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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Saies, Alice 9 November 1719. 220 acres.
[source] Sallate, Samuel 12 February 1651. 800 acres part of [land] lies upon the So. Et. side of Poropotanke Creek and upon the No. Et. side towards the head of Attopotomoyes Creek; the residue on the S. W. side of a branch or swamp of the sd. creek and upon the head thereof.
[source] Sanderson, John 20 December 1667. 300 acres bounded on Mrs. Cooke.
[source] Sansum, Phillip 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Sawyer, William 24 October 1701. 400 acres escheat land, Lately in the possession of Thomas Hughs, dec'd.
[source] Seatoune, George 16 August 1668. 300 acres. 200 [acres] of said land being formerly granted to Geo: Thompson by patent dated 26th of Nov. 1653; lying on the head of 1000 acs. of land which was formerly known by the name of Col. Hugh Gwynns dividend of land.
[source] Sewell, Thomas 15 June 1675. 150 acres adjoining to the lands of Daniel Langham, Robert Coleman &c.
[source] Shackleford, Roger 20 November 1678. 313 acres neer Mattanony old path.
[source] Shapely, John 23 October 1673. 430 acres in the narrows of Milford Haven beginning &c., at Hollowing Point &c.
[source] Shapley, John 1 October 1668. 350 acres in the Narrows of Milford Haven. Beginning at the mouth of a small creek that divides this land and the land of Mr. English.
[source] Shapley, Richard 23 October 1673. 130 acres in Milford Haven beg. &c., at or near the head of a branch or gutt which issues out of a creek which parts this land from the land of Rich. Long.
[source] Shipley, Mary 4 July 1669. 350 acres.
[source] Simpson, Edward 4 December 1654. 600 acres 300 acres part thereof beg. &c., upon the head of a second devident of land of said Simpsons, adjoining land of Ashwell Batten or Lee Chamberlain.
[source] Singleton, Henry 20 December 1667. 300 acres near the mouth of the Eastermost River, in Mockjack Bay; Beginning upon another dividend of the said Singleton.
[source] Singleton, Henry 21 October 1687. 155 acres between the patent of his brother Samuel Singleton and a patent belonging to the aforesaid Henry. Beginning &c., just on the side of Mockjack Bay &c.
[source] Skelton, William 23 April 1681. 150 acres beginning &c., at Thomas Dawkins' beginning hickory tree standing near the side of John Whittamores plantation.
[source] Smith, John 28 April 1711. 51 acres adjoining the land of Robert Barlow, Mr. Boswell and Mr. Banister.
[source] Smith, John 28 April 1711. 56 1/2 acres.
[source] Smith, John, Capt 14 October 1657. 500 acres high land and Marsh. Beginning &c., westerly down Poropotank Creek to the river.
[source] Smith, John, Maj 1 April 1665. 500 acres beginning at a pine nigh the head of Tanks Poropotanke creek.
[source] Smith, John, Maj 8 February 1665/1666. 500 acres of Marsh, joining to the dividend of land that the said Major Smith lives on.
[source] Smith, Joseph 9 June 1664. 134 acres comeing up from a small creek of Poropotank, adjoining land of John King.
[source] Smith, Lawrence 11 February 1657. 119 acres upon the head of a branch that issueth into Ware River in Mockjack Bay.
[source] Smith, Lawrence 15 March 1668/1669. 75 acres in Abington Parish and betwixt the land of Wm. Alsop, dec'd., Thomas Graves, Sr., and his own.
[source] Smith, Lawrence 18 March 1666/1667. 807 acres beg. &c., on the northern branch of Severn River, &c., dividing this land and the land of Col. Augustine Warner.
[source] Smith, Lawrence 20 April 1668. 170 acres of marsh land. Adjoining the land of Christopher Robins.
[source] Smith, Lawrence, Maj 20 October 1691. 1200 acres beg. &c., standing upon a poynt on the south side of Severn River, near the head thereof.
[source] Smith, Wm 19 December 1711. 150 acres formerly granted to John Teage and Edward Morgan, March 16th 1657; upon the North side of Horn Harbour Creek. Lapsed land.
[source] Smither, John 16 April 1683. 890 acres upon the bay side, betwixt the mouth of Garden Creek and the mouth of Winter Harbour.
