Southern New England


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Site Map and Name Index

In an effort to make this site more useful and easier to navigate, we have chosen not to use a site search system, which we have found to be too restrictive. In particular, the variant spellings of names found in the records makes a typical search ineffective. Instead, we have indexed those Pages where names appear randomly, such as the Census. We have not indexed those Pages where names are listed alphabetically, such as the City Directories.

For Pages with a small number of names, you will find an index of the names in their original form, as found on that Page, listed below the link to that Page. For Pages listed under Records, which generally contain a large amount of information and a large number of names, the index is on a separate page, which can be accessed by clicking on the Index link next to the title of the Page.

Clicking on the Page link will bring you to the top of the Page where the name is found. You can then browse the page or use your browser's Find/Search function to quickly locate the name on that page, keeping in mind that the name may appear more than once.  

Remember that the transcriptions of records, gravestones, census, etc. retain the original spelling, which may or may not correspond to modern-day spellings, particularly for surnames and Irish place names. For example, the simple surname Ryan, was also spelled Rine or Rian or Rien or Rion or Ryon, and, there are countless ways to spell Houlihan or Garrity or Riley. The prefixes of O' or Mc may have been used or dropped indiscriminately, so variations should be checked with and without the prefix. 

Note: The indexing of the Pages is not yet completed, but you can still use the site map links to access the Pages. 

Irish Families in the Neighborhood

Thomas Joseph BARRON & 1) Mary Booth, 2) Margaret Dunn of Brockton, Mass.
Barron - Elizabeth Ann, Isabella M., John, John Joseph, Margaret Frances, Mary, Mary Josephine, Simeon, Thomas Joseph, Thomas Walter, Walter Francis, William Henry; Booth - Mary Elizabeth Ann; Breault - Rita Adoelda; Cook - Albert, Dunn - John Dennis, Margaret F.; Dwyer - Margaret Ann; Gale - Blanche M.; Ivers - Mildred; Lagerstedt - Isica Albert; Ragan/Regan - Margaret; Smith - Dorothy; Stamp - Mary Ann

Thomas and Margaret (Daugherty) CONNOR of Pawtucket RI
Battle, Brennon, Butler, Cassidy, Clark, Connell, Connor, Coughlan, Courtes, Daugherty, Davy, Deghnan, Doherty, Duffy, Durkan, Durken, Farrell, Freal, Gagnon, Gallagher, Gara, Green, Griffin, Hackney, Harken, Hegarty, Heiter, Higgins, Holton, Horan, Hyde, Kelly, MacRae, McCarthy, McDermott, McGill, McKinnon, Mulligan, Murphy, OConnor, ODonnell, ODowd, Raftery, Regan, Reynolds, Rodgers. Rush, Sherwin, Touhy, Towey, Treacy, Wallace, Winters

CULLEN Cemetery Index
Boyle - Margaret; Cullan - Miles; Cullen - Alexander, Alice Gertrude, Alice M., Andre A., Ann, Ann M., Anne Dupont, Barbara M., Bertha V. (Miner), Catharine W., Catherine, Cecelia (Kavanagh), Doris M., Edmund, Edmund D., Edmund V., Edward, Eleanor F., Elizabeth M. (Petersen), Francis A., Francis M. Sr., Gertrude E., Irene (Menard), James A., James A. MD, James J., James T., John, John E. Sr., John F., John J., John T., Katherine E., Leo Louis, Leonie (Giguere), Lorie Lyn (inf), Margaret, Margaret (Skahan), Margaret (Boyle), Margaret A., Margaret R., Margaret Theresa, Marion (Marr), Martin J., Mary, Mary B. (Murren), Mary E., Mary W. ([Willey]), Orise, Patrick, Paul J., Pauline, Phyllis M., Robert T., Rose A., Rose M., Sarah, Sarah E., Stephen, Susan T. (Earley), Thomas A., Rev. Thomas F., Viola, William, William F., William I.; Cullens - Dora Ella (Richardson), Paul A.; Earley - Susan T.; Giguere - Leonie; Kavanagh - Cecelia; Marr - Marion; Menard - Irene; Miner - Bertha V.; Murren - Mary B. ; Petersen - Elizabeth M.; Skahan - Margaret; Willey - Mary W.

CULLEN in City Directories

CULLEN Burials in Blackstone MA and Woonsocket RI
Costello - Anastasia (Cullen), Edward D.; Cullen - Anastasia, Anastasia (Farrell), Ann, Anna M., Dennis, Edward Dewey, Edwin F., Ida I. (Disotell), James, Leonie (Giguere), Margaret, Margaret A., Mary (Dean), Mary (Wiggins), Mary Jane, Robert L., Sarah E., Thomas, Thomas F.; Dean - Mary; Disotell - Ida I.; Farrell - Anastasia; Gerahty - Bridget; Giguere - Leonie; Ryan - Anna M. (Cullen), John C.; Wiggins - Bridget (Gerahty), John, Mary

Descendants of Dennis & Ann CULLEN of Woonsocket RI
Cullen - Ann, Anne, Dennis, Dennis F., Edward Dewey, Ida I. (Disotell), James, Leonie (Giguere), Margaret, Mary Jane, Mary (Dean), Mary (Wiggins), Thomas, Thomas F.; Dean - Catherine (Meahan), Mary, Thomas; Disotell, Ida I.; Gearhty, Bridget; Giguere, Leonie; Meahan, Catherine; Wiggins - Bridget (Gearhty), John, Mary

