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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Callawne, William 26 April 1704. 62 acres beginning at a hickory Col. Warners corner at the lower end of a point by a rich land swamp.
[source] Camp, William 20 August 1748. 14 acres, 30 po. Two Islands one containing 11 acres 30 po., the other 3 acres making in the whole 14 acres and 30 pos.
[source] Campfield, Francis 10 April 1668. 314 acres beginning at his own corner in Mrs. Cookes line.
[source] Cannhoe, William 10 October 1642. 400 acres on the north side of Charles River, lying in Peanckatancke Creeke.
[source] Cant, David 15 June 1675. 1400 acres (The patent states 14 acres which is certainly an error.) on the south side of Peanketanck River. Beg. &c., upon the south side of a branch called Store Branch. "Son of Majr. David Cant, decd."
[source] Cant, David, Maj 15 March 1663. 542 acres on a branch near the head of Peanketank River .
[source] Cant, Walter 15 June 1675. 500 acres adjoining on the south side of Peanketank River and the Dragon Swamp.
[source] Carter, John 20 April 1685. 340 acres lying on the south side of the main run of the Dragon Swamp adjoining the land of Charles Roane, Robert Shackleford &c. at the mouth of Spring Branch.
[source] Carter, Robert 28 October 1702. 130 acres on the Eastermost side of a small branch not far distance from the Chappell.
[source] Cary, Robert 28 October 1697. 61 acres adjoining the land of William Bernard and Joseph Coleman and Mr. Ironmongers land.
[source] Cary, Wilson 30 August 1744. 1906 acres beginning at the head of the eastmost head branch of Poropotank River.
[source] Chamberlaine, Leonard 27 October 1753. 300 acres beg. &c., by Ashwell Battins corner tree, running cross Arracaico Branch
[source] Champman, John 15 March 1657. 250 acres in Kingston Parish, upon the south side of Peanketank River; beg. in the back of Mr. William Armsteads land.
[source] Chapman, John 20 November 1661. 250 acres upon the south side of Peanketank River, on the back of William Armesteads land.
[source] Cheesman, Cornelius 8 April 1674. 260 acres.
[source] Clarke, William John 31 March 1849. 1665 acres commonly known by the name of Portan on York River and Tanks Poropotank or Adams Creek.
[source] Claw, Wm 4 January 1665. 200 acres upon the branch of Peanketank River. Adjoining the land of Major Cant.
[source] Clements, Benjamin 16 April 1683. 150 acres adjoining the land of Maj'r. Burwell and Thomas Morrell.
[source] Clerk, Samuel 8 April 1674. 700 acres on the eastermost side of Poropotank Creek and main swamp.
[source] Coale, William 23 November 1653. 100 acres on the South side of Mattapony river, upon the N. Wt, and near the land of Edward Simpson.
[source] Coleman, Joseph 28 October 1697. 344 acres beg. &c., by the side of Wm. Prichetts old field the same being a corner of sd. Prichetts and Wm. Bernards land.
[source] Coleman, Robert 18 March 1662. 110 acres on the main branch of Burts Creek.
[source] Coleman, Robert 18 March 1672/1673. 200 acres beg. &c., at a small swamp which divides this land from a parcel of land belonging to Daniel Clark.
[source] Collaine, William, Jr 28 April 1691. 140 acres joining to an old devidend of land belonging to his father William Collaine. Beg. &c., a line of marked trees belonging to Gills land.
[source] Collaine, William, Jr 29 April 1693. 97 acres adjoining his own and Mr. Haines' land.
[source] Colles, Thomas 17 December 1667. 200 acres on the head of the North River, in Mockjack Bay.
[source] Colles, Thomas 20 December 1667. 137 acres beginning on a line of marked trees of Col. John Walkers.
[source] Collins, Thomas 19 July 1669. 250 acres on Peanketank ridge. Beginning &c., standing by the side of the main branch of Wadeing Creek.
