Canterbury Parish History
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Canterbury Parish History
The Parish of Canterbury, which was set up in 1855, from lands once assigned to the Parish of Dumfries, and the remaining unassigned land westward towards the border of Maine. Much of this unassigned land today makes up the Parish of North Lake which was formed in 1879. This area is extremely rural and cut off from major settlements within New Brunswick, but a lovely setting. Its main route of communication in the early days was via the rivers, and later by train. The inland areas seemed to have gravitated toward the south western portion of New Brunswick, rather than the Saint John River route to Fredericton.

Special thanks should be given to Arletta Hill Sullivan, who has started me off with some lovely photos and a great deal of data, of the local churches and a former pastor - her maternal ancestral family. These items are marked with a red star: 

Churches: (Exteriors, Interiors and Memorials)

* St. Thomas Parish Church - Blown down in a gale and rebuilt, but no longer standing
* Holy Trinity Church, Canterbury, York County, New Brunswick
* Interior view / long view of whole room
* Interior view / lectern 
* Canterbury Parish Rectory
* Memorial window in Holy Trinity Church / Rev. Thomas Hartin & wife Mary Ann Ellen (Garden) Hartin
* Memorial plaque / Rev. Thomas Hartin (b. 1805, d. 1891)
* Memorial chair in Holy Trinity Church / In Memory of Rev. J. E. Flewelling (b.1846, d.1926)
* Memorial window in Holy Trinity Church / Mabel Claire Chisnell w/o Rev. S. F. Dunn
* Memorial to Military Personnel from the Parish of Holy Trinity
* Some entries from the Holy Trinity Church record book, Canterbury
* Memorial stone for Rev. Thomas Hartin (1805-1891) & h/w Mary Ann Ellen Hartin (1824 - 1877)
* Transcript of the stone raised to the memory of Rev Thomas Hartin 
* Transcript of stones for Hartin Family Members - p.1 Canterbury Parish
* Transcript of stones for Hartin Family Members - p.1 Canterbury & North Lake Parishes
Inscriptions - Chapman Cemetery, Bear Trap Point Road 
Additional data for Chapman Cemetery, Bear Trap Point Road / by Beau Chapman
Family History:
* Rev Thomas Robinson Hartin 
* Mary Ann Ellen (Garden) Hartin (w/o Rev. Thomas Robinson Hartin)
* The Hartin Family
* Church History Event in the Ministry of Rev. Thomas Hartin
* Church History Event after the Ministry of Rev. Thomas Hartin
Photos: (misc.)
Cummings - Miller - Wright Gallery | The first two pictures were taken at Dows Settlement, near Canterbury Station, York Co., New Brunswick in 1912 by Medley Freemont Miller, brother of Annetta Helena Miller. | on the site of Sandra Cameron
* Land Grant Maps for Canterbury Parish - with Hartin lands highlighted
Petition from Howard Settlement (York Co) residents asking for a school - 1844
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