CUMMINGS Families of Southern New England
, Mary Catherine Cecelia; Burke, Mary A.; Christie, Mary J.; Cox, Clara; Cummings - Agnes, Agnes A. (Fay), Andrew, Andrew Joseph, Angela (King), Ann Eliza, Anna M., Annie, Annie M., Bernard, Bridget, Bridget (Ganley), Bridget (Thornton), Bridget Bedelia, Bridie E. (Garrity) , Catharine, Catherine, Catherine (McGlynn), Catherine A. (Giblin), Catherine Mary, Catherine T., Charles, Charles Edwin, Charles Matthew, Charles R., Clara (Cox), Edward, Edward F., Eliza (Sullivan), Elizabeth, Elizabeth E., Ellen (Flynn), Ellen Ann, Ellen B., Ethel C. (Hudner), Frances Mary, Frederick, George, George Patrick, George Thomas, Hugh, Irene J., James, James Thomas, Jane Agnes, Johanna A., John, John B., John F., John Henry, John Loughran, John William, Joseph, Joseph Vincent, Joseph W., Katherine A, Lawrence A., Leo F., Lizzie, Mabel J., Margaret, Margaret (Massey), Margaret (Nolan), Mary, Mary (Kelley), Mary (Lanahan), Mary (McGrady), Mary (McManus), Mary (Rogers), Mary A. (Burke), Mary A. (Reilly), Mary C., Mary Catherine, Mary Catherine Cecilia (Brennan), Mary E., Mary E. (Loughran), Mary L., Mary M. (Scott), Mary Margaret, Mary W. (Wallace), Matthew Joseph, Michael, Michael A., Nellie, Patrick, Patrick Francis, Patrick H., Patrick L., Raymond F., Sarah Ann (Murphy), Sarah Elizabeth, Sarah F., Sarah L. (McKenna), Sarah T., Thomas, Thomas F. , Thomas H., Thomas Patrick, William Henry; Fay - Agnes A.; Flynn - Ellen, John F., Michael; Ganley - Bridget; Garrity - Bridie E.; Giblin - Catherine A.; Hudner - Ethel C.; Kelley - Mary; King - Angela; Lanahan - Bartley, Mary; Lannon, Patrick; Loughran - Mary E.; Massey - Margaret; McGlynn - Catherine; McGrady - John, Mary; McKenna - Sarah L.; McManus - Mary; McQueeney - James; Moore - Bridget M.; Murphy - Sarah Ann; Nolan - James, Margaret; Phillips - Andrew, Bridget M. (Moore), Catherine, Catherine (Cummings), Francis, Francis D., Francis W., James A., Jeremiah, John N., John R., Luke, Mary, Mary C., Mary J. (Christie), Minnie A., Monica, Robert J., Thomas; Reilly - Mary A.; Rogers - Mary; Sullivan - Catherine Mary, Eliza; Wallace - Mary W.; Woodmancy - Everet

James & Catherine (Ryan) CUMMINGS of Scranton, PA and Fall River, MA
Carey, Jane; Cummings, Alice V. (Tope), Annie C., Catherine (Ryan), Catherine, Charles, Ellen H., Gladys Elizabeth (Hague), James, James Henry, Jeremiah, Johanna, John W., Mary L., Mary (Foley), Patrick, Thomas, William Leo; Cunliffe, Annie; Duffy, Annie C. (Cummings), Mary C., William H.; Hague, Annie (Cunliffe), Ernest, Gladys Elizabeth; Foley, Ellen, Mary; Moniz, Mary C. (Duffy), Ernest J.; Ryan, Catherine, Patrick, Ellen (Foley); Tope, Alice V., Jane (Carey), William

Owen & Ellen (Green) CUMMINS of Fall River, MA and Providence, RI
- Michael, Marion, Stephen; Aughny - John; Barnes - Charlotte; Bolger - Elizabeth; Bowers - Josiah A.; Brightman - Estelle; Cahil - Anne; Cavanaugh - Ann; Chace - Betsey; Cole - Charles Frederick; Cummins - Owen; Cummings - Amy Maria Josephine, Ann, Ann (Cavanaugh), Annie, Bertha Mae (Pierce), Bridget, Bridget Maria, Catherine, Elizabeth Ada, Ellen, Estelle (Brightman), George, James, James Joseph Albert, Jane, Jane Ann, Lawrence, Lucy Bridget, Margaret J., Mary, Mary Ellen, Mathew, Michael, Michael Joseph, Owen Eugene, Patrick; Donovan - Dennis, John, Mary (Sullivan); Dooriss - James Joseph, John, John Aloysius; Duffy - Mary (McClosky), Matthew; Dwyer - Elizabeth, William; Eustace - Edward; Finne - Anne; Green - Ellen; Henderson - James, James Ewert; Herbert - Ann (Houlihan), Catherine, Patrick; Houlihan - Ann; Kelly - Bridget, James; Mahon - James, Joann,  Rosanna, Thomas; McAuliffe - Daniel, Margaret; McClosky - Mary; Murphy - Michael; Neill - Margaret; Nource - Elizabeth, John; Phillips - Ann, James Joseph, John, Mary, William J.; Pierce - Bertha Mae, Charles Anthony, Charles Winfield, Harriet Almy (Reynolds); Quinn - John, Mary V.; Reynolds - Harriet Almy; Sullivan - Mary; White - Betsey (Chace), Lysander W., William Chace

Patrick & Catherine (McGlynn) Cummings Family of Providence RI and Fall River MA
Brennan - Mary Catherine Celia, Michael; Clifford - Bridget; Cummings - Adeline Lena, Annie G., Arthur J., Bridget, Catherine, Charles, Charles J., Charles Rogers, Dominick, Edmund J., Ellen, Frances Mary, Francis E., Gladys V., James, James G., James Thomas, John, John Brennan, John J., John Loughran, John W., John William, Joseph W., Katherine A., Margaret, Mary, Mary C., Mary Margaret, Michael, MIchael Aloysius, Patrick, Patrick H., Robert, Sarah T., Thomas, Thomas F., Thomas H., Thomas Patrick, William; Doherty - Bridget E.; Dolan - Deborah; Giblin - Catherine A.; Hudner - Ethel C.; King - Angela; Leighrow - Catherine (Cummings), William; Loughran - Mary E.; O'Brian - Ellen (Cummings), William; Rogers - Mary

