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E-mail contact

I will gladly accept donations of data of any size,
but due to time constraints of managing this site
- I will not be able to respond to personal requests for lookups/research.

Should you find anything amiss with this site, please draw it to my attention. (Including - but not limited to - such things as missing backgrounds, lines, spelling, corrections & additions to online data, e-mail corrections, etc.) 
Thank you...

Host - York County Coordinator

Contributors to this site
Due to the fact that many people contribute to this site in one way or another, and from time to time their e-mail address changes, I am adding this section here as a collection point for these addresses.

Their names will appear on the entry they submitted, which will be linked to this page. Here their e-mail address will be recorded. In turn, the submission data title on this page will be linked back to their submission.

Name / e-mail address Submission / extra contact information
Bill Boone A former host, he has been responsible for many of the items now online, but especially for items of his own, such as the newspaper articles about <The Fosterville Murders, November 1924> first published on <Kriko's Korner> in 1996 & <The strange disappearance of Annie Kathleen Phinney in 1937>
Don Cooper Lookup Volunteer |
Stacey Hughes Lookup Volunteer |
Rick Libbey Lookup Volunteer |
Bernie McCann Cork Cemetery at the Church of the Immaculate Conception |
Robert Oviatt Lookup Volunteer |
Bonny Pond Lookup Volunteer |
Nessa Reifsnyder Lookup Volunteer |
William Romanski Lookup Volunteer |
Arletta Hill Sullivan Canterbury Parish data |

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