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    Gair, Reavley, et al., eds.

  • ~ A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1983.  Pb, 286pp., illus.
  • Ganong, Wm. F.  [William Francis] (deceased)
  • ~ A Genealogy of the New Brunswick Branch of the Descendants of Thomas Ganong(first pub 1892 / revised and republished by Johnson, Daniel F. / see that listing)
  • ~ The History Of Caraquet  And Pokenouche [New Brunswick].  NB Museum, 1948.  Pb, 62pp., maps,  Illustrations.  Originally published in Acadiensis (1907).  Revised and enlarged from the author's manuscript notes. Edited by Susan Brittain Ganong.
  • ~ The History Of Miscou and Shippegan [New Brunswick].  NB Museum, 1946.  Pb, 62pp., maps, illustrations.  Originally published in Acadiensis (1906/1908).  Revised and enlarged from the author's manuscript notes. Edited by Susan Brittain Ganong.
  • ~ Historical-Geographical Documents Relating to New Brunswick 1930
  • ~ Economic Mollusca of Acadia 1889 Barnes & Co.
  • ~ The Identity of the Animals and Plants Mentioned by the Early Voyagers to Eastern Canada and Newfoundland 1910
  • Gesner, Abraham
    • ~ Fourth Report on the Geological Survey of the Province of New Brunswick 1842 Henry Chubb
    Gibson, Arvin Stuart & Masterson, Mary Leanna McKay
  • The Gibsons of New Brunswick, Canada (see Generations, Fall 1997, p. 53 for details)
  • Gill, Mary
    • ~ Nowlanville 84: Before and More 1984 Carleton Printing
    Gillis, Stephen, and John Gillis
  • ~ No Faster Than a Walk: The Covered Bridges of New Brunswick Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1997.  Pb, 101pp., 11" x 8 1/2".  Text, pictures, and drawings about how New Brunswick's covered bridges were constructed and used by the public.
  • Glass, John, and Doris Kennedy
  • ~ The Bridge New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1990. 2nd (1984) printing, pb, 10" x 8 1/2", photos, maps, notes, biblio.  The story of the longest covered bridge in the world at Hartland, New Brunswick.
  • Gordon, A.J.
    • ~ Geology Tour of Saint John 1978
    Gordon, Evelyn, and Harry Grant
  • ~ The Vanished Village: Jewett's Mills, New Brunswick - 1804-1967  1st edition, 1972.  Staple-stitched book, 57pp., plus 11-generation chart of descendants of Edward Jewett, a native of Bradford, England. The personally- narrated history of a village lost to the flooding which resulted from building the Mactaquac Dam on the St John River in New Brunswick.
  • ~ On the Ridge  Fredericton, N.B. 1975. Pb, 197pp. A personal social history of the community of Keswick Ridge near Fredericton, New Brunswick. Contains information on the Acadian and Loyalist settlers and later immigrants, as well as on many aspects of daily life on 'The Ridge' over more than two centuries.
  • Gorham, R.P.  (deceased)
  • History of Kingston(Kings Co., NB / mss at PANB / filmed?)
  • Goss, David
  • ~ 150 Years of Caring Saint John, NB, 1998.  Pb, 110pp., photos and other illustrations, bibliography.  A history of Canada's oldest mental hospital in Saint John, New Brunswick, known originally as the Provincial Asylum and latterly as Centracare. Published on the occasion of the hospital being superseded by a smaller, modern facility.
  • ~ The History of St. George's Church...Saint John West, N.B., Canada Plastic comb binding, 43 pp., 8 1/2 x 11, photos, documents, notes.  A short history written to commemorate the 175th anniversary of St. George's Church.  Because this beautiful wooden church has doiminated the skyline on the west side of Saint John Harbour since 1821, its outlines would have been etched in the memories of tens of thousands of immigrants and visitors who reached New Brunswick by sea.
  • ~ Old Tyme Christmas in New Brunswick Arcadia Publishing, Dover, NH, 1997.  Pb, 128pp. A volume in the Images of Canada Series. Contains more than 200 photos and other illustrations, primarily from the decade of the 1850s until the 1920s, together with descriptive text.