John & Hanora (Fanning) DISKIN
Baker - Rosemarie; Brazil - Mary Alice; Bryan - Alberta Mary; Chappell - Grace; Delaney - Anne E.; Diskin - Bridget A., Catherine Patricia, Eleanor Marie, Gertrude, Harold Joseph, Honora, James, James Francis, John, John Anthony, John M., Louise, Margaret, Marguerite, Mary, Mary Angela, Mary Ellen, Michael; Fanning - Honora; Fermental - Catherine Elizabeth, Denis William, Mary Margaret; Fitzpatrick - Henry A., Henry A.; Fuller - Emitt David; Higgins - Donna Marie, Honora C., James Joseph, James Michael, Jeffrey Edward, John, John P., Margaret A., Mary Josephine, Patrick J., Patrick Joseph, William Michael, William Steven;  Hunt - Phyllis; Johnson - Daniel D., Douglas R., Edward Desmond, Max Welton, Richard M., Robert F.; Lee - Katherine F.;  Logan - Catherine Eleanor, Patrick; McGill - Andrea Catherine, Elizabeth Agnes, Francis Joseph, Jane Marie, James Francis;  McKenna - Barbara; Miller - Stephen; Moran - John K., Mary A.; Murphy - Catherine V.; Osterman - Amy Ryan, James Timothy, Peter Logan, Robert Joseph; Pope - Shirley; Porter - John, John W., Joseph, Rosemarie, Susan; Reddinger - Hans Paul; Sweeney - Maria Felicia; Walsh - Cecelia M.; Warren - Virginia

Patrick and Catherine (Connelly) DOYLE
Carabine - Mary; Chessa - Catherine; Connelly - Catherine, Edward, Elizabeth, John J., Madeline, Mary; Coppola - Donald; DelVecchie - Madlyn T.; Desmarais - Ida; Doherty - Raymond; Doyle - Anne, Annie, Catherine, Catherine M., Edward, Elizabeth, Henry G., James P., James Patrick, John, Kathleen, Margaret, Mary Ann, Owen P., Patrick, Patrick James, Robert, Sarah B., Thomas, Thomas Francis, Veronica M., William E., William J., William S.; Ferreira - Joseph; Gavigan - Mary E.; Glavin - Irene F., John; Griffin - Anne M., Dorathiea, Gladys, John P., Joseph, Louis, Owen, Ruth, Thomas, William F.; Harrison - Annie, Patrick; Helsen - Mary; Higgins - Edward Francis, James, James Francis; Hines - Barbara; Hirst - Hilda; Howard - George T.; Johnston - Gordon; Laib - Roger; Maloney - Annie, Catherine, Daniel, Doris, Ellen, James, John, John Thomas, Rita, Theresa; Maloney-Doyle - John; McGill - Patricia; McGowan - Barbara, Beatrice, Catherine A., Ellen M., Francis, John, John B., Joseph, Joseph F., Lawrence, Martin Mortimer, Martin T., Mary, Mary Veronica, Morgan, Owen Manus, Owen T.P., Patrick, Patrick L., Rita, Shirley A, William, Winifred A.A.; McNulty - Mary A.; Millar - Margaret; Morris - Sylvia; Mullaney - Annie, John, Mary; Neville - Mary; O'Brien - David, Francis E., Francis Xavier, Kathleen, Rosemary, Thomas; Powers - Catherine Doyle, Celia, James H., Nora; Quinn - Bridget M., James, John, Kate, Margaret, Mary, Michael, Patrick; Roe - Olive Louise; Sullivan - Mary C.; Sweeney - John; Tapper - Mary T.; Ward - Catherine

Thomas & Bridget (Delahanty) FLANNERY of Fall River MA
Amick - Andrew Dean, Catherine Anne, Emily Elizabeth, Harold Hilliard, Harold R., James Andrew, Lisa Karen; Andrews - Clinton B., David B., Mary Lou, William; Arnold - Lucretia Ann; Banville - Francois-Xavier, Jeannette Madeline; Carroll - Doris; Cerkot - Anne, John; Cleaves - (daughter), Mark, Mark E. ; Collins - Barnard, Ellen Ann; Connors - Edward F.; DeChamplain - Marguerite; Delahanty - Bridget, Mary (___), Thomas; Desiena - Ely Patrick, Emerson Tyler, Felix Richard, Richard R.; Dittbrenner - June; Flannery - Brian Charles Vernon, Bridget, Catherine, Charles Thomas, Doriel, Ellen, Ellen M., George A., George Anthony, George Robert, Helen Jeannette, Honora, Hanora M., James, James Stephen, James Thomas, John Paul, Linda Susan, Lois, Margaret, Mary Louise, Mary M., Matthew, Nora, Patricia Lou, Patricia Lynn, Patrick Leander Alexander, Rita Madeline, Stephen, Theresa A., Thomas; Foley - Edward J., Helen A., Thomas; Gould - Laura; Hunt - Belvidera Enola, Vernon; Lafierier - Napoleon; Larson - Charles; Lautt - Jordan Wolf, Marvin, Noelle Annelise, Robert David, Sofia Isabel; Lewis - Agnes (___), Helen M., Robert J., T.; Lizot - Sophie; Lizotte - Louis-Phileandre, Mary L.; Massei - Robert; McFall - David, Mary; McGrann - Catherine; Mills - Lee Thomas, Lewis Charles James; Reed - Rachel Leila, William; Ryan - Bridget, Hannah, Mary, Michael, Philip, Thomas; Ryster - Theresa; Schriner - Lillian; Streeter - Annabelle Grace, Frances E.; Sweeney - Ellen; VanKranenburg - Peter; Vial - Albert B.

