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by Cleadie B. Barnett, C.G. (C)
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        Begley, Donald F.
      1. ~ The Ancestor Trail in Ireland, A Companion Guide (Heraldic Artist Ltd, 1982)
      Bruce, Harry
      1. ~ Illustrated History of Nova Scotia Nimbus Publishing and the Government of Nova Scotia, Halifax, 1997.  Pb, 256pp., with 60 b&w illustrations and photos. A lively, easy-to-read history of Nova Scotia from pre-contact to 1970.
      Coldham, Peter Wilson
      1. ~ American Loyalist Claimes(excerpts from Loyalist claims which cover more files than the Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario 1904)
      Fraser, Alexander, ed.
      1. ~ Second Report of the Bureau of Archives for the Province of Ontario 1904 (Ontario Provincial Archives, Loyalist claims from AO files)
      Fennelly, Catherine
      1. ~ The Garb of Country New Englanders 1790-1840 Costumes at Old Stubridge Village (MA)(The Meriden Grauvre Company, Meriden, 1966)
      Guillet, Edwin C.
      1. ~ Pioneer Arts and Crafts(University of Toronto Press, 1968 / reprinted 1977 / 1st pub. Ontario Publishing Co., Ltd, 1940 / details household items and toys of our ancestors.)
      Howson, J.D.L. (Rev)
      1. ~A Position Paper on Nomenclature, For the United Empite Loyalist' Association of Canada(Toronto, ON, 1977 / many loyalist sources consulted to establish who had the right to use the initials UE after their name.)
      Morehouse, Inez Manzer Sypher (deceased)
      1. ~ 330 Years of Morehouse Genealogy 1640-1970 Vol I Lancelot Press Ltd, Hantsport, NS 1978 (deceased / no more vols. Her work is at Public Archives of Nova Scotia) Her work touched on the NB line, and the US forebearers.
      Nelson, William
      1. ~ New York Marriages 1665-1800
      2. ~ New Jersey Marriage Records 1665-1800 (dates may be wrong)
      Punch, Terrence M.
      1. ~ Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS, 1998.  Pb, 148pp., illustrations, map.  A revised edition of the highly popular guide to genealogical research by the dean of Nova Scotia genealogists

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