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  • This section lists publications (books, newspaper and magazine articles), and manuscripts about New Brunswick. Web pages are not covered here. See NB GenLinks.) Many are ones that have proven useful in the pursuit of Family History, others have been recommended for that purpose, while yet others have been gleaned from sales lists,bibliographies, etc. They may not all be strictly genealogical in nature, many will be historical. There will also be a few books for other areas, with content that impact on New Brunswick people.

    The books are being listed here to let you know that they exist, and with a bit of searching (see the Library links below) they may be able to be viewed at a library near you, or purchased. Any additions and corrections to this page will be most welcomed.

    NOTE: Most books are listed by authors, a few are listed by titles only. To find where these books may be read, or borrowed from, try the links below.

    New Brunswick Public Libraries Union Catalogue
    National Library of Canada

    Please!! Do not ask authors to do "look-ups" for you.

    Remember: All books are copy righted to the author(s). If you have purchased one of these books, make sure you have the authors' permission before you do look-ups for other people. Remember, every sale you quash means authors are less likely to devote their time to produce new ones, that may hold the key to your "missing link".

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