  • Goss, David, and Fred Miller
  • ~ Saint John West and Its Neighbours Arcadia Publishing Co., Dover, New Hampshire, 1995.  Pb, 128pp.  A volume in the Images of Canada series in which the colorful past of Saint John West — formerly the city of Carleton, and now part of the city of Saint John, New Brunswick — is depicted largely in photographs.
  • Gould, G. P., and A. J. Semple
  • ~ Our Land: The Maritimes Saint Annes Point Press, Fredericton, NB, 1980.  Pb, 226pp., photos, maps, documents, bibliography, index.  An early work on aboriginal land claims in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Sections include Historical Recognition of Aboriginal Title, Indian Land Loss, Assimilation, and A Legal Analysis of Aboriginal Title.  The lead author, Gary P. Gould, speaks for the New Brunswick Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians, of which he was (and is) president, but the discussion which is conducted in the book is pertinent to the Maritime aboriginal land claim question in general.
  • Graham. Ernest G.C.
  • Northrups, Baxters and Bensons of Springfield, New Brunswick Kings County Hist. Soc., 1997 reprint with three pages of corrections and additions included.
  • ~ Mills, Hills and Early Settlers of Springfield Parish, Kings Co., N.B. Print N Press
  • Grand Manan Historical Society
    • ~ The Grand Manan Historian No.V 1938
    Grant, B. J., (deceased)
  • ~ Six For The Hangman: Strange and Intriguing Murder Cases From The New Brunswick Past Fiddlehead Poetry Books, Fredericton, NB, 1983.  First edition. Pb, 117pp.
  • ~ The Evil That Men Do Somerville Press, Saint John, NB, 1993.  Pb, 98pp.  Ten New Brunswick stories on justice and the application of the law, including the province’s first and last hangings, by the author of Six For The Hangman.  Introduced with a tribute to Barry J. Grant, who died prior to the book’s release, by its publisher, Malcolm Somerville.
  • ~ When Rum Was King: The Story of The Prohibitionb Era in New Brunswick Fiddlehead Books, Fredericton, NB, 1984.  Pb, 244pp., appendices, referencess, bibliography, index.  The story of how New Brunswickers profited from Prohibition in the United States in the 1920s.
  • Gregory, Joan
  • ~ Albert County Sketchbook Tribune Press, Sackville, NB, 1975.  Pb, inpaginated, 8 ½ x 11.  Forty sketches by Joan Gregory of Albert County, New Brunswick, structures and scenes, together with a page of text on each.  Favorites include covered bridges, churches, and public buildings.
  • ~ Covered Bridges of New Brunswick Moncton, NB, 1981.  Pb, approx. 50pp., illustrated by the author's sketches of selected bridges. Contains a list of covered bridges in the province as of 1980, a map showing their locations, and information on their construction.
  • Griffiths, Naomi
    • ~ The Acadians: Creation of a People 1973 McGraw-Hill Ryerson
    Guildford, Janet, and Suzanne Morton, eds.
  • ~ Separate Spheres: Women' Worlds in the 19th-Century Maritimes  Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, NB, 1994.  Pb, 250pp.  A best-selling anthology of original articles about the history of women in the Maritime Provinces.

  • H

    Hale, R. Wallace

  • ~ Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785 - 1835 Extract of wills and probate papers for New Brunswick, Canada
  • ~ Northwestern York County Cemeteries - Limited edition - one copy at PANB (out of print)
  • ~ Southern Carleton County Cemeteries vol I  (Woodstock & surrounding areas)- Limited edition - one copy at PANB (out of print)
  • ~ Southern Carleton County Cemeteries - Vol II (Woodstock area)- Limited edition - one copy at PANB (out of print)
  • ~ Southern Carleton County Cemeteries - Vol III (Hartland area)- Limited edition - one copy at PANB (out of print)
  • ~ Southern Carleton County Cemeteries - Vol IV (Centerville area)- Limited edition - one copy at PANB (out of print)
  • Hamilton, W.D. (Saint John, NB)  e-mail: Mr Hamilton has an interesting online bookstore: Miramichi Books. Many of the books listed in these files might be available through him.
  • ~ Old North Esk, on the Miramichi (privately published, Fredericton, NB, 1979) replaced by the one below, although this volume may still be found in Libraries.

