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Map Links
The following links are provided to help the researcher in orientation. Ideally, on a map of New Brunswick, a click on York County (for instance) would take you to a map showing the parishes. A click on the parish of your choice would produce another map showing communities and from there.....? The possibilities are endless:, churches, libraries, etc. Hmmm...sounds like a challenging project. Maybe...just maybe.... In the meantime, play around with these.

Land Grant Maps for Southampton Parish

Land Grant Map for Canterbury Parish | with Hartin grants highlighted

Maps from MapQuest: An online atlas. Select Online Maps. Type in community name, NB for province/state and Canada for Country. Zoom in or out.

Maps from Microsoft Expedia: Another online atlas site. Select the Province of New Brunswick and then zoom in and view communities. 

Maps from Online maps of New Brunswick. Click on the Town/City name for an area map.

If anyone has any sites or suggestions, a note to the Webmaster would be appreciated.

Last revised: May, 2001