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    Taylor, Donald F.

  • ~ Early Steamboats of the St. John River New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1980.  2nd (1991) printing, pb, 68pp.  Descriptions of 25 nineteenth century steamboats by one of the St. John's last river boat captains.  Sketches by Allison Colwell.
  • Taylor, George
  • ~ A History of Salisbury 1774-1984 Moncton, 1984.  Pb, 128pp., photos, references.  A history of Salisbury written in commemoration of New Brunswick's bicentennial in 1984.  Sections on the Micmac Indians, the Acadians, the Yorkshire settlers, other early settlers, and many other topics up to the 1980s.  The many Salisbury residents on whom there is biographical and genealogical information in the book include persons surnamed Colpitts, Crandall, Eagle, French,  Geldart, Hopper, Horsman, Jacques, Lee, Lewis, Lewis, Lounsbury, MacDonald, Mitton, Parkin, Ring, Scott, Sinton, Smith, Stiles, Trites, Wilmot, and Wright.
  • Teed, E.L.
    • ~ Canada s First City, Saint John 1962 Lingley Printing Co.Ltd.
    Temperley, Howard, ed.
    ~ Gubbins'  New Brunswick Journals, 1811 & 1813  Fredericton, NB, 1980.  Hb, 92pp., illus.  Candid accounts of persons and places from the journals of Lt. Col. Joseph Gubbins, supervisor of militia training in the province.
    The Chignecto Post and Borderer
    • ~ Anniversary Number 1895
    The New Brunswick Magazine
    • ~ The New Brunswick Magazine1899 W.K. Reynolds
    The New Brunswick Museum
    • ~ History Bulletin 1960
    The Weekly Record
    • ~ The Weekly Record 1892
    Thomas, L.O.
    • ~ The Province of New Brunswick Canada; Its Natural Resources and Development 1930 F.A.Acland
    Thomas, Lowell & Barton, Rex
    • ~ In New Brunswick We ll Find It 1939 D. Appleton-Century Co.
    Thomas, Peter
  • ~ Strangers from a Secret Land: the Voyages of the Brig 'Albion' and the Founding of the First Welsh Settlements in Canada U. Toronto Press, 1990.  Pb, 319pp., illustrated.  A superbly written, award winning work by Dr. Thomas on the settlement of the Welsh in New Brunswick in the 19th century, with particular reference to the founding of Cardigan Settlement near Fredericton.  Surnames found  among the settlers include: David, Davis, Edwards, Evans, George, Griffiths, Harris, James, Jenkins, John, Jones, Lane, Lewis, Morgan, Nickles, Owens, Phillips, Richards, Roberts, Saunders, Smith, Thomas, and Williams.
  • Thompson, Ethel Anne
  • ~ An Eye to the Future: a History of Pocologan, New River, Lepreau, and Little Lepreaue [New Brunswick] Kentville, NS, n.d. [1992].  Pb, 92pp., including bibliographies.  The third in Ethel A. Thompson's histories of coastal communities in St John and Charlotte counties in New Brunswick, and the brightest and best-illustrated of the three - highlights including a chapter of selections from the diary of Edgar Hanson of Little Lepreau, and a section of tombstone inscriptions from the Lepreau cemetery (re. Shaw, Taylor, Chittick, Boyne, Moody, Cameron, Spear, Hope, and Winn).
  • ~ The Sound of Many Waters: A History of Musquash Print N'Press, St Stephen, NB, 1980.  Pb, 64pp.  A popular history of the parish of Musquash in St. John County, New Brunswick, plus an appendix on schools, notes, map, and 18-page b&w photo section.
  • ~ The Tides of Discipline Print N'Press, St Stephen, NB, 1978.  Pb, 116pp.  A "personal history" of the fishing communities of Chance Harbour, Dipper Harbour, and Maces Bay on New Brunswick's Fundy coast, plus an appendix and 10-page b&w photo section.
  • Thompson, Kent
    • ~ A Local Hanging and other stories1984 Centennial Print & Litho
    Thomson, Winnifred C., ed.
  • ~ The Spirit of Sussex, New Brunswick (Vol II). Sussex, NB, 1993.  Pb, 80pp., illus.  A stand-alone volume in a set of three.  Community leaders over history in municipal affairs, the fire department, the media, and other fields. Biographical sketches of "citizens of the year" since 1978.
