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    Jack, D.R. [David Russell] (deceased)

  • ~ Centennial Prize Essay on the History of the City and County of Saint John, 1883 (out of print) 1883 J.& A. McMillan
  • ~ Biographical Data of New Brunswick Families, Especially of Loyalist Descent (ca. 1905 / a four vol. mss / filmed at PANB)  (not in print)
  • ~ Saint Andrews Church1913 Barnes & Co.
  • Jack, David Russell [attributed], (deceased)
  • ~ "The Sharp Family," in ACADIENSIS, Vol. VIII, No's 1 &2. Biographical and genealogical work (46pp.) on the Sharp family of Woodstock, New Brunswick.  Scores of connections to other families in Carleton County, N.B., and elsewhere, including the Campbell, Tompkins, Peabody, Close, and Shaw families.  The two journals (1908) contain much else of interest.
  • Jack, David Russell ed.
    • ~ Acadiensis: A quarterly Devoted to the Interests of the Maritime Provinces of Canada1901-1908
    Jack, I.A. (deceased)
  • ~ Biographical Review (1900 / prominent people of New Brunswick) (out of print)
  • ~ History of St. Andrew's Society of St.John, N.B. Cabada 1798 to 1903 1903 J&A McMillan
  • Jacob, Edwin
    • ~ Sermons Intended for the Propagation of the Gospel 1835 John Simpson
    Janzen, Russ and Leota (Good) (#37 - 3351 Horn Road, Abbotsford, BC, V2S 7J9)
  • ~ Good 1610-1997 3,800 "Good" ancestors and descendants of Loyalist David Good, who settled at Burton, Sunbury Co, 1783, and later moved up river.
  • Jarvis, Julia
  • ~ Three Centuries of Robinsons
  • Jennings, John
  • ~ Tending The Flock: Bishop Joseph-Octave Plessis And Roman Catholics in Early 19th Century New BrunswickSaint John, NB, 1998.  Pb, 245pp., maps, illustrations, footnotes, bibliography, index.  A readily accessible work of scholarship by one who has served both as a Catholic priest and professor of church history.  The first detailed guide to the work of the church in New Brunswick during the first twenty years of the 19th century.
  • Johnson, Daniel F. B.B.A, C.G.(C)  (P.O. Box 26025, Saint John, NB, Canada E2L 3V6) e-mail  Note: Most of  these books are out-of print, but are deposited at Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
  • ~ Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers(Covers 1784 to  1888 / a series that is now to vol. 73 / privately published) Four new volumes are published each year. Complete extracts of shipwrecks, murder trials, train accidents, drownings etc. in addition to usual births, marriage and deaths from most 18th and 19th century New Brunswick newspapers. Each volume is indexed by full name. 444,000 references in all. Search And Extract Service: Computer search finds and extracts entries for any family surname.
  • ~ The Ganong Family of New Brunswick: The Ancestors And Descendants of Thomas Ganong and Joanna Barlow  (Edited & revised) 930 desc. (first pub 1892) Loyalist to Kings Co, NB. (out of print)
  • ~ The Johnson Family of Millstream (Descendants of Nathaniel Johnson 1741-1829) (privately published 1980) (out of print)
  • ~ The St. John County Alms and Work House Records (privately published 1985 / includes their vessels, Port of Saint John, NB, 1841-1849) (out of print)
  • ~ The New Brunswick Genealogist  (privately published:  v.1, 1988 A study of Church of England/Episcopal/Anglican Churches and their Ministers, in Saint John, in the 18th and 19th century.) (out of print)
  • ~ The New Brunswick Genealogist  (privately published:  v.II, 1988  History of Old Church of England Cemetery located on Thorne Avenue, east of Courtenay Bay near Marsh Bridge, Saint John Harbour. Created when the Old Burying Ground, King Square, Saint John was filled. Epitaphs taken from surviving tombstones. Earlier works of James Hannay and David Russell Jack, conducted just after the turn of century, were included to identify epitaphs from stones now missing.  (out of print)
  • ~ New Brunswick Historical Journal - Spring 1991  (out of print)
  • ~ New Brunswick Historical Journal - Summer 1991 (out of print)
  • ~ New Brunswick Historical Journal - Fall   1991  (out of print) New Brunswick Historical Journals, Spring, Summer and Fall 1991 - Biography of Rev. William Odber Raymond written by noted New Brunswick historian, David G. Bell. The `Writings of Rev. W.O. Raymond' consolidates the works of New Brunswick's best known historian that appeared as separate articles in various newspapers in the late 1800's. These articles collectively form the base of our knowledge of New Brunswick during the eras of French occupation, the British-French struggles and first settlement by the New Englanders and Loyalists, particularly along the St. John River.