[source] Collis, John 26 June 1678. 620 acres beginning at the head of the Beaver Damms; adjoining land of Nath. Gayles.
[source] Cook, Mordecai 24 April 1703. 1200 acres escheat land; late in the possession Alexander Murray, dec'd.
[source] Cook, Mordecai 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Cooke, Adam 5 November 1642. 100 acres at the head of Wards Creek.
[source] Cooke, Thomas 13 November 1713. 300 acres formerly granted to Edward Davis, Nov. 7, 1700. Being upon the islands of New Point Comfort. Lapsed land.
[source] Cooke, Thomas 13 November 1713. 156 acres lapsed land. Formerly granted to Willm. Heyward Oct. 20, 1691. Adjoining his former land and land of Edward Porties, N. &c. falls into a swamp belonging to the head of Capahosick Creek.
[source] Corbell, Henry 18 March 1662. 600 acres being on the north and south side of a path which leadeth from the new plantation of Col. Rich'd. Lee to the plantation of Mr. Bremar.
[source] Corbell, Henry March 1653. 600 acres being on the north and south side of a path which leadeth from the now plantation of Col. Richard Lee to the plantation of Mr. Thomas Breeman.
[source] Corbett, John 20 April 1684. 400 acres beginning &c., standing at the head of Ducking Pond Creek, dividing this land from the land of Isaac Plumers head corner tree.
[source] Corbett, John 20 April 1684. 300 acres lying upon the island of New Poynt Comfort.
[source] Corbin, Gawin 28 October 1697. 348 acres beg. &c., in William Upshaws plantation, thence &c., to a marked oak in John Grimes' line.
[source] Corderoy, William 1 February 1664. 400 acres beginning, &c., by the mouth of a branch on the north west side of Tottopotomoyes Swamp.
[source] Corderoy, Wm 18 March 1662. 120 acres upon the east south east side of Poropotank Creek &c., upon a small swamp which divideth this land and the land of Nicholas Jarnew.
[source] Couch, Robert 29 April 1693. 77 acres lying and adjoining to the land of Abrahm Iveson.
[source] Crafton, Michaell 8 October 1667. 720 acres on the east side of Poropotank Creek. Beginning at the mouth of a small branch that divides this land and Oliver Greens.
[source] Crimes, Wm 5 June 1678. 450 acres on the branches of Poropotank, adjoining to Captn. Richd. Dudleys land, Geo: Haynes land &c. The land formerly due to Ja: Stubbins by patt. dated Sept. 21, 164.
[source] Cully, Robert 22 December 1682. 63-1/2 acres on the eastward side of the eastermost river, at the head of an old dividend of land bought by the said Robert Cully of Mr. Mann.
[source] Curtis, Avarilla, Mrs 3 April 1661. 410 acres beginning upon the head of Back Creek on the North River by Major Curtis's marked trees.
[source] Curtis, George 20 December 1667. 1100 acres lying in Black Water Creek in Mockjack Bay.
[source] Curtis, George 26 January 1674/1675. 800 acres upon the south side of Peanketank River, lying betwixt the creek commonly called Peanketank Creek alias Col. Kemps Creek and the creek called Wadeing Creek.
[source] Curtis, John 27 October 1668. 160 acres on the head of a branch adjoining the land of Thomas Purnell and John Benson.
[source] Curtis, Thomas 15 August 1642. 400 acres lying in Mockjack Bay; Beg.g at certaine marked trees in Ware River, in a bay called Browns bay.
[source] Curtis, Thomas 15 August 1642. 700 acres in Mobjack Bay--Beg.g &c. at the head of a branch of Black Water Creeke.
[source] Curtis, Thomas 20 September 1652. 542 acres on the north side of Ware River, in Mockjack Bay: Beg.S at the east side of Browns Bay. This gt. included in another of 630 acs. gtd. to Majr. Tho. Curtis See Book No. 4. Pa. 84 & 235.


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