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Old St. Mary's Cemetery, Grace St., Pawtucket, RI
St. Mary's Church, 103 Pine St., Pawtucket, RI

Old St. Mary's Cemetery Interments
Transcribed and copied from the records at the Pawtucket City Hall and submitted by Bob Ryan



Anna Henry 80 yrs. Jan. 2 Born Danbury Conn.
F. Timothy M ? Higgins Informant Dr. Robert T. Henry son

Bertha T. Marrin 68 yrs. Jan. 27 Born Phenix, RI
F. James M. Alice Warburton Informant Hope C. Marrin daughter

Mary Jane Hannigan 76 yrs Feb. 19 spinner Born Providence
F. Francis M. Catherine Informant Charles Hannigan brother

Mary J. Dunn 67 March 24 housewife Born England
F. Michael M. Mary A. Cauley Informant William E Dunn husband

Catherine Aloysius Corden 66 yrs. April 8 Housewife Born Providence
F. Thomas M. Catherine Brennan Informant John F. Corden husband

Ellen Honora Donovan 85 April 17 Housekeeper Born N.E. Village, Mass
F. Maurice M. Honora Informant Margaret Donovan sister

Francis O’Brien 31 May 3 Born Pawtucket
F. Michael F. M. Lillian Informant father

Edward Ward Kennedy 20 May 16 student Born Pawtucket
F. Edward J. M. Elizabeth Informant father

Catherine Radikin 72 June 2 Born Woonsocket
F. John M. Catherine Informant Mrs. James E. McDermott sister

Agnes Walsh 74 June 16 Winder Born Pawtucket
F. Richard M. Ann Informant William M. Williams brother in law

Sarah Kenyon 62? Aug. 24 Housekeeper Born Ireland
F. Francis M. Sarah Conroy Informant Mrs. Cecil Hanna daughter

Annie McKenna 74? Nov. 1 Born Pawtucket
F. Francis M. Mary A. Informant Frank A. McKenna brother

Margaret Rose Breet 71 Dec 2 Retired winder Born England
F. John M. Rosella Informant George Dessault nephew

John H. McNabb 64 Dec 11, 1938 (recorded Jan. 18, 1939) 
Born Pawtucket F. Bernard M. Catherine Informant Bernard E. McNabb brother

Grace M. Farrell 33 Dec. 20 Born Pawtucket (date recorded Dec. 24, 1938)
F. James M. Helen M. McKenna Informant S. S. Brown


Name age DOD Occup. B. Parents 

John James Keenan 70 yrs. Feb. 19 Janitor Born Ireland
F. Bernard M. Bridget

Mary Elizabeth Donovan 80 yrs. Mar.29 Graduate Nurse Grafton, Ma.
F. Maurice M. Honora Informant sister Margaret M. Donovan

Julia Marie Blake 80 April 17 Born Prov. RI 
F. James M. Mary Informant Joseph Murphy nephew

Edward Connor 57 April 22 Guard born Pawtucket RI
F. Thomas M. Mary Informant Evelyn wife

Patrick McMahon 80 May 6 Asst. Engineer born Ireland
F. Thomas M. Margaret Informant Anna McMahon daughter

Mary J. McIntyre 72? June 6 housewife born Ireland
F. John M. Ann Eades Informant Hugh F. husband

Mary Corden 69 June 25 housekeeper born Olneyille RI
F. Edward M. Catherine Informant Annie Corden sister

Hugh F. McIntyre 77 July 28 Plumber Born Prov. RI
F. John M. Mary Informant Annie Eades sister in law

James Joseph Brennan 50 Aug. 18 Born Ireland
F. Daniel M. Margaret Informant Daniel brother

Grace Zita Larkin 54 Sept. 18 Office Manager Born Pawtucket
F. Thomas M. Mary A. Informant J.W. Larkin brother

Ellen Gertrude Harrold 72 Dec. 8 Retired housekeeper Born Lonsdale
F. Hugh M. Bridget Informant Sarah Harrold sister

John Bernard English 71 Dec. 9 Machinist Born Pawtucket
F. John M. Mary informant Mary English wife

Sarah Montague 85? Dec. 21 Housekeeper Born Ireland
F. John M Alice McAlery Informant Sarah S. Montague daughter


Bridget Garland 90? Jan. 13 Born Ireland
(Parent Casey) Informant John A. Garland son

Frank August McKenna 73 March 3 Physican Born Pawtucket RI
F. Frank A. M. Mary Informant Francis Clark daughter

Elizabet Cecelia Burns 54 March 4 Switchboard Operator Born Pawt. 
F. Daniel M. Alice M. Informant Genevieve F. Burns sister

