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    A CENTURY OF HISTORY / CENT ANS D'HISTOIRE, 1881-1981: SACRED HEART CATHEDRAL PARISH, BATHURST, NEW BRUNSWICK.  Pb, 32pp. + 32pp. in English and French. Illustrated history with sections on the origin and establishment of the parish, the building of the church and rectory, and important events in parish history.  Names of priest and many parishioners included.


    ELECTIONS IN NEW BRUNSWICK/LES ELECTIONS, etc.: 1784-1984.  Fredericton, 1984.  Hb, 311pp.  Official bilingual volume containing an informative introduction and the results of all regular and by-elections held in New Brunswick during its first 100 years as a province. Results are shown by name of candidate and number of votes.  Complete index of names.   An essential volume for anyone interested in New Brunswick political history.

    PAROISSE NOTRE-DAME DE L'ASSOMPTION: LES CURÉS (1914-1994) NOTICES BIOGRAPHIQUE [re. Moncton, New Brunswick].  Moncton, 1994 - in French only.  Saddle- stitched book, 33pp.  A brief history of the parish over its first 80 years, biographical sketches of Mgr Henri D. Cormier, Mgr Camille-André LeBlanc, Mgr Albert Leménager, Mgr Léonard Leger, Père Camille Johnson, Père Arthur Gallant, Père Raymond Richard, and Père Alban Albert, plus the names and terms of service of the 72 vicars of the parish.

    SPEAKERS OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, PROVINCE OF NEW BRUNSWICK, 1786-1985 / ORATEURS DE L'ASSEMBLEE LEGISLATIVE ...etc.  Fredericton, NB, 1985.  Pb, 72pp. + 72pp. repeated in French.  Biographical sketches and photos of the 48 persons named to the position of speaker of the New Brunswick legislature between 1786 and 1985 - a cross-section of successful politicians from all parts of the province.

    Bernard, Antoine

    ~ Les Hospitaliers de Saint-Joseph et Leur Oeuvre en Acadie Montreal, 1958.  Pb, 303pp.  In French only.  A beautifully printed and bound volume with fine photo sections, map, table of contents, etc.  A very readable work by a well-known writer.  Introduced by Mgr. Camille LeBlanc, a former bishop of Bathurst, NB.  Deals with the history of the Hospitallers, the conduct of the leprosy hospital at Tracadie, NB, from 1868 onward, the founding of the Vallée-Lourdes sanitorium at Bathurst in 1930, and other work of the order in the Maritime Provinces.
    Bourgeois, Paul-Pierre
    ~ Grande-digue: Monographie Historique D'une Paroisse Acadienne [in New Brunswick].  Sackville, NB, 1988.  Pb, 315 pp., illus., in French only. Brief chapters on the location of Grand-Digue (on the Kent-Westmorland county border in New Brunswick) and the meaning of local placenames serve as a preface to this ambitious history of the parish. A unique historical, biographical, and genealogical resource on this parish.
    Doiron, Allen, and Fidele Theriault
    ~ La Famille Doiron (Gould)  Fredericton, NB, 1994. Pb, 493pp., photos.  A French-language work on the descendants of Pierre Doiron and Anne Forest who settled at Petitcodiac (Saint-Anselme), NB, around 1788, and whose children and grandchildren spread throughout much of eastern New Brunswick.  Surnames other than Doiron (Gould) which occur frequently in the book include Arsenault, Babineau, Basque, Benoit, Boudreau, Bourgeois, Bourque, Breau, Brideau, Brun, Caissie, Comeau, Cormier, Duguay, Fournier, Gallant, Landry, LeBlanc, Leger, Lirette, Mallais, Melanson, Richard, Robichaud, Roussel, Savoie, Thibodeau, Vautour, and Vienneau.
    Friolet, J. Antonin
    ~ Caraquet: Village au Soleil L'Imprimerie Gagné Ltée, Saint-Justin - Montreal, 1978.  Pb, 135pp., illustrations.  In French only.  A narrative of notable persons and events of Caraquet, New Brunswick, in the 19th and 20th centuries.
    LeBreton, Clarence
    ~ Le College de Caraquet [New Brunswick].  Montreal, 1991 - in French only.  Pb, 268pp., notes and bibliography, photos and other illustrations. The story of the Eudist college at Caraquet, New Brunswick, which was founded in 1898 through the efforts of the parish priest, Father Théophile Allard, and was conducted at Caraquet until 1916, when it was relocated in Bathurst, NB. Ten appendices, including a list of priests who taught in the college and a list of the names and home towns of the students who attended between 1899 and 1916.
    Losier, Andrée, et al.
    ~ Les Familles Losier Tracadie, NB, 1991.  Pb, 328pp., photos, maps, charts, appendices, index.  Introductory section in both French and English.  Genealogical data in French only.  A successor volume to Dr. U. J. Bourgeois' Généalogie des Losiers (1953).  Chronicles the descendants of Prospère Desjardins dit Lausier (1762-1825) and his wife Charlotte LeBreton of Tracadie, New Brunswick.  A family with tenacles throughout the Acadian peninsula, in much of the rest of New Brunswick, in the neighboring state of Maine, and elsewhere in Canada, the United States, South America, and Europe.
    Michaud, Marguerite
    ~ La Reconstruction Francaise au Nouveau-Brunswick: Bouctouche, Paroisse-Type Les Presses Universitaires, Fredericton, NB, 1955.  Pb, 223pp., illustrations, appendices, bibliography.  In French only.  Parish history with sections on pioneer life, the clergy, the schools, and economic and professional development, plus chapters on English and Irish settlers in the parish and life in the parish in the 1950s.
    Moore, Diana, and Andrea Schwenke
    ~ New Brunswick Schools: A Guide to Archival Sources Acadiensis Press, Fredericton, NB, 1992.  Pb, 8 1/2" x 11", 155pp.  An indispensable research tool for all who would use New Brunswick school records.  Bilingual book.
    Robichaud, Donat
    ~ Le Grand Chipagan: Histoire de Shippagan 1976 - in French only. Pb, 454pp., illustrations, footnotes, bibliographies, index.  A major work of general and genealogical history by Monsignor Donat Robichaud, a founding member of the Société Historique Nicholas-Denys and one of the most prolific of Acadian historical, biographical, and genealogical writers. Devoted partly to community history and partly to family history, with extensive genealogies of the Duguay, Mallet, and Robichaud families, as well as genealogical notes on other families of French origin, families from the Jersey Islands (Ahier, Alexandre, Brien, Cabot, Delagarde, Dumaresq, Falle, Hamon, Henry, and Vincent), and English-speaking families (Aylward, Bateman, Bulger, Caie, Doran, Drisdelle, Harding, Johnston, Lumbsden, Marquis, Morrissey, McNally, Phair, Smith, Taylor, Thompson, Webster, Witzell, and Woolner).  Appendixes include the personal journal of Willie Mazerolle (1914-1944), extracts from the census of 1861, and a list of 160 ships and other vessels constructed at Shippegan between 1829 and 1934.
    Thériault, Fidéle Tremblay, Marcel
    ~ 50 ans d'Education: 1899-1949 Bathurst, NB, 1949.  Pb, 326pp., photos, appendices.  French only.  A luxuriously printed and nicely illustrated history of Le Collège de Caraquet (1899) and its successor, Le Collège (later L'Université) du Sacre-Coeur at Bathurst, New Brunswick.  Knowledgeably written by Father Tremblay, a member of the Eudist order which conducted the institution throughout most of its history.  An essential volume in any collection of books on Acadian education.

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