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Land Patents 1628 ~ 1849
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Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants/Northern Neck Grants and Surveys

[source] Bailey, Richard 11 October 1672. 822 acres upon the branches of Hoccadayes Creek and North River, Mill Run and adjoining upon the land of Robert Elliott and Thomas Gaunts land lately purchased of Mr. William Elliott.
[source] Bailey, Richard 16 November 1674. 1875 acres on Peanketank River, on the South side thereof. Beginning at the mouth of a creek commonly called Hoccadys Creek.
[source] Baker, John 20 October 1691. 40 acres beginning on the southward side of a branch belonging to the head of Winter Harbour Creek and adjoining to a former dividend belonging to the said Baker.
[source] Balding, John 6 June 1753. 17 acres between the branches of Portopotank Creek & the Dragon Swamp.
[source] Ballard, Thomas 16 July 1655. 1000 acres in Gloucester County now called New Kent; On the So. Et. side of Mettapony River. See margin This patent relinquished &c.
[source] Banister, Elizabeth, Mrs 25 September 1679. 1600 acres beg. at a corner white oak belonging to Maj'r. John Scarbrooke, dec'd., and to Edward Allin and standing near Mr. Wm. Craines plantation
[source] Barlow, Robert 26 April 1684. 62 acres adjoining land of Christopher Abbot, dec'd.
[source] Barnard, Ann, Mrs 27 November 1761. 900 acres on the north side of York River, beginning &c., upon the head of Jones's Creek, adjoining the land of Hugh Dowding.
[source] Barnard, Richard 23 October 1690. 1090 acres beg. &c., in the middle of the main road near Mr. Hansfords Mill on the north west side of the Mill Dam.
[source] Barnett, Anna, Mrs 2 July 1652. 1000 acres upon the head of Janes his creek butting northerly upon the head of Jones his neck.
[source] Barnhouse, Richard, Jr 17 March 1655. 200 acres upon the south east side of Mattapony River, two miles above the Indian Ferry
[source] Barnhouse, Richard, Jr 27 April 1653. 200 acres on the south side of Mattapony River, two miles above the Indian Ferry.
[source] Barringham, Richard 7 April 1671. 800 acres.
[source] Bartlett, John 22 December 1682. 50 acres adjoining the land of Wm. Mergan.
[source] Batt, William 1 September 1643 250 acres on W, side of North R. in Mockjack Bay
[source] Bayly, John 10 August 1642. 700 acres on the North side of Charles river. beg.g at the Mouth of a Creeke called Indian Quarter Creeke..due by assignment of Wm. Prior of his claime entered Oct. 18, 1641
[source] Baynham, Richard 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Baytop, Thomas 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Beale, John 10 October 1642. 400 acres on the North side of Charles river.
[source] Beard, William 26 September 1678. 380 acres beginning &c., corner tree of Richard Longest land, and standing near the branch that runneth by the said William Berds house.
[source] Bell, Thomas 10 October 1656. 134 acres running up from a small creek of Poropotank, Wt.So.Wt. by John Kings land.
[source] Bell, Thomas 6 December 1652. 84 acres upon the North West side of Poropotank creek & on the N: Et: side of Bennett's creek.
[source] Bennett, John 13 January 1652. 200 acres.
[source] Bennett, Robert 26 July 1674/1675. 330 acres adjoining the land of John Guyton and James Beale.
[source] Benson, John 1 October 1668. 950 acres.
[source] Benson, John 10 April 1667. 366 acres on Mockjack Bay on the head of Ware River.
[source] Benson, John 15 March 1666. 140 acres on the head of the beech swamp.
[source] Beverley, Peter 25 April 1702. 230 acres joining to a devidend of land be- longing to Sands Knowles beginning &c. by the side of a path that leads to the head of the eastermost river.
[source] Beverley, Robert 10 October 1672. 500 acres upon the branches of Hoccadayes Creek, adjoining to the land of Robert Elliott, youngest son of Lt. Col. Anthony Elliott, dec'd.
[source] Beverley, Robert 20 November 1678. 300 acres betwixt the land of Maj'r. David Cant and the land of Thomas Dawkins.
[source] Beverley, Robert 24 October 1673. 920 acres upon Poropotanck Creek; part of the land lies on the East syde of Poropotank Creek; adjoining land of Oliver Green; the residue on the Eastermost syde of Poropotank Creek &c.