  • ~ The Old Cedar Hill Cemetery and Carleton Burial Ground of Saint John West, NB, Canada(privately published 1990) - Created after the arrival of the Loyalists in 1783, these burial grounds served a closely knit community situated on the west side of St. John Harbour. Cedar Hill was the consolidation of the Church of England and Baptist cemeteries. Epitaphs were obtained from surviving stones. The work of James Hannay in early 1900's were compared to identify missing stones. The burial records of Old Cedar Hill were destroyed circa 1912. (out of print)
  • ~ The Cedar Hill Extension Cemetery, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada(privately published ca. 1991/2) - Contains epitaphs and field of honor for war dead serving west side community of Saint John. Contains descendants of pioneers of Lancaster as well as those who migrated to the city from the communities along the lower reaches of the Saint John River. Created when Old Cedar Hill was filled.(out of print)
  • ~ New Brunswick Men At War: The South African War 1899-1902  Compiled in co-operation with military historian Byron O'Leary, this book includes brief histories of British units in which the natives of New Brunswick served and the local militia units from which they were enlisted. Biographies compiled with the assistance of living relatives, newspaper accounts and government military records.(out of print)
  • ~ Irish Emigrants & Their Vessels, Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, 1841-1849With the absence of passenger lists from New Brunswick Custom House for this time period, it was necessary to consult a variety of extant records such as almshouse registers, relief  records, newspapers, custom office reports and lunatic asylum documents in order to identify 7,000 of the Irish emigrants who arrived at the port of Saint John. The Appendix contains a listing of vessels, their ports of origin, masters etc. which arrived during this  period. As 80% of these emigrants left almost immediately for Boston and New York, this work has been reprinted by Clearfield Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland under the title "Irish Migration to New England Through The Port of Saint John, N.B. Canada". (out of print)
  • ~The Case Family of New Brunswick: The Descendants of Elisha Case & Waite (Hopkins) Loyalists from Rhode Island who settled Wickham, Queens County, New Brunswick (out of print)
  • Johnston, J.F.W.
    • ~ Report of the Agricultural Capabilities of the Province of New Brunswick1850 J. Simpson
    Johnston, Martha Gilmore
  • ~ That The Past May Live: Tales of My Childhood and Youth in Stanley, New Brunswick Fredericton, 1983; 2nd printing, 1984.  Pb, 132pp., illus.   A highly readable account (addressed to her grandchildren) of the growing-up experiences of Martha (Gilmore) Johnston (1863-1946), at Stanley, New Brunswick, and of her first years as a country school teacher. Contains historical, biographical, and genealogical tidbits of interest to all with Stanley area roots. (1978 Centennial Print & Litho)
  • Jones, Ted
  • ~ All The Days of His Life: A Biography of Archdeacon H.A. Cody NB Museum, Saint John, 1981.  Pb, 431pp., photos, genealogical chart, index. Ted Jones's meticulous biography of H. A. Cody (1872-1948), a native of Codys on the Washadamoak River in New Brunswick. A distinguished Anglican minister and prolific writer whose 25 works of fiction were often on the best seller lists.
  • ~ Both Sides of the Wire (2 vols.)  New Ireland Press, Fredericton, New Brunswick, 1988 and 1989.  325pp. + 433pp, including charts and photos. The construction and operation of the Fredericton Internment Camp at The Ripples, northeast of the city, during World War II.

  • K

    Kanner, Ken (108 Candlewood Drive, RR #7, Moncton, NB, E1C 8Z4)
        Mr. Kanner handles many of these books for the Southeastern Br. NBGS

  • ~ Albert Co. Marriage Register, 1846-1888  186 pp, indexed
  • ~ Albert Co. 1861 Census 297 pp. by Parish, alphabetically by family group
  • ~ Albert Co. 1871 Census  297 pp. by Parish, alphabetically by family group; also includes a heads of household listing in the original sequence.
