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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Iromonger, Willlam 3 June 1664. 350 acres on a branch of the head of Weir River called Beech Swamp, joining to the land of Col. John Walker.
[source] Ironmonger, Francis 21 August 1665. 666 acres near the head branches of Totopotomoy Creek and Jones's Creek.
[source] Ivesson, Abraham, Sr 10 October 1665. 985 acres upon the North River of Mockjack Bay. Beg. &c., dividing this land from the land of Richard Cox.
[source] Janson, George 2 November 1705. 100 acres on the North point of Ware River side. Beg, &c., including Racoune Island. The land formerly granted to Thomas Boswell, June 10th 1666.
[source] Jarvis, Francis 1 May 1679. 150 acres upon the Eastward side of Eastermost river; adjoining the land of Robert Landall &c.
[source] Jefferson, Robert April 1668. 92 acres on the north side of Crane Neck Swamp.
[source] Jernew, Nicholas 3 July 1652. 614 acres upon the east So. Et. side of Poropotank Creek. Beg. &c., which divides this land and the land of Oliver Green.
[source] Johnson, Jacob 6 March 1674/1675. 740 acres upon Queens Creek, adjoining the land of James Lindsey.
[source] Jones, Charles 20 April 1684. 650 acres escheat land. Formerly belonging to Joane Careless.
[source] Jones, Thomas 20 April 1667. 74 acres upon the branches of Tottopotamoyes swamp.
[source] Kemp, Mathew, Col 26 January 1674/1675. 573 acres adjoining the land of Mr. Palliser or Talliser and Joanna Pounalls.
[source] Kemp, Mathew, Jr 6 March 1674/1675. 229 acres beginning &c., adjoining the land of Tho: Palliser or Talliser, thence &c. down the Peanketank River.
[source] Kemp, Matthew W 18 September 1830. 61-1/2 acres in Ware Parish; corner to Johnson and Bohannon.
[source] Kemp, Peter 21 October 1687. 638 acres on the south side of Poyanketank River, betwixt a creek called Allens Creek and the Wadeing Creek.
[source] Kemp, Peter 9 May 1753. 153 acres beginning &c., by tbe side of Rappahannock path &c., along Campbells patent &c., to a line of Hanks patent.
[source] Kemp, Richard 29 May 1649. 3500 acres on Mockjack Bay in Ware River lyeth towards the narrows of the sd. river and beg.g at a certayne creeke called Snare Creeke.
[source] Kerby, John 22 April 1671. 130 acres in Ware parish; adjoining the land whereon he lives.
[source] Kibble, Mary 11 October 1672. 500 acres upon the branches of Hoccadays Creek, adjoining to the land of Robt. Elliott, son of Anthony Elliott, dec'd. The sd. land formerly granted to Robt. Beverley by patent the day before the date of these presents &c.
[source] King, John 10 October 1651. 200 acres upon the north west side of Poropotank Creek and upon the N. Wt. side and towards the head of Bennetts Creek.
[source] Kingston Parish 26 October 1694. 40 acres lying on the north side of Puddin Creek and joining upon the Gleab land, be longing to the above said parish."The Vestry belonging to Kingston Parish"
[source] Knight, Guy 23 October 1673. 423 acres on Milford haven and the Western branch. Beginning &c., at or near the head of a branch or gutt which issueth out of a creek which parts this land from the land of Abraham English, dec'd.
[source] Knight, Guy 27 August 1666. 400 acres on Milford haven known by the me of Eagles nest.
[source] Knight, Peter 16 July 1652. 1000 acres on the South side of Poropotank Creek, on the North side of York River.
[source] Knight, Peter 25 August 1652. 700 acres upon the Eastermost side of Poropotank Creek and towards the head of said creek.
[source] Knight, Peter 3 April 1668. 574 acres on the East side of Poropotank Creek; being formerly surveyed for sd. Knight for 1000 acres, by patent dated July 16th 1652 .
[source] Knowles, Sands 22 December 1682. 230 acres joining to a devidend of land belonging to the said Knowles.
[source] Lander, John 26 April 1704. 250 acres escheat land; late in possession of George Burgh.
[source] Langestone, Anthony 11 September 1653. 1303 acres on the north side of York River; upon the river, north wt. right against Rickocke.
[source] Langham, Daniel 6 March 1674/1675. 350 acres in Abingdon Parish; adjoining the land of Robert Coleman. Formerly granted to Xper. Abbott, Jany. 20, 1657, now said Langhans by Marrying Mary, the daughter of said Abbott.
[source] Lassell, Edward 22 October 1682. 335 acres joining to the head line of the land of Mr. Richard Billops.
[source] Lawson, Elizabeth 20 February 1662. 1400 acres beginning &c., west So. Wt. cross the upper end of the great island in Rappa: River.
[source] Lee, Hancock 2 June 1656. 850 acres.
[source] Lee, Richard 20 March 1653. 300 acres upon the north side of York River. Adjoining the land of Richard Jones, dec'd.