[source] Beverley, Robert 29 April 1692. 200 acres on the Eastermost side of Poropotank Creek, adjoining the land of Wm. Ginssy and John Pate, the land formerly granted to Wm. Crafton and by him deserted &c.
[source] Beverley, Robert 6 November 1673. 150 acres between Garden Creek and the Eastermost River.
[source] Beverley, Robert 6 October 1673. 1500 acres lying upon Pieanketanck River, on the South side, beginning &c., by a valley syde near Noakes his plantation.
[source] Beverley, Robert, Capt 15 June 1675. 698 acres lying betwixt and on every part, adjoining to the land of Wm. Elliot, Junr., Thomas Elliott his brother, Marke Warkeman, dec'd., &c.
[source] Beverly, Robert 22 April 1669. 116 acres beginning &c., by the path that goes from Wm. Howards towards Mr. Forsiths.
[source] Bew, Jeffrey 13 May 1652. 600 acres towards the tsar of the land of Mr. Thomas Breeman in Mockjack Bay.
[source] Bew, Jeffry 4 April 1668. 620 acres in Ware Parish beginning &c., to a valley near Richard Trahernes house.
[source] Billipps, George 9 April 1674. 500 acres on the head of Garding creek.
[source] Billips, George 27 January 1663. 250 acres on the head of Gording creak and on the South side opposite to the land of Forrister.
[source] Billops, Geo: 2 May 1706. 335 acres joining to the line of the land of Richard Billops.
[source] Billops, George 16 April 1683. 750 acres on the North side of Garden Creek.
[source] Billops, George 16 April 1683. 86 acres in Kingston pariah; adjoining land of Richard Billops and his own.
[source] Billops, John 25 October 1695. 38 acres beginning at the mouth of Wrights creek.
[source] Billops, Richard 22 November 1682. 92 acres adjoining his former land, thence &c., that parts this land from the land of Morris Mackaskanock.
[source] Billups, George 7 November 1700. 500 acres beginning next to the land of John Lilly, lying on the South West side of Milford Haven.
[source] Birch, Benjamin 5 February 1663. 600 acres.
[source] Blackbourn, Wm 28 October 1697. 250 acres escheat land, late in the possession of James Whiteing.
[source] Bohannan, Dunkin 6 March 1674/1675. 340 acres upon the Eastermost River; Beg. &c., by a small gutt, that part this land from John Nevells.
[source] Bohannon, Dunkin 26 April 1704. 145 acres beginning at a red oak, Richard Dudleys corner and running along Captn. Knowles line &c.
[source] Bohono, Dunkin 20 December 1667. 220 acres upon the head of the Eastermost River,in Mockjack Bay, adjoining the land of Mr. Armstead.
[source] Booker, Richard, Capt 1 February 1686/1687. 740 acres escheat land. Formerly granted to John Sigismund Cleverous, dec'd.
[source] Boothe, George W 28 April 1800. 352 acres.
[source] Boram, Anne 20 April 1684. 95 acres beginning &c., out of the south side of Horne Harbour Creek. Adjoining the land of Edmund Boram and Ralph Armsted.
[source] Boram, Anne 20 December 1667. 148 acres on horn Harbor; Beginning 100 poles from the Creek side.
[source] Boram, Edward 22 October 1682. 364 acres beg. &c., on the South side of Horn Harbour Creek; the land formerly granted to Mrs. Winefree Morrison, 26th of Jany. 1651.
[source] Boswell, Thomas 10 June 1666. 100 acres on the North point of Ware River side &c., to a small creek or gut on the point of a marsh of Ware point. Includes Raccoon Island.
[source] Boswell, Thomas 20 April 1682. 1100 acres upon York river side and Timber neck creek.
[source] Boswell, Thomas 20 April 1687. 1100 acres upon the side of Ware River, adjoining the land of Majr. Robert Bristow 972 acres part thereof formerly granted said Thomas Bozwell dated Oct. 8, 1656 and again renewed Jan. 28, 1662. The residue &c.
[source] Bowlin, William 14 April 1668. 887 acres in Abington parish. Beginning &c., standing by a small creek which divides this land and Col. Augustine Warner's land.
[source] Boyce, Christopher 21 December 1642 2000 acres lying in Peankatanke River and lying about 3 miles upon the southward side.
[source] Bradbury, James 31 December 1662. 250 acres beginning at a poplar corner of Oliver Green's land.