  • ~ Albert Co. 1881 Census 297 pp., by Parish, alphabetically by family group
  • ~ Westmorland Co. 1891 Census, 2 vols 1027 pp, by Parish, alphabetically by family group
  • ~ Westmorland Co. Marriage Register, part I, 1790-1856  293 pp, indexed
  • ~ Westmorland Co. Marriage Register, part II, 1857-1888  459 pp. indexed
  • ~ Early Families Revisited 393 pp, contains family sheets for many early settlers in South Eastern, NB

  • ~ Elmwood Cemetery, 1995 497 pp, contains a listing of all known records of Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton, NB
    Kearney, W. D.
    ~ The Open Hand Hartland, NB, 1981.  Saddle-stitched book, 58pp. Facsimile edition of a work first printed at Presque Isle, Maine, in 1864, and reprinted at Hartland, NB, in 1920 and 1926. Subtitled: “An Epic Poem Dealing With The Early Settlement of Maine and New Brunswick.”  “Founded on Tradition.”
    Keirstead, David
  • ~ Reflections: the Story of Hampton, N.B.  Sussex, N.B., 1983.  Pb, 333pp., photos and other illustrations, foldout map, bibliography.  A book in which the history of Hampton, the shiretown of Kings County, N.B., is explored in terms of its different streets, buildings, organizations, and activities.  The many names and dates contained in the work also make it a rich genealogical resource.
  • Kelly, Grant D., and Sue McCluskey
  • ~ Saint John at Work and Play: Photographs by Isaac Erb, 1904-1924  Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1998.  Pb, 141pp., sources, index.  The hundreds of glass negatives left to posterity by Saint John photographer Isaac Erb have been described as "a national treasure," and images of the grand old city in which he pursued his career are the heart and soul of the collection - indoor and outdoor scenes of public and private buildings, streets and parks, ships and streetcars, and people from all stations in life at work and play.
  • Kelly, Velma
  • ~ The History of St. Thomas Church, 1879-1979 [Stanley, New Brunswick]. Saddle-stitched booklet, 20pp., photos.  Contains key historical dates and other facts concerning the Anglican church at Stanley, NB, list of clergy, memorial gifts, rolls of honor, and other information.
  • ~ The Village in the Valley: A History of Stanley and Vicinity 3rd printing (1998) of 1983 book. Pb, 148pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, continuous coil binding.  A unique collection of historical information and photographs on the village of Stanley, New Brunswick.  Contains a good deal of biographical information and a great many names.
  • Ker, Ruth Cleghorn (760 Golf Club Road, Fredericton, NB, E3B 7S6)
  • ~ Patrick and Gilbert Graham and Descendants, 1813-1997
  • Ketchum, T.C.L.
    • ~ A Short History of Carlleton County New Brunswick 1922 Sentinel Publishing
    Kierstead, David G.
    • ~ Reflections: The Story of Hampton, N.B. 1983 Royal Printing Ltd.
    Kimball, Harold G.
    • ~ The 104th New Brunswick Battalion in the First World War 1915-1918 1962 Unipress
    Kluegel, Helen (Richardson)
    ~ Ancestors of Nathaniel Rideout 1762-1795, Cumberland County, Maine, Book 5 (Honolulu, Hawaii, 1963) (LDS call no. 929.273/R393k/Bk 5)
    Knowlton, I. C., (Rev.)
  • ~ Annals of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick Cover title: BEGINNINGS: The Settlement of the St. Croix Valley.  Print'N Press, St Stephen, NB. Third printing (1984) of 1975 edition of an 1875 local history classic.  Pb, 129pp.  A book in 33 sections containing a wealth of historical, biographical, and genealogical information on the St Stephen-Calais area from the pre-settlement period up to the 1870s.  Ends with a genealogical appendix containing notes on persons of the following surnames: Barnard, Boardman, Deming, Duren, Dyer, Eaton, Emerson, Gates, Grimmer, Hill, Hitchings, Kelley, Keene, Lee, Lindsay, Lowell, McAllister, Maxwell, Milberry, Moore, Murchie, Pickins, Pike, Porter, Reading, Sawyer, Smith, Thompson, Todd, Townsend, Upton, Waite, Watson, Wentworth, Whidden, and Whitney.
  • ~ Beginnings: The Settlement of the St.Croix Valley Print N Press
  • Koven, Marcia
  • ~ Weaving the Past Into the Present Saint John, NB, 1989.  Pb., 81pp. A glimpse into the 130-year history of the Jewish Community of Saint John, New Brunswick.

