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    Aitken, William Maxwell [Lord Beaverbrook]
  • ~ My Early Life  Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1965. Hb, 199pp.  Lord Beaverbrook's inimitable account of growing up in Newcastle (Miramichi), New Brunswick, and of his early rise to prominence in business and politics.  The book provides insights into Miramichi social history at the turn of the 20th century. Nice photo sections.
  • Aiton, Grace (deceased)
  • ~ Story of Sussex and Surrounding Areas  Kings County Hist., Soc., 1967.  Pb, 145pp., photos.  The leading historical-genealogical work on the Sussex area of New Brunswick, with lists of names and biographical notes on Loyalist and Yorkshire pioneers, as well as later immigrants from England, Scotland, and Ireland.  Chapters on churches, schools, and other topics.  An essential resource for anyone exploring Kings County roots.
  • Allen, Patricia
  • ~ Metepenagiag: New Brunswick's Oldest Village, Red Bank Indian Band, 1991. Saddle stitched book, 41pp.  An authoritative work written in simple English by the archaeologist Patricia Allen.  Printed on glossy paper with 18 illustrations, including several reproductions of original art works by the well-known Mi'kmaq artist Roger Simon.  A must for anyone collecting books on Mi'kmaq (Micmac) history or culture.
  • Alexander, David G.
    • ~ Atlantic Canada and Confederation (1983 University of Toronto Press)
    Amos, M. Frederick
    ~ The Amos Family of Scotland and Prince Edward Island (Burlington, ON, 1989)Pb, 8 1/2" x 11", 160pp.  Dr Amos's meticulously compiled history of the family of Malcolm and Ellen (Gillis) Amos, who migrated from Scotland to Prince Edward Island, and of their son Joseph Amos and his wife Catherine McNeill, who made their home at Lower Derby, on the Southwest branch of the Miramichi River in New Brunswick.  Surnames which appear in the book include Cluston, Ferguson, Hierlihy, Hutchison, Leslie, MacEachern, MacKay, MacKinnon, Mullin, Mutch, O'Donnell, Russell, Shaw, and Silliker.
    Amos, M. Frederick, Gerald Keith  & Myrtle Perry
  • ~ The Descendants of Edmund and Jane (Webb) Price (Burlington, ON, 1976) Pb, 268pp., 8 1/2" x 11".  The first major genealogical work by Dr Amos and his colleagues, tracing the descendants of Edmund and Jane Price, immigrants from New Jersey who settled along the St John River in New Brunswick in the 1760s.  Later generations resided in southern NB, in the Miramichi area of the province, and elsewhere.  The surnames in the text include Alward, Bamford, Black, Clowater, Corey, Hovey, Keith, McCloskey, O'Donnell, Perry, Pond, Swim, and Williams.  Indexed by surname and given name.
  • ~ The Descendants of Daniel and Elizabeth (Disbrow) Keith (Burlington, ON, 1979)  1981.  Pb, 543pp., 8 1/2" x 11".  This huge genealogical work by Dr Amos and his associates catalogs some 16,000 descendants of Daniel and Elizabeth Keith, pioneer settlers at New Canaan, NB, the earliest of whom resided principally in southern New Brunswick and in the Miramichi area of the province.  The many surnames which occur in the work include the following, for each of which there are more than 100 entries: Alward, Bleakney, Brown, Corey, Fawcett, Keith, Killam, Mullin, Perry, Smith, Steeves, Thorne, and Wheaton. Comprehensive surname and first name indices.
  • Anderson, Margaret P.
    • ~ The Message of the Bells (The Stratbmore Press)
    Andrew, Shelia
    • ~ The Development of Elites in Acadian New Brunswick 1861-1881 (1996 McGill-Queens University Press)
    Angus, Fred
    • ~ Loyalist City Streetcars 1979 Railfare Enterprises Ltd & the New Brunswick Museum
    Aniversary Committee
    • ~ 150th Anniversary 1828-1978 New Maryland United Baptist Church (1978)
    Arbuckle, Doreen Menzies
    • ~ The North West Miramichi: A History of the Locality with Genealogies and History of the Menzies, Sinclair, Curtis and Mullin Families (1978 Westboro Printers Ltd.)
