericton Junction 1998 Centennial Print & Litho
    Dobson, Shirley A.
  • ~ The Word and the Music: The Story of Moncton's Central United Church and its Methodist Roots Moncton, NB, 1994.  Pb, 280pp., illus.  One of the best-researched and most extensive New Brunswick church histories to be published in the 1990s.  A most attractive and readable book.
  • Doyle, Arthur T.
  • ~ Front Benches & Back Rooms Greentree Publishing, Toronto, 1976. Hb, 306pp., photos and other illus., notes, biblio., index.  "A story of corruption, muckraking, raw partisanship, and political intrigue in New Brunswick."
  • ~ Heroes of New Brunswick Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1984. Pb, 133pp., illus.  Twenty-five biographical sketches, including sketches of 'Boss' Gibson, Milton Gregg, Louise Manny, J. B. Snowball, K. C. Irving, and the McCain brothers.
  • ~ The Premiers of New Brunswick Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1984.  Pb, 133pp., illus.  Introduction and summary plus biographical sketches of the 25 premiers who served between 1867 and the 1980s.
  • Dubeau, Sharon
  • ~ New Brunswick Loyalist, A Bicentennial Tribute(Generation Press, Agincourt, ON, 1983 / a collection of brief  summaries of NB Loyalist families.)

  • E

    Earle, E.M.

    • ~ Foorprints in New Brunswick; an historical account of Victoria County, New Brunswick1959 Unipress
    Education Department
    • ~ The School Lunch as a Basis for Home Economics in the Rural School 1919
    Elliott, John R. (Anagance Ridge, R.R. #6, Peticodiac, NB, Canada  E0A 2H0)
  • ~ Kings County, New Brunswick, Marriage Register C & D
  • ~ Gone But Not Forgotten - Cemetery Inscriptions of Kings County, New Brunswick

  •      Vol 1 - Studholm Parish
         Vol 2 - Sussex Parish
         Vol 3 - Havelock, Cardwell, Waterford & Hammond Parishes
         Vol 4 -
    English, Earl J.
  • ~ Nelson and its Neighbors: 300 Years on the Miramichi Chatham, NB, 1987.  Pb, 216pp., maps, photos.  A wide-ranging collection of historical and biographical, and information on Nelson and adjoining parishes in Northumberland County, New Brunswick.  Contains a copy of the 1861 census return for Nelson, data on lumbering and other industries, and articles by different authors on the churches and other institutions. An essential book for anyone with roots in this community who is interested in his or her heritage.
  • Environment Canada
    • ~ The Deportation of the Acadians 1986