  • ~ Old North Esk Revised Fredericton, NB, 1988.  Pb, 570pp., revision of 1979 book.  Historical background and genealogical history of North Esk parish, Northumberland Co., New Brunswick.  4,278 numbered entries.  Surname and general indices.  A few of the nearly 300 surnames on which there are discrete sections are: Allison, Blackmore, Chaplin, Copp, Dennis, Dunnett, Estey, Fitzgerald, Flynn, Forsyth, Gillis, Goodfellow, Hare, Harrigan, Holmes, Hosford, Hubbard, Johnston, Keys, Kingston, Matchett, Menzies, Mullin, Murphy, Mutch, McKay, McKibbon, McLean, McTavish, Rogers, Russell, Sauntry, Scott, Shaddick, Sheasgreen, Sherrard, Silliker, Somers, Stewart, Sutherland, Touchie, Tozer, Travis, Tweedie, Walsh, White, and Whitney.
  • ~ Miramichi Papers (Centennial Print & litho, Ltd., Fredericton, 1987 Pb, 204pp. Papers on the first parish schools, the first Indian schools, the Miramichi Baptist Church, the poet Michael Whelan, the Julian tribe of Indians, and other topics.  Also contains an "Old North Esk Photo Album" with more than 50 pictures of persons, structures, etc.
  • ~ The Julian Tribe (the only NB Indian genealogical volume known to the author.) Fredericton, NB, 1984.  Pb, 108pp., illus.  Cover photo of the author with the late Joseph M. Augustine and the late Lawrence Simonson.  Historical-biographical work on the kings and chiefs of the Julian tribe (the Mi'kmaq nation on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick), together with a 42-page genealogical section
  • ~ Dictionary of Miramichi Biography (Saint John, NB, 1997.  Pb, 460pp., approx. 7" X 10".  Two columns of print; 435,000 words; 1,110 biographical sketches of men and women born before 1900 who played a part in public life on the Miramichi, Northumberland Co., New Brunswick.  Modeled on the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Arguably contains more historical information on the Miramichi than any other book published to date.
  • ~ Jared Tozer & His Descendants Miramichi Books, Saint John, NB, 1998.  Pb, 100pp., photos and other illustrations.  A new and much expanded edition of a book which has been out of print for more than 20 years.  Jared Tozer (1764-1850) was a Connecticut native who fought as a Patriot in the Revolutionary War and later migrated north to the new province New Brunswick.  The book contains biographical data on him and his wife Eunice Ives and the first three generations of their descendants - surnamed Tozer, Tozier, Adams, Allen, Bamford, Beecham, Burton, Cromwell, Decker, Dunphy, Emmerson, Fowler, Gibbons, Godfrey, Judd, Matthews, McAllister, Menzies, Murray, Mutch, Niles, Packard, Parker, Robinson, Ross, Silliker, Sinclair, Somers, Stevens, Strickland, Taylor, Travis, Walker, and Whitney.
  • ~ The Federal Indian Day Schools Of The Maritimes Fredericton, NB, 1986.  Pb, 151pp., illus.  Cover art by Mi'kmaq artist Mary Louise Martin.  General introduction followed by historical profiles of individual schools in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
  • Hamilton, W.D., Evelyn Fidler and Robert A. Leavitt  e-mail to Hamilton:
  • ~ Maliseet & Micmac Vital Statistics, From New Brunswick Church RecordsFredericton, NB, 1998.  Pb, 346pp., 8 1/2 " x 11".  A volume containing a large proportion of the records of 19th century baptisms, marriages, and deaths of aboriginal persons which are found in New Brunswick Catholic church records.
  • Hamilton, W.D. and W. A. Spray  e-mail to Hamilton:
  • ~ Source Materials Relating to the New Brunswick Indian, Fredericton1976 (out of print) Fredericton, NB, 1976.  Pb, 134pp.   A collection of 71 items pertaining to the history of the Micmac and Maliseet nations in New Brunswick.  Includes extracts from the publications of W. F.  Ganong and Moses H. Perley and treaties, proclamations and other important documents difficult to find elsewhere.
