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St. Mary's Cemetery, Route 6 GAR Highway, New Bedford, MA
This cemetery, near the New Bedford/Dartmouth town line, was the primary burial place for the city's Irish. There are other ethnic groups buried here as well, but the earliest burials are predominantly Irish.

(monument front)
William Allen, Born at Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland Oct. 16, 1841
Died March 8, 1881
Annie M., Born Sept. 27, 1851, Died Dec. 22, 1902
(right side)
Thomas L., Born Feb. 19, 1879, Died Dec. 17, 1879
William T., Born May 16, 1880, Died Dec. 20, 1880
Children of William & Annie M. Allen
Mary, 1843-1844
(left side)
Timothy E. Harrington, 1815-1897
Julia Ahern, his wife, 1814-1889
(small stone in lot)
Ellen F., daughter of Timothy & Julia Harrington, 1847-1926

Erected by Ellen Barry to the memory of her Mother
Catharine Barry, Died Nov. 27, 1864, aged 40 years
A native of the Parish of Kilmoow, County Cork, Ireland

Bridget, widow of Anthony Blundell, 1838-1913
Mary Blundell, 1864-1904
Dennis Blundell, 1866-1889
Natives of Loughrea, Galway Co., Ireland
(right side)
Chester M. Hathaway, 1868-1939
His wife, Margaret, 1870-(blank)

Hugh Boyle, Died May 7, 1878, aged 52 years
A native of Co. Donegal, Ireland
Erected by his beloved wife, Mary Boyle

Margret, dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth Boyle
Died Oct. 13, 1883, aged 63 years
(next stone)
Thomas Boyle, Died Sept. 16, 1872, aged 102 years
A native of Salterstown, County Louth, Ireland
Erected by his son Patrick
(next stone)
Patrick F., son of Patrick & Julia Boyle
Died Apr. 11, 1877, aged 21 years 5 mos & 16 days

Francis J. Buckley, 1895-1961
Anna Riley, his wife, 1895-1967
(note: the front of the stone has "Cummings-Riley-Buckley")

Richard Cahill, Died Oct. 22, 1873, aged 50 yrs
Native of the parish of Dunamaggen, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Erected by his Beloved Wife

Thomas B. Carr, Died Dec. 18, 1882, aged 47 years
Native of Shannah, Donegal Co., Ireland

Jeremiah L. Cavanaugh, 1841-1912
Nancy C. Smith, his wife, 1846-1914
Their children
George A., 1868-1900
Jeremiah L., 1872-1941
Susan A., his wife, 1873-1954
Stephen J. Cavanaugh, 1895-1971

Mary Chapman, 1811-1888
Matilda R. Toner, 1848-1923
William N. Whelan, 1881-1949
Elizabeth A., his wife, 1881-1956
Alexander W. Whelan, 1910-1965
Kathleen C., his wife, [no dates]

Bridget, wife of Daniel Cleary, Died Dec. 17, 1879, aged 38 years
Native of Portlaw, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Catherine, wife of Daniel Collins, Died Mar. 8, 1897, aged 60 yrs
Ellen, their daughter, Died Feb. 13, 1870, aged 16 yrs. 11 ms.

James E. Connelly, 1857-1959
Catherine D., his wife, 1864-1941
Margaret A., 1886-1973
Edward P., 1888-1973
Mary, 1889-1974
James, 1890-1956
(flat marker, next)
James Connelly, Massachusetts PFC 332 GD & Fire Co QMC, WWI
Sept. 2, 1890-May 3, 1956

Michael J., son of John & Ellen Connelly
Died Feb. 6, 1880, aged 34 yrs. 10 mos.

Michael Cramer, Died May 24, 1861, aged 29 years
His wife, Ellen, Died Dec. 9, 1877, aged 53 years
Natives of Ireland
Anna, daughter of Michael & Ellen Cramer
Died Sept, 8, 1862, aged 4 years

"Crane" - no other info on stone

Johanna, dau. of Timothy & Margaret Crowley, Born in Co. Cork, Ireland
Died Feb. 11, 1883, aged 40 years
Catherine, wife of Thomas Buckley, and dau. of Timothy & Margaret Crowley
Died July 12, 1883, aged 46 years
(next stone)
Mary E., wife of Jeremiah McCarty, Died Aug. 4, 1877, aged 54 years
A native of the parish of Diserd, Co. Cork, Ireland
Erected by her sister, Catherine Buckley

