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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Palliser, Thomas 21 October 1687. 421 acres on the south side of Pyanketank River, adjoining land formerly Gilbert Metcalfe's, dec'd., land of George Curtis, Col. Kemp &c.
[source] Parish, of Ware 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Parratt, MichaeI 20 October 1704. 110 acres adjoining the land of Lawrence Parrott, Captn. Todd, Captn. Knowles &c
[source] Parrett, Richard 16 June 1714. 43 acres beginning at a corner gum of Captn. Ambrose Dudley standing at the south end of the chesnut ridge.
[source] Pate, John 21 December 1662. 200 acres on the north side of York River, on the east side of Porototank Creek
[source] Pate, John 22 March 1665/1666. 300 acres on a branch of Ware River in Mockjack Bay.
[source] Pate, John 31 December 1662. 200 acres on the north side of York River and on the east side of Poropotank Creek
[source] Pate, Richard 12 November 1650. 1141 acres lyeing upon the north side of Yorke River and upon an eastermost head branch of Poropotank River.
[source] Pate, Thomas, Col 10 October 1678. 200 acres on the north side of York River and on the east side of Poropotank Creek.
[source] Peach, Wm 7 May 1669. 570 acres on the great swamp and branches that issueth from the head of Ware River.
[source] Pead, George 25 September 1671. 150 acres beginning &c., on Wm. Bearlines, on the southern side of Winter Harbour.
[source] Peade, John 22 November 1682. 317 acres lying on the south side of Winter Harbour Creek.
[source] Peck, Thomas 6 April 1655. 1000 acres on the north east side of Mettopony River, behind the land of Major Taylor and Edward Diggs.
[source] Perrot, Lawrence 23 October 1690. 340 acres joining to Gwynns Ridge. Adjoining land of Col. John Armested and Mr. Roberts.
[source] Perrott, Lawrence 26 September 1678 137 acres adjoining the land of Col. Rich'd. Dudley, Capt. Armestead and Wm. Beards.
[source] Peters, Edmund 16 March 1662. 442 acres at the head of Timber Neck Creek.
[source] Peters, Edmund 22 March 1659. 442 acres at the head of Timber Neck Creek.
[source] Peyton, Robert 28 February 1682/1683. 150 acres beginning &c., at the head of the land formerly belonging to Edmund Welch, dec'd., lying on the north side of Black water creek.
[source] Pickering, John 1 May 1679. 197 acres lying and adjoining to the land of Mark Warkman, dec'd., on one side and with the land of Joanna Careless now Charles Jones' land on the other side.
[source] Plumer, Thomas 15 July 1717. 395 acres beginning &c., at the head of the western branch of Ducking Pond Creek
[source] Pore, Edmd 18 March 1672. 77 acres adjoining the land of Richard Long and Philip Hunley.
[source] Pore, Edward 21 September 1674. 150 acres in Kingston Parish, near the land of Marke Foster.
[source] Porteous, Robert 26 April 1704. 692 acres beg. &c., near Tyndalls Point Path on the east thereof, being Wm. Thornton's corner tree.
[source] Potter, Cuthbert 20 June 1659. 5380 acres on the north side and south sides of the great swamp or pocoson which divides the Counties of Lancaster and Gloucester and about two miles above the horse path.
[source] Poyndexter, George 15 March 1657. 350 acres upon the head of Eagle Nest Creek in Milford haven.
[source] Pratt, John 5 March 1719. 1 acre escheat land. Two lotts of land lying and being in the Town and County of Gloster, Nos. 79 and 80. Plat of the Town made by Col. Miles Cary the 7, 8 and 9th days of April 1707.
[source] Price, Arthur 3 April 1654. 300 acres upon the N. Et. side of Mattapoy River, &c., which tract of land is ten miles up the river or thereabouts.
[source] Price, John 20 April 1685. 550 acres near a branch and about a quarter of a mile to the eastward of the Indian road.
[source] Prior, Robert 20 October 1689. 309 acres beg. &c., near the head of a branch that runs into the head of Crany Creek.
[source] Prior, Robert 29 April 1693. 92 acres on the north side of Craney Creek Swamp. Escheat land. Formerly granted to Robert Jefferson Apr. 1st, 1648.
[source] Prior, William 10 August 1642. 1300 acres on the north side of Charles River, on the east side the great marsh at Hickmans point.
[source] Prouse, Henry 20 December 1667. 200 acres upon the Eastermost River; beginning at a small creek that parteth this land and the land of Roger Leonard
[source] Pryor, Christopher 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Purnell, Thomas 1 October 1668. 950 acres on the branches of the North River, in Mockjack Bay; adjoining the land of Lt. Col. Elliott.
[source] Pursell, Morgan 30 March 1805. 132 acres beginning &c., on the north side of Buckners mill pond, being William Jones' corner.
[source] Putnam, Thomas 23 October 1673. 333 acres upon the branches of Milford Haven beginning &c., in or near Rich. Longs line.


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