  • Hampton Women's Institute
    • ~ History of Hampton and Hampton Station1962
    Hannay, James
  • ~ History of New Brunswick (2 Vols.).  John A. Bowes, Saint John, NB, 1909.  Hb, 455pp. + 454pp., photos, index.  The 'standard' history of New Brunswick between 1909 and the publication of W. Stewart MacNutt's New Brunswick: A History (1963). Contains much detail not included in MacNutt.  Also a fifty-page appendix on the history of the churches in the province, an 8-page appendix on the history of banking, and a 5-page appendix on the progess of education.
  • ~ Nine Years A Captive: John Gyles Experience among the Malicite Indians 1875 Daily Telegraph Steam Job Press
  • ~ Life of Sir S.L.Tilley 1897
  • ~ History of Acadia 1879 J&A McMillan
  • Hanson, Linda Squiers
  • ~ Those Certain Women: A History of the Associated Alumnae, University of New Brunswick 1982.  Pb, 47pp., photos and other illus. Foreword by Dr James Downey.  A well-researched and lively account. Of special interest are the chapters on Mary K. Tibbits, the first woman graduate of the provincial university in 1889, and on the roles played by the Alumnae Society and Lord Beaverbrook others in the creation of the Maggie Jean Chestnut Residence for Women in 1952.
  • Harding, Lyman N.
  • ~ Citizens With the Saints: A Brief History of Anglicanism in New Brunswick Fredericton, NB, 1994.  Pb, 98pp., photographs, appendix, note on sources.  A short but authoritative account published under the aegis of the Sesquicentennial Committee of the Diocese of Fredericton.
  • Hatcher, W. Chalmers
  • ~ Dwelling Together in Unity: History of Firdt United Church (Trinity-St Luke's) [in Bathurst, New Brunswick].  Bathurst, NB, 1969.  Pb, 129pp., plus 10 b&w photo pages. A thoroughgoing historical account of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches in Bathurst, New Brunswick, from 1829 to 1925, when they came into the newly-formed United Church of Canada together as First United - and a history of First United from 1926 to 1969. Of interest both as church and  community history.
  • Hawkes, Robert E.
  • ~ In Duty Bound: Parish School Teachers of Queens County, New Brunswick, 1818-1837 Fredericton, NB, 1988.  Staple-stitched book, 8 1/2 x 11, 84 pp., introduction, maps. illustrations.  Biographical data on 145 individuals who taught school in Queens County, NB, between 1818 and 1837.
  • Hay, G.U.
    • ~ A History of New Brunswick for use in Public Schools 1903 W.J.Gage & Co.
    Hayward, George H.  ( 29 Leeds Drive, Fredericton, NB, E3B 4S7)  e-mail
  • ~ York County, New Brunswick Marriage Register, Vol 1, 1812-1837 77 pp / 1986
  • ~ History of Queens County, NB 85 pp, 1993 Prize essay for The Watchman, by E. Stone Wiggins, 1876 reprinted and indexed
  • ~ Loyalist Officers, 1782/83 33 pp, 1993 (A list of officers in some Loyalist regiments, showing country of birth, age, and length of service.)
  • ~ Pioneer Families of Carleton Co, New Brunswick 87 pp, indexed, 1994 (37 newspaper articles on early Carleton Co. families, pub. in The Observer, Hartland, NB, in the 1970's)
  • ~ Rev. James Henry Tupper's Marriage Register 1844-1890 13 pp., 1990 (Rev. Tupper was a Baptist minister who lived in the Parish of Queensbury, York County, NB)
  • ~ Northern Carleton County, NB., Cemeteries, Vol 1  274 pp, 1988 (names & dates from 69 cemeteries)
  • ~ William and Elizabeth (Fones) Hallett, and Some of Their Descendants, 1616-1694308 pp.
  • ~ George and Ann (Durley) Hayward, and Some of Their Descendants, 1739-1995 293 pp.
  • ~ The Nevers Family 411 pp., 1991 (Descendants of Elisha & Bathsheba (Green) Nevers, who came to the Saint John River about 1765)
  • ~ Francis Drake, Loyalist  95 pp., 1991 (of the Parish of Queensbury, York Co, NB)
  • ~ A Holmes Migration: From England Through New England to NB, 1635-1992 111 pp, 1992
  • ~ Israel Kenny, His Children and Their Families by Edwin Wallace Bell, ed. by Lillian M.B. Maxwell, 1944, reprinted and indexed, 1996, 127 pp.