Jane Maguire
alais Jane McGuire 79 March 13 Housekeeper Born Ireland
F. John M. Bridget Informant Rose Maguire sister

Catherine Frances McMinneman 70 Maech 26 Housekeeper Born Pawt.
F. John M. Isabella Informant Ann J. Ward sister

Susan Louise O’Neill 70? March 26 Housekeeper Born Pawtucket
F. Francis M. Bridget McSoley Informant Anna O’Neill daughter

Margaret Larkin 77 April 7 Housekeeper Born Ireland
F. John M Ann Hughes Informant Mrs. Fred O’Donnell

Mary Morrris 78 April 16 State Infirmary Born Ireland
F. Hugh M. Isabell Informant State Infirmary

Fredrick Aloysuis Dolan 13 days June 17 Born Pawtucket
F. Fredrick A. M. Eleanor T. informant father

Catherine Marie McKenna 78 June 18 Housekeeper Born Pawtucket
F. Frank M. Jane Donnelly Informant Myra Z. McKenna daughter

Patrick Tyrell 84 July 5 telephone operator Born Pawtucket
F. Thomas M. Jane Informant Elizabeth Tyrell niece

Richard Martin 22 days July 22 Born Pawtucket
F. Richard M. Vivian Informant father

John Nicholas Corrigan 49 Sept. 30 State Infirmary Born Pawtucket
F. James P. M. Mary E. Informant State Infirmary

Mary Mullinson 78? Nov. 13 Born England
(Parents Shipway??) Informant Louis McCaughey

Margaret Donovan 74 Dec.20 Housekeeper Born Grafton Mass.
F. Maurice M. Honora Informant William Donovan nephew


Maria Collins 86? Jan. 25 Housekeeper Born Lincoln RI
F. William M. Mary Informant James Collins nephew

Rose Little 66 June16 Housekeeper Born Pawtucket RI
F. Christopher M. Ellen Informant Helen Little niece

Frank Aloysius Dohney 52 Aug. 10 Born Pawtucket
F. William M. Annie Informant Francis Doheny Son

Thomas F.Golden 61 Aug. 15 Clerk Born Pawt.
F. Patrick M. Ellen Informant Susan Prestwick sister

Adelard Joseph Forant 60 Sept. 19 Forman Born Canada
F. Joseph M. Mary Informant Ellen Forant wife

Daniel Francis Harrold 80 Oct. 8 Foreman Born Ireland
F. Hugh M. Bridget Informant Evelyn Harrold daughter

Margaret Teresa Harrold 75 Oct. 20 Housekeeper Born Pawt.
F James M. Ann Collins Informant Evelyn Harrold daughter

Margaret Xavier McGinn 66 Housekeeper Born Pawt.
F. Hugh M. Mrgaret Informant Mary E. English sister

Mary A. Graham 78? Dec.1 Born Providence RI
F. John M. Katherine Informant Katharyn sister

Selina Marie Murphy 62 Dec.15 Inspector Born Pawtucket
F. Francis M. Mary Informant Peter Murphy brother

Ellen Aloysia Loughran 87 Dec. 2 Retire Born Warren RI (recorded Jan 8, 1942)
F .Peter M. Catherine Informant Catherine


Isabella Doran 74? Jan. 17 Housekeeper Born Prov.
F. Frank M. Jane Informant Mrs. John E. Doran sister

Katherine M. Graham 82? Jan. 27 Housekeeper Born Providence
F. John M. Catherine Informant Katherine Conley cousin

Rose McGinn 86 Jan. 8 Born Pawtucket
F. John M. Rose Informant State Infirmary

Bernard Francis Redihan 73 Jan. 15 Priest Born Prov. 
F. John M. Maria Informant Rose Redihan sister

Mary Wlizabeth McMahon 85 Feb. 4 Housekeeper Born Pawt.
F. Francis M. Rose Flanagan Informant Eva McMahon daughter

Mary Fitzgerald 85 Feb. 6 Housekeeper Born Ireland
F. Jeremiah M. Mary Sheehan Informant Anna Dolan daughter

Charles Joseph Hannigan 67 July 27 Watchman Born Pawtucket
F. Francis M. Catherine Informant Charles F. Hannigan

Margaret McGuire 71 July 27 Dressmaker Born Pawtucket
F. John M. Bridget Informant Christopher McGuire brother

Ellen Carney 76 Dec. 17 Born Central Falls
F. Matthew M. Catherine Burns Informant Helen Corcoran niece

Bernard Henry Keenan 76 Dec. 24 Realtor Born Ireland
F. Bernard M. Bridget Informant Susan Keenan wife

John McGee 65? Dec. 24 Born Rhode Island
F. John J. M.?? Informant State Hospital