  • L

    LaBillois, H.

    • ~ Report on Agriculture for the Province of New Brunswick for the Year 1899 1899
    Lacey, Laurie
    • ~ Micmac Indian Medicine: A Traditional Way of Health 1977 Formac Limited
    Langdon, J. Kenneth
    • ~ A Spy In My House 1987 Goose Lane Editions
    Latta, Peter M.
  • ~ Old Railway Stations of the Maritimes St. John's, NF, 1998.  Saddle-stitched book, 32pp.  Written by an expert, "this book discusses the development of the railway station as an architectural form as well as the role of some of Canada's most prominent engineers and architects in designing these buildings." More than 40 photos. An essential possession for anyone having a serious interest in railroading or railway stations.
  • Lawrence, J.W. [Joseph Wilson] (deceased)
  • ~ Foot Prints, or Incidents in the Early History of New Brunswick J. & A. McMillan, Saint John, NB, 1883.  Hb, 119pp., illustrations.  A copy of the original edition of J. W. Lawrence's book on New Brunswick, the publication of which marked the centennial of the settlement of the Loyalists in the province.  Contains sections on the Loyalists at New York, the agents chosen by them, their arrival in New Brunswick in 1783, the settlement (street by street) of what is now the city of Saint John.  Also contains sections on Benedict Arnold and other topics and lists of all the grantees of Parrtown and Carleton (Saint John).
  • ~ Judges of New Brunswick and Their Times  (in Acadiensis ca. early 1900's) Fredericton, NB, 1983.  Hb, issued without d.j., 552pp.  A numbered reprint of this basic 1907 work on New Brunswick history, which in addition to biographical information on the judges, contains much general and genealogical data. Edited and introduced by Prof. D.G. Bell.  General index and index of names.
  • Lawson, Jessie I. and Sweet, Jean MacCallum
    • ~ This is New Brunswick1951 The Ryerson Press
    • ~ Our New Brunswick Story1948
    Leavitt, Robert M.
  • ~ Maliseet & Micmac: First Nations of the Maritimes New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1995.  Pb, 350pp.  An academically sound but also highly readable introduction to Maliseet and Micmac history, language, religion, and culture by Prof. Robert M. Leavitt, Director of the Micmac-Maliseet Institute at the University of New Brunswick, with contributions from Aboriginal leaders.  Hailed as the most significant non-fictional book to be published in New Brunswick in 1995.  An essential volume for any student of these cultures.
  • LeBlanc, Medley
  • ~ The Illustrated Story of Saint John New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB.  Second printing (1992) of a 1989 publication.  Saddle-stitched book, 32pp., 8 ½ x 11. Illustrated in comic book style by Susan Graham and Tim Fallon.
  • LeBlanc, Tony (205 Karolie Rd, Riverview, NB)
  • ~  Descendants of Joseph Lirette and Marguerite Guegen of New Brunswick, Canada Over 6000 desc. and relations of the first Lirette couple in NB, m. ca. 1784.
  • ~ 1871 census of Shediac Parish, Westmorland Co., and Dundas Parish, Kent Co, NB Combined census of adjoining parishes, alphabetical by family groupings, 180 pp
  • Lemon, Donald P.
  • ~ Theatre of Empire / Ambitions Imperoalistes NB Museum, Saint John, 1987.  Pb, 154pp.  A bilingual publication which documents 300 years of maps about the Maritime Provinces, from the mid 16th to mid 19th century.  B&w and color reproductions.
  • Losier, M. J., and C. Pinet
  • ~ Children of Lazarus: The Story of the Lazaretto at Tracadie Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1984.  Pb, 176pp., photos and other illustrations, endnotes.  A compassionate account of the plight of New Brunswick's 'lepers' and a history of the leprosy hospital which was established on Sheldrake Island in the Miramichi River in the 1840s, and later relocated in Tracadie, NB.  A well-researched work, the authority of which is undiminished by the fact that some of the story is told by means of passages quoted (in italics) from a fictional diary.
  • Lynch, F.C.C.
