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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Abbott, Christopher 20 January 1657. 350 acres beginning at a white oak corner by the great swamp.
[source] Abrahall, Robert 27 April 1653. 400 acres upon the So. Et. side of Mattapony river nine miles up the same.
[source] Abrall, Robert, Capt 20 February 1654. 600 acres upon the South East side of Mattapony river, adjoining the land of Willm. Wyatt.
[source] Adelston, John 19 May 1651 500 acres S. side of Severne R. in Mockjack Bay, adjoining Francis Ceely and George Ludlow, Esq.
[source] Ambery, Ralph 18 March 1662. 183 acres on the branches of Poropotank swamp.
[source] Ambrose, Leonard 15 June 1675. 60 acres lying betwixt the land of Humphry Mead, late dec'd., and the land of Ja: Clarke &c.
[source] Amis, Thomas 20 November 1678. 295 acres beginning &c., on the edge of the Dragon swamp; being a corner tree to this land and the remaining lands of Samuel Patridge, dec'd., and now claimed by John Carver.
[source] Anderson, Matthew 9 June 1790. 8 1/2 acres beginning &c., in the Marsh a corner of Newbottles land.
[source] Anderson, Richard 18 March 1662. 200 acres upon the North side of York river extending from the So. Et. side of a small creek which divideth this land and a tract of land surveyed for Robert Hubberd.
[source] Anderson, Wm 11 March 1675/1676. 60 acres adjoining to his own land, Major Lewis and Nettles.
[source] Armestead, Jno., Lt. Col 21 September 1678. 220 acres on the head Of the eastermost river in Mockjack Bay.
[source] Armestead, John 25 September 1679. 500 acres upon the South side of Peanketank River; Beginning &c., westward side of the mouth of Gwyns ponds.
[source] Armestead, John, Capt 21 September 1674. 440 acres in Kingston Parish. Beg. &c., near the head of a creek that issues out of eastermost river, thence &c., adjoining the land of Xpr. Dicken.
[source] Armestead, John, Capt 23 April 1679. 550 acres upon the Eastward side of the eastermost river, adjoining the land of Mr. Christr. Dickens.
[source] Armestead, John, Col 30 October 1686. 130 acres adjoining to his own land whereon he now lives to the land of George Seaton and Wm. Elliott.
[source] Armestead, John, Col 30 October 1686. 202 1/2 acres beg. &c., standing on the eastward side of a branch near a Chappell and in a line of marked trees belonging to an old Devidend of land formerly taken up by Col. Hugh Gwin, dec'd and sold by sd. Gwin to Willm. Armestead, dec'd.
[source] Armestead, Ralph 26 September 1678. 48 acres beginning &c. at a gum by the path side being a line tree of Tho: Dyers land thence &c. to Dyers Creek side.
[source] Armestead, William 1 July 1651 1231 acres on the head of the Eastermost R. in Mockjack Bay on NW side at a small creek on the NE side of river encompassing the heads of river to SW side.
[source] Armfield, _____ 24 November 1705. 400 acres beginning at John Greens corner tree by Mr. Pates swamp.
[source] Armistead, Henry 2 November 1705. 202 1/2 acres beg. &c., on the E'wd. side of a branch near a Chappell and in a line of markt trees belonging to an old devidend of land formerly taken up by Col. Hugh Gwin, dec'd., and sold by the sd. Gwin to Wm. Armestead, dec'd.
[source] Armistead, Isaac 6 April 1784. 400 acres escheat land. Beginning &c., on the road to Wareneck, thence &c., in George Booths line; thence &c., to a back creek.
[source] Armistead, John 28 April 1691. 80 acres beg. &c., on the S. side of a small branch which falls into the head of the North River &c., to a red oak in Poundells line.
[source] Armistead, William 1 July 1651 600 acres on the E side of Eastermost R. in Mockjack Bay above Pudden Creek
[source] Armstead, Henry 28 October 1697. 130 acres beginning &c., not far distant from the Chapel, thence &c., in Wm. Elliotts East line.
[source] Armstead, John, Capt 20 November 1678. 550 acres lying on the east side of Eastermost river; beginning &c., in the marsh near Mr. Dickins plantation; formerly granted for 600 acres to Wm. Armestead by patents dated July 1st 1651. Bk.2, p. 331.
[source] Armsted, Ralph 22 December 1682. 63-1/2 acres.
[source] Arrundell, Peter 23 October 1673. 350 acres in Pyanketanck bay; beginning at the Mouth of a creek at the narrows of Milford haven, which creek parts this land from John Shapelys land.
[source] Ashborne, John 4 November 1686. 90 1/2 acres adjoining unto a dividend of land belonging to Francis Taliaferee that lies on the Westward side of the meane swamp that runs into the head of Ware River.
[source] Ashbourn, Esther 26 October 1699. 104 acres escheat land; late in the possesion of John Ashbourn, dec'd.
[source] Axe, George 1 May 1679. 157 1/2 acres betwixt the lands of Wm. Elliot, Senr., Geo. Seaton, dec'd. and Capt. John Armestead.
[source] Aylmer, Justinian 4 April 1666. 495 acres part of this land lies at Mockjack bay on the East side of the mouth of pepper creek; The residue in Mockjack bay. beg. &c., by Mr. Plummers marked tress to the bay side.


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