    Facey-Crowther, David

  • ~ The New Brunswick Militia, 1787-1867 Saint John, NB, 1990. Pb, 191pp., illus.  A well-documented work by a professional historian which also contains an appendix on individual battalions and commanding officers.
  • ~ The New Brunswick Militia, Commissioned Officers' Lists, 1787-1867 Fredericton, NB, 1984.  Pb, 431pp., intro., explanatory notes throughout.  Lists for the province organized by county and unit, showing names, dates, ranks, promotions, transfers, and other available information.  (Sold by: The New Brunswick Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 3235, Station "B", Fredericton, NB, Canada  E3A 5G9)
  • Fawcett, Nadine J., Mrs (RR #1, Millville, NB, E0H 1M0)
  • ~ Alexander Sharp(e) & Descendants
  • ~ Thomas Fawcett
  • Fellows, Robert F.  (Fredericton, NB)
  • ~ Early New Brunswick Photographs, Vol 1: Cities, Towns and Villages (Privately published, 1978)
  • ~ Early New Brunswick Photographs; Vol 2: People at Work and Play 1981
  • ~ Researching Your Ancestors in New Brunswick, Canada (privately published, Fredericton, NB, 1979 / believe PANB has republished an updated version.)
  • Finley, Alden G.
  • ~ Finley - Taylor - Ancestors and Relations - A Genealogical Reference
  • Finley, Gregg, and Lynn Wigginton
  • ~ On Earth As It Is In Heaven Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1995.  1st edition, pb, 230pp., 9 1/2" x 11" glossy paper.  A well-written and beautifully illustrated work on Gothic Revival churches of 19th century New Brunswick by Dr Gregg Finley, with reproductions of sketches and paintings by Lynn Wigginton
  • Fischer, George
  • ~ Along The St. John River Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, 1998.  Hb, 88pp., 11 x 8.  A book based on “a photographic journey during the summer of 1997 to capture the photogenic St. John River…Fischer began his river odyssey from its source in the mist-shrouded lakes of Quebec and Maine, and followed it to the emptying point in the Bay of Fundy at Saint John.”
  • Fisher, Peter  (deceased)
  • ~ First History of New Brunswick (early 1800's)Pb, 133pp.  "As originally published in 1825 (with a few additional Explanatory Notes)...Reprinted jointly by the Government of New Brunswick and William Shives Fisher (Grandson of the Author), Under the Auspices of the New Brunswick Historical Society, St. John, N.B., 1921.”
  • Fleming, A.L.
    • ~ A Book of Remembrance of The History of St. Johns Church, Saint John, N.B.1925 Barnes & Co.
    Flewwelling, Edis A.
  • ~ Tales of Lonewater Farm  Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, 1998.  Pb, 172pp, b&W photographs.  The story of an alcoholic rehabilitation program conducted Major Edis A. Flewwelling, a former army officer, businessman, and mayor of Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • Folster, David
  • ~ The Chocolate Ganongs of St. Stephen, New Brunswick  Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1991.  Pb, 218pp., photo section, genealogical chart, bibliography, index.  The inspirational story of the entrepreneurial members of New Brunswick's Ganong family who, in 1873, created the Ganong Bros. candy company in the town of St. Stephen.
  • Fraser, James A.  (deceased)
  • ~ By Favourable Winds: A History of Chatham, New Brunswick Town of Chatham.  1994 reprint of 1975 publication.  Pb, 332pp., photos, maps, references, appendix, bibliography.  A well-researched history of Chatham (Miramichi), New Brunswick, to 1920, by the late James A. Fraser. Concludes with a 109-page section of biographical notes on Chatham business figures.
  • ~ By Force of Circumstance: A History of St. Thomas University Miramichi Press, 1970.  Pb, 125pp., illustrations. The history of New Brunswick's only English-language Catholic university. Founded in Chatham (Miramichi) under the former Chatham diocese, St. Thomas was conducted there until 1964, and then moved to the campus of the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.
  • ~ Loggieville: Child of Miramichi Fredericton, NB, 1973. Pb, 108pp., photos, endnotes. An out-of-print book by one of the leading historical writers of the Miramichi region of New Brunswick.
  • ~ Father William Morriscy 1976 Walco Print & Litho
  • ~ Gretna Green: A History of Douglastown 1783-1900 1969 Miramichi Press
  • ~ W.S. Loggie Co. Limited 1973 Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
  • Fraser, Raymond
  • ~ The Fighting Fisherman: the Life of Yvon Durelle Doubleday, Toronto, 1981.  Hb, 282pp. plus photos.  The remarkable story the Baie Ste Anne (Miramichi, New Brunswick) brawler who made his way to the top in the boxing ring and later fell upon hard times.
  • Fredericks, H.A. & Chambers, Allan
    • ~ Bricklin1977 Brunswick Press
    Fredericton City Council
    • ~ Official Centennial Book: The Story of Fredericton 1848-1948 T. Amos Wilson
    Fredericton Heritage Trust
    • ~ A Tour of Boss Gibson's Marysville1991
    Frink, Tim
  • ~ New Brunswick: A Short History Saint John, NB, 1997.  Pb, 152pp., illus. A popular history of the province from European contact to the present day. Chapters of special interest on the expulsion of the Acadians, the Loyalists, the Irish, shipbuilding, and the great depression of the 1930s.
  • Frye, Marion McC. (deceased)
    ~ The Tingley Family Revised (Being a Record of the Descendants of Samuel Tingley of Malden Mass.) (Edward Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbour,  v.1 1970; v.2 1972; v.3 1974; v.4 1977; v. 5 1980 plus two or three more. Her son has taken up the work of new vols. for Tingley United.) This family began the Tingley line in Westmorland County, NB.

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