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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Machin, John 10 September 1754. 606 acres escheat land. On the West side of Eastermost River, adjoining the land of John Cary, Dudley &c. The land formerly Henry Preston's.
[source] Mackashanock, Morris 22 December 1682. 140 acres beginning &c.; on the eastward side of Peach Point Creek, near the head thereof, which said creek runs into Milford Haven.
[source] Major, Richard 20 March 1653. 1000 acres part of the land upon the north side of Charles River, abutting N. Wt: by north upon Perringes Creek.
[source] Marchant, Richard 29 April 1693. 84 acres adjoining the land of Mr. Long and Mr. Thomas Puttman.
[source] Mechen, John 20 December 1667. 220 acres.
[source] Medcalf, Gilbert 15 March 1657. 500 acres on the N. and N.Et. sides with Pyanketank River and a great marsh."This patt. is renewed in the name of Major David Cant the 25th of March 1664"
[source] Megsom, John 20 April 1684. 433 acres near the head of Cedar Bush Creek.
[source] Metcalfe, Gilbert 25 September 1664. 810 acres 560 acres whereof being surveyed and taken up by the said Metcalfe upon Peanketank; 250 acres by the sd. Gilbert Metcalfe bought and purchased of Edward Wyatt, adjoining to the land of Wm. Armstead.
[source] Miller, Tho 29 October 1695. 660 acres beg. &c., on the north east side of a small branch that runs into Poplar Spring Branch.
[source] Miller, Thomas 28 October 1665. 390 acres beginning &c., on the south side of a swamp which divides Isaac Richardsons land and John Dayes.
[source] Miller, William 21 February 1720. 430 acres escheat land. Lying on the head branches of Atapotamoyes Swamp in the parish of Petworth.
[source] Minifye, George 9 March 1639 3000 acres lying on the north side of Charles River. Beginn at the Creeke upon the west side of the Indians fields opposite to Queens Creeke... to be doubled when sufficiently peopled and planted
[source] Moon, Abraham 1 November 1654. 300 acres. upon the head of Fenton Creek. which issueth forth on the so. et, of Mettopny River.
[source] Moone, Diana 24 October 1669. 100 acres fomerly granted to John Axford. dec'd., lately found to Escheat.
[source] Moore, Lambert 8 October 1672. 350 acres betwixt the land of David Cant and the land of Thomas Dawkins.
[source] Morgan, Fra:, Captn 13 January 1652. 500 acres on the south east side of Mattapony River and upon the So. So. Wt. side of Arsantans creek.
[source] Morgan, Francis, Captn 27 July 1652. 510 acres upon the So. Et. side of Poropotank Creek next adjoining to another tract of land of said Captn. Morgan's.
[source] Morgan, Walter 22 October 1682. 201 acres beginning at the mouth of Peper Creek, on the westward side thereof.
[source] Morgan, William 22 December 1682. 50 acres adjoining the land of Walter Morgan. Formerly granted to Wm. Morgan, decd.
[source] Morrell, Thomas 16 April 1683. 150 acres beginning on the north side of the main run that falls into the head of Severn River about 18 po. above the spring that belongs to said Morrells dwelling house.
[source] Morris, Christopher S 1 November 1822. 100 acres in the Parish of Petso. Beginning &c., on a line of Thomas C. Anthony's land thence crossing the road leading from the Dragon Ordinary to the Court House.
[source] Morris, James 30 October 1686. 750 acres on the westward side of the north river, in Mockjack Bay.
[source] Morris, Thomas 11 October 1665. 50 acres adjoining to a parcel of land called Bassetts Creek Dividend.
[source] Mosely, George 17 May 1655. 100 acres on the east side of Severn River. adjoining the land of Lt. Col. Walker.
[source] Mumford, Edward 22 November 1682. 25 acres a small island lying in York River, next adjoining his other island, commonly called Oak Island.
[source] Munford, Edward 25 September 1679. 80 acres of high land and 12 acs. Island, being about a mile above Tindalls Point; beginning &c., upon Fishing Point by York River.
[source] Munorgon, David 2 February 1666/1667. 696 acres upon the head branches of Ware River; beg. &c., corner of Will. Cutmans land near Thomas Roystons
[source] Murray, Alexander 13 November 1672. 704 acres on and near Cheescake Path.
[source] Netles, Robert 20 October 1691. 270 acres.
[source] Nevell, John 6 March 1674/1675. 100 acres adjoining to a greater tract of Dunkin Bohannan. The said land being formerly due Dunkin Bohannan by purchase from Mr. Armestead and then sold to the father of the above said John Nevell as son and heir of his dec'd. father.
[source] Nevett, Hugh 8 October 1671. 1170 acres in Mockjack Bay. Beginning &c., at the head of Dividing Creek and down the same and over the Black Water &c.
[source] Newman, William 20 April 1657. 400 acres a mile below the land of Oliver Green."Renewed in Peter Knight's name 18 Mar: 1662".
[source] Norman, William 20 November 1678. 177 1/2 acres adjoining the land of Thomas Amies and John Kellies, formerly Ric'd. Cridendines.
[source] Norrington, Samuel 28 April 1691. 540 acres at the mouth of a gutt on the east side of Porapotank Creek.
[source] Okeham, John 22 March 1665/1666. 200 acres on the north side of York river and on the East side of Poropotank Creek.


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