  • ~ The Spirit of Sussex, New Brunswick (Vol III). Sussex, NB, 1994.  Pb, 72pp., illus.  A stand-alone volume in a set of three.  Articles on the churches, the arts, etc.
  • Throop, Lousie Walsh, C.G.
  • ~ Early Settlers of Cumberland Township, Nova Scotia (pp183-282, National Genealogical Society Quarterly / ca. 1979-82's)
  • Tisdale, Florence C.
  • ~ Ancestral Records, Crouse Family of Northern Maine (1965 / family begins in NB) (author deceased / probably out of print)
  • Tisdale, Florence C. & Rennie, Marjorie A.
  • ~ The Genealogy of the Boulier-Bulyea-Belyea Family 1697-1969 (privately published 1970) (out of print)
  • Toner, P. M., ed.
  • ~ An Index to Irish Immigrants in the New Brunswick Census of 1851 Published in 1991.  Plastic comb binding, 378pp., 8 1/2 x 11.  Forword by Marion Beyea, Provincial Archivist, and 10-page Introduction by Dr Toner, a professor of history at the University of New Brunswick at Saint John.  A list of the names of more than 15,000 Irish immigrants to New Brunswick showing year of entry, age as of 1851, religion, location in the province, and former county of residence in Ireland (in the minority of cases in which this fact was known}.
  • ~ New Ireland Remembered: Historical Essays on the Irish in New Brunswick  New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1988.  Pb, 188pp., with 24 pages of notes. Articles on "The Reception of the Irish in New Brunswick" (W. A. Spray), "The Irish Community in Saint John, 1815-1850" (T. W. Acheson), "The Irish in Miramichi" (Spray), "The Foundations of the Catholic Church in English-Speaking New Brunswick" (P. M. Toner), "The Orange Order and Social Violence in Mid 19th Century Saint John" (Scott W. See), "The Fortunes of the Orange Order in 19th Century New Brunswick" (See), "The Irish of New Brunswick at Mid Century: The 1851 Census" (Toner), "Squelching the Disloyal Fenian-Sympathizing Brood: T. W. Anglin and Confederation in New Brunswick, 1865-66" (William M. Baker), and "The Enduring Testimony: St Mary's Cemetery, Saint John" (Mary McDevitt).
  • Tooley, Robert
  • ~ Invicta New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1989.  Hb, 471pp., maps, photos, bibliography, index.  A scholarly account of the part played by New Brunswick's Carleton and York Regiment in World War II, with appendices of honors earned and fatal and non-fatal casualties.
  • Tracy, John C. (deceased)
  • ~ Tracy Notebook (mss began 6 March 1927, Fredericton Jct, Sunbury Co, NB / contains data on the Tracy family who founded Tracy, Sunbury Co, as well as odd historical items.)
  • Truman, Howard
  • ~ The Chignecto Isthmus and Its First Settlers (William Briggs (Printer) Toronto, 1902)  (see the website page)
  • Truman, Stuart
  • ~ An Intimate History of New BrunswickMcCelland and Stewart, Lts, Toronto, 1970; reprinted 1982.  Pb, 154pp. An idiosyncratic history of New Brunswick by a well known newspaperman and humorist.
  • ~ The Ordeal of John Gyles 1966 McClelland & Stewart & 1973 McClelland & Stewart editions
  • ~ Tall Tales and True Tales from Down East 1983 McClelland & Stewart
  • Tulloch, Elspeth
  • ~ We, The Undersigned, Moncton, NB, 1985.  Pb, 147pp., illus.  A well-documented history of New Brunswick women, 1784-1984.
  • Turner, Charles
  • ~ “New Brunswick in 1802," in ACADIENSIS, Vol. VII, No. 2.  A 21-page excerpt from the journal of Charles Turner, a land surveyor in Maine, concerning a trip which he took from Campobello Island, New Brunswick, to Grand Manan Island, the city of Saint John, and up the St. John River to his place of employment.  Consists of observations on places and persons along the route.  Both informative and entertaining.  Notes by the W. O. Raymond, the well-known historian of the St. John River.
  • Tweedie, R. A.
  • ~ On With the Dance: A New Brunswick Memoir, 1935-1960 New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1986.  Hb, 200pp., photos, index.  The engaging narrative of a man who was on the inside of New Brunswick politics and government for half a lifetime.

