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York County Historical Events
The Gibson Fire June 20, 1893
St. Marys Fire - October 17, 1893

In 1893, less than four months apart, two major fires, one in Gibson, the other in St. Mary's, destroyed most of the area along Union Street between Jaffrey Street and the Nashwaak River, as well as some buildings along Gibson Street, in Fredericton. The newspaper accounts are made available here through by courtesy of Richard Gillians to whom we are indebted for sharing the material.

The Gibson Fire June 20, 1893
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St. Marys Fire - October 17, 1893
Part 1 | Part 2

The Fosterville Murders, November 1924

The brutal murder of two young girls that stunned the community and set in motion the Justice system of that era. Compiled from the extensive coverage of the Daily Gleaner and Telegraph Journal, it was first published on Kriko's Korner in 1996

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

The Blueberry Plains

The strange disappearance of Annie Kathleen Phinney in 1937

Annie Kathleen Lutwick was born and raised in Dow Settlement, York County, NB. Annie eventually married Clinton Phinney and made her home in Portland, Maine where they farmed and tended a blueberry field that stretched as far as the eye can see." That is, Annie lived there until word reached Dow Settlement about her mysterious disappearance. Speculation and rumors ran wild among her neighbors, but to this day no solid evidence is available as to what happened to Annie Kathleen Lutwick Phinney.
Read the full gripping story written by Anne Marie Beattie as told to her by Annie's daughter, Winnie, now in her eighties. This article first appeared in the Saint John Telegraph Journal Weekend edition on March 24, 2001. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of Winnie Keilty and Anne Marie Beattie in hopes someone who reads this may be able to shed some light on this 64-year old mystery. If you can, please contact the webmaster who will see the information reaches the right people.

Anyone with a newsworthy event of historical happenings in York County is invited to share with our visitors either by link or page. Contact the webmaster to have them added to this page along with the proper credit.

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