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    Nashwaak Bicentennial Association, The

  • ~ 1785-1885 Nashwaak Families (privately published 1985)
  • Nason, David
  • ~ Railways of New Brunswick New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1992. Pb, 136pp., illus.  An authoritative and convenient volume on the railways of New Brunswick from the beginning with maps of the routes.
  • Natural History Society of New Brunswick
    • ~ Bulletin of the Natural History Society of New Brunswick 1886-1914 J.&A. McMillan for 1886 issue; Barnes & Co. for the rest
    New Brunswick Forest Products Association
    • ~ Forestry and Post-War Reconstruction in New Brunswick 1944
    New Brunswick Genealogical Society (P.O. Box 3235, Station "B", Fredericton, NB, Canada  E3A 5G9)
  • ~ New Brunswick Genealogical Society Membership and Search List
  • ~ Generations-10 (First 10 issues of our Newsletter in one vol)
  • NBGS - Charlotte Branch Picton Press
  • ~ St. Stephen Rural Cemetery, St. Stephen, NB: Tombstone Inscriptions of Charlotte County, N.B., Canada, Volume 1
  • NBGS - Saint John Branch (P.O. Box 2423 (MPO), Saint John, NB  E2L 3V0)
  • ~ Passengers To New Brunswick by the Saint John Branch NBGS
  • ~ Arrivals, by the Saint John Branch NBGS(Early settlers in NB)
  • ~ The Diary of Rev. James Gray
  • ~ Summary of the Return of a Death on Application for a Burial Permit. Board of Health for the City of Saint John (entry may contain: date & place of death, place of burial, cause of death, birthplace, age, marital status, occupation, spouse, father & father's birthplace.)Vol 1, 1889 (Mar to Dec) / Vol 2, 1890 / Vol 3, 1891 / Vol 4, 1892
  • New Brunswick Historical Society
    • ~ Why Myer's General History Should not be used in Canadian Schools? 1929
    Nicholson, Patricia (794 Perth-Andover, NB, E0J 1V0)
  • ~ Excerpts from Assumption Roman Catholic Church, Grand Falls, NB 1868-1920
  • ~ Grand Falls Anglican Church Records, 1880s to 1940s
  • ~ The History of Morrell, by Geneva Morrell, includes school registers from 1870s to 1960s.
  • ~ The Census Records for 1871 for the Parishes of Andover, Perth, Gordon & Grand Falls.
  • Nowlan, Alden
    • ~ Campobello: The outer island 1975 Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited

    O Leary, A.E.
    • ~ Rambles Thro Memory Lane with Characters I Knew 1937
    Otty, Marianne Grey
    • ~ Fifty Years of Women s Institutes in New Brunswick 1961


    Parker, Hedley

    • ~ Miramichi Poet; Six Poems 1946 Maritime Publising Co.
    Parks Canada
    • ~ The Battle of the Ristigouche1982
    Paterson, Alexander P.
    • ~ The True Story of Confederation1926 Saint John Board of Trade
    Paul, Daniel N.
    • ~ We Were Not The Savages: A Micmac Perspective on the Collision of European and Aboriginal Civilization1993 Nimbus Publishing Limited

    Pearson, Faye Armstrong, et al.

