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Surnames Being Researched
The following Surnames are being researched in York County. The format is Surname, Place, Researcher. You can click on the Researcher Name to contact them via their email. If you have any Surnames that you would like have added to this page, simply send a note to the site administrator and I will be added to the list. Be sure to include the Surname, Place in York County, your Name and your Email address. And please clearly use the exact format below. This section is not for queries.
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ADAMS York County
ALLEN Douglas Parish
ALLEN York County
ALLEN Kingsclear
ANDERSON Southampton Parish
ARNOLD Marysville
ATHERTON Prince William
AUSTIN Fredericton, Morrison's Mills, Victoria Mills
BANKS Durham Sett; St Mary's
BARKER Fredericton
BELL Harvey Station
BISHOP Stanley Parish
BLAIR Fredericton
BLAKE Cork, NB; Yoho Lake
BRADLEY Southampton
BRAGDON Southampton
BRIGGS York County
BRIGGS York County Dennis K. Bethards
BROWN Fredericton, Nashwaak
BROWN Southampton
BRUCE St Mary's
BURDEN Queensbury
CAMERON Fredericton, Nashwaak Ron Cameron
CASHMAN Fredericton Gail Cushman Pilon
CHARTERS New Maryland Keith Rynax
CHESSIE Yoho Lake, Kingsclear William Romanski
CLARK Douglas, Queensbury Jan Graham Mason
CLARE York County Donna Walford
CLAYTON St. Mary's Nessa Reifsnyder
CLEGHORN Harvey Station Patricia Regan
COCHRANE Marysville, St Mary's Douglas Cochrane
COFFEE Unknown Ginger Addis
COLE Fredericton, Nashwaak Jon Cole
COLLINS Fredericton Gail Cushman Pilon
COLWELL Brian Ballard
CONNOLLY Fredericton, McAdam Jct. John Connolly
COOPER Stanley, Fredericton, St Mary's Don Cooper
COUGHLIN Cork Settlement Colleen Kennedy
COULTER Fredericton Joyce Ramsey
COY Queensbury Dorothy Gladish
CRABBE Hainesville Lloyd Webber
CRAIG Nashwaak Area Steve Craig
CRONE Fredericton, North Lake Annamaria Rhoads
CROPLEY North Lake Lisa Haji Abbasi
CROWLEY Fredericton Sharon Crowley
CULLEN Northampton, York Co / 
now in Carleton Co
CURRIE Brian Ballard
CURRIE Unknown Kelley Currie
CURRIE Stanley Jennie Leach
DAVENPORT Fredericton area Rodney Foster
DAVENPORT Devon, Gibson, Fredericton Nessa Reifsnyder
DELONG Fredericton Wayne Delong
DICKIE Unknown Linda Dryden
DICKINSON Canterbury Dorothy J Smith
DOHERTY Fredericton Ann Wheeler
DOHERTY Fredericton Peg Buckman
DORCAS Stanley Carol Dorcas
DOW Meductic Dorothy J Smith
DOW Unknown Edith Tippett
DOW Canterbury Deane Lang
DRYDEN Unknown Linda Dryden
DYKEMAN Brian Ballard
DYER ? Northampton, York Co / 
now in Carleton Co
EARLE Bear Island Leonard Lawson
EGAN Cardigan Robert Egan
EMBLETON Harvey Leonard Lawson
ESSENSA Harvey Ginger Addis
ESTABROOKS York County Ralph J Turner
ESTEY Williamsburg Brian Ballard
ESTEY York County Ralph J Turner
ESTEY Marysville Wendy van Ginkel
FALES St. Mary's Charles Kamerik
FEENEY Kingsclear William Romanski
FISHER Marysville Chris Fisher
FITZPATRICK Fredericton Sharon Crowley
FOLEY Harvey, Kingsclear Linda Morris
FOSTER Fosterville Dottie Harding
FOSTER Fredericton area Rodney Foster
FOX Southampton Rose Staples
FRASER Lake George, Pr William Marlene Lawrence
FREEMAN Southampton Rose Staples