    • ~ The Province of New Brunswick its Natural Resources Developed & Undeveloped1921
    Lyons, Marion F. (5 Shady, Golfway Apt 1219, Don Mills, ON M3C 3A5)
  • ~ The Family History of Randy Lyons, Including Bell, Danner, Everett, Houx, Ingram, Kelly, Long, Skelly, McNamara, Walters (privately published)

  • M

    MacAllister, Edith

  • ~ St. Mary's in Newcastle: A History of the Parish, 1862-1984 Staple-stitched book, 40pp., full-page and other photos, bibliography.  A history of the Catholic parish in Newcastle (Miramichi), New Brunswick, by a well known local historian. Describes and chronicles  St Mary's parish, St. Mary's church and rectory, and the former St Mary's Academy, one of New Brunswick's most successful day and residential schools for girls.
  • ~ Newcastle on the Miramichi: a Brief History Newcastle, NB 1974. Saddle-stitched booklet, 12pp., 5 x 8.  An authoritative but exceedingly brief history.
  • MacBeath, George
  • ~ The Story of the Restigouche Quintin Publications, Pawtucket, RI. 1998 reprint of 1954 publication of the New Brunswick Museum.  Pb, 27pp., 7 x 10, photos and other illustrations.  Introduction by Jessie I. Lawson.  History of the Indian, French, and English periods of the Restigouche area in northern New Brunswick.
  • ~ Champlain and the St. John 1604-19541954 New Brunswick Historical Society
  • MacBeath, George, and Donald F. Taylor
  • ~ Steamboat Days on the St. John, 1816-1946 Print N'Press, St Stephen, NB, 1982.  Pb, 176pp., including more than 50 photo pages, appendices naming steamers and steamboat men, notes, and index. An authoritative work by Dr George MacBeath, a professional historian, and Capt. Donald F. Taylor, one of the last riverboat captains of New Brunswick. The historical, technical, and service detail is here - in text and illustration - for all the vessels from the first steamboat to the last diesel powered riverboat.
  • MacDonald, M. A.
  • ~ Fortune & Latour: The Civil War in Acadia Methuen, Toronto, 1983.  Hb, 228pp., photo section, appendices, notes, bibliogrpahy, index, mapped endpapers. The story of Charles LaTour's military activities in Acadia, his erection of Fort LaTour in the present city of Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1631, and the bloody conflict which ensued between him and Charles d'Aulnay Charnisay of Nova Scotia - both of whom had appointments from France as lieutenant-governors.
  • MacDonald, M. A.
  • ~ Rebels and Royalists - The Lives and Material Culture of New Brunswick's Early English-speaking Settlers 1758-1783  New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1990.  Pb, 140pp., maps, photos, notes, biblio., index.  A beautifully illustrated book on the lives and material culture of New Brunswick's early English-speaking settlers - sometimes known as Planters - 1758-1783.
  • MacFarlane, W.G.
    • ~ Fredericton History: Two Centuries of Romance, War, Privation and Struggle 1981 Non-Entity Press
    Machum, Lloyd A.
  • ~ A History of Moncton, Town and City 1855-1965 1965 Moncton Publishing Company Ltd.  Hb, 447pp., illus.  The 'standard' history of Moncton, New Brunswick, competently researched and written by a veteran history teacher.
  • MacKenzie, Michael
    • ~ Waves of Recollections 1992 Robinson-Blackmore Printing
    • ~ Remember the Time 1982 Robinson-Blackmore Printing
    MacKinnon, William R. Jr
  • ~ Over the Portage: Early History of the Upper Miramichi New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1984.  Pb, 134pp. The principal historical work on Ludlow and Blissfield parishes (the Boiestown and Doaktown areas of New Brunswick.  Contains several appendices of the names of individuals and an index of names.
  • MacLaggan, Ina, and Faye Stewart, comps.
  • ~ 1785-1885 Nashwaak [New Brunswick] FAMILIES, 1986.  Pb, 219pp., with 8-page photo section and comprehensive 79-page index of names.  A genealogical history of the earlier generations of residents along the Nashwaak River in St Mary's parish, York Co., New Brunswick - where the disbanded of the 42nd Highland Regiment were settled after the Revolutionary War.  One of the best works of its kind to be published in the province during the past 15 years.
  • MacLeod, Enid Johnson
    ~ Petticoat Doctors: the First Forty Years of Women in Medicine at Dalhousie University Pottersfield Press, Lawrencetown Beach, NS, 1990.  Biographical sketches of the forty-seven women who graduated with MD degrees between 1894 and 1933.  Introduction by Barbara Hinds.