  • ~ Family Record of Horace E. & Alice (Flowers) Shaw 21 pp, 1974
  • ~ The Descendants of Stephen & Lydia (McGee) Orser 91 pp, 1976
  • ~ The Hatfields of Carleton County, New Brunswick 215 pp, 1990
  • ~ The Connollys of Carleton County, NB27 pp, 1990  (out of print)
  • ~ Sunbury County, New Brunswick Cemeteries, Vol 1 92 pp., 1987 (names & dates from 20 cemeteries, some partial listings) (out of print)
  • ~ The Holmes, Burnham & O'Brien Families of Machias, Maine 38 pp., 1990 (out of print)
  • ~ The Hayward Collection, Vol 1 142 pp, 1984 (A collection of research notes on several NB families) (out of print)
  • ~ The Hayward Collection, Vol 2 494 pp, 1990 (A collection of research notes on several NB families, including Adams, Crosby, Hatfields of Nova Scotia, Nevers, Rideout, Stockton, and sevaral others, indexed.) (out of  print)
  • ~ The Hayward collection, Vol 3 408 pp., 1991 (A collection of research notes on several NB families, including Boyer, Christian, Connolly, Dow, Hillman, Raymond, Rockwell, Tapley, Woodworth, and several others, indexed.) (out of print)
  • Hebb, Ross N.
  • ~ Quaco - St. Martins [New Brunswick], Fredericton, NB, 1997.  Pb, 162pp., including a 22-page b&w photo section and 2-page bibliography.  Described as "the human story" of the first 100 years (1784-1884) of existence of the village of St. Martins (formerly Quaco), NB, this book is also a carefully documented history of the shipbuilding industry at St Martins, which was formerly one of the leading shipbuilding centers in the province.
  • Hill, Isabel Louise  (deceased)
  • ~ The Old Burying Ground, Fredericton, NB (Fredericton Herritage Trust, Fredericton, NB, 1981 Vol. I; Vol II;  & III in 1992)Three pb volumes of history, biography, and genealogy based on the lives of those persons from all over central New Brunswick who lie buried in the old cemetery in the center of the city of Fredericton.  "It is estimated," stated the late Miss Hill, "that more Loyalists are buried here than anywhere else in the world" - and indeed it would be unlikely that anyone of New Brunswick Loyalist ancestry would fail to find information pertinent to his or her family history in the 967 pages of this set of books.  Vol. I (1981), 338pp. and 14p. index.  Vol. II (1981), 239pp. and 8p. index.  Vol. III (1992), 330pp. and 18p. index plus separately-printed 15p. revised index.
  • ~ Some Loyalist and OthersFredericton, NB, 1976.  Pb, 183pp., biblio., index.  Another of the late Miss Hill's unique works containing photos and biographical and genealogical data on nearly 100 Loyalists and other early inhabitants of New Brunswick - mostly of the Fredericton area and eleswhere in the St John River valley. Surnames found in the illustrations list include Allaire, Allen, Arnold, Babbit, Billop, Bliss, Botsford, Chipman, Clarke, Coffin, Hagerman, Harrison, Hatheway, Hubbard, Ludlow, Miles, Millidge, Miller, Murray, Odell, Paddock, Pagan, Peters, Rainsford, Robinson, Saunders, Sumonds, Street, Ward, and Wetmore.
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick, British North America Hardbound copy of the late Miss Hill's 477-page book on the houses and other structures of Fredericton, New Brunswick, the first edition of which was issued in the 1960s. Contains much information on the Loyalist era, from which the oldest of the structures date, and on hundreds of individual owners and occupants of Fredericton houses. Photos and maps throughout.
  • ~ Maugerville 1763-19631963
  • Hill, Judith E.
  • ~ Grand Manan: Jewel of the Sea 1966  Pb, 133pp.  A potpourri of history, legend, anecdote, and verse about New Brunswick's Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy: “a piece of paradise and a paradise of peace."
  • Hines, Sherman
    • ~ Fredericton1993 Nimbus Publishing Ltd.
    Hoddinott, D. F.
