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The articles and information presented here are wee bits of "odds & ends" intended to provide some historical perspective and general understanding about our ancestors' daily lives and the culture and society in which they lived. Not all of these items are records of individuals and families, per se, but of the "times of their lives." Other items are from local newspapers or similar sources, and provide some insight into times gone by, as well as giving specific information about some individuals. As always, contributions for these pages are welcome.


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The Boston Irish Famine Memorial

The Jeanie Johnston - Replica Famine Ship

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History and Perspective

Life in the Tenement Houses in Fall River

Through a Cotton Mill - The Manufacturing Process

The Earliest Irish in Bristol RI - Statement of John H. Duffy
Submitted by Robert Sherman

History of the Irish in Taunton

Lenten Rules, 1890


In the News

19 Sept 1874 - The Great Granite Mill Fire [Fall River MA Daily Globe]

15 Feb 1890 - Danced All Night - Successful Anniversary Social of the Fair Play Club [Fall River MA Daily Globe]

17 Feb 1890 - Grand Marshal Chosen for the St. Patrick's Day Parade [Fall River MA Daily Globe]

24 Aug 1893 - Court Chronicles [Fall River MA Daily Globe]

25 Aug 1893 - More Raids Today - "Joe" McGrady Again Visited by the Police [Fall River MA Daily Globe]

1 Feb 1898 - Dead Body Found in Water Near Plymouth Avenue [Fall River MA Herald]
Submitted by Barbara Sullivan Travers

30 April 1900 - WEAVERS' ANNUAL [Fall River MA Daily Herald]
Submitted by Laura Sullivan

1 May 1906 - Saloon Shooting May End Fatally [Brooklyn NY Daily Standard Union] (Sullivan)

30 Jan 1908 - Man and Horse Killed and Woman Badly Hurt [Fall River MA Daily Globe]
Submitted by Susan Clement

29 April 1908 - St. Joseph's Parish Fair [Fall River MA Herald]
Submitted by Laura Sullivan

9 Apr 1910 - Man Killed Near Dalton Believed to be Patrick Malone of This City [Fall River Daily Globe]
Submitted by Laura Sullivan

19 May 1911 - Fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge [Fall River MA Herald]
Submitted by Jim Flannery

7 Aug 1911 - Personals and Social News [Fall River MA Daily Globe]

15 Dec. 1936 - James H. Nestor, Fall River School Committee [Fall River MA Herald]
Submitted by Laura Sullivan

6 July 2003 - Generations Reunited [Fall River MA Herald News]


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