[source] Smithers, John 21 October 1687. 395 acres beginning &c., along John Deggs' line, south &c., in sight of Wrights plantation &c., in John Andrews Swamp on the north side of Winter Harbour.
[source] Snapes, William 29 October 1696. 29 acres beg. &c., at a corner white oak belonging to the land of Nicholas Smith &c., on the south side of Spring Branch.
[source] Snapes, William 9 April 1674. 110 acres joining upon Spences land, and Maj'r. Richard Lee's land. Beg. &c., in a valley now named Danceing Valley
[source] Snapes, Wm 26 April 1680. 75 acres bounded round with Col. John Lewis' land, Samuel Clarkes land and James Dudleys land, not entering on any of their lines.
[source] Snelling, Alexander 8 April 1674. 43 acres on the north river, lying a mile and 1/2 from the river side. Adjoining the land of Tho: Chapman, dec'd.
[source] Soanes, Hen 10 March 1653. 1200 acres on the north east side of Mattapony River and beneath the land of Wm. Wyat.
[source] Soanes, Hen 10 March 1653. 200 acres or the north east side of Mattapony River. Beginning at a small gutt above the land of Mr. Wm. Wyat's.
[source] Soanes, Henry 31 July 1653. 700 acres being on the eastermost side of Mattapony River, bounding from Captn. Abrahalls upper markt tree of his plantation upon Matchepongo Creek.
[source] Sollace, Samuel 26 March 1655. 352 acres upon the So. Et. side of Poropotank Creek; bounded upon the N:Et: side of a swamp which divideth this land and the land of Isaac Richardson.
[source] Sollace, Samuel 26 March 1655. 900 acres on the So. Et. side of Poropotanck; 200 acres of said tract upon the No. Et. side of a branch of Poropotank Creek, commonly known by the name of Attapotomays Creek.
[source] Sollis, Samuel 27 November 1661. 352 acres on the south side of Poropotank Creek. Bounded &c., upon the north east side of a swamp which divides this land the land and the land of Isaac Richeson.
[source] Sollis, Samuel 27 November 1661. 900 acres on the So. Et. side of Poropotank Creek commonly known by the name of Attapotamoy Creek next and adjoining to the land of Oliver Green. "This patt. was renewed in Robert Tolliver's name only the 1st of December 1662" &c.
[source] Southgate, John 7 March 1799. 110 acres adjoining the land of Benjamin Marrable, William Johnson and Francis Whiting.
[source] Spinks, John 28 April 1711. 464 acres adjoining the land of Mr. Cheasman and Mr. Hansford.
[source] Spratt, Robert 5 July 1774. 50 acres on the head of Pianketank River.
[source] Starling, Peter 16 April 1683. 300 acres lying towards the head of Horne Harbor Creek.
[source] Stephens, Thomas 24 October 1672. 175 acres escheat land; part of a tract of 1050 acres lying on the head of Clay Branch Creek, joining to Captn. Gills land.
[source] Sterling, Anne 19 December 1711. 400 acres granted to John Man of Gloster County, Apl. 19th 1662. Upon Horn Harbour Creek and bounding upon land which formerly belonged to Lt. Col. Wm. Woldrich. Lapsed land.
[source] Sterling, Mary 19 December 1711. 400 acres.
[source] Stubbins, Ja: 21 September 1674. 450 acres upon the branches of Poropotancke adjoining to Captn. Dudleys land, George Haynes land and Spencys land.
[source] Stubblefeeld, Symon, Jr 22 April 1688. 188 acres beginning &c., by the road side that leads to the Courthouse at the head of Wm. Rees land, dec'd.
[source] Stubbs, John 16 June 1714. 300 acres escheat land, beginning on the upper side of the mouth of Jones's Creek.
[source] Stubbs, John 24 April 1703. 50 acres adjoining to and lying betwixt the lands of Col. Augustine Warner, dec'd., land of Mr. Wells and the lands of Mr. Wm. Bowlin, dec'd.
[source] Stubbs, John 25 April 1702. 100 acres escheat land; late in the possession of Christopher Webster, dec'd.
[source] Symmons, Roger 19 October 1642. 250 acres beg.g at a point of land in the first river of Mockjack Baye called Severne, where the sd. river devides itselfe into two branches, includ.g the neck of land called by the name of the Eagles Nest.


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