  • U

    United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, The / Toronto Branch

  • ~ Loyalist Lineages of Canada 1783 - 1983 (1984 / Generation Press, Agincourt, ON) Data taken from the applications for membership to the UEL.
  • U.S. Congress
    • ~ Doc. No. 126; Maine Boundary 1838


    van den Hoonard, Will C.

  • ~ Silent Ethnicity: The Dutch in New Brunswick New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1991.  Pb, 101pp., illus.  A scholarly but readable account of Dutch settlement in New Brunswick by a well-known New Brunswick sociologist.
  • Veazey, Emma
    • ~ The Maritimer and other poems 1941 The Crucible Press


    Waldie, Paul

    • ~ A House Divided: The Untold Story of the McCain Family 1996 Viking
    Walker, Willa
  • ~ No Hay Fever and a Railway [re. St. Andrews, New Brunswick]. Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB, 1989.  Hb, 186pp.  A lovingly written and lavishly illustrated book about the summer colony at St. Andrews, New Brunswick, one of Canada's poshiest resort towns.
  • Wallace, Frederick William
    • ~ The Romance of a Great Port: The Story of Saint John, New Brunswick1935 Barnes & Company Limited
    Wallace, Rev. Isaiah
    • ~ Autobiographical Sketch with Reminiscences of Revival Work 1903 Press of John Burgoyne
    Wallace, W. Stewart
    • ~ The Memoirs of The Rt. Hon. Sir George Foster 1933 MacMillan Company
    Wallis, Wilson D., and Ruth S. Wallis
  • ~ The Malicite Indians of New Brunswick Bulletin 48. Anthropological Series 40.  Ottawa, 1957.  Saddle-stitched book, 54pp., illustrations, bibliography, beautiful native designs on cover and endpapers.  A study and report from the latter part of the professional career of Dr. Wilson D. Wallis, the principal ethnographer of the Micmac and Maliseet Indians of Eastern Canada during the first half of the 20th century. A concise but important work containing data on the Maliseet culture not to be found elsewhere, and on the principal Maliseet reserve at Tobique, N.B.
  • Walton, G. Timothy
              These books are handled by Miramichi Books
  • 1816 Census - Kings County Reprint,1989, and originally issued in three volumes.  Pb, 506pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox

  • bound with laminated card stock covers.  Organized alphabetically for the whole county.  Entries show name, sex, relationship, age, race or place of birth, occupation, religion, parish of residence, and census page.
  • 1871 Census - Schedule of Deaths Reprint, 1990.  Pb, 277pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox bound with laminated card stock covers.  Entries on deaths reported for the whole province plus complete index.  Each entry includes spaces for name, gender, age, religion, country or province of birth, marital status, month of death, cause of death, and more - not all of which were necessarily recorded by the enumerator.
  • 1891 Census Index - Albert County Reprint, Pb, 54pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox bound with laminated card stock covers. Index contains all names, with age, district, sub-district, and census page number(s) for each.
  • 1891 Census Index - Kings County Reprint, Pb, 133pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox bound with laminated card stock covers.