James J.A. Cummings, 1892-1960
Mary V., his wife, 1888-1963
(next stone)
"Father" John Quinn, 1863-1945
"Mother" Margaret, 1867-1946

Bridget Cunning, Born in Waterford, Ireland
Died Feb. 29, 1868, aged 32 years
Erected by her husband, Wm. Cunning

Patrick J. Daley, Died July 16, 1876, aged 49 years 4 mos
A native of Co. Louth, Ireland
Erected by his beloved wife Winifred Daley

Erected by Mary M. Stevens in memory of her father
Peter Daley, Born in Castletown Gagon, County Westmeath, Ireland
Died Mar. 29, 1855, aged 52 yrs

Thomas Deane, 1819-1896
His wife, Mary Lally, 1833-1908
(right side)
John H. Deane, Born May 2, 1852, Died Nov. 15, 1880
John F. Lawlor, 1860-1914
His wife, Annie L. Deane, 1865-1914
Winifred H. Lawlor, 1896-1914
Cecelia A. Deane, 1876-1955
Anna C. Lawlor, 1900-1975
(left side)
Winifred E. Deane, 1861-1939
Hugh E. Deane, 1871-1929

William Devine, Died 1877, aged 97 yrs
His wife, Honor, Died 1853, aged 53 yrs
Catherine, wife of P.B. Devine, Died 1850
Patrick Devine, Died 1897, aged 78 yrs
William Devine, Died 1857, aged 32 yrs
Michael Devine, Died 1862, aged 32 yrs

Erected by Jeremiah Downey in memory of his wife
Catherine Downey, Died March 15, 1871, aged 45 years
Native of the parish of Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, Ireland

Patrick Doyle, 1836-1888
Bridget, his wife, 1839-1909
Joseph P. Doyle, 1873-1906
Edward Doyle, 1868-1910
Matthew J. Doyle, 1860-1915
Mary E., his wife, 1865-1947

Michael P. Driscoll, 1838-1913
Mary, his wife, 1832-1890
Catherine, 1870-1926
Bridget T., 1867-1937
Mary E.,1869-1938

Edmund Duckett, 1876-1953
Amelia Duckett, 1880-1965
Edmund V. Duckett, 1905-1976
Mary M. Duckett, 1908-1983
Mary E. Schott, 1880-1956
Dorothy L. Sylvia, 1909-1955

Erected by Julia Bracken to the memory of her beloved sister
Catharine Eagan, Born in the Parish of Baban, Kings county, Ireland
Died in New Bedford, June 13, 1863, aged 53 years

Frances M. Flynn [no dates]
Daniel H. Harrington, 1853-1936

(monument front)
Michael Flynn, Born in the County of Kildare, Ireland
Died Aug. 20, 1867, aged 86 years
Erected by his children
(right side)
Matthew, son of Michael & Ann Flynn
Died in Fort Woodruff, Va. Aug. 31, 1864, aged 32 years
(left side)
Ann, wife of Michael Flynn, Died in Ireland June 1846, aged 46 years

Mary, wife of Timothy Gleason, Died June 2, 1871, aged 78 yrs
A native of the Parish of Killmow, Co. Cork, Ireland
Erected by her dau. Ellin Gleason
(next stone)
Ellen Gleason, wife of John O'Neill
Died Sept. 7, 1910, aged 83 years
Hannah Gleason, Died June 8, 1927

Thomas Gorish, Born Dec. 22, 1802, Died Nov. 29, 1874
Bridget Cavanaugh, wife of Thomas Gorish
Born Feb. 1, 1789, Died Feb. 1, 1880
Natives of County Wexford, Ireland

William Gorman, Died March 12, 1878, aged 76 years
A native of Castledorro, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
William Jr., Died Feb. 28, 1867, aged 25 years
A native of Castlewood, Queens Co., Ireland
Patrick, son of William & Ann Gorman, Died April 3, 1867, aged 37 years
A native of Castlewood, Queens Co., Ireland
(next stone)
Ann Fitzgerald, wife of William Gorman, Died July 25, 1873, aged 70 years
A native of Rathmile, Queens Co., Ireland
Maria Gorman, 1837-1897
(next stone)
John Gorman, 1835-1901
(next stone)
John W. Brennan [no dates]
(note: in this same lot is a tall obelisk, with only the inscription "Brennan 1873"

