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September 21, 2002.

Hello, and welcome to the York County GenWeb site. My name is Host, and I am the current Host. The goal of this website is to help in the online research of ancestors that have lived in York County, New Brunswick, Canada. This project is entirely volunteer run, and couldn't be possible without the help of all those that have contributed to this site. As time goes on, and more people continue to contribute, it becomes more likely to forget someone who has helped. As that's not acceptable to leave someone off of a list, I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You, to all the volunteers that have made and continue to make this site possible - your dedication and work is greatly appreciated.

My name may seem familiar to some visitors. I was a previous Host who stepped aside a couple of years ago. With this being a voluntary effort, sometimes other obligations require less time to put into the site. I want to thank Bill Boone who took over from me that first time around when I needed a break. A Thank You also goes out to Cleadie Barnett. Cleadie took over from Bill, and is graciously allowing me another go-around. A simple inquiry to Todd Gilbert, New Brunswick GenWeb Host, about a vacant county, seems to have led me back here. I'll do my best to live up to their high standards. I'm not going to let them wander off too far! My goal isn't to rebuild, but to build on the groundwork they have laid, leaving the site and directories in place so links aren't broken. That's the best lasting mark of their efforts, I can offer along with my Thanks.

A large amount of data on this site has been donated by Cleadie Barnett and her New Brunswick's Past Project.

Host - York County GenWeb


York County GenWeb Coordinators:
Judy Stevens -- Original Coordinator
Cleadie B. Barnett -- 1999 (maintaining as NBGenWeb Coordinator)
Host -- July 1999 - Dec 2000
Bill Boone -- Dec 2000 - Fall 2001
Cleadie B. Barnett -- Fall 2001 - Fall 2002
Host -- Fall 2002 - present
Mounted: 22 Sept 2002