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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
Contributed by
Robert M. Thornton, Duluth, Georgia,
[email protected]

The Library of Virginia (LVA) has a new online searchable digital database which I have used to prepare listings of all Land Grants and Patents for land in Gloucester County. I have prepared listings sorted by Grantee name and by year recorded. Data presented for each grant/patent is Grantee name, date, acres and location description. Each grant/patent in the listing is accompanied by a link which will jump reader to the LVA catalog Card for that grant/patent. The actual document can be downloaded from that location.

These listings span 1628-1849 and include 673 grants/patents, 441 different surnames and a total of almost 300,000 acres (some double counting).   Bob Thornton, Atlanta, GA


Virginia Rent Rolls 1704
Contributed by
Robert W. Plummer, [email protected]

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