    MacMillan, Gail
  • ~ An Outline of the History of Bathurst n.d. [1984].  Pb, 166pp.  An extensively-illustrated book consisting of short sections on a large number of historical events and personages.  Contains lists of mayors, members of the legislative assembly, etc.  Aptly entitled an "outline" but the only work of its kind on the town and city of Bathurst, New Brunswick.
  • ~ Winds of Change: A History of the Town of Chatham (1920-1994) Chatham, NB, 1995. Pb, 191pp. b&w photos, bibliography.  A sequel to James A. Fraser's 1975 history of Chatham entitled By Favourable Winds which continues the story of the town from 1920 until its absorption into the new City of Miramichi on 1 January 1995. Chapters on local businesses, banks, hotels, transportation, entertainment, sports, education, health care, and other topics.
  • MacNaughton, Katherine F.C.
    • ~ The Development of the Theory and Practice of Education in New Brunswick 1784-19001947
    MacNutt, W. Stewart
  • ~ "The Loyalists: A Sympathetic View," in ACADIENSIS VI, 1 (Autumn 1976), pp. 3-20. Journal of 168pp. has four other major articles.
  • ~ New Brunswick and its People NB Travel Bureau, n.d.[1940s]. Saddle stitched book, 46pp. plus index.  A short "biography" of the province by one of its foremost historians.
  • ~ NEW BRUNSWICK: A HISTORY, 1784-1867 A 1984 pb reprint of Prof. W. S. MacNutt's 1963 classic general history of New Brunswick.
  • ~ The Atlantic Provinces: The Emergence of Colonial Society 1972 McClelland & Stewart
  • ~ The Making of the Maritime Provinces 1713-1784 1965 Leclerc Printers Limited
  • Manderville, Carl, Jr.
  • ~ They Built Better Than They Knew 1997.  Plastic comb binding, 125pp., 5 x 8, photos.  A history of the churches of the Anglican parish of Derby and Blackville, 1842-1997, based largely on the church records. Of some biographical and genealogical value, as well as of historical and denominational interest.
  • Manny, Louise
    • ~ Ship of Miramichi New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, NB, 1960.  Pb, 84pp.  Several photos and other illustrations.  Chronological list of vessels and their builders. Fold-out map of the river and shipyards. A basic work on Miramichi history by the leading authority on the subject.
    Manny, Louise, ed.
  • ~ Miramichi Poet: Six Poems by Hedley Parker NewBrunswick Museum, Saint John, n.d. [1944?].  Pb (double card), 24pp., 9 x 12, photos, map, glossary, appendix.   Unique collection of the complete works of Hedley Parker (1856-1935), the most talented of the folk poets of Miramichi, New Brunswick.  Works include “The Days of Duffy Gillis” and “The Man Behind the Boathook.”  Introduction by Lord Beaverbrook.  Memoir by Dr Louise Manny.
  • ~ Shipbuilding in Bathurst1965 Brunswick Press
  • Manny, Louise, and James R. Wilson
  • ~ Songs of Miramichi Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1968.  Pb, 330pp.  A unique volume of traditional folksongs gathered in the Miramichi area of New Brunswick by the late Dr Louise Manny. Complete with scores and lyrics and enriched throughout with historical notes and observations and photographs from the collections of J. Y. Mersereau, Ole Larsen, and other early photographers. Musical editing by Prof. James R. Wilson, the musicologist of Miramichi origin who taught at Rutgers University. One of the basic Miramichi books.
  • Manzer,  G.B.
  • ~ “The Wightman Family," in ACADIENSIS, Vol. VII, No. 2.  A 14-page biographical and genealogical article on the predecessors and descendants of Lt. Col. George Wightman, a Loyalist settler in New Brunswick in 1783.  Two other New Brunswick families on whom the article contains information are Belyea and Manzer.
  • Marble, Allen
  • ~ Nova Scotians at Home and Abroad Lancelot Press, Windsor, NS, Rev. ed., 1986.  Pb, 431pp., photos, bibliography.  Biographical sketches meticulously researched and written by Dr Marble on over 600 native born Nova Scotians.  An essential component of any historical or genealogical collection of Nova Scotia books.
  • Maxwell, L. M. B.