GALLAGHER Stanley Katie McCoubrey
GASS York Co 
(of Annan, Dumfriesshire, Scotland)
GLASIER Fredericton Robert O Glasier
GOLDRICK   Joyce Stephens
GOODINE Kingsclear Parish Rachel Goodine
GOODINE Tracy Pritzker
GORDON Keswick Ridge, Springfield Marlene Lawrence
GOULD Lenette Talpins
GRAHAM Douglas, Queensbury Jan Graham Mason
GRANT York County Dennis K. Bethards
GREER New Maryland Keith Rynax
GREGORY Fredericton Donald Greg Alexander
GUIOU Queensbury Marlene Lawrence
GULLISON Queensbury Carol Dorcas
HAGERMAN York Edd Sinnett
HAINES Douglas Myrna Taylor
HAINES Douglas Rose Staples
HAINES Unknown Aggi-Rose Reddin
HAINING Douglas Parish Nancy Perry
HALLETT Bear Island, Queensbury Carroll B. Knox
HANDY York County Ralph J Turner
HARRIS Queensbury Robert Pease
HARTIN Canterbury Arletta Sullivan
HARTLEY Canterbury Venee Stuart-Henson
HAVENS Queensbury David Anderson
HAWKES Fredericton Joy Jordan
HAWKINS Douglas, Keswick Alan H Hawkins
HAZLETT Fredericton, Morrison's Mills, Victoria Mills
HEALY Harvey, Manners-Sutton William Romanski
HOLLAND Harvey Station, Acton William Romanski
HOLTS (var: HOLTZ) Fredericton Philip Holts
HOOD Acton, Manners Sutton Jennifer MacKenzie Quist
HOVEY St. Mary's ; Stanley; Boiestown ; Ludlow Peter Hovey
HOWLAND Queensbury Michelle Pearson
HOYT Millville Dale Hoyt
HUGHES Fredericton Eileen Temte
HUTCHINSON York County Ralph J Turner
HYDE St. Mary's/Fredericton David Stuart
INGRAHAM Queensbury Dorothy Gladish
INGRAHAM Queensbury Leonard Lawson
JACKSON Fredericton Valmay Young
JACOB Fredericton, Cardigan (Mapledown) Susan Jacob Garcia
JEWETT Keswick Ridge Marlene Lawrence
JEWETT Unknown Aggi-Rose Reddin
JEWETT Keswick Ridge Michelle Pearson
JONES Fredericton Susan Jacob Garcia
KEE Kingsclear David Stuart
KEETCH Queensbury Ron Thompson
KELLY Fredericton Carla
KELLY Prince William Leonard Lawson
KETCH Queensbury Ron Thompson
KENNEDY Cork Settlement Colleen Kennedy
KING Pr William, Queensbury, Hainsville Margaret Bishop
KING Tracy Pritzker
KNOX Queensbury, Hainesville Carroll B. Knox
LAWRENCE Douglas Marlene Lawrence
LAWSON Lake George Leonard Lawson
LEE Fredericton RD Lee
LESLIE Woodlands, Tay Falls Margaret Bishop
LIBB[E]Y Fredericton Rick Libby
LINT Queensbury Kathy Nourse
LOGAN Stanley, Penniac, Marysville Linda Rice
LONG Fredericton Sharon Crowley
LYNN Harvey, Kingsclear Linda Morris
LYONS Stuart Lyons
LYONS Acton, Manners Sutton Jennifer MacKenzie Quist
MACBEAN Taymouth (Nashwaak area) Richard Reeleder
MacDONALD Harvey, Kingsclear Linda Morris
MANUEL York Edd Sinnett
MANUEL YORK COUNTY Rebecca West Rutledge
MASTON Fredericton Bryan Maston
McANARLIN North Lake William McAnirlin
McCARRON Kingsclear William Romanski
McCASHEN Kingsclear William Romanski
McCULLOUGH Keswick Ridge, Kingsclear Marlene Lawrence
McDONALD Prince William Dawn Matheson
McFARLAND Southampton, Queensbury Dale Wilcox
McGEE Fredericton, McAdam Derek Nichols
McGILLICUDDY Cork, NB William Romanski
McKENZIE St Mary's Jennifer McKenzie Quist
McLEAN Prince William Harris McLean
McLEOD Fredericton Bunnie Haslerud
McNALLY Queensbury Marlene Lawrence
McNEILL Fredericton Caranfra
McNERLIN North Lake William McAnirlin
McSHEFFREY Douglas, Queensbury Jan Graham Mason