  • ~ From Whence We Came  n.d. [1970s].  Pb, 224pp.  A well-researched and nicely illustrated history of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches (later St James and St John United Church) in Newcastle (Miramichi), New Brunswick.
  • Holdsworth, Roger M.  (deceased)
  • ~ Faith of Our Fathers (The story of New Brunswick Centennial Churches and of early religious life in the Maritimes. A good source to track where Church records might be found.)
  • Holland, Hannah
  • ~ Travelogue to the British Conquest and American Revolution in New Brunswick Holland House Inc., Saint John, NB, 1987.  Pb, 100pp., illus. Contains notes on most centers of population in New Brunswick, including "The Mystical Miramichi."
  • Holmes, Theodore C.
  • The 1783 Settlement of Quakers and Others at Passamaquoddy (Loyalist era settlerment  in Charlotte County, NB)
  • Hook, Robert, et al
  • ~ Rothesay: An Illustrated History, 1784-1920 Print N'Press, St Stephen, NB, 1984.  Pb, 89pp., 24 b&w photo pages, a fold-out map, and four appendices, including one on houses erected by the master builder Joseph Henderson, and one on the possible chronological order of existing Rothesay houses.  An authoritative work on one of New Brunswick's oldest and most elegant towns.
  • How, Douglas
    • ~ The 8th Hussars 1964 Maritime Publishing
    Howard, Peter
    • ~ Beaverbrook: A Study of Max the Unknown1964 Brunswick Press
    Hoyt, Jack E.
  • ~ "Ice Out Past My House"- The Diary of Azor Hoyt: a Kings County LoyalistCerlox bound book, 8 ½ x 11, 89pp. plus illustrations. Annotated edition of a diary kept throughout much of the 19th century by Azor Hoyt and his successors of Kingston parish, Kings County, New Brunswick.  Contains local historical and genealogical information.
  • Hubbard, Murray
    • ~ How Well I Remember: Speerville, New Brunswick 1991 Wilson Printing
    Hunt, Russell & Campbell,
    • ~ Robert K.C.Irving: The Art of the Industrialist 1973 McClelland & Stewart
    Hunter, Margaret M.
    • ~ Pioneer Settlers of the Bay Chaleur1978 The Tribune Press
    Hynes, Leo J.
  • ~ The Catholic Irish In New Brunswick, 1783-1900 Moncton, NB, 1992. Pb, 302pp., photos, bibliography.  The only historical work of its kind on the Catholic church and the Catholic citizenry of New Brunswick, written by a well-known Moncton priest and pastor with the editorial assistance of J. Edward Belliveau.  A book in three major parts: Saint John and Southern New Brunswick; Fredericton and the St John River; and Miramichi, Northern, and Eastern New Brunswick.
  • ~ The Catholic Irish in New Brunswick 1783-1900 1993 Cummings Imagesetting

  • I
    Ingersoll, L. K.
  • ~ “Over The Cobbestones”: Notes on the History of the Sloven New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, 1975.  Saddle-stitched book, 35pp., 7 x 10.  A treatise on the horse-drawn vehicle known as a “sloven,” which was thought to be unique to 19th century Saint John. Text by the late Keith Ingersoll, curator of Canadian History at the New Brunswick Museum. Liberally illustrated with photographs and sketches by T. Dickinson and others.
  • ~ Wings Over The Sea Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1991.  Pb, 151 pp., illustrations, bibliography, index.  The story of Allan Moses, the fisherman of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, who "parlayed an ornithological 'find' into a bird preservation area. leading the way for the development of several bird sanctuaries on Canada's eastern coast."  Written with warmth and enthusiasm by Grand Manan's late 'Keith' Ingersoll, sometime Curator of Canadian History at the New Brunswick Museum.
  • Ives, Edward D.
  • ~ Folksongs of New Brunswick Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1989.  Pb, 184pp., illus., biblio.  Music, lyrics, and historical notes on 52 traditional New Brunswick folksongs, together with portraits of a number of the best-known singers - the most affectionate being Dr Ives's 42-page chapter on the musicmaking of the late Wilmot MacDonald of Glenwood, Miramichi, whom many regarded as New Brunswick's finest traditional singer in this century.

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