  • ~ St. Paul's Church, Londonderry, and the Shepody Road  Kings County Hist. Soc., 1995.  43pp., 8 ½ x 11, glue and tape binding.  Historical notes on St. Paul's church and the two Kings County, New Brunswick, settlements named in the title.  Includes sketch map and lists of names of residents from 19th century directories.
  • Peabody, George
  • ~ School Days: The One-Room Schools of Maritime Canada Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1992.  Pb, 137pp., illus.  An affectionate look backward at the one-room schools of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
  • Peck, Mary Biggar
    • ~ A New Brunswick Album; Glimpses of the Way We Were 1987 Friensen Printers
    Pelletier, Gaby, ed.
  • ~ Micmac & Maliseet Decorative Traditions NB Museum, Saint John, 1987.  Saddle-stitched, 64pp., 8" x 10".  A selection of the Maliseet and Micmac decorative arts at the New Brunswick Museum.  B&w illustrations and some beautiful color photos.  Bibliography.
  • Petchey, Helen
  • ~ Chandler of Rocklyn 1996.  Saddle stitched book, 34pp.  illus.  A biographical study of Edward Barron Chandler, one of New Brunswick's Fathers of Confederation, with photos, genealogical charts, notes, and bibliography.
  • Petchey, Helen M
  • ~ The Brothers Weldon 1995.  Saddle stitched book, 16pp, illus. Dorchester, New Brunswick's Weldon family and the Weldon brothers who built ships at Dorchester and Richibucto respectively in the 19th century.
  • ~ The Dorchester Gilberts1987 NB Historical Society
  • Phillips, Fred H.
    • ~ Fredericton - Centennial City 1948
    Pickens, Still
    • ~ Bricklemanship: The New Brunswick Grief Book 1978 Omega Publishing
    Picot, J.E.
    • ~ A Brief History of Teacher Training in New Brunswick 1848-1973 1974 Department of Education
    • ~  The Bathurst Grammar School 1835-1926 1978
    Pincombe, C. Alexander
  • ~ The Birth of A Province - Pertinent Historic Dates in The Bicentennial Year - 1984 - New Brunswick (New Brunswick Bicentennial Office, Fredericton, 1980 / 2nd printing 1981)
  • Pond, Douglas Daaman
  • ~ History of Marysville, New Brunswick (privately published in 1983, 163 pages) Author deceased, there are still a few vols. left / contact his daughter, Bonny Pond" <>
  • ~ One Hundredth Anniversary 1857-1957 United Baptist Church Marysville New Brunswick1957
  • ~ Marysville Honors its Founder 1962
  • ~ Marysville United Baptist Church: 125 Years of Witness 1857 to 1982 1982 Centennial Print & Litho
  • Ponge, Francis
    • ~ Ten Poems 1990 Owl's Head Press
    Print N Press
    • ~ The Way We Were - 1908 Print N Press
    • ~ 1885 - Mgr. M.F. Richard - 1960 1960
    Provincial Archives of New brunswick
    • ~ Fredericton: The Early Years 1974

    Quinpool, John
    • ~ First Things in Acadia1936 First Things Publishers


    Rackham, Eric N. ed.

    • ~ History of Bass River 1765-1978 1978
    Rayburn, Alan
  • ~ Geographical Names of New Brunswick Government of Canada, 1975. Hb, 304pp., illustrations.  A key to New Brunswick place names rich in both geographical and historical information.  Based in large part on the research of the late Dr. William Francis Ganong and containing  his "Essay Towards An Understanding of The Principles of Place Nomenclature."  Out of print and hard to find but an essential component of any good New Brunswick book collection.
  • Raymond, W. O. (Rev.)
  • ~ The River St. John: Its Physical Features, Legends and History from 1604 to 1784 Sackville, NB, 2nd ed., 1950 printing.  Hb, 280pp., 7" x 10", maps, appendix, index.  The second edition and last printing of Archdeacon William Odber Raymond's 1910 work on early New Brunswick, up to the Loyalist period and the official founding and naming of the province.  Edited by Dr. J. C. Webster.  Arguably the single most essential volume in any collection on New Brunswick history.
  • ~ The London Lawyer: A Biographical Sketch of Elias Hardy 1894
  • Reicker, Marion Gilchrist
  • ~ Those Days Are Gone Away, Queens County, NB 1643-1901(a Queens County Historical Society Publication)