McSORLEY Fredericton Rita McSorley
MERRITT Stanley, Cross Creek, Green Hill Linda G. Rice
MERSEREAU York County Paige Koberstein
MESSER Fredericton Patricia Regan
MILLER Campbell Sett., Southampton Marilyn Newton
MITCHELL Queensbury Michelle Pearson
MOOERS Queensbury Peggy Mooers
MOOERS York Edd Sinnett
MOREHOUSE York Albert Nye
MORGAN Hainesville, New Maryland Lloyd Webber
MORRISON Southampton
MUNN Boiestown and surrounding area Melody Norrad Whitehouse
MUNRO Southampton Paul Morrissey
MURCHLAND Fredericton Ken Murchland
MURPHY Douglas, Queensbury Jan Graham Mason
MURPHY Harvey, Kingsclear Linda Morris
NEWMAN Nashwaaksis & Devon area
O'MALLEY St. Croix
O'DONNELL Dumfries Parish
ORR Fredericton area - late 1800's and early 1900's

Bob Orr

PALMER Queensbury Robert Pease
PARKER St. Mary's Mark Biles
PATTERSON Unknown Aggi-Rose Reddin
PEACOCK Brian Ballard
PHALEN Fredericton Eileen Temte
PIERCE Fredericton Sharon Crowley
POND Marysville, Nashwaak Bonny Pond
PORTER Meductic Dorothy J Smith
PORTER Fredericton, Douglas Ruth Warren
PURKISS St Mary's in 1890's Dorothy Gladish
QUIGLEY Prince William Margaret Bishop
QUINN Fredericton Margaret Brookes
RAMSEY Fredericton Joyce Ramsey
RAYMOND St Croix Pat Carey
ROWAN Fredericton Jo-Anne Robinson
RUSSELL York County Ralph J Turner
RYNARD York County Kathleen Black
RYNAX New Maryland Keith Rynax
SAMSON York County Ray Adams
SANSOM Cross Creek, Stanley, Fredericton Debbie Davis
SANSOM Stanley Ellen Astle
SCANLON Cork, Manners-Sutton William Romanski
SCOTT Queensbury Deane Lang
SCOTT Canterbury R. Craig Scott
SINNETT York/Kings Edd Sinnett
SINNOTT York/Sunbury Edd Sinnett
SEYMOUR McLeod Hill Jennifer MacKenzie Quist
SHORT McAdam Derek Nichols
SLATER   Joy Lyle
SMITH Fredericton, St Mary's, Stanley Melody Campagna
SPEEDY Harvey Kevin Locke
STAFFORD St Mary's Dorothy Gladish
STAIRS Southampton Rose Staples
STAPLES Douglas Rose Staples
STERLING St Mary's Parish Richard Ward
STICKLES Fredericton, St Mary's, Stanley Melody Campagna
STICKNEY Fredericton Lisa Almon
STILWELL Hainesville Margaret Bishop
STONE Fredericton, Nashwaak Hugh Stevenson
SULLIVAN Harvey, Kingsclear Linda Morris
SWAN Harvey Station
TAIT Fredericton, Douglas Ruth Warren
TAPLEY Queensbury Margaret Bishop
TAPLEY Queensbury, Southampton Kathy Nourse
THOMAS Woodlands, Tay Falls Margaret Bishop
THOMAS Stanley Don Cooper
THORNE Harvey, Kingsclear Linda Morris
TIDD/TEED Canterbury Dorothy J Smith
TURNER York County Ralph J Turner
URQUHART St Mary's Cheryl Tait
WALLACE Upper Caverhill Derek Nichols
WARD Fredericton Paul Morrissey
WARREN Maple Grove, Stanley Mike Meggison
WATTS Fredericton Bonny Pond
WATT York County Dennis K. Bethards
WEEKS - Kathy Nourse
WEST York County Rebecca West Rutledge
WHALEN Fredericton Eileen Temte
WHEELER York County Kathleen Black
WHITE Fredericton Paul Morrissey
WHITEHEAD Douglas, Queensbury Jan Graham Mason
WILCOX Southampton Parish Dale Wilcox
WILKES York County Dennis K. Bethards
WILKINS York Co Robbie Wilson
WILSON Harvey Leonard Lawson
WOODWORTH Keswick Ridge J.R. Woodworth
WRIGHT Canterbury Gene Wright
YOUNG Southampton Dale Wilcox

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