Andrew & Ellen Eleanor (Fanning) FLYNN of Providence and Warwick RI
Adalio - Albert Alphonse; Banaghan - Edward, James, Margaret, Mary, William; Bishop - Arthur Daniel; Bohan - John; Burkhardt - Paul; Clark - George W.; Cogean - Cheryle Patricia; Collins - Margaret; Connor - Bridget Agnes Veronica; Dean - Michael Kelley; DeMars - Veronica Helen; Donahue - Helen Elizabeth; Dorrigan - Albert, Attracta, Bernadette, Bridget, Cathleen, Dympna, Francis, James, Jerald, Michael, Rita, Thomas; Fanning - Ellen Eleanor, Margaret; Farranti - Ronald David; Flanagan - Mary; Flynn - Andrew, Andrew Stephen, Anna, Anna Elizabeth, Arlene, Barbara, Catherine, Dorothy Josephine, Helen Elizabeth, Helen Mary, James, John, John F., Joseph Gerard, Lawrence, Louise, Margaret, Marie A., Mary, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, Michael Joseph, Stephen Andrew, Teresa Veronica, Thomas Joseph, Veronica Teresa, Virginia Mary; Frizzle - Eunice Amanda; Gauvin - Susanne Tamara; Hall - Elizabeth Ann; Howard - Maura Patricia; Hyland - Percy; Lathrop - John Hamilton; McGee - Annie, Hugh; McGill - Anne Marie, Colleen Patricia, Francis Joseph, James Patrick, Mary Catherine, Stephen Michael; McGovern - [___]; McGowan - Michael; Mitchell - Francis; Murphy - Don, Virginia Mary; Ormond - Robert; Rodriguez - Hector Antonio; Walton - Louise Clark; Winters - Ann Catherine, Margaret Mary, Michael Joseph, Thomas, Thomas Joseph

Patrick & Margaret (O'Brien) GILHEENEY
Bertrand - Paul E.; Butler - David, Margaret, Willie; Byrne - Patrick J.; Cafferty - Patrick; Coyle - Bridget; Cuddihy - Annie; Cullan - Elizabeth, John Francis, Mary, Patrick; Daley - Robert; Doyle - Bernard, John, Mary Liz, Willy; Duggan - Charles Augustus, Daniel Joseph, Emma Grace, Grace, James S., John Henry, Joseph A., Margaret A., Mary Ann; Eldredge - Elmer E.;  Gilheany - James, Margaret M., Mary A.; Gilheeney -  Annie, Bridget Theresa, James H., Margaret F., Mary, Mary E., Mary J., Patrick, Sarah; Gilheeny - Ann, Francis, Ellen, John, John H., Katherine, Mary Jane, Patrick Henry; Gilheney - James, Loretta G., Margaret, Michael; Gilheny - Ann, Margaret, Patrick, Rose; Gilleney - Katherine M., Mary, Michael, Patrick, Peter, William H.; Givney - Patrick J.;  Halpin - Ann; Higgins - Thomas; Hopkins - Bridget;  Leddy - Rose; Lonergan - Ellen; Masterson - Thomas; Melleney - Thomas; Mitchel - Bridget; Mossman - William W.; O'Brien - Margaret; O'Connell - Annie, Daniel, John; O'Hare - Peter; Owens - Margaret; Quinn - Thomas J.; Smith - Henry, Thomas, William H.; St. Pierre - Malvina; Samson - Ella

Timothy HARRINGTON & 1) Ellen Sullivan; 2) Ann Casey
Bechard - Vitaline; Carpenter - Esther Angela, George; Casey - Ann; Cunningham - Joseph L.; Dalton - Dorothy Mary, James Nicholas; Harrington - Daniel, Daniel Carpenter, Esther A., Julia J., Mary, Nellie, Timothy; O'Brien - Mary A.; Sullivan - Ellen

Hugh & Julia (O'Hara) HERBERT of Boston and Fall River, MA
- Bridget; Barton - Emmeline; Brennan - Catherine; Cardin - [___], Maria Jeannette (Keeley); Corliss - Charles P., Emmeline (Barton), Lillian; Courchaine - Kathleen (Keeley), Polycarpe; Culbert - Emma F., Frank J.; Cummings - Catherine Ann (Herbert), Ellen (Green), Owen, Patrick; Deehan - John; Deveney - Agnes W., Catherine, Ellen, Joseph Francis, Josephine B., Lillian (Corliss), Margaret Ann, Margaret M. (Herbert), Mary, Patrick, Patrick H., Thomas, Veronica, Winifred P., Winnifred (Hood); Doyle - Frank, Margaret A. (Deveney); Duigan - Bridget; Egan - James F., Josephine B. (Deveney); Finnegan - Catherine (Deveney), Irene W. (Deveney), William James; Ganly - Michael; Gaudreau - Catherine; Geraghty - Catherine, James, Maria, Thomas; Good - Catharine (Herbert), John, Mary, Nathaniel; Green - Ellen; Henry - Lena; Herbert - Annie, Catherine Ann, Hugh, Joseph, Joseph Michael, Julia, Margaret M., Maria, Maria A., Mary, Michael, Patrick, Sarah J.; Holehan - Margaret, Thomas; Hood - Winnifred; Houlihan - Ann, Catherine, John, Mary; Keeley - Eleanor Florence, Elizabeth A., Francis J., James, James F., John J., Kathleen, Maria A. (Herbert), Maria Jeannette, Mary (Sullivan), Mary A.; Lundy - Daniel F., Elizabeth A. (Keeley); Marcoux - Catherine (Gaudreau), Eleanor Florence (Keeley), Lena (Henry), Leo S., Thomas; O'Hara - Julia; Quinn - Edward F., Julia (Herbert), Maria, Mary Elizabeth, Patrick, Peter; Rush - Margaret; Shaw - Annie, Annie (Herbert), Catherine (Brennan), Herbert, Hugh, James, Jane E., John J.; Sheridan - [___], Margaret Ann (Deveney); Simpson - Edward, Mary (Deveney); Smith - Edmund J., Eliza, Elizabeth A. (Keeley), John Palmer, Mary A. (Keeley), Samuel; Sullivan - Mary; Wall - Agnes W. (Deveney), Parker H.; White - John, Mary

John & Ann A. HIGGINS of Fall River, MA
Asselin, Baker, Bosch, Brazil, Bryan, Delaney, Diskin, Drysdale, Fermental, Fitzpatrick, Foley, Harr, Healey, Higgins, Logan, McGill, OKeefe, Osterman, Polard, Porter