  • Index contains all names, with age, district, sub-district, and census page number(s) for each.
  • 1891 Census Index - Saint John County Reprint, c1989, and originally issued in two volumes.  Pb, 405pp., 8 ½ x 11, cerlox bound with laminated card stock covers. Separate indices for Saint John (City) District , exclusive of the Town of Portland, and for St. John County, including the Town of Portland.  Indices contain all names, with age, district, sub-district, and census page number(s) for each.
  • Saint John County Marriage Register - Book "K" (1887) Pb, 115pp., 11 x 8 ½, cerlox bound with laminated card stock covers.  Contains complete records and index for 461 marriages plus other indices.
  • Ward, Clarence
  • ~ The Ward Book (mss vital statistics and historical items extraced from a Saint John newspaper / on microfilm, at PANB)
  • Webster, J. C. (Dr.)
    • ~ William Francis Ganong Memorial 1967 New Brunswick Museum
    • ~ De Fiedmont's
    Webster, John Clarence
  • ~ Cornelis Steenwyck: Dutch Governor of Acadie 1929 privately printed
  • ~ Acadia at the End of the 17th Century New Brunswick Museum, Saint John.  Reprint (1979) of 1934 volume, 232pp., illustrations, index.  A collection of letters, journals, and memoirs of Joseph Robineau de Villebon, the energetic military officer who represented French authority in Acadia from 1690 to 1700.  Contains an informative introduction by Dr J. C. Webster, a 42-page section of biographical sketches of persons mentioned in the text, a 25-page section on places mentioned, plus sections on the Indians indigenous to Acadia, and on sources consulted in the preparation of the work. A basic resource on the 1690s.
  • ~ Journal of the Siege of Beausejour1936 The Tribune Press
  • ~ The Building of Fort Lawrence in Chignecto 1750 1941 The Tribune Press
  • ~ Memorial Paris, 17631942 The Tribune Press
  • ~ Historical Guide to New Brunswick1947
  • ~ A History of Shediac, New Brunswick1953
  • West, W. J.
  • ~ The Wests of Coles Island Brunswick Press, Fredericton, NB, 1982.  Pb, 227pp., pen and ink drawings.  Judge West's account of his family and of the settlements in the Coles Island area of New Brunswick one and two generations ago.  In the book he also expresses his views and contemporary public issues.
  • Whelan, Michael (Michael O. Nowlan, ed.)
  • ~ Michael Whelan: Folk Poet of Renous River [Miramichi, New Brunswick].  New Ireland Press, Fredericton, NB, 1990.  Pb, 150pp., biblio.  A collection of his poetry together with appendices containing a critical essay by Prof. W.D. Hamilton, a Whelan bibliography, and a list of sources.
  • Whalen, H.J.
    • ~ The Development of Local Government in New Brunswick 1963
    Whalen, Hugh et al
    • ~ Report of the Royal Commission on the New Brunswick Potato Industry 1962
    White, James E.
    • ~ History of the White Family 1906 Barnes & Co.
    Whitebone, Russ
  • ~ Showman: the Russ Whitebone Story  Fiddlehead Books, Fredericton, NB, 1986.  Pb, 118pp. illustrations.  The personal narrative of a man born in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1913 who became a showman under the Big Top and on the vaudeville stage.
  • Whitehead, Ruth Hoomes and McGee, Harold
    • ~ The Micmac: How Their Ancestors Lived Five Hundred Years Ago 1983 Nimbus Publishing Limited
    Wiggins, E. Stone
  • ~ History of Queens County, New Brunswick (Prize essay for The Watchman, 1876 / see George Hayward listing for reprint)
  • Wilbur, Richard & Harvey, Janice
    • ~ Voices of the Bay; Reflections on Changing Times along Fundy Shores 1992 Data 1 Ltd.
    Willet, D. Gordon
    • ~ People of Note and General Information 1906-1910 1910
    Wilson, Gretchen
    • ~ With All Her Might: The Life of Gertrude Harding Militant Suffragette1996 Goose Lane Editions
    Wilson, James R.
  • ~ Wilsons of Upper Miramichi Priceville, NB, 1994.  Pb, 51pp., 8 1/2 x 11, appendix, index.  The story of John Wilson, who settled on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick around 1800, and his descendants.  Colorfully narrated by descendant James R. Wilson, an internationally-known harpsicordist and professor emeritus of Rutgers University. Associated surnames include Amos, Bamford, Gilks, Hovey, Lyons, MacDonald, MacKinnon, Munn, Odonnell, Russell, and Stewart.
  • Winans, Patricia, B.Sc.N, B.Ed.  (265 Randall Drive, Riverview, NB, E1B 2V1)
