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Records of Our Families

In grateful acknowledgement to those who have assisted with transcribing records for these pages:
Jim Flannery, Beth Hurd, Nancy Mauro, Kathleen McDonald, Loree Muldowney, Kevin Murphy, Bob Ryan, Carla Phillips, Al Rose, Patricia Sheekey, Jen Snoots, John Sterling

Please keep in mind that, while we are offering this material for your use in your own research, you are responsible for verifying the material as it pertains to your own family research. There may be some individuals listed on the site who are NOT of Irish heritage, although the name(s) may indicate a potential to be so. Many surnames can be ascribed to more than one ethnicity. We have deliberately chosen to provide more, rather than less, if there was some ambiguity. We do not state, intend or infer that we have done any genealogical research or verification in connection with the individuals in these transcribed records, except as otherwise specifically stated. This site is intended only as a guide to assist with your own research. We do not take any responsibility for the way in which this material is used by you in your own research.

Births, Marriages and Deaths

Some Irish Marriages & Baptisms of St. Stephen's Church, Dodgeville (Attleboro) MA

Attleboro MA Births, Marriages & Deaths 1893-1894

Dighton MA, Index to Vital Records 1700-1899

Fall River MA, Index to Births 1843-1864
Surnames A-F  G-L  M-Q  R-Z

Fall River MA Marriage Intentions 1843-1850 1850-1860

Some Irish Marriages of Notre Dame Church, Fall River, MA

Middleboro MA Births, Marriages & Deaths 1888-1893

Somerset MA Births, Marriages & Deaths 1875-1888

Index to Rhode Island State Vital Records, Deaths

Some Irish Marriages of St. Joseph's Church, Ashton (Cumberland) RI

Pawtucket, RI Births, Marriages & Deaths
Transcribed and submitted by Bob Ryan

Some Baptisms and Burials 
from the Centenary History of Old St. Mary's Church, Pawtucket, RI 

Transcribed and submitted by Bob Ryan


Some of these gravestones are very old and worn. We have done our best to decipher and interpret the names of persons and places. Please also remember that not all of our ancestors could read, write and spell. Some of the place names may be phonetic renderings. This is not a complete transcription of all the gravestones in every cemetery. We felt that it was a priority to record and preserve those that named a place of origin in Ireland, and we have included other transcriptions of some families that we have collected over the years. These listings will be updated as additional transcriptions are completed, with the goal of eventually recording all existing gravestone information for those that can be identified to be of Irish heritage in each cemetery. Thanks to Kevin Murphy and Michele Almeida for their assistance with this project.

Our Favorite Inscription, located at St. Mary of the Bay Cemetery, Warren RI

Pray for the Soul of
Morace O'Reiley
a Native of Belnakill, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Who died in Warren May 31, 1859, aged 45 y'rs

Morace O'Reiley was my name
And Ireland was my nation
Belnakill was my dwelling place
And Heaven is my expectation
Now I am dead and in my grave
And all my bones are rotting
When this you see pray for me
Why should I be forgotten


St. Stephen's Cemetery, Attleboro

St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery, Bridgewater
Transcribed and Submitted by Kevin Murphy

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Brockton
Transcribed and Submitted by Kevin Murphy & Laurie Wilkinson

North Burial Ground, Fall River

Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River

St. John's Cemetery, Fall River

St. Mary's Cemetery, Fall River

  St. Patrick's Cemetery, Fall River

St. Joseph's Cemetery, Kingston
Transcribed and Submitted by Kevin Murphy

St. Mary's Cemetery, Middleboro

St. Mary's Cemetery, New Bedford

St. Mary's Cemetery, Randolph
Transcribed and Submitted by Kevin Murphy

Old Town Cemetery, Sandwich
Transcribed and Submitted by Kevin Murphy

St. Peter's Cemetery, Sandwich
Transcribed and Submitted by Kevin Murphy

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Somerset

St. James Cemetery, East Taunton

  St. Francis Cemetery, Taunton

St. Joseph's Cemetery, Taunton

Old St. Mary's Cemetery, Taunton

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Wareham
Transcribed and Submitted by Kevin Murphy

Rhode Island

St. Mary's Cemetery, Bristol

St. Ann's Cemetery, Cranston

  St. Joseph's Cemetery, Cumberland

St. Columba's Cemetery, Middletown

  St. Mary's Cemetery, Newport
Transcribed and Submitted by Beth Hurd

  St. Francis Cemetery, Pawtucket

Old St. Mary's Cemetery, Pawtucket
Transcribed and Submitted by Bob Ryan

Old St. Mary's Cemetery, Pawtucket, Interments 1900-1937
Transcribed and Submitted by Bob Ryan

Old St. Mary's Cemetery, Pawtucket, Interments 1938-1942
Transcribed and Submitted by Bob Ryan

Mount St. Mary's Cemetery, Pawtucket (see Section P)

St. Patrick's Cemetery, Providence

  St. Mary of the Bay Cemetery, Warren

  St. Mary's Cemetery, West Warwick


1850 Federal Census
The 1850 Census, taken generally in July through September of that year, was significant in two ways. First, it was the first census to list every individual in a household by name, and provide details about that individual such as age and place of birth. Secondly, it documented the great influx of Irish individuals and families to the United States during the period of the Great Famine. This is not a transcription of the entire 1850 census for each town, but, rather, a transcription only of those households with families or individuals who reported a birthplace in Ireland. A review of the ages and birthplaces listed for children in a family can provide an approximate date of arrival in the United States, and the listed birthplaces can also provide information about where the family lived prior to arriving in the Southern New England area. Although relationships are not given, some inferences can be made about individuals living in the same household or in close proximity, especially when the typical naming patterns are considered.