Julia, beloved wife of Simon Goulding, Died May 4, 1869, aged 50 yrs 4 mos
A native of Ballincollic, Cork County, Ireland
Simon Goulding, Died Jan. 29, 1893, aged 76 years
(small stone to left)
Simon, son of John & Mary Goulding
Died in Boston March 17, 1874, aged 5 yrs 17 d'ys

"Mother" Catherine Greene, 1836-1901
Charles H. Greene, 1869-1910
Annie E. Greene, 1873-1935
Francis E., 1897-1968
Helen K., 1894-1982

Neil Green, 1819-1901
His wife Mary McDonnell, 1839-1881
Annie McDonnell, 1849-1911
Andrew N. Welton, 1858-1947
His wife, Sarah F. Green, 1874-1950
Annie A. Green, 1871-1934

Thomas Harding, Native of Co. Clare, Ireland, 1843-1903

Erected by the Nat'l Fed. of Cloth Weavers in memory of their late President
Matthew J. Hart, 1857-1911
Annie, 1861-1922
Sarah E., 1885-1952
Lillian M., 1891-1968
Thomas, 1894-1968
Dora, his wife, 1901-1999

(monument front)
William Hayes, Born in the Parish of Desert, Co. Cork, Ireland
Died in New Bedford, Jan. 12, 1876, aged 56 yrs 5 mos
(left side)
Mary E., Died Sept. 16, 1875, aged 16 yrs 11 mos
Daniel S., Died Sept. 13, 1877, aged 21 yrs 3 mos
Children of William & Mary Hayes

Edward H. Healey, 1869-1952
Anna G., his wife, 1877-1958

Ellen T. Houlihan, Died Mar. 10, 1912, aged 41 yrs
A friend's tribute

Erected by his wife to the memory of John Keating
A native of Rossmacowin, Berehaven, Co. Cork, Ireland
Died June 11, 1881, aged 62 years
Julia, wife of John Keating, Died Feb. 24, 1887, aged 65 years
(left side)
Katie, aged 9 years
Charlie, aged 10 months

Michael J. Kelley, 1883-1957
Margaret L., his wife, 1892-1959
Daughter, Clare, 1920-1991

(monument front)
Michael F. Kennedy, Born Clashmore, Waterford Co., Ireland, 1826-1888
Ellen Ahern, his wife, Born Cork, Cork Co., Ireland, 1833-1902
John C. Kennedy, 1857-1939
(left side)
Thomas A. Kennedy, 1861-1888
Charles D. Kennedy, 1858-1898
Michael A. Kennedy, 1871-1903
(right side)
James J. Kennedy, 1866, 6 months
Francis M. Kennedy, 1863-1928
his wife, Mary A. Kennedy, 1866-1950

"Mother," Annie W. King, 1871 - 1839
[contact Norman Daprato]

Peter P. Kinnery, 1957
Christine B., his wife, 1959
John S. Downey, 1973

David Leahy, Died March 30, 1880, aged 64 years
Born in the Parish of Tracton, Co. Cork, Ireland, Died at New Bedford
Bridget Leahy, Born 1831, Died 1911
Ellen O'Farrel, 1815-1909

Mary E., wife of Dennis Lowney, Born in Parish of Kilmanah ___[partially buried]
Died in New Bedford July 12, 1884, aged 61 years

James Lynch, 1825-1899
Bridget, wife of James Lynch, 1824-1862, Native of Co. Mayo, Ire.
Ann, wife of James Lynch, 1830-1891, Native of Co. Roscommon, Ire.
Edward Lynch, 1822-1889
Catherine, his wife, 1832-1911
(right side)
Mary Abbie
Mary Agnes
Children of Edward & Catherine Lynch
Edward H. Lynch, 1843-1867
Mary E., his wife, 1844-1871
Mary J., their dau., 1866-1867
(left side)
Sarah, 1857-1882
James, 1852-1874
Annie Maher, 1848-1882
Henry F., 1870-1945
Sarah L., 1867-1946
Catherine, 1899-1938