KENNEY In Fall River City Directories

Anne Marie (WOOLL) and William Forest KING
Ballou - Deanne Mary, Louis Edward, Michael Roger, Sheila Ann; Cooper - Albert Edward, David Alan, Everett Henry, Grace Harriet, Joan Patricia, Richard Everett, William Forrest; Cummings - Byron Thomas, Francis Anthony, Mary L., Peter, Ruth, Sally May; Daprato - Barbara Louise, Louis Joseph, Louise Aline, Martha Kathleen, Norman Peter, Patricia Ann, Paul Michael, Priscilla Eleanor, Sheila Veronica; King - Anna Mary, Kathleen Mary, Margaret Wooll, Sarah May, Sheila Veronica, William Forest; Wooll - Anne Marie

Daniel and Agnes "Nancy" (Boyle) LAFFERTY of Pawtucket, RI
Boyle - Agnes; Jones - Francis, Lucy, Robert P.; Lafferty - Agnes D., Agnes (Boyle), Daniel, Daniel B., Elizabeth, Margaret, Susan; Larkin - Catherine E. (Martin), James W.; Martin - Agnes T., Bryan, Catherine (McMahon), Catherine E., Dennis, Dennis B., Genevieve (Whelpley), Mary Ann, Thomas E.; McMahon - Catherine; Murray - Agnes T. (Martin), Robert M.; Whelpley - Genevieve

Descendants of Thomas & Sarah (Finnegan) LAVERY of Providence and Pawtucket, RI
Clark - Mary; Costello - Anne; Finnegan - Ellen, Henry, John, Mary, Sarah; Gallagher - Mary; Harrington - Margaret; Jones - Barbara, Barry, Colleen, Neil, Robert; Lavery - Daniel, John, Joseph, Llenagh, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Thomas; McAlreavey - James; McAreavey - Ann Marie, Felix, James, John, John William, Joseph, Kathleen, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, William; McCorry - Henry, Sarah

Timothy & Sarah (KEELAN) LAWRENCE of Woonsocket RI and Augusta GA
- Catherine White (Lawrence), Frank Carswell; Keelan - Sarah; Lawrence - Bryan Joseph, Catherine White, Cecelia Viola, Edward E., Edward Leon, Frances, Leona Agnes, Mary Emma, Nellie, Runciman, Sarah (Keelan), Thomas E., Timothy, William; Mitchell - Aaron, Frances, Sarah (Runciman); Runciman - Sarah

Thomas E. & Catherine (Meehan) LOGAN 
Anderson, Barker, Booker, Brown, Connors, Cuttle, Emde, Emory, Fermental, Flaherty, Hart, Healey, Higgins, Joyce, Kelly, Kennedy, Lemaire, Logan, Lowe, Lynch, McGill, McNally, Meehan, Neilan, Norton, ONeil, ORourke, Osterman, Patenaude, Regan, Reilly, Reynolds, Rourke, Sullivan, Sweeney, Walsh

Wright and Elizabeth (COOPER) LYNE of Newport RI and Fall River MA(___) - Elsie, Minna A.; Benoit - Lionel E.; Coaquette - Gerald; Cooper - Elizabeth; Cullen - Edward, Mary (___), Mary; Durfee - William; Fazzina - Anthony F.; Foster - Agnes M.; France - John William; Kelly - James; Lyne - Alice, Bertha, Edward, Elizabeth Agnes, Ernest T., Ester, George, George E., Grace, Hazel May, James, James Wright, John, Katherine, Martha (___), Martha A., Mary E., Ruth L., Sarah, Sarah J., Thomas Henry, William, William H., William Henry, Wright; Norton - Grace, John; Peters - Sarah (Sadie); Phillips - William; Regenn - Nick; Shovelton - Clifford; Shroad - Isabella; Taillon - Lumina V.

Roderick MAGILL
Campbell, Connor, Creaney, Donnelly, Finnegan, Gagnon, Higgins, Lavery, Magill, McConaghy, McCourt, McGill, McGinn, McKinnon, OGara, Ortelt, Tier, Toner, Treacy, Winters

Edward MARTIN & Catherine McMAHON (or McMann) of Boston and Worcester MA; Thomas Henry LARKIN & Ellen McGOUGH of Pawtucket RI
Boyle - Agnes; Casey -  Robert J.; Gorman - Charles E.; Lafferty - Agnes (Boyle), Agnes D., Daniel; Long - [___], James, Jeremiah, Lizzie, Maggie, Margaret (Martin); Lyons - [___], Mary; Maguire - John T.; Martin - Agnes D. (Lafferty), Bridget, Bridget (McCulpher), Bryan, Catherine, Catherine (McMahon), Dennis, Edward, Edward F., Elizabeth, James, James T., Margaret, Martha A., Mary (McMahon), Michael, Patrick, Thomas; McCley - [___], Mary (Martin); McCulpher - Bridget, Lawrence, Mary; McElhenney - Catherine (Martin), Terrence; McMahon - Catherine, Mary; Murphy -  Daniel; O'Brien - Thomas; Tierney - James P.; Turner - Elizabeth (Martin), William Coleman

Descendants of William & Sarah (McCorry) McAREAVEY of Providence, RI
Costello - Anne; Finnegan - Sarah; Gallagher - Mary; Hanlon - Mary; Harrington - Margaret; Jones - Barbara, Barry, Coleen, Neil, Robert; Lavery - Margaret, Sarah, Thomas; Magee - Ellen, James; Malone - Mary; McAreavey - Ann Marie, Anne, Felix, Henry, James, Jane, John, John William, Joseph, Kathleen, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, William; McCorry - Sarah 

Roger & Bridget (Gill) McCORMICK of Newport RI
Gill, Bridget; McCormick, Christina Amelia, Roger; Spooner, George Hazard; Walsh, Margaret 

John Francis & Eliza J. Moran

Duffy? - Eliza J., Johnson - Nellie, Moran - Charles D., Clifford, Elizabeth V., George S., John Francis, Mary L., Robert L.