[source] Bradley, Abraham 16 April 1683. 61 acres beginning &c., that stands on the eastward side of the road that leads to Tindalls poynt.
[source] Bradley, Abraham 6 May 1682. 150 acres adjoining the lands of Daniel Langham, Robert Coleman and Thomas and Jeffrey Graves and Maj'r. Lawrence Smith.
[source] Breamor, Thomas 8 December 1656. 300 acres adjoining his own land.
[source] Breeman, Thomas 23 March 1654. 600 acres upon the northern side of Severn River, lying east upon Mr. Robins land.
[source] Breman, Thomas 11 March 1653. 300 acres upon the head of another tract of land now in the possession of said Breman Beg. &c., upon the head of Ware River.
[source] Bremo, Thomas 9 January 1651. 1500 acres in Mockjack Bay, being on Neck of land bounded with Crany Creek.
[source] Bristol, Robert 7 May 1666. 184 acres in Mockjack bay, upon the North site of Ware river; adjoining his own and Harris's land.
[source] Bristow, Robert 25 October 1665. 398 acres or the North river in Mockjack bay, Beginning &c which parteth this land and the land of Thomas Morris.
[source] Bristow, Robert, Maj 23 October 1673. 930 acres on the north east side of Mockjack Bay, at or near the mouth of North River and on the east side thereof.
[source] Bromley, Archibald 20 April 1682. 400 acres on the side of Horn Harbor; be- ginning &c. to a marked pine at the south side of Winter Harbour.
[source] Bromley, Archibald 26 September 1678. 500 acres 150 acres part thereof formerly g'td to Wm. Bedlam by patent dated July 1st 1653 &c. 350 acres lying betwixt Winter Harbour, Horne Harbour and the main bay.
[source] Brookin, Wm 20 October 1691. 517 acres lying near the head of a branch that falls into the head of Poropotank Creek.
[source] Brookin, Wm 20 October 1691. 270 acres beg. &c., of a former devidend of land belonging to the said Brookin Netles and land formerly belonging to Robert Collis.
[source] Broughton, Fra: 15 June 1675. 170 acres adjoining the land he now lives on. Beg.g &c., at the side of a branch of Craney Creek.
[source] Bryan, Robert 20 October 1704. 60 acres being on a branch of Severn river; adjoining the land of Valentine and Benja. Laine "Son of Robert Bryan, deed.
[source] Bryan, Robert 25 April 1702. 57 acres on the branches of Severn. Beg.&c., the corner of Valentine and Benja. Lanes land.
[source] Buckner, John 16 June 1668. 122 acres beginning &c., standing by Rappa- hannock path, then &c., to the mouth of a little branch opposite to the lower end of James Bradburyes plantation.
[source] Buckner, John 19 February 1667. 517 acres.
[source] Buckner, John 19 February 1667. 194 acres beginning &c., near the plantation he now lives on and running &c., to a white oak of Francis Ironmongers.
[source] Buckner, John 22 December 1682. 2673 acres beginning &c., at the mouth of a small creek on the south side thereof which said creek now parts the land of Mr. Abraham Iveson and the land of Henry Rawlins.
[source] Buckner, John 28 September 1681. 300 acres adjoining to and betwixt 200 acres of land surveyed and pattented by Maj'r. John Smith Apl. 1st 1665. Beginning &c., N. Et. to Totopatomie.
[source] Buckner, John 30 November 1686. 280 acres.
[source] Buckner, John Sr 20 October 1691. 3125 acres in the freshes of Rappahannock on the South side of the river and on the main branches of Pewmansend the branches of Goulden Vale and the branches of Passating.
[source] Buckner, Thomas [John] 12 October 1669. 1000 acres on Chescake branches.
[source] Bunnell, Lewis, Maj 29 September 1680. 2400 acres beginning &c., at Mirtle point on Carters Creek side & running thence up Carters Creek to the head thereof.
[source] Burgh, George 5 September 1679. 170 acres lying between the land of him the said Burgh and the land of Charles Jones.
[source] Burton, John 21 October 1687. 31 acres beginning at a corner red oak belonging to Wm. Hansford and Ralph Green.
[source] Burwell, Lewis 12 June 1648. 2350 acres lyeing on the North side of York River up Rosewell Creeke, on the Southward side thereof.
[source] Butler, Sarah 9 November 1719. 220 acres escheat land. Beg. at a small ash standing in Debnams line and in Wm. Streechers spring branch, being a corner of this land and Thomas Reads.


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