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Providence RI Evening High School, 1912
Their Yearbook, The Comrade, published April 1912

Editor -In-Chief - John T. Dunn
Alumni Editor - Katharine E. Coyle
Assistant Editors - Eugenie M. Kern, Mary Finegan, John Campbell (and others)
Business Manager - Thomas P. Coyle

Principal - Charles A. Walsh

Editor of the school paper - Francis J. Reilly

Alumni Notes
John J. Gilmartin, '10, elected President of Branch 15, National Letter Carriers' Association
Myra Lindell, '11, married March 4 to Joseph Flynn
James McCartin, '06, to be toastmaster of the Alumni Banquet

Members of the Committee for the Alumni Banquet - 
May Buckley, '07
Mrs. Mabel W. McKenna, '06
Mabel Newman, '09
Mary Coyle, '09
Edmund Sheehan, '09
Eugenie M. Kern, '12
Rose Coyle, '12

Christopher W. Phelan, '07, traveling salesman for the Diamond Match Company, Boston, Mass.
John Nugent, '10, associated with the N.Y., N.H. & H.R.R. in the offices of Roadmaster
Edward Roach, '05, traveling salesman for the Charles Warner & Company, Boston, Mass.
Patrick Dinagen, Deputy Sheriff

Faculty Notes
Miss Estella C. MacDonald - Arithmetic
Miss Hannah Mahoney - Typewriting
James J. McKenna - Mathematics
E. Raymond Walsh - Latin
Daniel G. Donovan - French & German

1912 Graduating Class
Eugenie M. Kern
Mary E. Crowley
Rose Coyle
Roy Williston
Margaret Carey
Helen "Madeline" Kelly
Benjamin Salk
Guy R. Smith
James Watson
Mary McQuiggan
Richard Devlin
Raymond Boys, age 15
Helen Hunt
Margaret L. Flynn
Elsie Greenway
Erik W. Nordquist
Jesse Hathaway
Anna Carlson
Corinne Benoit
Anna Armstrong
Gertrude Band
Florence Broughton
Frederick A. Byland
Ellen R. Carlen
Marguerite C. Johnson
Joseph T. Jones
Louise Miller
Irene Mulry
Caroline Miller
Reuben LaFave
Walter J. Paradis
Harold Omerod
William Ritzou
Charles Stoeffler