    Armstrong, Robert L.
    • ~ Good Old Barkers Point
    Ashe, Robert
    • ~ Even The Babe Came to Play Pb, 172pp., photo section, bibliography, index.   The story of the amateur baseball teams in the border town of  St. Stephen, New Brunswick, in the 1930s, "who captured an unequalled seven Maritime titles and nine consecutive provincial championships...and gave the National League's Boston Braves and a clutch of superb barnstorming teams a run for their money."
    Atkinson, Rev. W. Christopher
    • ~ A Historical and Statistical Account of New Brunswick, B.N.A. with Advice to Emigrants 1844 (Anderson & Bryce)

    Bailey, A. G. ed.

  • ~ The University of New Brunswick Memorial Volume Fredericton, NB, 1950.  Hb, 125pp.  An early contribution to the history of the University of New Brunswick.
  • Baird, William T.
  • ~ Seventy Years of New Brunswick Life Saint John, NB, 1890. Original edition, hb, 358pp., 4 1/2 x 7, illus.  An autobiographical work by Lieut. Col. W. T. Baird (1819-1897) which contains valuable information on people, places and events in the province from the 1820s onward, and especially with reference to Fredericton and Woodstock, which were Baird's principal places of residence.  The book includes a short history of the Baird family; an account of the author's youth and schooling in Fredericton and of his establishment of a pharmaceutical business in Woodstock in 1839; notes on the first settlers of Woodstock and the commercial and community activities of those living in the town during Baird's years there; information on the Woodstock churches and schools, the Carleton County militia, the Orange Riot of 1847, the Fenian threat of 1866, and much else. The book also contains information on the St John River steamers; medical, political, and other public personalities of Fredericton in the 1820s and '30s; the Street- Wetmore duel; the early settlers of Madawaska; the Maliseet Indians, the town of Houlton, Maine, and other topics.
  • Bagnell, Lennox W.
  • ~ The Burial Records of the Church of England Cemetery, Saint John, NB(private printing 1987)
  • Balch, R.E.
    • ~ A Mind s Eye1985 Goose Lane Editions
    Bamford, Louise M.
  • ~ The Bamford Saga: 1764-1989  Fredericton, NB, 1989.  Pb, 409pp.  A history and genealogy of the descendants of John Bamford (1764-1843), a native of New Hampshire who settled in New Brunswick, and his son John Bamford Jr, who made his home in Blissfield parish on the Southwest branch of the Miramichi River.  A fine work of its kind encompassing a large part of the history of the families of the Doaktown area of the province. 39-page index of names of descendants under hundreds of surnames.
  • Barbour's
    • ~ 125 Years-Ans 1867-1992 1992
    Barker, Mary
    • ~ Period Houses of Fredericton Unipress
    Barkley, Murray
  • ~ "The Loyalist Tradition in New Brunswick: The Growth and Evolution of an Historical Myth," in ACADIENSIS, IV, 2 (Spring 1975), pp. 3-45.  Journal of 147pp. has three other major articles.
  • Barnes, Rev. Joshua N.
    • ~ Lights and Shadows of Eighty Years: an autobiography 1911 Barnes & Company
    Barry, A. L.
  • ~ Batman to Brigadier n.d. [1950s].  Staple-stitched book, 90pp., photos.  The memoir of Arthur Leo Barry (1893-1972) dealing primarily with his experiences as an officer with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in World War I.  Has content relating to Miramichi, New Brunswick, where Barry lived, taught school, and later served as Honorary Lieut. Col. of the North Shore Regiment.  Written in a "breezy" style, with a preface by the Rev. B. J.Murdoch.
  • Barto, Martha Ford
    • ~ Passamaquoddy - Genealogies of West Isle FamiliesLingley Printing Company, Ltd., Saint John, 1975  Pb, 350pp., photos, maps, notes, biblio.  A 122-page history of the settlement of the parish of West Isles, including Deer and Campobello islands, in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, plus 228 pages of genealogical charts detailing the earlier generations of some 80 families.
    Bateman, Helen L.
    • ~ Home is Where One Starts From Chedik Printing Ltd.