  • ~ A Time There Was (Petersville and Other Abandoned Settlements In Queens County, NB 1815-1953 Queens County Historical Society, 1984.  Pb, 142 + 92pp.  The story of settlements displaced by Canadian Forces Base Gagetown and otherwise abandoned. Includes an alphabetical list of settlers prior to 1860, as well as several other lists and a 92-page appendix of the names of settlers whose properties were expropriated by the Defence Department in 1954-55.
  • Reid, John G.
  • ~ Mount Allison University (2 VOLS.)  Vol. I, 1843-1914.  Vol. II, 1914-1963.  University of Toronto Press, 1984.  Hb, 391pp. + 500pp., photo sections, notes, appendices, indices.  A commissioned work by a leading historian on the three Mount Allison institutions at Sackville, New Brunswick, i.e., the original academy, the ladies' college, and the university, from their 19th century Methodist origins until 1963.  A remarkable tour de force of historical analysis which will long serve as a model for studies of institutions, businesses, families, and other well-defined entities within the larger society.
  • ~ Six Crucial Decades1987 Nimbus Publishing Limited
  • Representative New Brunswick Organizations
    • ~ Brief presented to The Executive Council of the New Brunswick Government by representative New Brunswick organiations on Tuesday, August 22, 1933 1933  Telegraph-Journal and the Evening Times-Globe Newspapers
    Richards, David Adams
    • ~ The Coming of Winter1974 Oberon Press
    Richardson, Herbert Central
    • ~ Blissville: A Brief Historical Sketch1984 Central Blissville Bicentennial Committee
    Rigby, Ann B. (for PANB)
  • ~ A Guide to the Manuscript Collections In the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB 1977)  (Out of Print) Although this book is outdated, and uses the old call numbers, it is still a good source of what is on the films it covers.
  • Rigby, Carle A.
    • ~ The Old St. Andrews Road Vol 1 1982
    Rigby, Carle & Lily
  • ~ A History of Hartland (Hartland Publishers Ltd., Hartland, 1980)
  • Riverview Historical Association, The
  • ~ A History of Riverview - Bridgedale, Gunningsville, Riverview Heights (1984, Bicentennial Committee)
  • Robertson, Marion
  • ~ Red Earth: Tales of the Micmacs Halifax, NS, 1969.  3rd printing (1977), saddle stitched, 98pp., original sketches.  An introduction to the traditions of the Micmac (Mi'kmaq) people of New Brunswick and the other eastern provinces of Canada. Sections included tales of the stars and moon, the origin of things, the little people, and "the Great Glooscap."
  • Robichaud, Donat
  • ~ Paquetville n.d. [1990s] in French only.  Pb, 623pp., bibliography, index.  Monsignor Robichaud's weighty and generously-illustrated history of Paquetville, the New Brunswick village widely known as the hometown of the Acadian singer Edith Butler. Chapters on the settlement of the community, the pioneers, religious, educational, and economic topics, with a chapter of special interest on the mills which were built and operated in the Paquetville area during the past 120 years.  Three appendices, one of which includes the information on the residents of the community which is contained in the census of 1901.
  • Robinson, Charlotte Gourlay
  • ~ Pioneer Profiles of New Brunswick Settlers Mika Publishing Co., Belleville, ON, Pb, 221pp., illus.  Twenty profiles of women pioneers of New Brunswick.  Attractively printed and illustrated book.
  • Rollins, Paul
    • ~ Village of Minto: 75th Anniversary1978
    Ryder, Huia G.
  • ~ Edward John Russell, Marine Artist (The New Brunswick Museum, 1953 / The Lingley Printing Co., Ltd, Saint John)
  • ~ Antique Furniture By New Brunswick Craftsmen McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd, Toronto, 1965.  180pp., pb edition (1973) of the leading book on the historical furniture of New Brunswick, Canada.  Eighty-two illustrations.  Organized by time and place of manufacture.  Lists of cabinet makers with dates, bibliography, and index.