Patrick & Catherine (Mahoney) NEVILLE
BarryBridget; Butler - Catherine, Richard B.; Cahill - Emma; Clancy - Mabel, Michael; Cummins - Margaret; Doyle - Mary; Gaffney - Christopher, Christopher E., Gertrude, Patrick; Higgins - Alice Augusta, Catherine C., Edward Francis, James, James Francis, Mary Alice; Hickey - Ellen; Keane - Alice, James, Joseph, Katie, Margaret, Nellie, Thomas, Thomas Patrick; Kelsall - Arthur Joseph; Lally - Catherine N., Frank, Gertrude, John, Margaret, Marion, Michael J., Patrick, Robert Joseph; Mahoney - Catherine, James; McDermott - Arthur John, Edwin Christopher, John, John Arthur Neville, William; McGarty - Mary; McGowan - Mary Veronica, Patrick; Neville - Alice, Brigid, Catherine, Ellen, James, Johanna, John, Margaret, Mary Ann, Patrick, Sadie; Proudfoot - Mary; Roe - Olive Louise; Shea - Cornelius, Raymond, Raymond Valentine; Tierney - James, Robert, Thomas Aloysious; Walsh - James F.

Timothy & Jane (Crawford) O'CONNOR of Worcester MA and Pawtucket RI
Aldsworth - James Edward; Casey - Agnes Teresa, Dominick, Henrietta, Jane, Robert; Crawford - Jane, Thomas; Flaherty - Roseanne, Thomas; Hurst - Allan; Mackie - Catherine; McCaffrey - Mary; O'Connor - Bridget, Evelyn, Grace, Jeremiah, John A., Mary, Mary G., Rosetta, Thomas Aloysius, Timothy; Patnaude - Alfred, Edward; Turner - John Arthur

Dominick & Margarita (GARA) OGARA of Woonsocket RI
Bibeault, Bramley, Boman, Deletti, Flynn, Gara, Harkin, Horan, Iskierski, Jasmin, Kennedy, McBride, McDonald, Milby, Nannery, OBrien, OGara, Radigan, Rauba, Reid, Reilly, Veasy

Michael & Ellen (Mulligan) OGARA of Pawtucket RI
Brennan, Campbell, Clarkin, Conboy, Connor, Cooney, Creamer, Dagherty, Daugherty, Dioheb, Doherty, Donnelly, Dowling, Duffy, Durkin, Egan, Etherson, Faulkner, Finnegan, Flanagan, Flynn, Fox, Freeman, Gara, Gearon, Hackney, Healey, Higgins, Holton, Jordan, Joyce, Judge, Kennedy, King, Lenaghan, Lloyd, Logan, Mahoney, Maney, McCausland, McDermott, McDonell, McEneaney, McGill, McGuire, McHugh, McKinnon, McSherry, Moran, Mulligan, OConnor, OGara, OGrady, OKane, Phillips, Reynolds, Rigby, Rogers, Scott, Sharkey, Simmons, Sullivan, Tarmey, Towey, Treacy, Wallace, Walsh, Waters, Winters

William Thomas PHILLIPS Family of Providence RI
Boylan – Annie; Brackney – Francis, Sarah Alice; Brady – Alice; Burns – Dennis; Christensen – Haakon Jarl; Coleman – Thomas W.; Cooch – Catherine Theresa, George; Cunningham – Anastasia Dominica, Anna Christina, Christopher Stephen, Ethel Marie, Michael, Patrick, Susan Ethel, William George; Dooley – Maria Bridget; Downes – John, Susannah Marie; Fallon – Anne; Fanning – Francis Emmet, Francis W., James; Finnerty – Bridget; Flynn – Ambrose B.; French – Georgiana; Gallagher – Idelle L., John; Hagan – Anna V., Bridget, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jane, Jennie, Jeremiah, John, John Joe, Joseph, Margaret, Mary E., Mary Francis, Michael, Patrick, Peter, Roseanne, Rose Mary; Halligan – Mary J., Patrick; Hanley – Donald Francis, Joseph Francis, Martin, Paul J.; Heaton – Elizabeth; Higgins – Edward J., Helen, Henry, Patrick; Imbeault – Alice, Jean; Kelly – Francis; Leblanc – Theresa Marie; Marks/Marx – Eleanor R., James E., Peter, Peter Edward, Peter J.; McCaffrey – Francis J., Frank, Frank Stephen, Grace; McIlhenny – Ellen; McKenna – Minnie, Robert A., William; McMahon – Katie; Mitzman – Margaret, William; O’Sullivan – Anne Marie; Pascik – Frances W.; Phillips – Anna, Anne, Annie Augusta, Betsey, Catharine, Catherine A., Charles, Charles Francis, Charles Paul, Eliza Helen, Elizabeth Ann, Francis J., George Alphonso, Gertrude Magdalene, Helen E., James J., James Joseph, John Francis, John Francis Patrick, John S. P., Joseph, Joseph J., Josephine, Lizzie, Lureene D., Lydia Winifred, Margaret, Margaret Mary, Maria May, Mary, Mary Agnes, Mary E., Michael Joseph Anthony, Nellie, Owen, Rosella, Shirley, Stephen, Susan Anne, Teresa, Theresa Bridget, Thomas, Thomas B., Thomas Joseph, Thomas Sidney, William Thomas, Zita M.; Rafferty – James, James J., James Joseph, Joseph E., Rita E., Thomas M., Virginia M.; Randall – Richard F.; Ray – Mary Ann; Slocum – Helena; Szymanski – Stephanie/Sally; Vallee - Malvina

The RIGBY Family
Andersen - Andrew Emanuel; Connor - Bridget Agnes Veronica; Corcoran - Susan; Cote - Oscar; Crone - Robert Peytoin; Deveau - Donna; Garcia - Cheryl; Hanrahan - Rose; Hartwell - [___]; Law - Ethel; MacLure - Bruce, John, Kenneth, Robert G.; Mahoney - Eileen, James, M. Ursula; McGill - Ellen, Francis, Francis Joseph, Mary Anne, Paula, Regina, Stephen, Thomas Anthony Aquinas, Thomas Patrick; Mistel - Deborah; Murphy - Francis R., Gregory Thaddeus; Rigby - Anna, Elizabeth, Ellen, Esther, Jane, John, Kate, Margaret, Mary, Mary Ann, Rose, Sr. Hedwig, William;  Rooney - Clement, James, John, Margaret, Ted; Ryan - [___], Frances, Joseph, Nora, Stephen; Soares - Nelia F.; Treacy - Anne Louise, Edward, Michael J., Rose; Whittaker - Ada, Harold, Mary, Nora, Ralph, Sr. M. Alicia