  • ~ The History of Central New Brunswick to the Time of Confederation Pb, 183pp., 7" x 10".  A 1984 reprint of Lillian M. B. Maxwell's 1937 history of central New Brunswick, an area  which includes Fredericton and all of York County, as well Lincoln, Burton, Maugerville, Sheffield, and many other St John River communities between Woodstock and Grand Lake.  A book packed with names, notes, maps, and b&w illustrations. Of special interest for its chapters on the pre-Loyalists (Planters) and the Loyalists. An important work for genealogists as well as historians.
  • ~ How New Brunswick Grew1943 The Tribune Press
  • McCann, Larry
    • ~ People and Place 1987 Acadiensis Press
    McCarthy, A. J.
  • ~ The North Shore at War: from Vimy Ridge to Vietnam  Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, 1998.   Pb, 192pp.  A book on the war years on New Brunswick's North Shore, based on photographs, documents, and newspaper articles.
  • McCullagh, Harold
  • ~ A Century of Caring: The Story of the New Brunswick Protestant Orphans' Home Print'N Press, St Stephen, NB, 1986.  Pb, 154pp., illus.
  • McEwen Alec
    • ~ In Search of the Highlands: Mapping the Canada-Maine Boundary, 18391988 Acadiensis Press
    McGahan, Elizabeth W.
    • ~ Whispers from the Past; selections from the writings of New Brunswick women 1986 Goose Lane Editions
    McGahan, Peter
  • ~ The Quiet Campus: a History of the University of New Brunswick in Saint John, 1959-1969 New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1998.  Pb, 437pp., photos, notes, bibliography, index.  A detailed account of the establishment of UNBSJ written by the late Dr. Peter McGahan, Professor of Sociology at the university.
  • McGrand, F.A.
    ~ Backward Glances at Sunbury and Queens
    McIntosh, William
    • ~ Aboriginal Pottery of New Brunswick 1909
    McIntosh, William
    • ~ Chipped and Flaked Implements of New Brunswick 1913
    McIntyre, Glen,; Oliver, Bruce; Sturgeon, Linda-Ann & Watson, Bob
    • ~ And What of all This? Alexander Gibson's Marysville A Walking Tour 1983
    McKay, D. Will
  • ~ In Days Past: St. Andrews, NB: 1896  Print'N Press, St. Stephen, NB, n.d. Staple-stitched book, 8 x 6, unpaginated, containing 30 historical photos of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, by D. Will McKay.
  • ~ In Days Past: Calais, Maine: 1896  Print'N Press, St. Stephen, NB, n.d. Staple-stitched book, 8 x 6, unpaginated, containing 53 historical photos of the border town of Calais, Maine, by D. Will McKay.
  • McKinnon, Don with McGahan, Peter
    • ~ The Fighting Sailor: the autobiography of Sailor Don McKinnon 1996 New Ireland Press
    McLean, C. H.
  • ~ Prominent People of New Brunswick Biographical Society of Canada, 1937  Hb, 261pp., 2 columns of print.  Sketches of persons prominent in the "religious, educational, political, professional, commercial, and social activities of the province" plus "a brief historical and  biographical reference to New Brunswickers of the past and to others of the province who have attained prominence elsewhere."  Includes sketches of men and women from all parts of New Brunswick and was the most significant biographical dictionary to appear subsequent to the publication of I. Allen Jack's Biographical Review: Province of New Brunswick (1900). Introduced by the late Dr. Alfred G. Bailey.
  • McLean, Hugh Havelock (Major-General the Honourable)
    • ~ Christmas 1934 1934
    McLeod, Carol
    • ~ Glimpses into New Brunswick History 1984 Lancelot Press
    McNeil, Robert P.
  • ~ Behold I Am With You: A History of St Anthony's Church, Fredericton, New Brunswick Fredericton, 1986.  Pb, 142pp., illus.  A well-researched history of the Catholic parish of St Anthony's in Fredericton (North) from the beginning to the 1980s.  Contains valuable biographical data on the priests and the names of many parishioners, including members of the St Mary's Indian Band to whom St Anthony's has ministered for more than 100 years.
  • Melvin, Charlotte Lenentine
    • ~ Madawaska; A Chapter in Maine-New Brunswick Relations 1956 St.John Valley Publishing Ltd.
    Michaud, A.J.
    • ~ An Acadian Heritage from the Saint John River Valley 1972 Valley Publishing Co. Inc.
    Milner, W.C. (Dr.) (deceased)
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