  • S

    Sabine, Lorenzo

  • ~ Biographical Sketches of Loyalist of the American Revolution With an Historical Essay (2 vols. / reprinted abt 1994)
  • Saint John High School Alumnae
    • ~ A History of the Saint John Grammar School 1805-1914 1914 Saint John Globe Publishing Co. Ltd.
    Saunders, Edward M.
    • ~ History of The Baptists of the Maritime Provinces 1902
    Saunders, Kenneth  Riverview, NB
  • ~ The Rectory Murder 1989 / Published by James Lorimer & Company, Toronto, 1989. Story about the first execution by hanging on Albert County, NB, in 1907. (Many stories about the people in the county, and much historical data.)
  • Schuyler, George W.
    ~ Saint John: Scenes from a Popular History 1984 Petheric Press

    Scott, Ruth

  • ~ The Unknown New Brunswicker Fredericton, NB, 1988.  Pb, 113pp., illus. Biographical work on the Rev. Roscoe J. Heine (1865-1942), a Baptist minister in New Brunswick.
  • Searle, Eva
  • ~ 100 Years More or Less VOL. 1, Radio Atlantic, Fredericton, NB, 1972.  Pb, 96pp.  The first of three stand-alone volumes containing the scripts of historical broadcasts relating to Fredericton and central New Brunswick which were aired on Radio Atlantic (CFNB), beginning in the 1960s.  This collection contains 43 scripts, examples of the titles of which are: "Old Customs," "Martin Butler," "Exhibition - 1852," "Fredericton Women Organize," and "Carman and Low Tide at Grand Pré."
  • Seeley, Janice
  • ~ Sunbury County Happenings - New Items From the "Religious Intelligencer" 1853-1879 In and Around Sunbury County - Volume I *
  • ~ Sunbury County Happenings - New Items From the "Religious Intelligencer" 1879-1889 In and Around Sunbury County - Volume II *
  • ~ Sunbury County Happenings - New Items From the "Religious Intelligencer" 1890-1896 In and Around Sunbury County - Volume III *
  • ~ Sunbury County Happenings - New Items From the "Religious Intelligencer" 1896-1900 In and Around Sunbury County - Volume IV *  (* although name implies Sunbury County, many events were in other places and involve Sunbury County residents to some extent.)
  • ~ Sunbury County 1861 Census Returns
  • ~ Sunbury County 1881 Census Returns
  • ~ Sunbury County 1891 Census Returns
  • Seheult, Louis R.
    • ~ Report of the Royal Commission on Primary Forest Products in New Brunswick1964
    Sellick, Lester B.
    • ~ The Wanderer Lives On 1973 Dartmouth Free Press
    Sherwood, Roland H.
    • ~ Tall Tales of the Maritimes1972  Lancelot Press
    • ~ Legends, Oddities and Facts from the Maritime Provinces 1995 Lancelot Press
    Simpson, Ted
    • ~ The Forgotten Man & Our Own Robin Hood Smith, George Timber 1977 Print N Press
    Sinclair, Josephine (Morrell)
  • ~ Weaving the Fabric of Life: Family History & Autobiography  1998.   Cerlox bound book, 5 ½ x 8 ½ , 158pp, illustrations.  A book in which the history of the Morell, Boyd, and related families of Kings County, N. B., is interwoven with the author's autobiography.
  • Sisson, Leatha Boudreau
  • ~ Our Family Tree - Acadian, Colonial, Loyalist and Mayflower, Vol. 1 (1981 / privately published) (out of print)
  • Smith, Mary Elizabeth
  • ~ Too Soon the Curtain Fell: A History of Theatre in Saint John Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1981.  Pb, 244pp., illus., drawings, photos, biblio., index.  The product of thorough research by a University of New Brunswick professor of English drama.
  • Smith, Rankine M.
  • ~ The History of Basketball in New Brunswick Canada, 1892-1985  Sussex, NB.  Pb, 320pp., photos, lists.   A thoroughgoing history of the sport of basketball at all levels in the province.  Twenty chapters, including chapters entitled "The Early Days," "The Hall of Fame," "The Merit Awards," "The All-Province Teams," and "Team Championships."
  • Solway, Kenneth
  • ~ The Story of The Chestnut Canoe Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, 1997.  Pb, 256pp., 10 x 7, b&w photos and other illustrations.  A book on New Brunswick's Chestnut family and the famous canoe built in Fredericton by the Chestnut Canoe Company, beginning in 1897.
  • Somers, Arnold J.
  • ~ Memories of a Miramichi Lumberman Fredericton, NB, 1994.  Pb, 137pp., illus. Reminiscences of one of the last of the old time lumber contractors and portable mill operators on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick.
  • Somerville, Graeme F.
    • ~ Some Burial Records of the Loyalist Burial Ground - Saint John, N.B.(1985 / privately published)  Records from several sources were used to determine who was buried in this cemetery.
    Southampton Advisory Committee
    • ~ Temperance Vale: The People and Times of a New Brunswick Settlement 1987 New Ireland Press
    Spencer, Grace MacMillan
  • ~ A History of Early Boiestown, 1987  Pb, 251pp.  A locally-written history of the central New Brunswick community of Boiestown, which was founded on the Upper Southwest Miramichi River in the early 1820s by Thomas Boies, a native of New Hampshire.  Text and numerous b&w photos on a wide range of subjects. Selected census records from 1851 through 1891 appended.
  • Spray, Carole
  • ~ Will O' The Wisp: Folk Tales and Legends of New Brunswick Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1979.  Pb, 132pp., illus.  A well-known collection of 40 folktales which include "The Wizard of the Miramichi" and "The Dungarvon Whooper.
  • Spray, W. A.
  • ~ The Blacks in New Brunswick Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1972.  Pb, 72pp.  plus appendices, illus.  A brief history of the black settlements in New Brunswick.