    Bates, Walter  (deceased)
    • ~ Henry More Smith - The Mysterious Stranger (John A Bowes (Printer) 1910 / reprint by Centennial Print & Litho Ltd, Fredericton, for Non-Entity Press, Woodstock, NB 1979 Pb, 164pp.  Facsimile of the 1910 edition of a book first published in 1817 by Walter Bates, High Sheriff of Kings County, New Brunswick.  A highly readable account of "the most remarkable prisoner ever detained in a jail in New Brunswick" - readable, states the literary critic Fred Cogswell, because Bates’s writing is "comparable to the best work of Daniel Dafoe in combining suspense with credibility."  Also of local historical value.
    • ~ Kingston And The Loyalist Of The "Spring Fleet" of 1783 [to New Brunswick]. (Barnes and Company, Saint John, 1889 / reprint by Centennial Print & Litho Ltd, Fredericton, for Non-Entity Press/aka New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1980 / Walter Bates was a Loyalist era Sheriff of Kings Co., NB) Saddle-stitched book, 32pp., maps charts, illustrations.  The reminiscences of Walter Bates of Connecticut who arrived in New Brunswick with the earliest Loyalists.  Also contains the Diary of Sarah Frost, written while she was a passenger on board the ship Two Sisters of the 'Spring Fleet'.  Notes by W. O. Raymond.
    Baxter, Cpt. John B.M.
    • ~ Historical Records of the New Brunswick Regiment Canadian Artillery 1896 The Sun Printing Company Ltd.
    Baxter, Judith and Quigley, Beth
    • ~ Life and Times; Recollections of Eliza Cox Carter 1997 The Canadian Museum of Civilization
    Beaverbrook, Lord
    • ~ My Early Life1965 Brunswick Press
    Becker, J. Richard
    • ~ The Decimal Coinage of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island1975 Beacon Publishing Company
    Bedell, J.B.
    • ~ Earthworthy; Communities Minding Their Own Business 1997
    Bell, David G.
  • ~ Early Loyalist Saint John - The Origin of New Brunswick Politics 1783-1786New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1983.  Pb, 261pp.  Professor Bell's authoritative account of the settlement of Saint John, New Brunswick, after the Revolutionary War by persons loyal to the British crown.  Eight highly informative appendices, one of which lists the names of the Loyalist refugees together with all reported information on their families.  Nominal index.  An important work for genealogists as well as historians.
  • ~ Newlight Baptist Journals of James Manning and James Innis (Bell, D.G., ed.,) Hantsport, NS, 1984.  Pb, 360pp., notes, bibliography, appendices, nominal and general indices. These journals, which illustrate the rise and decline of Baptist churches in New Brunswick in the period 1775-1810, are prefaced with an overview of Baptist, Wesleyan, Newlight, and orthodox Congregationalist forms of religious dissent in Loyalist New Brunswick.  Sackville, Salisbury, Sussex, and the St John River Valley were the main areas of Manning's activity.  Innis preached on the lower St John as well as at various places in Nova Scotia.  Both the journals and the editiorial notes reveal much about the residents of these districts in the closing years of the 18th and opening years of the 19th century.
  • Bell, E.W.  (deceased)
  • ~ Israel Kenny and His Descendants (1944, edited by Lilian M.B. Maxwell / reprint ca. 1979) {Reprinted in late years - see Hayward}
  • Bell, Fannie Chandler
    • ~ A History of Old Shediac 1937  National Print, Ltd.
    Belliveau, John Edward (deceased)
  • ~ Running Far In: The Story Of Shediac  Lancelot Press, Windsor, NS, 1977.  2nd printing, pb, 262pp., illus.  Local New Brunswick history from the pen of a master journalist.
  • ~ The Monctonians (Vols. I & II)  Volume I: "Citizens, Saints, and Scoundrels," Lancelot Press, Hantsport, NS, 1981.  Pb, 324pp., photos and other illustrations, bibliography, index.  The late J. E. ("Ned") Belliveau's highly readable history of Moncton, New Brunswick, from the beginning to 1900.  Volume II: "Scamps, Scholars, and Politicians." Second printing (1984) of 1982 publication, 331pp., photos, index.   Almost all Monctonians of public standing appear in these books, from the sturdy Anglo-Saxon pioneers of the 19th century, through the the Catholic churchmen of the earlier decades of the 20th century who achieved effective Acadian control over much of the work of the church, to the recalcitrant Mayor Leonard C. Jones, who became the lightning rod for Acadian unrest in the 1960s.