Mary, wife of Jeremiah Lyng, Died Apr. 9, 1885, aged 73 years
Native of Lough Bay, Co. Galway, Ireland
(next stone, front)
Frederick Lyng, Died May 13, 1892, aged 62 years
"Mother" Mary Lyng, Died Oct. 22, 1896, aged 86 years
Frederick J. Lyng, 1876-1930
William H. Lyng, 1873-1932

John F. Mahoney, M.D., Sept. 11, 1891-May 17, 1957
Carol W., his wife, Oct. 4, 1901-June 8, 1983
(flat marker, next)
John F. Mahoney, Massachusetts Captain Medical Corps, WWI
Sept. 11, 1891-May 17, 1957

Ellen, wife of Maurice McAuliff, Died April 10, 1999, aged 65 yrs
A native of Ladies Bridge, Co. Cork, Ireland

Robert McBay, 1820-1908, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Mary, his wife, 1828-1908, Co. Derry, Ireland
William J. McBay, 1861-1894
Maryann Ociesa, Sept. 1, 1917-Dec. 13, 1970

Catherine E. McCarthy, 1833-1891
(next stone)
Angeline McCarthy, 1839-1904

James E. McCarthy, 1886-1939
His wife, Catherine I. McCarthy, 1893-1930
Irene K. Mansfield, 1930-1984

James J. McCarthy, 1892-1982
Mary A., his wife, 1898-1998
Julia A. Harrington, 1868-1957

Patrick McCullough, of County Tyrone, Ireland
Born March 17, 1837, Died May 2, 1878
Erected by his beloved wife Mary, Daughter of Patrick & Margaret Corr 
of Carrigatole, Parish Mullabrack, Co. Armagh, Ireland
Mary McCullough, Died Nov. 4, 1886, aged 48 years

Daniel McDonald, Native of the Parish of Manworth, County Cork, Ireland
Departed this life Aug. 8, 1861, in the 32 year of his age
Also in remembrance of his ___[illeg] Mary and Sister Margaret McDonald

(monument front)
Cormick McEleny, County Donegal, Ireland, Died Jan. 31, 1881, aged 68 years
(right side)
Mary J., wife of Cormick McEleny, Died March 9, 1884 in the 69th year of her age
Margaret Cullovin, County Cavan, Ireland, Died Feb. 22, 1877, aged 63 years
(left side)
Susan Cullovin, Born Aug. 10, 1818, Died May 18, 1897

Erected by Thomas in memory of his Father
Patrick McGee, Died Nov. 5, 1863, aged 84 years
Native of the Parish of Stebannon, County Louth, Ireland
(next stone)
Erected by Thomas McGee in memory of his beloved wife
Catherine D., Died Aug. 30, 1870, aged 42 years

Ann McKenna, wife of James McKenna, Died Dec. 25, 1878, aged 60 years
A native of the parish of Errigle Truagh, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Dominick McLaughlin, departed this life Oct. 31, 1851
Native of Ireland, County of Longford, aged 35 years

John McMahon, 1822-1897
Frank McMahon, 1862-1917
Hannah, his wife, 1868-1950
Katherine McMahon, 1898-1959
Omer Sevigny, 1897-1975
Irene, his wife, 1900-1984

William J. McMahon, 1890-1951
Bridget J., his wife, 1890-1975
Daughter, Kathleen P., 1916-1955

Joseph H. McQuade, 1882-1931
Martha, his wife, 1878-1943
Alice Doyle, 1868-1952

(monument front)
Jane M. Moriarty, dau. of James & Mary Goggin
Born in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
Died Sept. 28, 1872, aged 60 years
Julia E., widow of John W. Towle, 1846-1924
(right side)
John E., 1850-1910
(left side)
Mary J. Kenny Davis, wife of H.K. Davis, 1871-1920

Mrs. Catherine Mullen, Born in Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Died Jan. 11, 1891, aged 85 years

Catherine, wife of Timothy Murphy, Died Feb. 25, 1891, aged 56 years
Native of Co. Cork, Ireland

Mary T., wife of Thomas Murphy, Died April 11, 1874, aged 63 yrs
A native of the Parish of Geashill, Kings Co., Ireland
(next stone)
Margaret S., wife of Thomas Murphy, Died April 10, 1878, aged 44 yrs
A native of the Parish of Mountain, Co. Cork, Ireland

