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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Tabb, Humphrey Toy 25 July 1746. 190 acres escheat land. Adjoining the land of Mr. Burgess and Baylor. The land formerly Sarah Allaman.
[source] Tabb, Humphrey Toy 25 July 1746. 928 acres escheat land from Sarah Allaman. On Peanckatanck River. Beginning &c. on Queens Creek &c., along Mr. Armistead's line.
[source] Tabb, Philip 7 July 1783. 276 acres escheat land. On Ware [River]. Beginning on Ware River near Griffins house and 12 poles from a white oak where the line crosses the road.
[source] Tabb, Phillip 28 April 1800. 352 acres commonly known and occupied as the Glebe of Ware Parish.
[source] Tankersly, George 29 April 1693. 713 acres beg. &c., standing on the westward side of Gwyns Pond, on the south side of Peanketank River.
[source] Tarent, Leonard 28 May 1716. 920 acres on the branches of Occupation Run and the branches of Cockel Shell Creek; formerly granted Willm. Smith of the County of Gloucester, Apr. 6, 1712.
[source] Taylor, William, Col 18 April 1653. 1050 acres called Rocaho-- On the north side of Mattapony River.
[source] Teale, Edward 27 January 1663. 180 acres on the south side of Weir River Swamp. Beg. &c.,[on the] east side of a little branch that divides this land from Oliver Greens.
[source] Terry, John 20 August 1642. 300 acres in Ware River. Beg.g at marked trees that stands at the mouth of a creeke, that divides this land from the land of William Clarke.
[source] Thompson, George 15 March 1657. 350 acres.
[source] Thompson, George 26 February 1653. 400 acres below the mouth of Pieanketank River.
[source] Thornton, William 26 April 1704. 110 acres beg. &c., on the great road that leads to Tyndalls Point being Robert Porteous corner tree.
[source] Thornton, Wm 16 February 1665/1666. 164 acres in Petsoe Parish, joining to the land he now lives on.
[source] Thrift, Jeremiah 18 September 1809. 33 acres adjoining Elizabeth Wagner, his own, (Robbins road) and Philip Lee's Paradise Tract.
[source] Tillett, John 26 September 1678. 25 acres Woodland and Marsh land. On the main bay side and Horne Harbour before the land of Archabell Bromley now taken up.
[source] Timberlake, Richard 23 March 1715. 290 acres escheat land. Formerly Thomas Twinny, dec'd. beg. &c., on the west side of the road that leads to Robert Radford.
[source] Tittertun, Mary 4 April 1678. 930 acres escheat land; formerly granted to Edward Titerton.
[source] Todd, Thomas 9 October 1665. 700 acres part of the land in Mockjack Bay in the North River. The residue upon the North River, lying a mile from the river.
[source] Todd, William 7 May 1666. 500 acres on the north side of Charles River and commonly called and known by the name of Tindalls Neck.
[source] Tolliver, Robert 27 November 1661. 900 acres.
[source] Tomkies, Charles 5 September 1723. 38 acres adjoining on the N. Wt. side of the dividend of land he now lives on.
[source] Tomkies, Morgan 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Tomkins, Humphrey 25 September 1679. 217 1/2 acres.
[source] Tomkins, John 25 September 1679. 217 1/2 acres.
[source] Tomkins, Wm 25 September 1679. 217 1/2 acres upon the North River adjoining the land of Wm. Debnam; 200 acres part there of formerly due to Abra. Turner by patent dated Oct. 10, 1642. The balance found within the reputed bounds of the patent.
[source] Tomson, Wm 24 February 1675/1676. 150 acres adjoining the land of Mr. Fawcett, Wm. Howard, Robert Lee &c.
[source] Trate, Edward 6 March 1666. 276 acres adjoining the land he lives on. Beginning at the mouth of a small branch dividing this land from Oliver Greens.
[source] Troliner, Robert 12 February 1651. 800 acres.
[source] Trolwer, Robert 26 March 1655. 900 acres.
[source] Vandecasteel, Giles 26 September 1678. 25 acres.
[source] Vaudery, Samuel 23 October 1703. 400 acres escheat land; late in the possession of George Osborne.
[source] Vicaris, Tho: 5 June 1678. 190 acres betwixt and adjoining to the lands of Maj'r. Lawrence Smith, Mordecay Cooke, &c.
[source] Vicaris, Thomas 20 October 1691. 150 acres adjoining land of Mr. Faucett, Mr. Lee and Wm. Thornton.
[source] Vicaris, Thomas 29 April 1693. 81 acres adjoining the land of Wm. Pritchet William Cook, dec'd.
[source] Vicars, Thomas 16 June 1668. 20 acres beginning at a poplar standing on the N. W. side of Totopotamoyes Swamp and by Mr. Wm. Corderoyes plantation.
[source] Vicars, Thomas 19 February 1667. 517 acres beginning &c., on the north side of the branch that divides John Days land and Isaac Richardson.
[source] Vicars, Thomas, Mr 16 February 1665/1666. 650 acres beginning &c., on the south side of a little branch dividing this land from Mr. Richard Barnard and Mr. Wm. Thorntons land.
[source] Vicars, Thos 16 June 1668. 122 acres .
[source] Viccars, Thomas 16 August 1669. 550 acres betwixt the branches of Chiscake and Ware River.


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