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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Ransome, James 20 December 1667. 300 acres upon the east side of the North River, in Mockjack Bay beginning at a small creek and running north to the land of Captn. Rich: Dadley.
[source] Ransone, James, Col 26 April 1704. 40 acres beginning &c., Captn. Ambrose Dudley's corner; thence &c., by Daniel Gwins plantation.
[source] Ray, Thomas 13 October 1642. 300 acres beg.g at a small branch or Creeke that issueth out of the north branch of Severne, and is the bounds of this land, and the land of Roger Symmons.
[source] Read, George 2 November 1648. 2000 acres on the south side of Peanketanke and on the westward side of Chiskyake Creeke.
[source] Read, John 18 March 1662. 145 acres beginning at a dogwood by the main branch of Cow Creek
[source] Read, John 26 March 1666. 300 acres on the west side of Cow Creek.
[source] Reade, Thomas 16 June 1714. 47 acres escheat land; formerly belonging to Edward Maise, Beg. at a stake near Edward Stubblefield's tobacco ground from whence his dwelling house Chimney funnel bears north easterly 61 degs. and his distant &c.
[source] Regault, Christopher 6 March 1654. 600 acres upon the Eastermost side of a main swamp upon the head of Crany Creek.
[source] Renn, Nicholas 3 February 1664. 100 acres on the North side of York river, Beginning at Mr. Fossakers corner.
[source] Renshaw, Richard 23 March 1664. 300 acres on the Bryre branch which issueth into the head of Ware river, in Mockjack bay.
[source] Reynolds, Cornelious 15 October 1669. 180 acres adjoining the land of Mrs. Williams and Xpofer. Abbott.
[source] Reynolds, James 11 March 1675/1676. 140 acres betwixt and on all sides, adjoining to the land of Walter Cant, son of David Cant, dec'd., and formerly the land called Knox's land &c.
[source] Rice, Thomas 29 April 1693. 35 acres adjoining the land of Edward Boram and Mark Thomas.
[source] Richardson, Peter 17 May 1672/1673. 1500 acres beginning in a plantation seated by Mr. Sawyer, dec'd., and running &c. to Mr. Burwells line.
[source] Richardson[Richeson], Isaac 20 November 1661. 300 acres upon the head branches of Mapotamoyes Creek.
[source] Richeson, Isaac 20 November 1661. 300 acres.
[source] Richeson, lsaac 10 October 1652. 300 acres on the head branches of Atapotomoyes Creek, in the County of Lancaster alias Gloucester.
[source] Richeson, Peter 21 May 1651. 1500 acres.
[source] Rigault, Christopher 10 April 1668. 770 acres on the North E. side of Crane Neck Creek Swamp.
[source] Rines, Thomas 18 February 1663. 300 acres upon the head of Fenton's creek which issueth out on the So. Et. side of Mattapony River.
[source] Roan, Charles 20 October 1673. 100 acres upon the branches of the Dragon swamp. Beginning &c., by an old line of marked trees, supposed to belong to Col. Lees children.
[source] Roane, Charlea 6 December 1665. 100 acres upon the branches of Peanketank river. Adjoining land of Col. Warner.
[source] Roane, Charles 2 July 1669. 150 acres on the branch of Peanketank river & adjoining to Gills land.
[source] Roane, Charles 20 October 1688. 797 acres in the Counties of New Kent & Gloster. Beg. &c., by the side of a branch called Hanks folly in sight of Charles Roane & Hank's old plantation.
[source] Roane, Charles 20 October 1691. 164 acres adjoining his own and Wm. Brooking's land.
[source] Roane, Charles 20 October 1691. 278 acres beginning &c., standing on the North ward side of Coles branch near a fork in the sd. branch which said branch falls in the the main swamp that runs into Poropotank creek.
[source] Roane, Charles 23 April 1681. 700 acres upon the Dragon Swamp side, lying adjoining to James Reynalds line.
[source] Roane, Charles 26 December 1668. 761 acres on the S: W: side of the great swamp, on the head of Peanketank river.
[source] Roane, Charles 28 June 1664. 200 acres beginning at a hickory corner of Col. Lees land.
[source] Roberts, William 29 November 1652. 200 acres upon the north side of York River, and the N: Wt: side and at the mouth of Jones' Creek.
[source] Roberts, Wm 20 December 1667. 170 acres on the North River,in Mockjack bay; adjoining the land of Richard Bayly.
[source] Roberts, Wm 27 November 1661. 200 acres on the north side of York River and the north west and at the mouth of Jones's Creek.
[source] Robins, John 12 October 1642. 2000 acres lying in Mockjack Baye beg.g at the mouth of a Sedgey Creeke.
[source] Roe, Edward 27 May 1664. 375 acres beg. &c., near a corner tree which is supposed to be formerly Col. Lees; north &c., adjoining land which said Roe lives on.
[source] Roe, James 17 May 1672/1673. 1500 acres.
[source] Roe, James 21 May 1651. 1500 acres upon the north side of York River, bounding along another devidend of land of Captn. Stephen Gill.
[source] Ross, John 26 April 1698. 35 acres adjoining the land of the orphans of Cooke, Joseph Coleman and Wm. Fleming.
[source] Roystoan, Thomas 29 April 1693. 1616 acres adjoining the land of Col. Augustine Warner, decd., William Collaine, John Wheystoans &c.
[source] Royston, Thomas 18 March 1662. 270 acres on cheesecake branches, behind the lan of Col. Warner.
[source] Royston, Thomas 6 February 1667. 608 acres beginning &c., corner of Davyd Monorgons land, standing by a little branch near the said Royston's plantation
[source] Royston, Thos 12 October 1669. 1000 acres.
[source] Ryland, Tho 23 May 1673. 120 acres beginning at a corner marked hickory belonging formerly to the said Ryland. Adjoining the land of Caleb Holders and Maj'r. Robert Bristowes.
[source] Ryland, Thomas 1 May 1679. 240 acres adjoining his own, Caleb Holders and Major Bristows land.


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