Bernard and Ann (Robinson) TRAYNOR of Providence, RI
Quinlan - Dick; Robinson - Ann; Traynor - Ann (Robinson), Bernard

Owen & Mary (Beirne) WINTERS of Providence, Cranston & Pawtucket, RI
Beirne - Mary; Bohan - John; Connor - Bridget Agnes Veronica; Dean - Michael Kelley; Dorrigan - Albert, Attracta, Bernadette, Bridget, Cathleen, Dympna, Francis, James, Jerald, Michael, Rita, Thomas; Fanning - Margaret; Flynn - Catherine, James; Hackett - Charles; Howard - Maura Patricia; Hyland - Percy; Lathrop - John Hamilton; Mattingly - John, Joseph, Mary Elizabeth; McGill - Anne Marie, Colleen Patricia, Francis Joseph, James Patrick, Mary Catherine, Stephen Michael; McGowan - Michael; McKeon - [___]; Mitchell - Francis; Reilly - Catherine; Rodriguez - Hector Antonio; Winters - Anne, Anne Catherine, Bridget, Bridget Teresa, Catherine, Cecelia, Celia, Elizabeth, Eugene Owen, James, Margaret Mary, Maria, Mary, Mathew, Matthew, Michael, Michael Joseph, Owen, Patrick, Thomas, Thomas Joseph


Churches of the Diocese of Fall River
Churches of the Diocese of Providence
Towns of Southeastern Massachusetts
Towns of Rhode Island

Good Things to Know
Traditional Irish Naming Patterns
SNE Research Facilities and Resources

The Boston Irish Famine Memorial
The Jeanie Johnston - Replica Famine Ship

History and Perspective
Life in the Tenement Houses in Fall River
Through a Cotton Mill - The Manufacturing Process
The Earliest Irish in Bristol RI - Statement of John H. Duffy
- James; Degnan - Margaret; Doonan - William; Duffy - Caroline, James, John H., Margaret (Lowry), Michael, Thomas, William; Guckin - Bridget; Hamill - Patrick; Lowry - James, Margaret ; Luby - Patrick, Sarah; Lynch - Peter; Manion - Julia; McDonnell - Patrick, William J.; Riley - Margaret; Rohan - Andrew, Betsey, John, William
History of the Irish in Taunton
Lenten Rules, 1890

In the News
19 Sep 1874 - The Great Granite Mill Fire [Fall River MA Daily Globe]
Beaunoyer - Delia, Victorine; Biddiscomb - Alfred J.; Brett - Charles; Brodeur - John, Marie; Coffey - Horace; Corbett - John; Dwoney - Anne, Maggie; Haley - Christopher; Harrington - Kate; Hunter - Ellen Jane, William; Jones - Ellen; Kaveny - Thomas; Keith - Arebellar, Edson B., Wm. H., Wm. R.; Lawton - Charles; Moorhead - Isabel; Murphy - Kate, Margaret, Mary; O'Brien - Hannah; Poitras - Delia; Ramsbotham - Joseph; Smith - Annie J., James, Robert; Sullivan - Katie, Maggie; Turner - James

15 Feb 1890 - Danced All Night - Successful Anniversary Social of the Fair Play Club
Brady- James, John E.; Brennan- Michael; Butler- Annie, Lizzie; Carpenter- James, Mary E.; Carroll- Lizzie; Clark- Mary; Coleman- Mamie; Connelly- James, Maggie, Mamie; Connors- Kate, William; Constantine- John; Daley- Mary; Delahunt- Francis; Dorsey- Nellie; Doyle- Kate; Fay- James; Feny- James; Gaff- John; Garvey- Martha; Gavin- Katie; Grady- Patrick; Green- John; Harrington- Jeremiah M., Johanna, John, Katie, Louis F. , Mrs. J.M., Mrs. Stephen, Stephen; Holland- Timothy; Honer- Patrick; Hunt- Fred; Hurley- Mary; Ivers- John; Jones- "Pop"; Kane- Agnes; Kelly- John J., Lizzie; Kenney- Hugh, Maggie; Lamoureux- Henry; Leary- John T., Mamie; Lemerise- Josie; Lowney- Patrick; McCann- Lizzie; McCarty- Kate, Timothy; McNally- Joseph; McPhee's Orchestra; Murphy- Maggie, Thomas; Neilon- John; Neilson- Annie; Newman- John, Michael; Nilon- James; Noon- Michael; Nugent- James, Maggie, Michael, Patrick J.; O'Brien Michael, Mrs. Michael, Thomas; Reddington- Maggie; Richardson- Mary V.; Riley- Jeremiah G.; Rourke- Katie; Ryan- Maggie; Sarsfield- John; Shaughnessy- Caterer; Shea- Harry, Maggie, Michael, Mrs. M.F., Mrs. Michael, Patrick; Sullivan- Daniel, George, Katie; Tully- Maggie; Ward- John

17 Feb 1890 - Grand Marshal Chosen for the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Byard- William; Clancy Michael; Crowley- Timothy; Delehanty- Patrick; Duddy- John; Dynes- J.; Hoar- James H.; Lahey- Thomas; Madden- Thomas; Moran- William; Murphy- John J.; Neeson- John T.; O'Brien- George; O'Hearn- Michael; Pargen- Thomas; Powers- James; Riley- Jeremiah, Jeremiah G.; Sullivan- John C., Michael F.