  • ~ David's Kingdom  St. Paul's Church Corporation, Chatham, 1979.  Pb, 140pp., illustrations, appendices, notes, index. The definitive history of the Anglican parish of Chatham (Miramichi), NB, written by a professional historian. Also of biographical and genealogical interest.
  • Squires, Susan Katherine
    • ~ One Hundred Years in Lemuel Allan Wilmot's Church 1952
    Squires, W. Austin
    • ~ The 104th Regiment of Foot; The New Brunswick Regiment 1803-1817 1962 Brunswick Press
    • ~ History of Fredericton: The Last 200 Years 1980 Centennial Print & Litho Ltd.
    • ~ The Birds of New Brunswick1952
    • ~ A Naturalist in New Brunswick 1972
    Stanley, Della M. M.
  • ~ A Man For Two Peoples: Pierre-Amand Landry Frdericton, NB, 1988.  Pb, 142pp., index.  Sir Pierre-Amand Landry (1846-1916) was the first New Brunswick Acadian to become a lawyer, provincial cabinet minister, and federal court judge, as well as the first to be knighted. This book depicts a man "fired by his devotion to L'Acadie and to his dedication to harmonious relations between Acadians and English-speaking New Brunswickers."
  • ~ Louis Robichaud: A Decade of Power Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, N.S., 1984.  Pb, 262pp., photos, notes, appendices, bibliography, index.  A thoroughgoing account of the origins and early life of Louis J. Robichaud, and of his precocious rise to power as premier of New Brunswick in 1960, at age thirty-five.  "Through a combination of courage, audacity, and conviction" states the author, "he confronted the traditional, often antiquated, discriminatory, and inefficient philosophies and structures of a then backward province and wrested New Brunswick to the forefront of  social change and governmental reorganization."
  • Stanley, George F. G.
  • ~ "The Caraquet Riots of 1875," in ACADIENSIS, II, 1 (Fall 1972), pp. 21-38.  A distinguished historian attempts to give an objective account of one of the most divisive events in New Brunswick's history.  Journal of 112pp. has five other major articles.
  • Stanley, Laurie C. C.
  • ~ Unclean! Unclean! Leprosy in New Brunswick, 1844-1880 Title repeated in French.  Les Editions d'Acadie, Ottawa, 1982.  Pb, 56pp. in English + 59pp. in French.  A scholarly account of the outbreak of leprosy in northern New Brunswick in the 19th century and the establishment of the leprosy lazaretto to treat its victims.
  • Starr, Richard
  • ~ Richard Hatfield: The Seventeen Year Saga Formac Publishing, Halifax, NS, 1987.  Pb, 258pp., photos, index.  An account of the rise to political power of the late Richard Hatfield and of his lengthy term as premier of New Brunswick (1970-1987). Intelligent, cultured, and charismatic, the unmarried Hatfield was also highly trouble-prone and controversial.
  • Steeves, Helen Harper
  • ~ The Story of Moncton's First Store and Storekeeper: Life Around The Bend a Century Ago J. & A. McMillan, Saint John, NB, 1924.  Hb, 178pp. The story of William Harper (b. 1764), Yorkshireman, British naval officer, and trader, who settled at the future site of Moncton, New Brunswick, in the 1790s.
  • Stewart, Clayton Stanley
  • ~ Life on the Miranachi Woodstock, NB, 1986.  Pb, 303pp., illus. Autobiographical work by Clayton S. Stewart (1909-1996) of Boiestown, New Brunswick - logger, stream driver, guide and outfitter.  A warm personal account of an active outdoor life spent in the Upper Southwest Miramichi River district.  Interspersed with photos, verses written by the author, and favorite recipes.
  • ~ Recollections Fredericton, NB, 1990.  Pb, 170pp., illus.  The last of three books published by the late Clayton S. Stewart, containing accounts and stories, "some true, some that could be true, and some that the reader could believe if so desired." Chapters in the informational category include an illustrated one on "Guiding and Outfitting in New Brunswick" (which lists the names of all charter and early members of the New Brunswick Guides' Association), one on "The Braithwaite Trail" created by the legendary hunter and trapper Henry Braithwaite, one on "Changes in Hunting and Fishing Regulations," and an informative one on "Gaffs and Spears" used to catch salmon on the Miramichi River.
  • Stewart, George Jr.
    • ~ The Story of the Great Fire in Saint John, N.B. June 20, 1877 1877 Hunter, Rose & Co.
    Stewart, W. Brenton
  • ~ Medicine in New Brunswick Moncton, 1974.  Hb, 413pp., illus. The only book-length history to be published on the practice of medicine in New Brunswick. Surveys the field from the beginning to the early decades of the 20th century.  Non-technical; non-academic. Written for the average reader. Contains local history in regard to doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc., and is of considerable biographical and genealogical interest. Six-page bibliography and 16-page index of names.
  • Sutton, Suzanne
  • ~ Westfield: a History Told by Residents  Westfield, NB, 1997. Pb, 167pp., including five appendices.  A book sponsored by the Village of Westfield, Kings County, N. B.,  containing many b&w illustrations.   Printed on high-gloss paper.  Settlements other than Westfield itself to which chapters are devoted include the following: Ononette, Hillandale, Westfield Beach, Woodman's Point, Lingley, Sagwa, and Nerepis
  • Swanicke, Eric L.
    • ~ New Brunswick History: Guide en Histoire du Nouveau-Brunswick 1984
    Swim, Mrs. F.D. ed.
    • ~ A Brief History of Doaktown 1990

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