  • ~ The Splendid Life of Albert Smith and the Women He Left Behind (Lancelot Press, Hantsport, NS, 1976 / reprint 1980)
  • ~ Little Louis and the Giant K.C. 1980 Lancelot Press
  • ~ A Place called Pointe du Chene 1974
  • Betts, A. E. [E. Arthur]
  • ~ Our Fathers in the Faith Oxford Street Press, Halifax, 1983.  Pb, 140pp.  The late Rev. Dr Betts's account of Presbyterian ministers ordained before 1875 in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.  Contains a brief history of Maritime Presbyterianism and nearly 400 thumbnail sketches of the ministers. A unique resource on this subject matter.
  • Betts, E. Arthur
  • ~ Bishop Black and His Preachers Tribune Press, Sackville, NB, 1976. Pb, 166pp.  An account of the life of the founder of the Methodist tradition in the Maritime Provinces and a history of the growth of the church.  A 38-page appendix contains biographical notes on some 300 Methodist ministers.
  • ~ Congregational Churches in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, 1749-1925  Lancelot Press, Hantsport, NS, 1985.  Pb, 228pp.  A detailed account of the activity of the Congregational churches in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia plus a 25-page appendix containing biographical notes on more than 150 Congregational ministers.
  • Beutel, Josh
    • ~ Say Goodnight, Dick 1985 Non-Entity Press
    • ~ True (Blue) Grit 1996 Lanceman Publications
    Beyea, John B. (876 Rte 10 Hwy, Noonan, NB, E3A 7E4)
  • ~ Courage Through Adversity (private printing, 1978 / 167 pp,  family history of Beyea and related NB Loyalist families
  • ~ Early Family History of the Beyea Family 13 pp
  • ~ A Preliminary Family History of the Descendants of John Hill 239 pp, 1982
  • ~ Revisions to A Family History of the Descendants of John Hill
  • ~ Descendants of 3-John M. Hill This branch of the family was discovered after the 1982 book was published, 15 pp, 1994
  • ~ Descendants of 3-Samuel M. Hill 25 pp, 1994
  • ~ Descendants of 3-William John Hill 28pp, 1994
  • ~ Descendants of 2-William Hill 23 pp, Sept 1995
  • ~ Biography and Origins of the Hooper Family Aug 1995
  • ~ The Love Heritage of Rev. Dr. John Elias Peck Hopper and his Family 112 pp, 1996
  • Bill, Rev. I.E.
    • ~ Fifty Years with the Baptist Ministers and Churches of the Maritime Provinces of Canada 1880 Barnes and Company
    Bird, Will R.
  • ~ North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1963.  Hb, 629pp., including 34-page photo section.  Regimental history of the fabled "North Shore," with emphasis on the prominent part which the regiment played in the Second World War.  Contains an account of its predecessor units on the  Miramichi (Northumberland County, NB), i.e., the 73rd Nothumberland Battalion and the county militia battalions of the pre-Confederation era.  A book filled with names, facts, and photos.  Appendixes on awards granted and fatal and non-fatal casualties.
  • Black, Joan; Grattan, Bill & Price, Brenda
    • ~ A History of Douglastown 1984 Walco Print & Litho Ltd.
    Blaney, Harold A.
  • ~ The Way it Was Back Then  3rd printing (1993) of 1990 book.  Pb, 142pp., photos.  True stories about lumbering in particular, and life in central New Brunswick in general, from the 1920s onward.
  • Blouin, Glen
    • ~ Weeds of the Woods: Some Small Trees and Shrubs of New Brunswick1984 Barnes-Hopkins Ltd.
    Board of Education
    • ~ The First Reader1890 C.Flood & Sons
    Board of Governors
    • ~ The Fortieth Annaul report of the Board of Governors of the Interprovincial Home for Women Coverdale N.B. 1965
    Bostwick, Frank J., Jr.