24 Aug 1893 - Court Chronicles [Fall River MA Daily Globe]
- Joseph; Carey - Mr.; Crosson - Rosanna; Cummings - Dr., John W.; Doherty - Sarah; Finnegan - Patrick; Golden - Officer; Lake - Alfred; Loftus - Ann; Noon - John; Rabbitt - Walter; Reed - Milton; Riley - Michael; Shay - Daniel; Sheehan - Ann, Michael; Smith - Annie; Sullivan - Daniel

25 Aug 1893 - More Raids Today - "Joe" McGrady Again Visited by the Police [Fall River MA Daily Globe]
Chace - Officer; Daily - Officer; Elsbree - Officer; Garvy - Officer; Graham - Deputy Sheriff; Hyde - Officer; McCarty - Officer; McGrady - Joseph; Mullaly - Officer; Reagan - Officer; Riley - Officer; Shay - Officer; Soley - Capt.; Sweeney - Michael

30 Jan 1898 - Dead Body Found in Water Near Plymouth Avenue [Fall River MA Herald]
Allen - Officer; Braley - Officer; Chevrier - Alfred; Clark - Jane; Dion - [___]; Dolan - Dr.; Hogan - [___]; McCarthy - Officer; McLaughlin - Willie; McMullin - Officer; Mullaly - Officer; Murphy - Daniel; Simmons - Officer; Sullivan - Florence, Michael

30 April 1900 - WEAVERS' ANNUAL [Fall River MA Daily Herald]
Burns - John; Drislan - Maggie; Farrar- Wm; Foley - Geo.; Hague - Charles; Jones - William H.; Kelsall - John; Malone - Charles; McCarthy - John J.; Murphy - James S.; Roy - Joseph; Sullivan - John; Taylor - James; Townley - Peter

1 May 1906 - Saloon Shooting May End Fatally [Brooklyn NY Daily Standard Union]
Sullivan - Daniel

30 Jan 1908 - Man and Horse Killed and Woman Badly Hurt [Fall River MA Daily Globe]
Bowers - Lizzie; Boylan - Dr.; Cummings - Aime, Annie, Catherine, Ellen, James, Jane A., Michael, Owen, Patrick; Devine - Lieut.; Donovan - Lucy; Dorriss - Mrs. John; Duffy - Mary E.; Durfee - Matthew; Gunning - Medical Examiner; Nestor - John; Phelps - Claims Agent; Phillips - Annie

29 April 1908 - St. Joseph's Parish Fair [Fall River MA Herald]
Boylan - Fr.; Burns - Mary; Coughlin - Mayor; Dolan - Sarah; Doran - Miss J.; Greeley - Sarah; Kepple - Mrs. N.; Lyons - William; Mahoney - Matthew; McGrath - Mrs. William J.; McKenna - Mary; McNally - Miss A.; Mullaney - Bryan; Murphy - Daniel; O'Neil - J.H.; Riley - Mrs. D.W.; Roach - Thomas; Sweeney - John J.; Torphy - John E.; Waldron - Miss A.

9 Apr 1910 - Man Killed Near Dalton Believed to be Patrick Malone of This City [Fall River Daily Globe]
Bartlett - C.C.; Colt - Henry; Malone - Annie, Margaret, Mary, Patrick; O'Brien - Annie (Malone)

19 May 1911 - Fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge [Fall River MA Herald]
- Thomas

7 Aug 1911 - Personals and Social News [Fall River MA Daily Globe]
- Sam; Bagshaw - Mrs.; Banville - Oscar; Blair - Miss; Brayton - T.D.; Conn - James; Connors - Sarah; Coughlin - J.H.; Day - L.H.; Deegan - Ralph; Doherty - Marguerite, Patrick H., Thomas; Downs - Charles E., Frederick; Dunn - Frank; Empleton - Laura; Fitzpatrick - Miss; Foote - Gladys; Forand - Peter; Gagne - John B.; Harrington - Katherine, M.J., Mary, Simeon C.; Hyland - May; Ivers - W.; Keavy - Annie; Keefe - Genevieve, Madeline; Kidd - F.O.; Leonard - J.M.; Lowney - Sylvester F.; Mackey - John E.; MacKnight - H.S., Richard, Thomas; Madden - Frank, Thoma ; Maloney - Margaret; McAvoy - Charles; McCann - K.F.; McGuire - Ellen G., Mary; McNamara - John H.; Miller - Jeanne, Mrs.; Montle - Anna, Margaret, Thomas; Murray - Mary C.; Pierce - Irving; Plunkett - Elizabeth, Lillian; Powers - Miss; Quigley - Matthew; Quinn - Harmon; Regan - Charles L., Emma, Marjorie M.; Ryan - Mary; Shay - Anna, Mary, Nora, Theresa; Smith - Anna E., Arline, James, Mrs.; Sullivan - Catherine, J., James, Lena; Swindles - Blanche; Taylor - Annie; Thornton - Estelle; Tracy - Margaret; Waldron - Mary A., Thomas; Walsh - C.R.; Welsh - James W.; Whalen - Katherine; Whitehead - A.F.; Woods - Horace; Wordell - Doris

15 Dec. 1936 - James H. Nestor, Fall River School Committee [Fall River MA Herald]
Barker - Richard J.; Berard - Norbert H.; Boylan - Thomas E.; Comstock - Howard W.; Harrington - Peter F.; Hendrick - John P.; Keeley - J. Fred; Kerrigan - John J.; Lapointe - Charles F.; Nestor - James H.; Norman - Joseph G.; Sullivan - William S.

6 July 2003 - Generations Reunited [Fall River MA Herald News]
Carroll; Flynn; Hanley

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Some Baptisms and Burials from the Centenary History of Old St. Mary's Church, Pawtucket, RI 

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St. Mary's Cemetery, West Warwick
St. Mary's Cemetery, West Warwick RI, Unmarked Graves, Burials 1851-1870
St. Mary's Cemetery, West Warwick RI, Unmarked Graves, Burials 1871-1880
St. Mary's Cemetery, West Warwick RI, Unmarked Graves, Burials 1881-1886
St. Mary's Cemetery, West Warwick RI, Unmarked Graves, Burials 1887-1892


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1850 Census Attleborough     Index
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1850 Census Fall River Part 3      Index

1850 Census Fall River Part 4     Index
1850 Census New Bedford Part 1      Index
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1850 Census Cumberland Part 1    Index
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