Erected by Patrick & Mary in memory of their Brothers
William Murphy, Died Oct. 22, 1854, aged 44 years
Michael Murphy, Died Oct. 24, 1859, aged 40 years
They were natives of Cappoquin, County Waterford, Ireland

Erected by Thomas Naughten in memory of his beloved Brother & Sister
James, Died Sept. 27, 1863, aged 27 years
Mary, Died Sept. 11, 1865, aged 26 years
Natives of the parish of Kilcommon, County Mayo, Ireland

William T., son of William & Margaret Nuttall
Died Aug. 22, 1887, aged 24 yrs 10 mos
John Ward, Died Oct. 7, 1886, aged 59 years
A native of Co. Tyrone, Ire.
Margaret Ward, Died May 26, 1892, aged 61 years

Jeremiah O'Connor, 1888-1964
Anne K., his wife, 1891-1993

Margaret, 1838-1905 [flat marker]

Sibina O'Donnell, Died Aug. 17, 1876, aged 59 years
A native of the Parish of Glenhesk, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Mary O'Donnell, Died Mar. 22, 1921, aged 68 years
Thomas O'Donnell, Died Jan. 22, 1904, aged 58 years
Margaret O'Donnell, Died June 3, 1928

Bridget O'Hara, wife of Owen O'Hara, Died Jan. 12, 1912, aged 65 years
A native of Ireland
(next stone)
Owen O'Hara, Died May 13, 1888, aged 59 yrs 9 mos
A native of Leitrim Co., Ireland
Erected by his beloved wife Bridget O'Hara
(next stone)
Jane M. Fitzgerald, beloved wife of Owen O'Hara
Died Sept. 11, 1878, aged 33 years, a native of Queens Co., Ireland

Daniel O'Leary, A native of Co. Cork, Ireland
Died June 22, 1871, aged 45 years
His wife, Elizabeth, 1818-1903

Erected by Mary O'Neill to the memory of her beloved husband
Cornelius O'Neill, a native of Castletown Berehaven, Co. Cork, Ireland
Died Jan. 4, 1882, aged 29 years
(next stone)
Mary A., wife of Cornelius O'Neill
Born in Berehaven, Co. Cork, Ireland Apr. 3, 1855, Died May 11, 1885
Aged 30 yrs 1 mo 3 dys
(next stone)
Hannah, widow of Dennis O'Neill, 1832-1913

John E. Phelan, 1848-1912
His wife, Mary, 1855-1937
Thomas R. Phelan, 1885-1933
Alice Phelan Noonan, 1883-1934
John J. Phelan, 1881-1944

"Mother" Mae W. Phelan, 1899-1963

Richard Phelan, 1802-1874
His wife, Bridget Phelan, 1817-1907
Ann Phelan, 1841-1913

(monument front)
Edmund Power, Died 4 March 1864, aet 58 years
Born in Portlaw, Waterford Co., Ireland
Mary King, his wife, Died 23 April 1882, aet 71 years
Born Bryanstown, Wexford Co., Ireland
(right side)
Michael E. Power, son of Edward [sic] & Mary K. Power
Died April 10, 1897, aet 42 years
Frances K. Power, wife of James H. Joy, dau. of Edward [sic] & Mary K. Power
Died July 16, 1912, aet 55 years
James H. Joy, Died Nov. 29, 1913, aet 62 years
Born in Portlaw, Waterford Co., Ireland
James R. Joy, 1876-1965
(left side)
Daughters of Edmund & Mary K. Power
Ellen Donnelly, Died 21 March 1875, aet 40 yrs
Margaret Jenney, Died 30 March 1883, aet 43 yrs
Maria Haugh, Died 18 June 1887, aet 43 yrs

Daniel E. Reilly, 1888-1944
Ellen M., 1883-1942
Jeremiah "Joe", 1918-1986
His wife, Eileen A., 1920-1986
(flat marker, next)
Jeremiah Joseph Reilly, SSGT US Air Force, WWII, Korea
Feb. 10, 1918-July 8, 1986

Thomas Riley, 1805-1850
His wife, Nancy, 1809-1899
Johnnie, son of John F. & Elizabeth M. Riley
Died July 26, 1889, aged 10 mos 2 dys
John F. Riley, 1850-1919
Elizabeth, his wife, 1852-1932
Edward F., son, 1883-1958
Genevieve, his wife, 1896-1919
Anna C. Riley, 1893-1982

