Parishes in York Co., New Brunswick
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Parish Data in York County
York County is further broken down into fifteen Parishes
listed below varying in size.
By Bill Boone

Prior to the mid-sixties when the Provincial Goverment of the day centralize government services, the Parish formed an important link between the people and their elected representatives. 

Each Parish elected Councillors and various other appointments. For example, for the year 1900, the Parish of North Lake had the following officers: Councillors - 2; Assessors - 3; Clerk - 1; Wildland Commissioner - 2; Highway Commissioner - 3; Collector - 1; Overseers Poor - 3; Surveyors Lumber - 3; Surveyors Wood and Bark - 3; Fence Viewers - 4; Constables - 8; Pound Keepers - 6; and, Field Drivers - 8, for a total of 47 people to administer government programs. 

In addition, a person from the community kept vital statistics, most of them handwritten in ledgers only moving to "forms" towards the end. These ledgers, invaluable for research, were turned into the Vital Statistics Branch in Fredericton and from there no doubt to the Provincial Archives. Cimbing a greased flagpole would be easier than getting a peek at one of the originals. (Note: cbb / This series of records have now been indexed and mounted on the Provincial Archives website.)

It is interesting to note that only New Brunswick and the State of Louisianna use the term "Parish". All other states and Provinces use the term "Township", *although in Louisiana the parishes are identical to counties, not townships. (*Information supplied by Craig Walsh.)

I would be most pleased to acquire any material devoted to individual Parishes. Please contact the site administrator to discuss how best to make it available to researchers.

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New Maryland
North Lake
Prince William
St. Mary's
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