[source] Lee, Richard 21 December 1648. 1250 acres on the north side of Yorke River opposite to the poplar Neck on the south side of the river.
[source] Lee, Richard 29 January 1668. 450 acres beginning at a white oak in the beech spring valley.
[source] Lee, Richard, Col 17 May 1655. 200 acres on the N: Et: side and east with the land of Henry Corbell.
[source] Lee, Richard, Col 4 June 1656. 5 acres towards the head of Poropotank Creek whereon the store of the said Col. Lee standeth.
[source] Lee, Richard, Maj 22 July 1674. 1140 acres known by the name of Paradise.
[source] Lee, Robert 23 December 1662. 542 acres beginning at a red oak by Mr. Thorntons path.
[source] Lee, Robert 23 December 1662. 542 acres beg. &c., by Mr. Thorntons path thence &c., to a white oak by Col. Lee's horse path.
[source] Lee, William 2 June 1656. 850 acres upon the branch of Peanketank swamp.See Margin of the reord of the patent "Deserted by the sd. Wm. and Hancock Lee and granted to Thomas Brerton by patt. dated the 28th Mar: 1662" "Sons of Col. Richard Lee"
[source] Leechman, Thomas 13 January 1652. 200 acres on the north side of York River. Beg. &c., which divideth this land and a tract of land surveyed for Robert Huberd.
[source] Leeke, John 21 September 1674. 83 acres 34pers. at Tindalls point.
[source] Lendall, Robert 26 September 1678. 150 acres adjoining the land of Hum: Toy, formerly Mr. Armesteads land. This land formerly patented to said Lendall, 18 Oct. 1652.
[source] Leonard, Roger 20 December 1667. 300 acres in Mockjack bay, situate on the east side of the eastermost river; bounding upon the land of Adam Binnett.
[source] Levistone, John 6 December 1653. 400 acres on the west side of Poropotank Creek, in the maine woods behind the land of John Thomas.
[source] Lewis, John 11 July 1719. 58 acres adjoining the land of Jacob Hurst, Worner and Dorrell.
[source] Lewis, John 16 August 1667. 2600 acres in the Counties of New Kent and Gloster; upon both sides of Poropotank Swamp. Beg.g at the mouth of a great branch next below the said Lewis' plantation by the old womans point.
[source] Lewis, John 28 April 1711. 56-1/2 acres beg. at a chesnut by the road. Surveyed for George Warner, dec'd., and is granted to sd. Lewis &c. as heirs to said Warner.
[source] Lewis, John, Jr 29 December 1655. 250 acres beginning at the main swamp of Poropotank and running down the Swamp from the land of Col. Richard Lee.
[source] Lewis, Major Wm 25 May 1654. 640 acres on the north east side of Mettapony River, behind the land of Mr. Arthur Brice and Mr. Willm. Wyatt.
[source] Lewis, Major Wm 25 May 1654. 200 acres on the north Et. side of Mettapony River, adjoining upon a devident of Ralph Greens.
[source] Lewis, Nicholas 1 March 1773. 23 acres beginning &c., on the east side of the road, a line tree of said Lewis; south &c. corner to said Lewis and in the line of John Dillard.
[source] Lewis, Nicholas 15 July 1780. 44 acres near the dragon and on the road from the Dragon Ordinary to King and Queen and adjoining the land of the said Nicholas Lewis, John Dillard, John Dixon and Thos. Hall.
[source] Lewis, Wm., Maj 14 January 1656. 1200 acres on the north east of Mattapony River, adjoining the land of Mr. Holland.
[source] Lewis, Wm., Maj 25 May 1654. 1200 acres on the north side of Mattapony River. Beg. &c., and the back of Mr. Hansfords dividend.
[source] Lightfoot, Philip, Col 20 April 1687. 269 acres beginning &c., of Col. John Cheesman land by Wm. Hansfords Path.
[source] Lightfoot, Phillip 15 June 1675. 150 acres joining to the land of Edward Momford on one side and on York River upon another side and on Mr. Richard Bookers land, lately Mr. Reynolds on another side.
[source] Lindsay, James 6 March 1674/1675. 390 acres beginning at a white oak on Queens Creek side, adjoining the land of Jacob Johnson.
[source] Littlefield, Robert 16 August 1669. 550 acres.
[source] Long, Sara 4 July 1669. 350 acres formerly granted to Abraham English and lately found to Escheat.
[source] Longest, Richard 23 December 1714. 130 acres lying near the head of the Eastermost River.
[source] Longest, Richard 26 September 1678. 680 acres adjoining the land of Jacob Johnson. Capt. Armestead (near a branch by Wm. Beards plantation) Col. Dudley and Wm. Elliott.
[source] Ludlow, George 12 March 1652. 2000 acres upon the south side of Pyanketanke River: Beg. at the mouth and West North West side of Gwins Creek.
[source] Ludlow, George 12 March 1652. Thousand acres in the county of Glocester Planktunck River.
[source] Lyllie, John 22 December 1682. 234 acres betwixt Garden Creek and Milfor Haven.


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