Attleborough Complete

Fall River Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

New Bedford  Part 1 Part 2

Pawtucket (now RI) Part 1 Part 2

Taunton Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Rhode Island

Cumberland Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

North Providence Complete
Transcribed and submitted by Al Rose

Providence (in progress)
Ward 1
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 Ward 2 Part 6  Part 7
Ward 3 Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Ward 4 Part 11 Part 12   Ward 5
Part 13


1865 Massachusetts State Census
Massachusetts took a state census in 1855, 1865, 1875, 1885 and 1895. The actual census sheets are available for '55 and '65. Unfortunately, once the statistics were compiled from the data collected, the census sheets were destroyed for '75, '85 and '95. The 1865 state census is helpful for providing more specific birthplaces in many cases, sometimes including names of counties for some of the Irish. The census for some towns in Plymouth County have been transcribed and published by Ann S. Lainhart, and the full census is available on microfilm.


Fall River (in progress)





City & Town Directories & Lists
The Directories can provide a great deal of information about individuals as the residents of a city or town, and their relationships with others, both for employment and kinship. By doing a bit of browsing, you can identify family members, neighbors and co-workers, based on the addresses listed. We have concentrated on the years around 1890, which will help to provide an alternative to the missing 1890 Federal Census, most of which was destroyed by fire. This is NOT a transcription of the entire directory for each town for each year, but, rather, an abstract of those individuals whose surname could indicate that they might be of Irish heritage. Many of these Directories were abstracted and submitted by Carla France Phillips. We are greatly appreciative of her efforts and interest. This will be an on-going project as more names and towns will be added regularly.


Attleboro 1889/90 (completed)

Fairhaven 1892 (completed)

Fall River 1889(completed) 1890  1891 (in progress)

New Bedford 1875(completed)  1887 1889(completed) 1890 (in progress)

Plymouth 1846  1903 (completed)

Somerset 1870 1889 (completed)

Swansea 1890 (completed)

  Taunton 1874(completed) 1890 1891 1892 1893 (in progress)

Rhode Island

Barrington 1887 (completed)

Bristol 1887 (completed)

Cranston 1911 (completed)

East Providence 1887 (completed)

Newport 1887 (completed)

Pawtucket & Central Falls 1872 (completed)

Tiverton 1916 (completed)

Warren 1887 (completed)

Class & School Lists

St. Mary's School, Pawtucket, 1896

B.M.C. Durfee High School, Fall River, MA 1912 

Providence RI Evening High School, 1912

Newport RI Graduating Classes 1914

St. Francis Xavier Academy, Providence RI 1930-1933
Submitted by Kathleen McDonald

Fall River MA Parochial Grammar Schools, 1920

Military Records

World War I Draft Registration Cards
Submitted by Nancy Mauro

Naturalization Index

This information is taken from the National Archives Records Administration microfilms of Naturalization index cards. This will be an on-going project to record those individuals of Irish birth.

  Massachusetts Naturalization Index

Rhode Island Naturalization Index


Newspaper Notices

Pre-1950 Marriage Notices

Passenger Lists & Arrivals

This information was taken from a series of microfilms titled "Lists of Passengers Arriving at Miscellaneous Ports on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts." Some of the lists are actual ship's passenger lists, and others are periodic reports made by the port authorities in each of the port districts. Some of these latter do not name a ship, but do provide a port of departure as well as a date and port of arrival, which might help to identify a ship and to obtain the passenger list if it exists. Obviously the vast majority of our ancestors came to this area through the large ports such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia. However, many Irish came to this area by way of Canada, specifically the Canadian maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and New Foundland. Many of these are included on these lists for smaller ports. These lists are not complete; many are missing. These transcriptions contain all the names of passengers of stated or implied Irish birth or heritage. This will be an on-going project for the site until completed. NOTE: If you do find the name of the ship your ancestors arrived on, you might want to check the book Ships of Our Ancestors by Michael J. Anuta, published 1983 by Genealogical Publishing Company. This book is a compilation of hundreds of photographs of ships, and is widely available at most genealogical libraries, and probably through inter-library loan.

  District of Barnstable, Mass.

District of Bristol and Warren, RI
There were no Irish listed as coming through this port. The ships were recorded as having left primarily from Cuba, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). Most of the passengers had their country of origin listed as the United States.

District of Dighton, Mass.

District of Fall River, Mass

District and Port of Providence, RI

Other Records

Persons with Name Changes in Massachusetts

Name Changes in Rhode Island 1800-1880

Attleboro MA, Records of the Overseer of the Poor 1893

Middleboro MA, Records of the Overseers of the Poor 1890

Contributions of Southern New England Irish records are welcomed and encouraged. Please contact the webmaster at to submit your files.

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