  • ~ Entries from the 1795 Diary of Captain John MacDonald regarding his inspection of the Estates of Lt. Gov. DesBarres, Menudie or the Elysian Fields, Macan, Napan and Tatamagouche.
  • ~ The Life and Times of Miss A.J. MacMaster, R.N., Superintendent of The Moncton Hospital, Moncton, NB from the early 1900's to the late 1940's. The social and health care history of Moncton and New Brunswick forms the backdrop for her personal and professional story.
  • Woloschuk, Michael
    • ~ Family Ties: The Real Story of the McCain Feud 1995 Key Porter Books
    Wood-Holt, B.
  • ~ Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick(privately published, 1978, by Holland House, Inc. Saint John, NB.Holland House Inc., Saint John, NB, 1986.  Pb, 359pp., illus.  Marriage records for Saint John city and county from the beginning to 1839. 62-page index of names of parties and witnesses.
  • ~ The King's Loyal Americans Holland House Inc., Saint John, NB, 1991. Pb, 455pp., revision of 1990 book.  Narrative of the settlement of the Loyalists in New Brunswick after the Revolutionary War, plus numerous appendices and a 166-page master list showing name, origin, occupation, etc.  A useful companion volume to Esther Clark Wright's Loyalists of New Brunswick.
  • Woodbridge, J. Eliot
  • ~ Cowperthwaite - Seven Generations From Hugh(1) Born in 1648; 1648-1983 (privately published at Princeton, NJ 1983.)
  • Woodword, Calvin
    • ~ The History of New Brunswick Provincial Election Campaigns and Platforms, 1866-19741976 Micromedia Limited
    Wright, Esther Clark (deceased)
  • ~ The Petitcodiac 1945 The Tribune Press
  • ~ Back a Long Way 1966. Pb., 152pp.  Reminiscences of the author's early life in Fredericton, New Brunswick, her travels, and people she met.  Also two of her short stories. (also 1986 Sentinel Press)
  • ~ The Loyalist of New Brunswick Second Edition, Moncton Publishing Co., Ltd., Moncton, NB, 1972  (5th printing (1985) of 1955 book. Pb, 365pp.  A basic work on the Loyalists and disbanded soldiers who settled in New Brunswick after the Revolutionary War.  Numerous name lists, including a comprehensive 90-page list showing state of origin, regiment (where pertinent), and place(s) of settlement. (also 1972 Moncton Publishing Company & 1977 Lancelot Press)
  • ~ Grandmother's Child: The Life of Harriet H. R. Clark 1959 privately printed
  • ~ Saint John Ships and Their Builders1975 Lingley Printing Co.
  • ~ Planters and Pioneers Nova Scotia 1749 to 1775  Rev. ed. (1982) of 1978 publication, pb, 334pp.  A dictionary of settlers in Nova Scotia (including what is now New Brunswick) between 1749 and 1775. A gold mine of information and a favorite with genealogical researchers in particular.
  • ~ Samphire Greens - The Story of The Steeves(reprint 1970 / Pte Edition for Steeves Family Inc, Hillsborough, NB, 1970) Kingsport, NS, 1961.  Hb, 109pp.  A history of the family of Heinrich Stief (Henry Steeves), who settled along the Petitcodiac River in New Brunswick in the 1760s.  This short volume is a preface to Wright’s 918-page genealogical work entitled The Steeves Descendants (1965).
  • ~ The Miramichi (The Tribune Press, Sackville, NB, 1945)
  • ~ The St. John River and its Tributaries 1966.  Pb reprint, 218pp. Historical-geographical work on the St. John River and such tributaries as the Kennebecasis, Jemseg, Oromocto, and Tobique.
  • ~ People and Places I New Brunswick 1973, Lancelot Press Ltd, Windsor, NB. Misc. articles about places in NB, and a few about people, taken from old Christmas, newspaper article, and other sources. A good article on pre-Loyalist settlements, and a Charlotte County article.
  • Wright, Harold E.
  • ~ Partridge Island: A Gateway to North America Saint John, NB, 1995. Staple-stitched book, 71pp., 8 1/2 x 11, photos, maps, checklists of plants and animals. A guidebook in English and French to historic Partridge Island at the mouth of Saint John Harbour, the former location of North America's first quarantine station.
  • Wright, Harold E., and Rob Roy
  • ~ Saint John and the Fundy Region Neptune Publishing, Saint John, 2nd., ed. 1988.  Pb, 129pp., 9 1/2" x 6 1/2".  Narrative, maps, b&w historical photos, and beautiful color photos of Saint John, Canada's oldest incorporated city, plus short sections on recommended tours to St. Andrews, Rothesay, Sussex, and St. Martins.
  • Wynn, Graeme
    • ~ Timber Colony 1981 University of Toronto Press




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