  • ~ Artie Bostock, Tory (Irwin Printing Co., Ltd, Charlottetown, PEI, 1983)
  • Bowser, R.B.
  • ~ Dorchester Island and Related Areas (private printing, 1986)
  • Boyd, Marsha L.
  • ~ The Old Belleisle, Beautiful Still  Hatfield Point, NB, n.d.  Pb, 81pp., 7 x 8 ½, illustrations by Debbie Thorsen, bibliography. Kings County, New Brunswick history presented in story form.  Contains a short chapter on the singer "Bob Nolan, the Son We Never Knew" - of  Sons of the Pioneers fame.
  • ~ Backward Turn the Pages: Historical Stories from Around the Belleisle Bay  Hatfield Point, NB, n.d.  Pb, 102pp., 7 x 8 ½, illustrations by Debbie Thorsen.  Kings County, New Brunswick history presented in story form.
  • Bremner, M.Dawn & Reicker , Marion G.
    • ~ Memories from the pen of William C. MacDonald 1991 Queens County Historical Society & Museum
    Broderick, Reverend B.
    • ~ The Catholic Church in the Maritimes 1989
    Brooks, Gordon
  • ~ Early Fredericton Postcards  New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1998.  Pb, 54pp., 8 ½ x 11.  Postcard scenes and captions relating to Fredericton streets, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, bridges, etc.
  • Brooks, Helen P. (compiler)
  • ~ Kent County Marriage Register, 1845-1862 1995  Pb, 150pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox bound. Contains all data from entries, i.e., names of parties, their places of residence, names of witnesses, date of marriage, name of officiating clergyman or JP, and registration number. "Bride" and "Groom" indices.  (Note: Kent County was established in 1826 by separation from Northumberland County.  The earliest marriage records for the county are included in the Northumberland registers. The first Kent register, for the years prior to 1845, has been lost. It contained 845 entries.)
  • ~ Kent County Marriage Register, 1862-1881 1995  Pb, 278pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox bound.  Contains all data from entries, i.e., names of parties, their places of residence, names of witnesses, date of marriage, name of officiating clergyman or JP, and registration number. "Bride" and "Groom" indices.
  • ~ Kent County Marriage Register, 1881-1887 1995  Pb, 111pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox bound.  Contains all data from entries, i.e., names of parties, their places of residence, names of witnesses, date of marriage, name of officiating clergyman or JP, and registration number. "Bride" and "Groom" indices.
  • Bradley, Herbert Neil
  • ~ History of Foreston, Carleton, County, New Brunswick, Including the Adjacent Communities of Biggar Ridge and Beaufort Hartland, NB, 1984.  Pb, 176pp., maps, many b&w photos, bibliography, index of names.  The history of Foreston and adjacent communities, plus sections on Family Statistics (33pp.) and Teachers and Pupils (35pp.). Surnames of persons mentioned or profiled include Bell, Biggar, Boyd, Brooks, DeWitt, Dyer, Ganter, Gray, Green, Harrington, Harvey, Hayden, Huggard, Lee, McCormick, MacDonald, McKenzie, Mack, Mills, Rogers, Rowley, Scovil, Shaw, Somerville, Staten, Stoddard, Stokoe, Tracy, Weir, Welch, and White.
  • Branch, Kimberley A.
  • ~ Charlotte: Mother of Tabusintac 1995. Comb bound compilation, 8 1/2 x 11, 23pp. text + 19pp.  bibliography and appendices.   An award-winning essay by an undergraduate honors history student on the legendary Charlotte Taylor Blake Hierlihy Wishart, the “mother of Tabusintac,” NB.
  • Brawn, Samuel K.
  • ~ The Sound of the Saw  Fredericton, 1995.  Pb, 124pp., photos.  A book on the life experiences of the author, who was born at Hainesville, York Co., New Brunswick, in 1908, and worked in the lumber woods and sawmilling industry until his retirement in the 1960s.
  • Brewer, Floyd (18 Willow Drive, Delmar, NY, 12054)
  • ~ A Dutch-English Odyssey: Stories of Brewer and Estey Families in North America 1636-1996 500 pp; The Loyalist families settled in York Co, NB
  • Brigstocke, D. D.