Rooks, William A., 1861-1936
Rosa C., 1866-[blank]

Erected by Michael Ryan in memory of his wife
Catharine, Born in Scoby Parish of Davistown, County Wexford, Ireland
Died in New Bedford, Oct. 20th 1864, aged 68 yrs
(next stone)
John Halligan, Died Sept. 19, 1848, aged 60 years
Bridget, wife of John Halligan, Died Jan. 15, 1873, aged 72 years

(Monument front)
Erected by John & Mary Salmon in memory of their children
Thomas, born May 17, 1858, died Oct. 23, 1862
Mary J., born Aug. 14, 1865, died April 28, 1889
William H., born Nov. 14, 1859, died June 28, 1890

Daniel Shiels, 1846-1904
Celia, wife of Daniel Shiels, 1850-1890
A Native of Donegal, Ire.

John Strain, Died June 19, 1877, aged 76 years
Native of the parish of Anachlone, Co. Down, Ireland

Catherine Sullivan, Died Nov. 13, 1869, aged 53 years
John Sullivan, Died May 25, 1863, aged 17 years 11 mos
Natives of Co. Cork, Ireland
Erected by her children in memory of their Mother & Brother

Jeremiah Sullivan, Died Jan. 26, 1860, aged 39 years
A native of Parish of Kilmoc, Co. Cork, Ireland

John Sullivan
His wife, Isabella A. Sullivan
Frederick T. Sullivan
Joseph W. Sullivan
Mary L. Sullivan
Robert V. Sullivan
Isabella E. Sullivan
(flat marker, next)
Joseph W. Sullivan, Massachusetts CPL 828 Co MTC, WWI
Sept. 23, 1893-April 29, 1964

(monument front)
Erected by Mary E. Sullivan in memory of her husband
John L. Sullivan, 1867-1901
(right side)
Katherine Sullivan, 1900-1900
John D. Sullivan, 1896-1902
Anna V. Sullivan, 1898-1984
(left side)
John Whalen, 1840-1903

Erected in memory of Margaret Sullivan
Died in New Bedford November 11, ___ [illeg]
Native of the Parish ___ [illeg] Iries, Berehaven, Co. Cork, Ireland
[note: this stone is lying flat, broken and partially overgrown]

Thomas H. Sullivan, Died Nov. 16, 1883, aged 57 years
Native of Co. Cork, Ireland

George E. Swansey Jr., 1902-1982
His wife, Kathleen V. Martin, 1903-2000

Rebecca, widow of Roger Sweeney, May 10, 1819-June 7, 1896
James Gurrell, Aug. 6, 1780-Jan. 6, 1869
Native of Castlefin, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Mary C., Jan. 10, 1847-Dec 28, 1864
Dau. of Roger & Rebecca Sweeney

James Threshem, Born in Kells, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Died July 11, 1886, aged 85 years
His wife, Julia, Died April 24, 1887, aged 64 years
Michael Threshem, Died Aug. 22, 1884, aged 28 years 10 mos.

Joseph F. Sylvia Jr., 1896-1956
Anne F., his wife, 1895-1970
John A. Toole, 1870-1926
Mary E., his wife, 1866-1946
Catherine, 1906-1960

Mary Tracy, died Jan. 8, 1899, aged 79 years
Isabell Tracy, died Feb. 9, 1904, aged 81 years

Bridget Whelan [no dates]
George H. Whelan, 1872-1939
His wife, Margaret, 1873-1938
Nellie Joseph, 1872-1939
James H. Whelan, 1901-1950
His wife, Elizabeth, 1904-1992
Paul D. Whelan, 1935-1981
His wife, Nellie, 1943-[blank]
Gary Whelan, infant 1954

Edward Whelan [no dates]
His wife, Katherine E., 1869-1906
(right side)
Patrick H., 1877-1948
His wife, Elizabeth, 1880-1971
(left side)
Alfred Gibbs, 1903-1973

John C. Whelan, July 6, 1886-Oct. 7, 1918

Nicholas Whelan, 1855-1915
His wife, Mercy J., 1855-1928
Mary E., 1908-1979
Frances J., 1913-1991