  • ~ History of Trinity Church, Saint John, New Brunswick: 1791- 1891  J. & A. Mcmillan, Saint John, NB, 1892, 1st ed. Hb, 202pp., illustrations.  Sections on the history of Trinity Church [Anglican], the bishops of the diocese, the rectors, Trinity between 1877 and 1891, special services, and the centenary.
  • Broderick, B. M.
  • ~ The Catholic Church in the Maritimes  1989.  Saddle-stitched book, 31pp., photos, bibliography.  A short work by the Rev. B. M. Broderick in two parts: A five-page sketch of the history of the Catholic church in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island from the fall of Louisbourg in 1758 until 1860, and a 20-page section on the history of the diocese of Chatham, New Brunswick, from its erection in 1860 until the Episcopal See was transferred from Chatham to Bathurst in 1938.
  • Brooks, Gordon
  • ~ Early Fredericton Postcards  New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1998.  Pb, 54pp., 8 ½ x 11.  Postcard scenes and captions relating to Fredericton streets, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, bridges, etc.
  • Bruce, Harry
  • ~ Down Home: Notes of a Maritime Son  Key Porter Books, Toronto, 1988. Pb, 300pp.  Eleven sprightly essays on life in the Maritime Provinces by the iconoclastic Toronto journalist Harry Bruce.  Includes "Maritimers Are Like A Motorcycle Gang," "Saint John: City of Turbulent Spirits," "Fredericton: Pampered Pet of Old New Brunswick," and "Halifax: The Best Town I've Ever Known."
  • Bumsted, J. M.
  • ~ Understanding the Loyalists  Sackville, NB, 1986.  Pb, 51pp., notes and bibliography.  Three public lectures delivered by the distinguished Canadian historian J. M. Bumsted while occupying the Winthrop Pickard Bell Chair in Maritime Studies at Mount Allison University in 1985-86.  A lively and provocative discussion of old and new, simplistic and more complex interpretations of the Loyalist phenomenon in the history of United States and Canada.
  • Bunnell, Paul J. F.A.C.G., UE (31 Timber Lane, Marstons Mills, MA, 02648) e-mail:
  • ~ Thunder Over New England, Benjamin Bonnell, The Loyalist
  • ~ The New Loyalist Index 1989, over 5,000 Loyalist listed
  • ~ The New Loyalist Index Vol II, 1996, all new collection of over 2,000 Loyalist listed
  • ~ Research Guide To Loyalist Ancestors a directory to Archives, manuscripts, and published sources
  • ~ Cemetery Inscriptions of the Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts, and its Villages, 1600-1900 about 400 pp, illus
  • ~ The House of Robinson: The Robinson Genealogy of Newport, Rhode Island, and History of The Robinson Oil Company of Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Burke, Richard
    • ~ Indiantown, a town forgotten 1988
    Burnett, Frederick C.
    ~ Biographical Directory of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Free Baptist Ministers
    and Preachers Hantsport, NS, 1996.  Pb, 303pp., appendices (including lists of churches, annual meetings, etc.), and index.  A biographical directory of 437 ministers and preachers of the Free Baptist tradition in the Maritime Provinces during the century which preceded the formation of the United Baptist Church in 1915. Includes ministers from the Quakers and other Christian sects. Described by the Canadian historian George A. Rawlyk as a "remarkable book" by a "remarkable man" and "far more than a collection of biographies of largely forgotten Maritime preachers."  Also of historical and genealogical value.
    Burns, W.M.  (deceased)
  • ~A History and Story of Botsford (The Tribune Printing Co., Ltd, Sackville, 1939 / second ed. 1962. / A history with family listings for Botsford, Westmorland Co, NB)
  • Burrill, Gary and McKay, Ian
    • ~ People, Resources and Power 1987 Acadiensis Press
    Butler, Eileen R. W.
    • ~ The Life of John Ramsey: Miramichi's Music Man Miramichi, NB, 1997.  Pb, 87pp., photos.  The inspiring story of a man blinded in childhood who became an accomplished local musician, piano tuner, and craftsman.  Lovingly told by one of his former piano students.

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